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Averland burns. An army of cultists rises in the corrupted city of Averheim. The Grand Theogonist Volkmar marches towards the capital in a race to snuff out the rebellion before it grows too widespread to defeat....

Title : Sword of Vengeance
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ISBN : 9781849700207
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 512 Pages
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Sword of Vengeance Reviews

  • nick
    2019-02-12 22:59

    a decent book with all the elements that make a good empire novel, the faith in sigmar, the unity of mankind as an ideal, the fight to the end and the continuation of the struggle despite the sense of pointlessness to the endless wars. However the book suffers greatly from it's structure causing it to be not as pleasing to read as other empire novels I have read. The problem I refer to is the quick changing of setting and characters, after 2 to 4 pages the scene is changed to be changed again as quickly. this would not be such a problem were it not that it also follows numerous characters most of which are located in a completely different setting. The problem solves itself by the arrival of all characters at the site of the great final battle. I can understand at some level, the author probably wanted to create a sort of chaotic feeling which exists in the world and how events far away can create a new event. But I feel like this might have worked if he had used less characters to follow or had allowed more pages before a change of setting. Still it was a decent book and very amusing to read and as always it is the desperate fight for survival that is the backbone of empire novels and this author was able to create one as it should be.

  • Michael Alexander Henke
    2019-02-07 05:03

    A good conclusion to the short two book series. I must say however that Ludwig Schwarzhelm is one of the least likeable heroes I've read. It works though, because he gets the job done and the book is also filled with other, more palatable characters. Aside from that, the book is filled with Chaos doing bad Chaos things, Orcs being jerks, intrigue, treachery, and the Empire just trying to hold on. Quite a few good battle scenes, and I think it bodes well for Warhammer Heroes series in general.

  • Gerald Black
    2019-02-18 02:47

    This is typical of a Black Library novel . A ton of action and swordplay, gory violence, and incredible evil. The author's style was at times confusing, but very descriptive. I enjoy this type of book. I should have read the first book, um....first.

  • Andrew Coates
    2019-02-14 03:48

    Again, solid fantasy, plenty of intrigue, warring, magic and all that faff. Also avoided some tropes, so it wasn't infuriatingly predictable either.