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Book Two in the Unveiled series.Sometimes extreme provocation can lead to exactly what you need…Attracted.Kelly's focus is the bookstore she manages. Sex is relegated to a list of candidates on her PDA. Only one man pushes all her buttons―her boss.Fascinated. Spencer is determined to fight his desire for Kelly. For years they’ve bumped heads over the store they both love.Book Two in the Unveiled series.Sometimes extreme provocation can lead to exactly what you need…Attracted.
Kelly's focus is the bookstore she manages. Sex is relegated to a list of candidates on her PDA. Only one man pushes all her buttons―her boss.Fascinated. Spencer is determined to fight his desire for Kelly. For years they’ve bumped heads over the store they both love. But there's more than one reason their getting together is complicated.

Provoked. When Kelly and Spencer unexpectedly meet up at a sex club, all the rules go out the window. Suddenly there’s only way this match of wills can end―naked, preferably all night long. In this battle for sexual supremacy, there are two winners—and two losers when their stubbornness leads to the very thing each dreads most.Readers’ Advisory: In a couple of scenes, Kelly and Spencer test “the more the merrier” theory....

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  • I ♥ Bookie Nookie (
    2019-02-08 16:09

    "Either her panties melted off her body or he ripped them away..."Yes, PROVOKE ME is that hot! So, just a fair warning to wear your least favorite undies while reading this one because they are bound to self destruct with the heat Cari Quinn is bringing to this deliciously sexy read!The Book Nook bookstore is just too small for both Kelly and Spencer AND all the sexual chemistry they have going on. Kelly is headstrong and outspoken. Spencer is a straight-laced businessman and has no time for romance...that is until he runs into his sassy little bookstore manager at a local sex club. that was unexpected and a most pleasant surprise, but Spencer is determined to keep things professional and declares that they never saw each other and work will be business as usual. The problem is, Spencer doesn't realize that once he has a tiny taste of the passion Kelly permeates, he is going to be hooked! He won't be able to help himself. He has to have more!The chemistry between all the characters is fantastic! I love it that Kelly is so feisty! Spencer is so dense that he actually thinks he can just dismiss Kelly--personally and professionally...Whoa! Does he have another thing coming! If you want to read something funny and sexy, you have got to get this book! A solid 5 star read!______________________________________________________________________If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups. Check us out!Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie's Erotic eBook Exchange

  • MBR
    2019-02-14 18:59

    Provoke Me is a title that lives up to its name. It draws the reader in, refuses to let go and provokes all sorts of emotions from the reader and I absolutely loved it. Cari Quinn can certainly do no wrong with her sensational novels, and yes I say sensational because she pens a novel that is nothing less than perfection and Provoke Me is no exception to this rule.The second book in the series Unveiled, Provoke Me tells the story of how the utterly controlled and focused Spencer Galvin finds in Kelly Crossman a reason worth letting go of his hard earned control in more ways than one. 35 year old Spencer has already learnt the bitter lesson of mixing business with pleasure and he is determined that he would stay true to his vow no matter how much Kelly tempts him to do otherwise.A decade younger than Spencer, Kelly is caught between a rock and a hard place when even after 3 years of working for Spencer hasn't dimmed her desire for him even one teensy bit. If anything, she yearns for him more than ever, and if not for the fact that she loves her job at The Book Nook, she would have given in and jumped his bones a long time back.When Kelly encounters her hands-off boss at Kink the sex club, all bets are off as Kelly finally manages to get under Spencer's skin to make him let go even for the few minutes during which he gives her the best orgasm of her life up against the club's wall before all the shields are back again in full force.Thinking that a few encounters with the whiskey-eyed Kelly with her killer legs would cure him of his fascination for her was Spencer's first mistake. All his attempts to push her away with the moments in between that show glimpses into a core of sensitivity that few get to see, Kelly knows that for her its Spencer and him alone until Spencer does the one thing that is guaranteed to drive away the best thing that has ever happened to him in his life.Filled to the brim with erotic sensual material that just about emptied out my salivary glands, one would think that Provoke Me is all about good sex with nothing much else going for it. But that's where you are wrong as Provoke Me tells the story of two very real individuals who find themselves in the grip of red-hot passion that undermines everything else, giving them both a reason to hide from what it is that they really feel for the other.Provoke Me definitely tested my boundaries as an erotic romance reader and though I wouldn't say that I am a convert into the overly erotic material, Cari's style in introducing me to the world of kinkier behaviour certainly sat well with me.The one thing that I loved most about Provoke Me is Spencer whose hard and driven nature along with his superb control and focus made him a total hottie and earns him a very well earned notch in my favorite alpha male list. And I loved Kelly because her quirky, strong and yet vulnerable nature was what Spencer needed though he takes a long time to reach that conclusion himself.Recommended for fans of Cari Quinn and for those who love emotion and depth in their erotica. The fact that I read this in one sitting whilst sick and in need of much required rest should tell its own story.Memorable Quotes:Their tongues coiled in a sensual glide and their bodies lined up perfectly, her breasts mashing against his chest, the vee of her thighs cradling his growing erection. She kissed him the way he felt—as if she were drowning and his air fed the last breath she’d take. Rating=5/5 Original review posted onMBR's Realm of Romance

  • Nikki Brandyberry
    2019-02-04 14:16

    This book has got to be the hottest…the naughtiest….the best wrote erotic romance I have read to date. Hot damn this book was yummy! I don’t even know what more to say. Honestly. No clue. I was first introduced to this world in the novella, Reveal Me. I loved that quickie and I love how this one was a full length novel.Kelly and Spencer work together at The Book Nook, both 100% committed to their jobs. Being the boss, Spencer attempts to keep Kelly in line but usually he fails…miserably. Kelly is unlike most of the women he’s ever known. Strong and vocal but slightly insecure with herself. Imagine his surprise when he not only finds her PDA with her list of sexual conquests, but also his office security tape has a very raunchy video of Kelly riding solo on his couch. Now the girl with the bright ideas that is as innovative has she is sexy has caught his attention.Kelly isn’t used to being sexually open. She certainly isn’t used to the sex club, Kink, her friend has drug her to. What surprises her most though is seeing her sexually frustrating boss, Spencer hooking up some some random chick in the steam room. Spencer is the man she has lusted after for years. If she has to open her mind to the idea of voyeuristic sex, well she will give it everything she has.Wow, just wow. This book was so incredibly hot. Every scene just a bit hotter then the last. Through it all though is a great story. Who hasn’t fantasized about a boss at some point in their life? Being taken on a desk in the boss mans office, is just…achingly sextastic. It’s erotic. And the ways Spencer takes Kelly. Alone…with some helpful hands at the Kink club….awesome.Yes, there are a few scenes that involve additional players…so beware.Spencer was great. So stoic and in control. Watching his control shatter again and again was…..well it was….fantastic. He is a man haunted by his past mistakes and unable to deny himself of Kelly over and over again. She is everything that is missing in his life. Loving, sexual and just a great partner.Kelly is a strong woman. Her tongue is quick to attack both verbally and sexually. She is the kind of person any girl would want in her court and any man would trip over to get to. Loyal and devoted to her job as well his her smoking hot boss.Spencer doesn’t know any other life away from The Book Nook. It’s his calling in life. Nothing can derail him from his position in Virginia. Yes it means moving for a year at least but the benefits outweigh the sacrifice. Until Kelly shows him that his job isn’t everything. That life can be worth so much more.I give Provoke Me by Cari Quinn 5 stars!

  • Danielle
    2019-02-20 14:56

    It's not news that I love all the books I have read by Cari Quinn but this has got to be my favorite book she has written. With Provoke Me she ha honestly topped herself. Spencer Galvin runs a bookstore. He isn't only easy on the eyes but he is driven, focused and very controlled. Spencer now lives by the rules and one rule he will not break again is mixing business with pleasure, but this 35 year old now has a problem. Kelly is tempting him beyond his belief. Kelly loves her job and has wanted Spencer for 3 years. Although she might be younger than him by 10 years that won't stop her from getting what she really wants. While out with a friend at the club, Kink she runs into her sexy boss and things start to heat up. Finally all bets are off. So it's no secret that I loved this book and let's not forget it left me totally in love Spencer. I wanted to lick him over and over like a lollipop!!! The plot was fun and exciting! It kept me on my toes from the beginning to the very end. The characters were so lovable and filled with emotions which made them more extra special. Overall is was a very hot read! Cari Quinn not only broke boundaries with this read but she topped them. If you want love, romance and kink this is a must read. I need more Spencer in my life so Cari get back to work. *winks* Happy Reading!

  • Amy
    2019-02-06 10:59

    “He was brilliant, ruthlessly so. An amazing boss. And his ass was a thing of beauty.”Take a sexy, alpha male like that along with every reader’s dream job of being surrounded by books and the immediate question is…Where do I apply? Answer: Provoke Me, the second installment of the Unveiled series by Cari Quinn.Spencer Galvin, regional manager of The Book Nook, is devoted to one thing – his job. He lives and breathes the bookstore because he’s given up on the possibility of love or the desire for a serious relationship. Driven, stubborn and wound tight as a drum, Spencer is hiding one major flaw. Underneath the professional, straight-laced persona, he is a man who is sexually frustrated by one woman who also happens to be his employee.Brazen, straight forward Kelly Crossman has lusted after Spencer since she started working at the bookstore three years ago. She knows that hooking up with Spencer is an unrealistic fantasy even though he is at the top of her list of sexual conquests. But, whatever lust Kelly feels toward Spencer is only a taste of the overwhelming desire he feels for her. As her boss, Spencer is convinced he must maintain a constant reign on his libido, remaining professional in all matters. Since his regular workouts are not even taking the edge off the sexual tension he has for Kelly, he decides to revisit the sex club, Kink, hoping to find some relief. What Spencer doesn’t bank on is finding Kelly watching him in a sexually-charged moment. Spencer’s rational thoughts move from one head to the other, and he knows the night will not end before he has her. Thinking that a few nights of passion with Kelly will get her out of his system is Spencer’s first mistake which leads to new feelings he can’t control and doesn’t want to face.Although Spencer is the ultimate sexy and insatiable man, he is also a true “bonehead” as well. His heart is in the right place, but his focus in trying to hide his true nature and remain in control ultimately results in major missteps that made me want to slap him senseless! And Kelly had her flaws as well. While she had an honest, loving heart, her brassiness and brutal honesty could be intimidating for most men…except for Spencer. She rattled, infuriated and consumed him. She could fluster him senseless and center his world in the same breath. What Kelly didn’t realize is the profound effect she had on him. She stirred feelings and desires that exposed a vulnerability he didn’t want to recognize. Never the less, they were tuned into each others emotions and desires which proved to be stimulating and terrifying for both. Without a doubt, the heat ignited by this passionate couple, had a primal edge that had me feeling like a voyeur watching every scene and aching for more.It’s always exhilarating for a reader to discover an author whose style and voice combine to create a thoroughly satisfying read. Cari Quinn fits the bill and then some. The erotic genre is often stereotyped by readers as nothing but a mindless screwfest. Ms. Quinn is one of a handful of authors I have found who defy the stereotype. She delivers a solid storyline with strong, multi-dimensional characters that are endearing in their flaws and honest with their emotions. Also, witty dialogue and genuine chemistry made the pairing more credible and engaging. That said, Ms. Quinn does not skimp on the passion. Possessive whispers and feather light kisses lead to sizzling hot, up against the wall, all-consuming sex.With all the elements of the best erotic reading, Provoke Me has this reader eagerly waiting for the next installment of the Unveiled series. In the meantime, if Ms. Quinn would only deliver Spencer to my bed!Favorite Quotes: There were just too many to list but here are two. “God, she couldn’t get into his car. She’d ruin his seats. Then again, she couldn’t not get in his car. Up-against-the-wall orgasm aside, she was so freaking horny she’d die if she didn’t get her hands on him. His leather interior wasn’t her problem.” “He got to her apartment before she did, which made her grin. Apparently erection difficulties were a thing of the past. Hell, she liked being his Cialis. She’d happily take on that role for the rest of her life.”Originally posted at

  • KatiD
    2019-02-16 18:07

    Kelly Crossman has had a thing for her boss for more than three years. She manifests that attraction by arguing with him. Alot. Spencer Galvin is a brilliant merchandiser and boss, the fact that he has a terrific ass is a nice side benefit. Unbeknownst to Kelly, Spencer's attraction to her is very mutual. But due to a checkered past getting involved with a married woman he worked with, Spencer is bound and determined to avoid getting involved with Kelly, no matter how hot he finds her.All of that changes when he catches Kelly at Kink, the sex club that he frequents. Unfortunately, before anything can really heat up, he and Kelly have to flee as the police have raided the club, which is not exactly on the up and up. While in the car, Kelly makes a wholly unexpected move on him, and he reacts like a bolt of lightening. Their chemistry is incendiary and if he was attracted before, he's pretty much blinded by lust now. Soon Kelly and Spencer are having extremely hot sex. But Spencer has no intention of getting closer. despite being really impressed by Kelly's intelligence and unbelievably challenged and attracted by her "gamesmanship". The two of them spend a lot of time dancing around their feelings and being all, "this is just sex." But Spencer knows that Kelly is getting more serious and he hasn't told her about his promotion, which will take him to a different state.I have mixed feeling about this book. I really enjoyed the couple's chemistry, and the sex scenes are hot, inventive and work really well. But honestly, I was a bit befuddled about why Kelly was so attracted to Spencer. I felt that he often was a butthead to her, being dismissive of her feelings and generally ugly to her. I just didn't fully understand why she couldn't let him go. Particularly when he makes it very clear to her that their relationship isn't exclusive (he comes to her smelling of another woman -- unlike any other woman on the planet, this makes her hot and she engages in a sex act with him). While Spencer's issues are explained, I didn't understand why Kelly made so many allowances for his behavior, particularly when he refused to explain them to her. All of that being said, I think that this author has a really terrific voice and her writing style shows a confidence and ease with her craft. This makes me think that I will try another Cari Quinn book. My problems with this one had more to do with a hero who didn't work for me, than anything to do with the author's writing style.Final grade: C+

  • Taryn Elliott
    2019-02-15 15:18

    Spencer + Kelly = Explosive.I read this badboy in ONE night. The equivalent of about 280 pages-ish. (kindle)'s one of THOSE books. A truly must read for the Cari Quinn fan. The pace is so fast, the angst and passion run neck and neck between these characters. It's hard to pull off a book with 2 strong main chars but Cari does it pretty much every time.Spencer's control issues bashing heads with Kelly's ability to slot people into certain personal goals and move on is carefully and seamlessly weaved into a story that will grab you by the throat and NOT let go.What I love about this story is how effectively they grow and screw up in equal fashion. Cari's not afraid to show the bad side to a character and I love her for it. And this one goes in my re-read 3x's pile already.Really GREAT stuff.

  • MaggieReadsRom
    2019-01-31 11:55

    4.5 stars!Memorable Scenes: - Kelly and Spence's first meet in the club > I just overdosed on raw sexual heat and tension. Am I still breathing? I think Cari just killed me...- the scene working late at the Book Nook > sweet and hot at the same time- the scene at the club with Paul > *fans self* but it's not helping at all!!Kelly Crossman is a day manager at one of the Book Nook bookstores.She’s sweet and giving, yet she knows what she wants and goes for it. Kelly is also smart-mouthed, impulsive and has rebellious streak.Spencer Galvin is a regional manager for The Book Nook bookstores. He’s controlled and in command, tight-lipped and driven. But he’s also ruthless, honest and has voyeuristic tendencies.This book is hot beyond words! I'm not ashamed to admit I was in a constant state of arousal throughout the whole thing. But next to the amazing, scorching heat there was also the emotional struggle both Spencer and Kelly go through. Both Spencer and Kelly are far from picture-perfect characters and I really liked that. Their flaws and not so perfect decisions made me like them even more. Kelly has no trouble acknowledging her feelings for Spencer but she keeps them to herself, afraid to hear Spencer doesn't care to hear them. Spencer is more complicated. He has feelings for Kelly but his past and need for control prevent him from letting go and going for it. His struggle was torturous to read and there were many moments I just wanted to yell at him to just go for it and stop wasting precious time.I’m really happy to know that there are quite a few books still coming in this series (4 more if I recall correctly) because the cast of secondary characters was great and offers a lot of possibilities in the future. There was one secondary character I would have loved to punch in the face in this book. Hard! But Cari has assured me she isn’t all evil and she is going to make an effort to redeem her in her own book. I have faith that Cari will make it work, so I’m even looking forward to Diana’s book.I must admit Cari Quinn pushed me to the edges of my boundaries with the Diana situation. I understood Spencer’s reasoning but still didn't like the direction it was headed in. However, I did like how that particular part of the story was played out in the end and how it contributed to the emotional turmoil in the story. I think I should just review Cari Quinn's books with an “I love her writing, buy the book!” because I just do. The perfect combination of heat, humor and emotion draw me in every single time and just keep me reading, not wanting to stop for a single minute. Fluent, witty, clean, hot and crisp Cari's voice is one of my top favorites in the erotic romance scene.I suspected it before but after reading PROVOKE ME, I’m sure. Cari Quinn is trying to kill me with her scorching hot books that are not only sexy but emotional too. Oh well, it’s a great way to go…Favorite Quotes:He was brilliant, ruthlessly so. An amazing boss. And his ass was a thing of beauty.(Alana) “Kel, we’ve been here ten minutes. The line’s getting longer and I’m nowhere near getting any c#ck.” (I just LOVE Alana, if only for this remark of hers)He wasn’t much better. He was about to suffer c#ck-strangulation from his belt and his sides ached from his rigid stance in the seat. She’d fucking annihilated him with her lips and her hand. Even without sampling that honey-sweet mouth or feeling her bare palm around his erection, he was one tepid fantasy away from coming in his pants.Every breath he took ravaged his chest. He was on fire, inside and out, his body one massive throbbing nerve. She cried out again, a shrill piercing noise he should’ve worried would wake the neighbors. But there was no room for worry now.He sounded like a mixture of heaven and hell, wrapped in a thin chocolaty layer of sex-drenched sin.Rating:8.8 out of 10 – GREAT READ!

  • Marq(ReadingRomanceinColor)
    2019-02-11 11:55

    I discovered Cari Quinn when I won one of her books in a contest. After reading that book, Ex Appeal, I knew I needed to read more. Cari Quinn is genius at writing hot, steamy sex scenes. With each book that I read, I go in thinking, "there's no way she can top the last one." And every time I am wrong, wrong, wrong!We met Kelly in book one, Reveal Me, where her friend Alana drags her to a sex club called Kink. In Provoke Me, Kelly works at a bookstore called the Book Nook. She loves her job and has the serious hots for her boss, Spencer Galvin. Spence has mixed with business with pleasure in the past and it came back and bit him in his ass. Lesson learned, he has a strict rule of not getting sexually involved with anyone he works with. It proves hard to stick to his own policy because Spence is equally attracted to Kelly. It isn't until Spence and Kelly run into each other at Kink that Spence throw his rules out the window and gives in to his attraction to Kelly.Spence is a tough man to crack. He is very controlled and guarded. It took a long time for me to warm up to him. Other than their love of the book store and their physical attraction, I couldn't understand why Kelly kept coming back for more when Spence clearly was trying to push her away. Kelly wasn't in denial about the type of man that Spence is but whenever there was a small crack in Spence's stoic veneer, he immediately closed it back up and in the process, hurting Kelly.Spence and Kelly are on fire when they are together. Even though Kink isn't Kelly's scene, she's not afraid to try new things. At one point, I felt that she was going to Kink and participating in sexual activities there in order to please Spence. And maybe to prove that she is more than good enough to be with him and can go toe-to-toe with him sexually. I felt that she wasn't all the way comfortable with the exhibitionism and sexual activity that she participated in at Kink.Provoke Me is a very hot, very sexy, very steamy read. I had issues with Spence throughout the book but he redeemed himself at the end (like all good heroes do). Even though there's a lot of sex in Provoke Me, it does not deter from the overall story. Spence and Kelly are both stumbling through the relationship, making mistakes and hurting each (although Spence does most of the hurting). Kelly wants to take a chance on making the relationship work. Spence is afraid to let Kelly in and let go of his controlled demeanor.I highly recommend Provoke Me and every book that Cari Quinn has written. If you're in the mood for a great story with lots of sexy goodness, I suggest you check it out.

  • Christi Snow
    2019-01-30 15:15

    5 stars all the way! This was a FABULOUS book!! Full review reposted from my Smitten with Reading blog.... My Review:Hot, sexy romance set in a bookstore? Yep, this book made me a happy reader. Kelly & Spencer... they have worked together at the bookstore for three years. He's her boss and they have a highly confrontational relationship for most of the time. All of that confrontation though, covers the fact that they are incredibly drawn to one another although neither one is aware of the other's feelings. Until someone leaves Kelly's PDA on Spencer's desk opened to her file of the men that she would like to have sex with...Spencer has the #10 spot on the list.Hoping to burn off some sexual frustration after a day spent stewing over the PDA and Kelly, Spencer heads to Kink, the local sex club. Unknown to him, Kelly is also headed there with her friend Alana (this is where Reveal Me & Provoke Me story lines overlap- very cool to see the events through another character's eyes.) Kelly recognizes Spencer's car in the parking lot and immediately starts to search him out. Things steam up really quickly from there.This book had everything... heartbreaking twists, hot trysts, subterfuge, corporate politics, a hot sex club, and the best setting for it all... a wonderful bookstore.I really liked Kelly's character. She was a cross between all-American nice girl and sexy vixen depending on her mood and how hot Spencer got her. I liked that, no matter what, she told it just like it was- no games, no doubts. She didn't let her pride stand in the way of her honesty. I really liked how she dealt with Spencer even when he was at his lowest point. She didn't hide anything behind emotion- just put it out there and then if she needed to, she fell apart later. She stayed so strong in the face of adversity (but it's okay, I was crying enough for both of us.)Spencer is a totally straight-laced corporate type. He makes no secret that he is married to the bookstore and that it is his total focus. His completely controlled persona is what makes it so outstanding to read when he loses control...a lot of the time around Kelly. He gets so emotional about, around, and for's a beautiful thing!A really gorgeous love story. I love both Kelly & Spencer and cannot wait to see more of them in the future additions to this wonderful series. I hear that there's going to be 4 more books (at least) based around the bookstore. Yippeee!!!

  • Harlie Williams
    2019-02-06 15:02

    Take one emotionally detached, unavailable man and one woman determined to break through his walls and what do you get? Provoke Me is what you get. Kelly and Spencer are two of the most stubborn, sexy, hard to figure out characters that I have read in a very long time. They intrigued me from the first page and still linger with me today.I'll be honest though, I read the book twice before writing this review. Yes, it took me twice to get all the little details, emotions and characterizations in my head straight. Ms. Quinn writes with a smooth fluidity that if you are not paying attention, you will miss something in the story. I laughed, cried, threw my Nook on the couch (twice), gasped and yes, fell in love with Kelly and Spencer.Provoke Me is a story that grabs you and doesn't let go. Spencer, believing that he can't love and doesn't feel like he deserved to be loved in return, loves his job and nothing else. He's lust for Kelly is overpowering to him and when he goes to Kink to work some of it out, he finds Kelly. Kelly knows that the only man to ever truly satisfy her is Spencer but to get him to admit it will take alot of work. The scenes at Kink are emotional, hot and I really did feel like a voyeur. The things that Kelly didn't think she would do, she did and it just furthered their relationship and you got a sense of what really makes Spencer tick.If you read my earlier posts on reviewing, I will not spill any spoilers, plot points, conflict issues but I will tease you a bit. It was nice to see Nicky and Alana again and see them interact with Kelly. Also, surprising in this book was the inclusion of the relationships with their parents and how that shaped them to what they are today. The last fourth of the book was beyond anything that I expected and was crying in the end. Great ending to a fabulous couple.I highly recommend Provoke Me and I can't wait for the other books in this series. Outstanding job Cari!

  • Netanella
    2019-02-17 16:06

    There's a lot of action going on at The Book Nook, or more likely the Bookie Nookie. The author does an excellent job in combining smokinghotgoodness with the entangled emotional connections that come with falling in love with your boss at work - particularly when said boss is a jerk. A good looking jerk, but one nonetheless. Redemption at the end helps a lot, too.So, in no particular order, here's the list of awesomesauce goodness that stood out in my mind:- Misplaced PDAs with top 10 sex lists- Bodice-ripper romance section re-do's- Sex club voyeurism and other public acts of extreme affection- Back office hanky panky- Calling in sick to work for more hanky pankyThe character of Kelly was well done for me - not too strong, not too emotional, a little bit of badass, a little bit of insecure. A great counter to the jackassedness that is Spencer, as lovable as he becomes in the end. Very recommended.

  • Shxrxn
    2019-02-13 13:51

    What’s life without risk?- KellyDignity had gone the way of the dinosaurs.- KellyTo rule with an iron fist and a sexy swagger.- KellyI don’t have regrets. I do what I want and deal with the fallout later.- KellyI go after what I want. Even if what I want isn’t particularly good for me.- KellyA little retail therapy never hurt anyone. Especially those newly and stupidly in love.- KellyMaybe if she kept saying it, the lie would become the truth.- KellyI’m always good. Especially when I’m bad.- KellyIf you meant to drive me away, you could have just said you didn’t want me. Believe me, I’m not going to scrap for whatever you’ll toss my way.- KellyI love you. Even if you don’t deserve it. Or me.- KellyLove’s all well and good, but if you’re not there when someone needs you, then you might as well not bother. Love isn’t just a word, Spencer. It’s something you commit to every day. It means sticking around for the long haul.- Kelly

  • Sassafrass
    2019-02-19 13:53

    What can I say. I worked really hard to win this in the Erotic Enchants Group, but it was all worth it. This is my first Cari Quinn book but it won't be my last. She has written a completely sexy novel with characters that are well-developed and likable. I felt completely invested in them and really wanted that HEA. And the fact that it was melt-your-panties hot didn't hurt one bit at all!

  • Nicole
    2019-02-11 15:05

    Review originally posted here: Ellora’s CavePublish Date: Out Now!How I got this book: eARC from authorI’ve always heard such great things about Quinn, but had only read her short story in the Undercover Lovers Anthology. Let me tell ya, when Quinn has more pages to work with, she really steams them up!!Kelly has lived and breathed the bookstore, and loves everything about her job, especially her sexy as sin boss. But Spencer doesn’t seem to notice or even really like her most days. That doesn’t stop her from having him star in all her fantasies, or topping her list of men she dreams of having.Spencer can’t get involved in another scandal with an employee, so no matter how attracted he is to Kelly, she is off limits. But when he finds her PDA and his name on her list, he finds it harder and harder to get her off his mind. Once they run into each other at an underground sex club, Spencer finds that his possessiveness is stronger than he ever thought. But when someone from Spencer’s past shows up, he will have to decide what he wants more: a life with Kelly, or to follow what he thought was his dream.Let me just start by saying that Quinn writes some really, really sexy stuff. I’m not new to books that involve most of the plot being done at a sex club, and this one didn’t feel seedy or gross or anything. For those of you who know me, I’m not keen on menage books, and although Kelly and Spencer do have a few times when they invite others to join them, it never really felt like a menage to me. For that I really enjoyed those moments, they were sexy and hot, but not crossing into anything uncomfortable.I enjoyed Kelly’s character a lot. She was vulnerable and honest and a little uncertain in her own skin. She was a nerd and had some serious self-esteem issues. I found a lot of myself in her (minus the kinky tendencies *grin*), and for that I really took a lot of Spencer’s BS personal. There were times I didn’t really like him much, and couldn’t see what exactly Kelly saw in him. At times I even thought that she put up with a lot more than she probably should have.While I didn’t want to like Spencer, and through most of the time I didn’t, I did understand many of his hang-ups. I got why he didn’t want to have a relationship with another co-worker, didn’t want another scandal at work. But at the same time I thought that he went a little too far withholding himself from her, and many of his actions were pure a-hole things to do. But, in the end, he did do a good job of redeeming himself in both my eyes and Kelly’s.All in all, I enjoyed this Quinn read. While the hero grated on my nerves, he did find a way to atone for his foolish ways, and win over the heroine in a way that was believable to me. The sexy times were super duper smokin’ hot and fun to read.I give Provoke Me a B-

  • Between the Bind
    2019-02-18 13:06

    This book was H-O-T HOT! Holy moly! So here's the run down...Spencer, a sexy, controlling, workaholic, has had the hots for his sarcastic, modestly sexy, employee, Kelly from her first day at the Book Nook three years ago. Since college, Kelly has wanted to break away from her inner good girl and made a list of her top ten men to, uhhh, "cuddle," to help her do just that. Once she meets Spencer, she immediately makes him her number one - and if she can't have him...she can at least fantasize about him...on the couch in his office. ;)I really...REALLY enjoyed this book. The beginning was a little bit typical - boy likes girl, girl likes boy and everybody but the two of them are aware of it. But in true Cari Quinn style, we soon get wrapped into a delicious, sexy, moving relationship between two real characters.Kelly is my type of chick - we would totally be cool. First of all, she a book enthusiast who has a knack for design and I love the quirkiness of her character. She's oober sarcastic and literally made me laugh out loud multiple times with her needling of Spencer. Moreover, I appreciated the control she had over her feelings. Kelly isn't a cry-about-it kinda gal, and man, I LOVE it! Even when she does get emotional, it's in the right places, showing natural openness and honesty. Spencer's made some choices that have shaped his life and influenced his work ethic but still were necessary, as are all cruddy choices, for his growth. I loved how callus Spencer was. It really fit and made sense not only in his relationship with Kelly, but with his familial relationships as well.The sex club was prevalent in the beginning of the book (and boy was it steamy!) continuing occasionally throughout but the one-on-ones between Spencer and Kelly were just as tantalizing, allowing us to make sense of a how this world could REALLY work - although most of us only fantasize about it.As the issues arise in their relationship, the reader can definitely see where Quinn is leading us, it's the waiting to get there that caused so much angst for me. I literally cried on and off throughout the last four chapters - which was super awkward because the UPS guy came and knocked on the door with my newest book purchase...and here I am, wiping tears, sniffling, signing for another book while the puppies are freaking because they can't see who's outside.Anywho, I would most DEFINITELY recommend this book to anyone who loves a steamy, real-life romance with real flaws, honest writing, and heart-catching characterization.**Special thank you to Cari for sending me this incredible book. It was a true pleasure to read.**

  • Patti TheLoveJunkee
    2019-02-10 14:07

    Kelly Crossman works in a small, independent bookstore chain. She loves her job, and she's good at it. She gets along pretty well with her co-workers, but her boss - oh! He's the stuff of fantasy. And she fantasizes quite a bit ;)Spencer Galvin lives and breathes the bookstore. He got his position through dubious means, but he's good at what he does and he has big plans for his career by maintaining his professionalism and continuing to do an outstanding job. That includes ignoring the hotness that is his employee, Kelly. When they both end up at a local sex club, sparks fly. As they begin their relationship, it's all about sex, but as things go forward it becomes more. But Spencer has a few work-related skeletons in his closet that prevent him from getting closer to Kelly, and Kelly must decide how much distance she'll allow Spencer to put between them, or if he's going to break her heart.My Thoughts:Wow. I really enjoyed Provoke Me. Usually, when I read "sex club", I roll my eyes. In Provoke Me, it worked - it was a good setting for these two to run into each other in a non-work environment. Their first meeting was so full of sexy tension I could almost feel it. Even though he was kind of an ass, I really liked Spencer - he was a decent guy who made some bad decisions and because of that swung in the complete opposite direction to being a very closed-type personality. And when he had too much bottled up, he let it out sexually. Kelly was a more free-spirited personality, more open and bluntly honest, and she makes Spencer absolutely crazy - in both a good and bad way, lol. Their differences in personality made for very good conflict throughout the book.Provoke me had a great combination of an emotional storyline, interesting characters, and hot sexy scenes: I loved Spencer and Kelly together - between his sexual procilvities and her willingness to try new things, Provoke Me steamed up my kindle screen!

  • Sparklybearsy¤°.¸¸.•´¯`»
    2019-02-01 17:59

    rated 4.5 out of 5 From past reviews, you know that i think Cari Quinn's writing skills is up there with awesome. She writes some of the most evocative, sexy, down right delicious tales of love and romance with a modern twist of Naughty. I truly have enjoyed everything she's written so was a little (a lot) excited to receive Provoke Me for review. Second in the Unveiled series I first encountered this series with Reveal Me. And ohMy did Cari Quinn pack a lot of heat into that short tale. It left me wanting more, and more she served up. A full length book, Provoke me tells the story of Kelly and Spencer. Work colleagues who finally give in to their mutual attraction when they surprisingly encounter each other at the same sex, i didn't think i could love a book more than i did Reveal Me. Cari Quinn truly brought her A+ game to this one. LOVED! It had all the things i enjoy reading about. Two wonderful characters, each dedicated to their career, which makes the erotic draw to each other all the more intriguing to watch as it becomes stronger with every sexual act. Im a girl who likes brilliantly written sexy time scenes, you could call me a snob, because not all sex scenes will do. I know what i like, and this book delivers! There is some truly heavenly sensual scenes when Kelly and Spencer are at the sex club. Spencer pushes Kelly's novice boundaries that include moresomes at times, and OhMyWow, if you like your books this side of HOT then Provoke Me is for you. I can't praise it enough, a lovely delicious sexy and swoonable romantic read this summer. Favourite Quote: She’d broken his resolve, cracked his focus in two. Work didn’t matter anymore, and there was no tomorrow. There was just shoving up her flimsy little skirt and fumbling for the condom he’d tucked in his back pocket at the club.Now i'm all twitchy waiting for book three in this series! A book made of Nom!

  • Monique
    2019-02-16 16:00

    Originally reviewed at The Forbidden BookshelfKelly Crossman has had a big crush on her boss ever since she started working for The Book Nook three years ago. She hasn’t acted on her feelings because Spencer is known to have a strict policy against dating his employees. But she can dream & fantasize and she does during a masturbation scene in her boss’ office that is caught on tape. Then she loses her PDA which contains a list of all the men she wants to have sex with and Spencer is #10 on the list meaning he’s her ultimate, top pick to have wild sex with. Mysteriously the lost PDA ends up on Spencer’s desk. Although he’s flattered that he’s on Kelly’s Most Wanted Sex list at all the fact that he is listed last does nothing to boost his ego. Provoke Me was an incredibly sexy book. I really liked both the hero and heroine and the flow of the story was excellent. I was first introduced to Kelly in Reveal Me which was the first book in Cari Quinn’s Unveiled series. Kelly’s feisty attitude was a pleasant surprise. She was strong and independent and didn’t let Spencer intimidate her too much. Spencer Galvin’s Alpha male personality made me swoon. He seemed so stiff and serious while interacting with Kelly at the book store. But when they accidentally meet at Kink, the local sex club, his inner Sex God was unleashed and I loved it! Kelly was a little timid when they first meet at the sex club but once Spencer opened her up the story got really, really hot! The dialogue was engaging and witty and I laughed out loud several times. I enjoyed the close loving relationship that developed between Kelly and Spencer. The sexual tension throughout the book was so compelling. And the sexual chemistry between Kelly and Spencer was “hot like fire” amazing! I am most definitely a new fan of Cari Quinn’s work and her novel Provoke Me gets 5 Stars.

  • Lesley
    2019-02-02 16:56

    Have you ever dreamt of meeting a gorgeous hot man who also happens to be the regional manager of a chain of book shops? Yeah, that's my dream too (although please don't tell Mr Keeper Shelf) you could of course just settle meanwhile and read Provoke Me instead.Kelly Crossman works at the Book Nook and has been lusting after her boss Spencer for three years she's even listed him as number 10 on her list of men she wants to have sex with. However, her list has gone missing and turns up on Spencer's desk... and yes, he's annoyed that he's last on her list.A chance meeting at Kink the local raunchy club turns into a one night stand which turns into more but Spencer is married to the book store and his position in the company which leads to inevitable heart ache all round.The steam factor in Provoke Me is exceptionally high Cari Quinn's erotic romance certainly delivers and is guaranteed to make you squirm (in a good way). So much so that the blurb actually warns readers that Kelly and Spencer test the whole "the more the merrier" theory so be warned! I loved all the naughtiness but I also loved Spencer and Kelly's characters and their story. Spencer is bossy and demanding (and he looooves books) but he warns Kelly that he's not misunderstood, he doesn't need saving or loving and that he is just playing along with her but you know there's much more to their relationship than that. Kelly has had a crush on Spencer for such a long time but she's not the type of woman to just have a casual relationship, she does really get Spencer and really falls for him.If you're looking for steam with a bit of a story then Provoke Me is well worth checking out.

  • A.R. Von
    2019-01-24 14:01

    Intriguingly fun, hot, steamy, erotic and emotional (I could go on). I loved this book! It explores many fantasies (and realities) that remain untouched, forbidden, unexplored and hidden by many. Kelly has worked at the Book Nook for three years. In that time the store has become her life and she has harbored an immense crush for her boss, Spencer. Everything changes for her after somehow her PDA goes M.I.A. Knowing it holds revealing information about her 'list' and the 'who' that is on it does not make it any easier. But life must go on! That same night, she goes out with her friend to a special club called Kink. Once there all her reserves go out the window. Especially after she realizes who else is also there.Spencer has worked hard and done things he is not proud of to get to where he is. He's set limits and rules for himself to follow. But something (or rather someone) niggles in the back of his mind. It worsened when two things occurred. First he sees the beautiful Kelly masturbating in his office (due to an unknown to her security camera). Then he finds her PDA on his desk and explores it. Once he sees her special list and the fact he is on it (and last on the list), he becomes livid. With wheels spinning even faster in his head, he decides he needs to find an outlet to release the tension and decides to head on over to Kink.Once Kelly and Spencer truly discover one another. It's no holds barred, raw, unbound, emotional and appealing sex. There is an enjoyable roller coaster of a ride to behold to what unfolds for Kelly and Spencer. So make sure you hold on tight!

  • Romancing the Book
    2019-02-10 19:00

    Reviewed By~AshleighReview Copy Provided By~PublisherReader Advisory: In a couple of scenes, Kelly and Spencer test “the more the merrier” theory.Review: For Kelly Crossman, The Book Nook is her whole life, until she meets Spencer Galvin. While he is her boss and that should mean off limits to anyone who wants to keep their job, Kelly just can’t seem to stop lusting after him. After an interlude in his office after hours, Kelly is beyond tied to him in ways that she never thought possible. But when the light of day dawns, will Spencer want the same things that she does, or will he look at her as nothing more than another bad decision?Spencer isn’t like other men, he has a dirty secret, and the idea of others finding out about it is something that could just about break him. While Kelly Crossman makes his blood boil, letting her in is something that Spencer just can’t seem to do without help. Will Kelly help make every fantasy for Spencer come true, or will she make him regret opening up to her?While I haven’t read the first story in this series, I can say that I now have it on my TBB list. This was a wonderful story that not only showed off the character development of Spencer and Kelly, but also really pulled me into the overall drama of this relationship. I have read several other books by Cari Quinn in the past, and I can say that this book is one of the best that she has written. The story drew me in from the first page and kept me enthralled until the last, I was actually sad to see the story end but I also can’t wait to see if there will be more books in this series. You will not be sorry if you choose to pick this one up!!

  • Amanda Ryan
    2019-01-25 17:15

    Redonk Nutshell: Sexual tension explodes between a bookstore employee and the straight-laced managerI picked this up on a whim after hearing some chatter on Twitter over its hawtness. Glad I did - I really enjoyed it. Provoke Me is the story of Kelly and Spencer, two people that are constants in each other's lives as employer (Spencer) and employee (Kelly) at a small family owned bookstore. Their relationship has always been professional and friendly, though they've both secretly shared a mutual attraction to each other. When Kelly's friend encourages her to along on a trip to a sex club, Kelly is surprised to see Spencer's familiar face. The sparks fly, and before long these two end up forging onward. They each consider their relationship to be a physical one, nothing too permanent or emotional. But of course, things don't go the way the initially planned, leaving them both to sort out their emotional baggage and make decisions that could make or break their relationship. Provoke Me is some seriously spicy fun. Spencer and Kelly practically burn up between the pages, making this book probably one of the best erotic novels I've read this year. Some people will be turned off by it - Spencer can be a bit of a...well..a dick. Kelly is pretty headstrong and outspoken. A lot of the plot starts and circulates around a sex club. So, it's probably not for everyone. But I enjoyed it. Immensely. The chemistry between these two is phenomenal. Provoke Me by Cari Quinn, 7/22/11Rating: BRomance: 2/5 Raunch: 5/5

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2019-02-15 14:18

    Originally posted at: geeky and extremely sexy Spencer Galvin has a problem named Kelly Crossman. His attraction to his employee makes him want to break all his personal rules about inter-office relationships. He resists her, even after catching her in a hot solo session in his office, until a chance meeting at a sex club turns into a night where passion rules. This book is chock-full of passionate love scenes that move the plot forward, although the missing PDA was more of a distraction for the reader than a true plot device to drive conflict into their relationship. While Spencer and Kelly have some of the hottest chemistry I’ve seen on paper, especially in the sex club scenes, their conflict-laden relationship made me wonder if they could really have a happy ending. This book is the second in the series. Some scenes run concurrently to that book (the club being shut down by the police) but both female main characters aren’t in the scene together. While I highly recommend picking up the other book, it isn’t absolutely necessary for maximum enjoyment. With scorching love scenes and a sweet HFN ending for this couple, Ms. Quinn has another winner with Provoke Me

  • Heather in FL
    2019-01-28 13:02

    I'm not sure what I can say about this book that others haven't. I cried. I rarely cry from a book, but I was so invested in the characters that I CRIED!!! Thankfully, I knew there was still book left, so there was time to eek out a HEA. And I'm glad it didn't happen "cleanly". I mean it wasn't easy on the person who had the groveling to do. It wasn't as hard as it could have been, but it wasn't easy. I loved how Kelly saw right through Spencer. I hated how "clinical" Spencer seemed -- how he wanted to almost compartmentalize what they had. But at the same time, he was incredibly sexy in that he just couldn't resist her. It's a good thing she went to Kink that night... their mutual but separate lust could have gone on for another three years! And Diana? OMG I hate that bitch. How selfish can one person be? I thought Spencer was selfish, but Diana definitely took the cake.It was sexy, it was sweet, it was hot, it was so heart-wrenching, and an HEA to boot. I'm a very happy girl (with a lump in her throat still)!

  • Thenia
    2019-02-09 16:04

    The story of Kelly and Spencer, an employee of a bookstore and her boss, who share a love for their job and a hidden mutual crush on each other.They have a mostly antagonistic relationship at work, but things are always professional between them, until with a slight nudge from Spencer's sister who also works at the bookstore, and a surprising meeting at a sex club, of all places, they veer sharply into personal.Flawed characters carrying scars from the past, who would be great together if only they stopped fighting it. Interesting story heavy on the sex but not just about it.I read the book before I realized it was part of a series and even worse not the first book (which I find annoying) so I'll probably go back and read the first book at least - Reveal Me, a short story about Kelly's best friend Alana.

  • ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~
    2019-01-23 12:54

    I rarely read mf stories unless they have something special I like and this one fit the bill to the t. I love voyeur/exhibition books and yowza, this one was hot. I didn't read The Book Nook isn't big enough for Kelly and Spencer who have been lusting after each other for the last three years and it wasn't until they both went to Kink, a sex club, that the real fireworks started. They're both control freaks for different reasons and he's a voyeur and she's adventurous. They really did have a lot more in common and Kelly has a wonderful snarky sense of humor. Plus there was angst, not too much, just the right amount. Yummy book that I won in the 2012 Erotic Enchants Holiday Events - Thanks Cari!

  • Tasha
    2019-02-05 19:19

    It is Kelly's turn to find love. Will she find it though is the question? She has a thing for her boss who isn't your everyday guy you see that doesn't take care of himself, nope he is hot and full of sin. Spencer, her boss, has a thing for her too but he is desperate to fight the attraction with everything in him. Can he fight his attraction to her for long? When Kelly and Spencer unexpectedly meet up at a sex club, all the rules go out the window. Suddenly there’s only way this match of wills can end―naked, preferably all night long. In this battle for sexual supremacy, there are two winners—and two losers when their stubbornness leads to the very thing each dreads most. This is a must READ!!

  • Michele ~ la Smoocherina
    2019-01-30 15:53

    I liked this book. I thought the author did a good job of getting me to invest in the characters. I thought the sex club added an interesting element, in that it wasn't BDSM, just a sex club. I was upset when Kelly was going to seduce him when she could smell the perfume of another woman on Spencer. But I also thought it was very real. Her desperation was palpable. I'd love to see a book about Paul, her ex.

  • Laura Kaye
    2019-02-12 15:53

    I devoured this non-stop in an afternoon, hooked as much by the characters as by the incredible sexual tension that runs the entire book through. What made this book especially compelling was that the emotional intensity was as prominent as the sexual chemistry. I liked the characters, even when they behaved in ways I knew were going to end up destructive, and that made me root for them and want to know what would happen. Greatly enjoyed. Onto my next Cari Quinn book...