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Salespeople need answers fast. Jeffrey Gitomer presents a practical, personal guide to knowing what to do when selling, how to do it and how to hit your results every time....

Title : Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Red Book of Sales Answers: 99.5 Real World Answers That Make Sense, Make Sales, and Make Money
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ISBN : 9780131735361
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Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Red Book of Sales Answers: 99.5 Real World Answers That Make Sense, Make Sales, and Make Money Reviews

  • Ben Donahower
    2019-01-23 14:14

    This book is gold. Jeffrey Gitomer's style is no holds barred, so be prepared! He pulls no punches while offering both philosophical and practice advice to make more sales. He doesn't offer a rigid step by step process but recommends methods and processes that peppered with tips and tricks to make rain.Here are my notes:Little Red Book of Sales AnswersPrepared >> work hard >> engage >> get a commitment >> earn the sale >> earl a referral >> earn a testimonial You make the order happen!Practice >> goalsHow to achieve your goalsIdentify goalsDate it > start and endList obstaclesGroups and contact who will helpKnowledge and skills neededCreate an action plan for each goalList the benefits of the goalsMake action every day (daily dose)How to make things happenWake up earlyLove what you doDedicate yourself to being a lifelong studentGet rid of angerTurn barrier into breakthroughNo’s are not yetWatch little or no televisionRead for 20 minutes every morningWrite for 20 minutes every morningCall who you love and tell them that you love themTell yourself you are the bestPositive attitudeEmbrace funny in your every day lifeImprove your writingMentorsCreate a short list of mentoringGet a relationship with themThis is not explicit but something you develop through timeGive valueAsk for adviceCold calling is getting less effectiveHow to get to your sales prospects without cold callsWrite an articleGet on a talk showGive a speechSend a newsletterHold a free seminarNetwork at a business functionGet a referralCold call opportunitiesNearby businessesTo test sales strategiesGo to the higher level person first. Lower level people end of being gatekeepers. Don’t think the low level person under the bus.How to get past gatekeeperKnow the name of the decision-makerHave a response for what’s this in reference tooBe friendlyAsk for helpBe sincereDon’t try out worn out sales tacticsTell the truthHave a real good reason to contact aside from salesBe originalThey’ve heard it beforeShould be a positive experienceGet information on the customerRead websiteGoogle the companyGoogle the person and familyPrint out the information so that people see it How to get to the CEO >> Phone ask for an interview for a newsletterWhat can you ask that differentiates you from your competition? Look at your products and services in terms of ownership instead of purchasing. Where would be the first place that you would drive this car when you own it? NOTHow much money do you have for this project (budgetary questions)Make a list of the ten best questions that you ask and cross off the ones that your competitor says. Keep doing it until you have questions that can beat the competitor into the ground.Bring along a customer to a prospectWhy did the last ten sales say yes and why did the last rejections happen and why? That will tell you what to do.Develop a strategy, structure, approach to selling not a selling systemMaking a connectionMaking an appointmentGet ready for the saleEngaging the prospect in a way that gains his interestProving the value of your offerComing to an agreementDeliveringServicingCreating an environment that’s so awesome that they buy again, refer, and speak positively in the market placeYour philosophy will determine your structure (Jeffrey Gitomer’s philosophy:)Give value firstHelp other peopleStrive to be best at what I love to do Establish long term relationshipsHave funTwo most killer questionsWhen you are buying X what are the three biggest mistakes that people make? (larger the purchase the less people want to make mistake)When I say X what one word comes to mind? (give top of mind awareness and feelings on it)Know what is takes to get their business don’t ask Ask the right questions: “people don’t like to be sold but they like to buy”What’s been your experienceHow that this helped your profitHow have you experienced?Price objection brings up If customer asks how muchAsk permission to ask a question (qualifying)Ask question quick questions that leads to a price offering that assures purchaseNeed DesireStatusBe certain they perceive value“Our prices are fair and firm” then establish their valueBe proud of the priceTestimonials are the best way to overcome price objectionsDifference between a stall and an objection (let me think about it / too high no) they are mostly not the real reasonPrevent objections don’t respond to them, deal with it during your presentationA lot of people tell us X but here are some testimonials that explain or whateverOr some people tell us X but we’ll deal with it later in the presentation because I wouldn’t want to waste your timeBuying signalsIf they ask a questionMost powerful: how much is it (prospect is thinking ownership)Ask for the saleAsk: what’s the risk? (when do you want to start next risking)Ask: when is the next job? (get one job to prove yourself)Ask for an indirect commitment (how many people need to be trained / how many?)What’s preventing you from doing business?If obstacle, is that the only reason?SenFair enough? (Let’s do this trial job and if you’re happy X if you’re not no price, fair enough?)Ask with humor..When would you like to do that?Ask for the sale when the mood is rightAsk for the sale in a sincere friendly and professional manner. Ask early and often!How do buyers decide and what they are looking for...Perceived difference in your product and service with competitorsBetter perceived value than competitor (not price)Little or no risk from purchasing from youBuyer must like, believe, and have confidence and trust (begins with like)Lowest price (only after the first four fail or need more room)Decision maker needs to be feel comfortable about the dealHave a great product AND reputationLeave voicemail in a way that gives enough value to get a return call (profit productivity etc not you sell printers... about them!)Have facts about themFocus on a benefit not the productHow to change your own voicemail messageSelling in internet worldOld way of selling doesn’t work anymore (selling manipulate)Prospect needs to like youFull contact selling (need tech savvy etc)Not who you know what who knows youDo everything at net speedDifferential from competition other than price (7 key areas)ValuesName QuestionsIdeasCreative Presentation Perceived valueAbility to deliver beyond expectation Value first proposition!Wow me or lose meThe objective of selling is engaging and harmonizingPrepare for a sales callVisit the website that you are calling, read, and analyze itVisit the competitors websiteGoogle the name of the companyGoogle the name of the person you are meeting withCreate tailored questions from the informationFollowing upCreativityGive valueGain their interestNothing about your walletSomething different thanOffer something to advance saleTell them a new dealExpect a package in the mailMake an appointment before you leave the officeAdd enough value that they are attracted to you: value added services or products are something that you sell and you want people to buy not to sellWhat is give value first? They bought it and you don’t have to sell it.Angry customerEmpathizeDetermine speed of needFigure out what you are going to do about it nowTell them what they want to hearDon’t blame other people etcDealing with price issuesSupport price as the true price “why”Higher price reason better customer service, follow up, etcTestimonials of customer who were anxious but glad they didSell competitive edge not pricePrice with relationshipSell on everything but price, value / quality / etcIf someone asks for a proposal say noIf mustProposal isn’t the saleIt’s a confirmation of itVideo testimonialsSupport claims, overcome objections, using competitor than switched to them, send them an appropriate testimonialArsenal!Thank you notePersonalSincereSay thank you!Say something personalKeep door open to future salesHow to succeed / double your salesAction formulaRead about positive attitude 15 min a dayRead one sales book per quarterRead one personal development book per quarterRead one creativity book per yearAttend four sales seminars a yearListens to CDs (repeat and practice immediately)Record yourself reading your books on sales 30 min a weekPost goals in front of your face and read them twice a day (post completed goals some other place you see)Have real sales training 30 minutes a weekRecord yourself making a sales trainingTurn the action formula into goals!Keep talking to a prospect until you believe that you can no longer provide the best solution to the customer or until they start screaming in your face.If customer says no, explain this to them. I believe in the product or service so much that I am going to keep communicating with you until we can find a workable agreement or you start screaming at me and call the cops.This demonstrates that you truly believe in your product or serviceHow to double your salesDouble people you sit in front of who can buy from youGet your current customers to bring you another customerCombination of the twoReal promotion and positioning requires that prospects engage in it, keep it around, etc. THEN reinforce the promotion and positioning with advertisingWhy are you loyal to certain businesses?Invest as much in your existing customers as you do to find new onesPointers for a hot listGet and stay likeable (sell self first then product)List of things you do that your competition doesList of objections and figure out answers that winGet the prospect hot for youTry it and soon as you learn it (listen then try gets mastery)Adapt what you learn to your sales cycleGet and keep and positive attitudeJoin Toastmaster’sStay a (humble) studentDaily doseMaking it easy to buyBe available to sale when I want to buyHave live human beings answer the phoneHire friendly peopleTake advantage of leading edge technologyIdentify reasons customers are leaving and fixIdentify reasons customers are buying and enhance themBe your own customerFriendly is goodHow friendly are you?????? Eh....Repertoire, find common ground, become a friend Look for clues at a prospects office (award, diploma, family picture, etc) ask how they got the bowling trophy etcUse humorAsk engaging questions about them that you both have interest and knowledgePersonal commercial (ask first and then commercial) less than 30 secondsGive first: Exchange names and then “I meet a lot of people and one of the best for me to get to know them and them to get to know me is to ask ‘what’s the perfect customer for you?’ and after you’re done I’ll go through my mental database and see if I know of anyone who might be a good prospect for you.”What do you do commercial: Hand coin business card “I’m the best sales trainer in the world.” Chat // How many of your sales people didn’t mean their sales goals last year?Deficit commercial: How much $ do you think it will take you to retire? and how much of that do you have right now? // My job is to take you from where you are to where you want to be. I don’t know if I can help you or not but if you’re willing to bring some of your pertinent data to maybe a breakfast, I’ll take a look at it. If I think I can help you I’ll tell you and if I don’t I’ll tell you that too. Fair enough?Make sure to tell you what you do when you’re *done*Best leadsUnsolicited referralProactive referral from customerReactive referral from customerNetworking (pre plan figure out who will be there and learn about then and then also be the featured speaker at the event // be the perceived leader)Keep customers loyalSchedule quarterly meetings with users and customers to talk about to determine how customers needs are being met and exceededCommunicate with customers weeklyCreate partnership programs where you work together for common goodCreate a testimonial ad campaignReadying when customer needsAnswer the phone with a person 24 hours a dayWebsite service friendly Website question friendlyWebsite sales friendlyCreate automatic response to email Give every customer your email and phoneBest way to get referralsGive referralsProvide great products and services and then ask for referralPartnering with customers and referralsThank customerAsk for help (get customer engaged)Earn and not ask for referralGet customer to set up three way call Get customer to set up three way meeting

  • Andrew
    2019-02-14 10:10

    I liked the second Little Red Sales Book by Gitomer even better than the first. I think the presentation of this one was much easier to digest. Gitomer takes 100 questions and breaks them down into 1 to 3 page summaries. The summaries contain what to do, or not to do or some suggestions on how to come to the best answer on your own. The book itself is a great confidence builder and proves there are answers available to every question. Honestly, I think the first chapter was the most influential. In this section Gitomer talks about bettering yourself and your attitude. This is a critical foundation for success and I'm glad the author takes his time explaining how important this part of life is.There were a few sentences that came across as arrogant but that's not surprising. Gitomer not only believes he is the best in the world but has quite a bit of proof to back him up. If something struck me as too over the top I simply ignored the sentence and moved on. There is more than enough high quality advice within to overcome that one tiny flaw. After this I am very tempted to pick up the Little Black Book of Networking, also by Gitomer. There are many suggestions for further reading within both of the Little Red Books as well and many of them were not familiar to me. So Gitomer not only provides you with highest quality advice but also the means with which to educate yourself further. Overall, I was extremely impressed by this work and look forward to using the techniques within. This is one book I'll be reading many more times and expect the value of the advice to grow in the long run.

  • Leader Summaries
    2019-02-18 10:10

    Desde Leader Summaries recomendamos la lectura del libro El pequeño libro rojo de las respuestas sobre ventas, de Jeffrey Gitomer.Las personas interesadas en las siguientes temáticas lo encontrarán práctico y útil: marketing y ventas, las mejores técnicas de ventas.En el siguiente enlace tienes el resumen del libro El pequeño libro rojo de las respuestas sobre ventas, Cómo salir victorioso de las situaciones más complicadas a las que se enfrentan la mayoría de los vendedores: El pequeño libro rojo de las respuestas sobre ventas

  • Christine
    2019-02-18 10:11

    This is a great little sales resource book - it's a bit cheesy (and self promoting) but I did think it had some good tips for someone starting off in sales with a million "How do I..." or "How should I..." or "What's the best way to..." questions. There are suggestions on setting appointments, how to ask for the sale, how to close a sale, how to get past the gatekeepers, how to structure messages (email, voicemail, and written), how to stay ahead of your competition, etc. This book is a quick read - I read it in under an hour. The format is "snapshot" with bulleted or numbered lists for at-a-glance reference. I liked it because it made it easy to read and remember.

  • Yasir Mehmood
    2019-02-03 09:14

    A great book to set right foundations for your sales career. I have not been in sales but yet this book helped me understand sales and identify the key skills I need to groom to be successful in sales. The author explains his 12.5 sales principles in simple and straight way with examples of the real world situations sales people face on daily basis.I would recommend this book to everybody who wants to get started in sales or even an experienced sales professional. Highly recommend !!

  • Molly
    2019-02-07 12:37

    I don't know if I am not in a place to read and absorb this information or if it is the same information that has been presented in his other books just recycled.The first two I read were fun and easy reads. This one was not. Infact, I couldn't finish it. After 3 months of trying, I gave up.I may revisit it in the future.Disappointed.

  • Moses Barr
    2019-01-29 12:22

    This is an awesome book my coworker gave me as I shared with her my wife and I began selling life insurance. It's a great book for people beginning in business or people who've been in business and need to brush up on their techniques of selling and giving value to people who they want business from.

  • Don The Idea Guy
    2019-01-23 12:32

    Jeffrey Gitomer's The Little Red Book of Sales Answers is so good that I listened to it back-to-back this time around. Highly recommended. One of may all-time favs. Nothing but big ideas and sound advice to increase your personal brand, increase your sales, and increase your quality of life

  • Natasha
    2019-02-03 07:16

    I'm not in sales but contains some good info that you can apply to any position or some real-life situations. it's a little bit cheesy but a quick read and hopefully will be useful.I would recommend it to anyone in sales

  • Heath
    2019-02-07 09:09

    Really good book and, like Rework, it was more a bulleted list of "to do" activities than an engaging "how to". I know that it is one that I will have to revisit several times to really get the full impact.

  • Jeremiah
    2019-01-29 07:37

    Hello...if you're in sales and don't have this book within reach at your desk, then I wonder how much you're struggling. Can you be successful without this book? Sure. Can you be very successful with this book? Yes! Buy it! Gitomer is hilarious, and you'll laugh while you learn.

  • Jessi Payne
    2019-01-25 15:18

    Great book. Insightful and inspirational. It covers concepts one wouldn't even think of regarding sales. Highly relevant with great application potential. Jessi PayneLife Coach and

  • Mark Stacey
    2019-02-12 07:13

    Absolutely fantastic! Once again Jeffrey Gitomer hits all of the right points in simple, concise yet dynamic ways. Whether you think you are in sales or not, you are. Therefore read this book (and everything else that Jeffery writes). You will not be disappointed.

  • Boyd Petersen
    2019-01-28 12:28

    Some fun stuff that every salesperson should read.

  • Julie
    2019-01-29 12:09

    This guy is amazing and has a huge following and incredible website!!!

  • GE
    2019-01-30 13:32

    Fantastic ideas to motivate sales staff!

  • Michelle
    2019-02-01 14:31

    Brilliant sales book for someone new to Sales. It's small and easy to read so great to start with. Lots of ideas regardless of what industry your in or what your selling. Highly recommended.

  • Lynn
    2019-02-06 08:36

    Very good book on sales and selling techniques

  • Lori Grant
    2019-01-18 12:18

    A must-read book on sales for knowledge workers, managers, executives, and entrepreneurs.

  • Eric Reidsma
    2019-02-15 10:29

    If your into sales this is a really valuable that you will want to own. I wish it had more examples and was specific to my industry, but full of great info

  • Aaron York
    2019-02-11 13:12

    Fantastic book on sales that translates to a great benchmark for how we should live our lives. How to get the most out of every situation. Positive thinking.

  • Cole Schoolland
    2019-02-17 14:27

    What a wonderful collection of reminders, phrases, and general mantras that every salesperson should have constantly at the front of their mind. A good read, and a nice piece to have around.

  • Eric Miltsch
    2019-02-07 12:18

    This one is my favorite...

  • Veronica
    2019-02-18 12:28

    also a good tool - I keep it in the potty, to refer to often..

  • Yana Kiselyova
    2019-01-19 10:28

    Favorites:Goal – a dream with a plan and deadline.High level people want to make a profit. Low level people insist of saving money.

  • Ray Padia
    2019-02-01 08:13

    Still use many of this author's ideas and books. Saw him at an American Family convention in 2012.