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Determined to follow the will of Elohim, Makilien faces daily threats and hardship. But an even bigger threat is growing. Bent on destroying his opposition once and for all, Zirtan amasses a devastating force to take control of Dolennar. When a dangerous secret comes to light, Makilien, along with her family and Aedan, are thrust into the middle of the struggle. Faced withDetermined to follow the will of Elohim, Makilien faces daily threats and hardship. But an even bigger threat is growing. Bent on destroying his opposition once and for all, Zirtan amasses a devastating force to take control of Dolennar. When a dangerous secret comes to light, Makilien, along with her family and Aedan, are thrust into the middle of the struggle. Faced with an army far outnumbering their own, Makilien and her friends risk everything—injury, captivity, even death—to gather their allies. But in the end, their hope and courage must rest in Elohim. Can the forces of good achieve victory, or will the might of evil prevail? Who will be left to see the end?...

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Courage Reviews

  • Shantelle
    2019-02-21 04:47

    Aw ... once again, I sit stunned and quite satisfied as I finish another of Molly Evangeline's books. Courage, book two in the Makilien Trilogy, did not disappoint. Although it took me longer to read than most books, I believe that was mostly due to the fact I was reading it on kindle on my computer (which happens to be a trial for me!). However, when I read the last page of Courage, I was just thrilled and hopeful, and aching to start reading Trust all at once!Courage follows pretty closely where Truth leaves off, and leads Makilien on more amazing journeys and through another harrowing war- this one much more agonizing than the first! I was so happy to get back to reading about all the dear characters from Truth, and also meet some new ones. Some lovely romances blossomed in Courage, and I am excited to see them come to their full bloom in Trust! Also, Courage's epilogue leaves me with a hope that... but I can't tell you. You'll have to read Courage for yourself (Truth first!), and become part of this incredible fantasy world of Christian allegories! :)So excited to read more by Molly Evangeline/Jaye L. Knight!!!

  • Sarah
    2019-01-21 23:09

    Age Appropriate For: 13 and up some violence and bloodBest for Ages: 13 - 25Why in the world did it take me so long to get back to this series? No matter, I assure you I will not let over a year go by before I read the final book in the trilogy.This book picks up where Truth left off: Makilien telling her hometown the good news. However, she is suffering for her beliefs and they cost her. Soon she and her family our on the run along with other friends.Makilien is a strong female character that I just love. She is good with weapons, she can battle many foes, yet still somehow maintains some femininity. Her bravery and her courage are something I greatly admire.All the other characters are well crafted in this story. Makilien’s own family was very dear how they interacted. Srion was my favorite after Makilien. He was strong in his faith and character … as well as kind.The fantasy world of Dolennar was well built. It felt very real. I felt as if I could easily see what the author had envisioned. Each place the characters go brings the story more to life. I can see this being made into a movie.The message of redemption and strength coming from God were a large part of the story without ever feeling forced. I especially like some of the unlikely people that are redeemed through the story. It was a reminder that no one is too far from the Grace of God.I highly recommend this book for those who love fantasy, stories of faith, a strong female characters.

  • Kendra Ardnek
    2019-02-18 23:45

    After reading and reviewing Truth, I offered to read and review the next book in the series, Courage. As soon as I had it, I sent it to my Kindle and settled down to read.Courage takes place roughly a year after the events of Truth. In some ways, I thought this better than the first book, in others … it fell somewhat flat in comparison. For instance, there were plot twists that took me gasping ... but the basic plot seemed to only be a reworked version of the first book. All in all, I liked this book, and am looking forward to the next book, Trust, which is coming out this fall/winter.For Full Review:

  • Deborah
    2019-02-14 06:07

    Wow! I loved it! Just as good as the first book. Beautiful plot, unique characters and extra special memories. BUT THAT ENDING!!!!!!! Please tell me that really didn't happen. I feel so sorry for Makilien. I can hardly wait to read the next one.

  • Gabriellyn
    2019-02-14 00:09

    This is totally my favorite of the series, one of my favorite characters of the series being Aedan.

  • Hannah
    2019-02-15 02:52

    Have you ever used those Amazon "Look Inside" previews for books? Well, musing around, I decided to look at the one for Molly Evangeline's Trust, third and final book in the Makilien Trilogy. I had read the first book before and also enjoyed her novel, Resistance, written under a different author name. But alas--the preview left me off at a cliff-hanger (as is their way)! I couldn't just leave the poor hero off there! I had to find out the rest! So of course, I read the entire trilogy.First off I will admit that while I enjoyed Truth, it was a little slow for me. But hey, it was one of the author's first books, and she certainly improves!Courage brings the intensity to a new level with higher and more painful stakes and consequences. Characters are developed and deadly plots are revealed. And after a huge battle that spans over several chapters, we are left off on one of the best cliff-hangers I've encountered in a book. Rather then causing you to growl and throw the book against the wall, it makes you gasp in alarm/delight and dive for the next book.Fortunately, I had the next book and could finally answer my questions from the Amazon preview. Trust is definitely the best of the three, bringing in an intense, mysterious style that was not present in the previous books, but serves this story splendidly. Along with the black and white/good and evil characters that were prevalent, we are introduced to new or revealed grey characters with deep, difficult conflict. I must say that after three books with these characters I was rather experiencing all their pain with them. And...Sirion...if you, like me, have a thing for noble, tortured heroes you'll love him. And if you, like me, enjoy the brooding, struggling anti-hero, you'll love Rylean. And Aeden is just cool.Violence-- Battles are detailed as to combat, and while there no shortage of casualties, nothing is really gory or descriptive. Characters are often tortured throughout the books--beaten, burned, whipped--most notably in the last book, but description is handled with taste. Don't think I'm morbid, but it was super nice to see the author let the villain be as bad as they wanted. So often they'll fall short of their true nature because the author is merciful to their characters. Oh yes, there was discretion for the reader's stomach, but this author really let the villains have a go at the heroes! I only wish a little more attention had been paid to the reality of the victim's wounds. I understand that adrenaline can do amazing things, but sometimes the heroes could talk or move way too well for their to none? There is romance, but the characters are all extremely chaste, only gifting each other with an occasional embrace of encouragement and a kiss on the forehead. Which was very nice.Langauge--NoneOther--While this is a fantasy with an array of fantasy creatures, there is no magic.This fantasy trilogy is an exciting, involving story of triumph over evil, faith in impossible situations, and all around good guys. The simplistic writing style serves the story well. I think the peak of my enjoyment might have been from tweens to early teens, but I enjoyed this nevertheless! If you're looking for a new adventure, definitely consider this one!

  • Tricia Mingerink
    2019-01-24 03:03

    Some of this book follows the same pattern as book one. It starts in the same town. Moves through the same places, and ends with a big battle in the same place as before.Still, I enjoyed how this book took the same battles of book one and went one step deeper. In Truth, Makilien faced the final battle with the innocence of one who has never fought before. This time, she fights with the knowledge of just how scary and horrible war is. It makes for an interesting parallel that I couldn’t put down.And the ending? Let’s just say, you’d better just buy books 2 and 3 together because you will be starting book 3 mere seconds after finishing book 2.

  • Sierra
    2019-02-19 01:58

    I love books that leave me breathless and excited for more.The descriptions and dialogue were well balanced, and the characters were well made. The battles were described well, without being extremely gory and graphic.I was swept up in the story and I was sad, happy, and angry with and at the characters. Not something that happens often... :)Overall, Courage was wonderful, and there is only one minor thing keeping my rating from a five. The first few chapters didn't really grab my interest. It wasn't really until the group reached Eldor that I got to the point of "I can't put this book down!"4(.5) stars

  • Hannah Rodes
    2019-02-20 23:02

    This book made me laugh, almost cry, and punch things;) it's a really awesome book, I really liked it alot! the battle scene did get a tad long but it was mixed with dramatic scenes so that you didn't want to skip ahead. the book ends in a dramatic cliffhanger that made me very thankful I had the next book Trust (even though I was suspicious that it wasn't true, but I must admit I peeked in the next book to make sure of some things) (and sorry I'm trying not to add spoilers so I probably don't make much sense) but yes it was a Wonderful book and highly recommended! :):)⚠ WARNING ⚠book may cause extreme madness, sadness, giddiness, laughter , and Awwwww moments;)

  • Sarah
    2019-02-14 01:41

    I liked Courage even better than the first book in the series. Surprising plot twists all around. It took me a few chapters to remember all the people, as it's been some time since I read book one. Makilien and Aeden are back in Reylaun to tell the people about Elohim. Despite pressure, punishment, and torture, they do not give up. One day, however, they are forced to flee, when the brother of Zirtan's captain (the man Makilien killed) shows up to capture Makilien. Aeden, with the help of Halandor, Torick, & Sirion rescue Makilien and they begin the journey to Eldor. Zirtan is amassing an army even bigger than before; determined to conquer Dolennar. Makilien and her friends have several encounters with Zirtan's forces and several close escapes. They find help in surprising places and also discover enemies they never would have imagined. (view spoiler)[ Aeden has to deal with the pain of discovering that his father, Jaeson, abandoned him to serve Zirtan. During measures to "convince" Aeden to join Zirtan, Aeden is branded with the mark of the enemy. In a surprising turn of events, a Shaike is serving with the men of Rhunland and an Elf is on Zirtan's side. Derrin also turns out to not be dead, as originally assumed, and they encounter him again on the battlefield on Zirtan's side. I'm glad that none of the main people died in the battle. (hide spoiler)]I was sort of bummed at first, because I thought Aeden and Makilien should be together, but I'm really liking their friendship. It's fitting, I think, that Makilien killed Zirtan's captain and "won" the first battle (view spoiler)[ and Aeden (with the griffon Arphen's help) killed Zirtan to "win" the second big battle (hide spoiler)]. I'm reading this series while also reading the Ilyon Chronicles and I'm seeing some trends, however unintentional they may be: (view spoiler)[1 - the announcement of love right before a battle. Well, whatever it takes :) 2 - dragons. 3 - (someone else originally pointed this out) the king and his son named with 'D' names.(hide spoiler)] That's all I recall right now.The ending is a bit of a cliff-hanger (view spoiler)[ because Makilien and all her friends believe Sirion dead, but based on that epilogue, I don't think so (hide spoiler)]. On to the next book!

  • Erika Mathews
    2019-01-27 02:54

    Courage, by Molly Evangeline, is a continuation of the story presented in Truth, featuring Makilien, an eighteen-year-old who faces danger with a courageous spirit. Finding trouble in her hometown and danger to herself and family as certain news of her previous adventures spreads, she, her family, and friend Aedan embark on another incredible adventure in the struggle of good versus evil. Many twists, turns, and dangers await them. From strengthening the forces to using their powers of persuasion to coping with the horrors of war, pain, and loss, Makilien once again grows.Compared to Truth, this book had a different feel. The description is much better; the characters are deeper; the plot is much more dramatic and exciting. Unexpected plot twists abound – the kind that keep you on the edge of your seat. There is more danger; there are more battles. If you do not enjoy reading battle scenes, you probably will not enjoy this book. The main battle scene, in particular, seemed quite long and drawn out – but it was appropriate to the setting. While there is a slightly stronger element of romance in the book than in its prequel, it is at least not overdone, does not overshadow the main plot, and (at least as far as the main character is concerned) fits well with the storyline and theme of courage. The book does an excellent job of building on the characters developed in Truth. Revisiting some of the places feels like visiting old friends. The interactions and dialogue before the climax begins building are well done, friendly, and realistic.The strong focus on Elohim begun in Book 1 continues. However, the focus is not so central. Truth is focused on one character finding truth; Courage involves a wider spectrum of people involved in a much larger struggle. The spiritual elements are not as defined and specific, but they are still strongly present. The way that the people allow Elohim to plan their battles and guide their steps no matter what is crucial. The continued trust in only Elohim – for He is the only hope – is beautiful to see. The loyalty between all the characters is inspiring as well – with a healthy dose of treacherous characters involved at various points, making the good/evil contrast strikingingly clear.In this book, we get to see much more of Aedan and Sirion’s points of view. While Aedan behaves with uncharacteristic suddenness and dreaminess at a few points, for the most part the additional viewpoints are quite enjoyable. Along with the other elements of the story, it makes Courage be more involved and require more intellectual engagement than Truth. Truth is an excellent first book; Courage is an excellent second book – for its more involved storyline keeps the reader on the edge of his/her seat. I for one could not put it down. The surprises thrown in here and there, along with the realistic characters, were gripping. What happens next?Overall, I would say that Courage ranks about as highly as Truth. While Truth has a more powerful and touching spiritual element and analogies, Courage possesses a higher literary element. Truth feeds the spirit more; Courage feeds the literary mind. All in all, however, Courage presents a fascinating story that illustrates and encourages us to “Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the Lord.” (Psalm 31:24).

  • Katie Grace
    2019-02-18 05:45

    Courage. That’s exactly what Makilien needs throughout this whole book. Back in her hometown, Reylaun, she is not very welcome, and is shunned by most of the people. Makilien has to live on the edge of Reylaun with her friend Aedan in a small riverside camp. At the beginning of the book, Makilien and her family find themselves in grave danger. With the help of an unexpected friend, they escape the hands of the powerful lord Zirtan, and start a long and perilous adventure.This book has many wonderful characteristics that I love. I have mentioned before that I really appreciate that fact that Molly puts Christian views into her books. Makilien and her sister have a very strong bond with God, but her parents are not fully convinced that they should too believe. Through the book, Makilien talks to them about her faith, and encourages them to believe. I also felt a closeness with the characters in this book. I love how Makilien took her family on the adventure, and how Molly incorporates the family bond. My family is something very dear to me, and I love that Makilien feels the same way.I am so glad I read the book when Trust was already out! There is a big cliffhanger at the end. I would have been frustrated not knowing how it turned up.Overall a wonderful book! I can’t wait to read the next one! Another great book Molly! Keep it up!

  • Morgan
    2019-02-02 06:43

    In my opinion, Courage is even better than Truth. Courage is a truly amazing story. There is more about Makilien's family, Sirion (I really like Sirion), and about Aedan . . . actually, a lot is revealed about Aedan that even he didn't know. There is plenty of adventure, and the title comes into play a lot. The characters constantly have to have courage in order to do what Elohim wants them to do.The scale of Courage is a lot more epic than Truth and gives the reader a lot more time to get to know the characters. There is a pretty amazing nine chapter long battle, and the start of a romance. The book ends on a pretty big cliffhanger, but honestly, it didn't bother me that much. Why? I started reading Trust literally immediately after finishing Courage. I really am glad I was able to do that, because if I hadn't it would have driven me crazy. I can't say enough about how much I like the Makilien Trilogy. I highly recommend this book!

  • Lavay Byrd
    2019-02-17 04:45

    WOW! What an amazing read! Every minute of the book was exciting! The battle scenes were epic, but towards the end became so solemn and sad after deaths of familiar characters. I loved how the theme of courage is illustrated in this beautiful sequel to Truth. It especially reminds us to focus and have faith on God, no matter how overwhelming the enemy may seem. No matter what happens, even when things don't make sense, God is still in control, and He alone knows the beginning from the end. The enemy may seem like he is winning, but in the end it is God who always prevails.A powerful read for ages alike (except children below teens due to violence.) I enjoyed it as much as the "Lord of the Rings" films!

  • Anna
    2019-02-14 05:42

    Really good!! So many moments of happiness when some unexpected people come to know Elohim! Plus, a couple of unexpected romances bloom as well.... I found it very interesting how it was Aedan and Vonawyn, and not Makilien. Normally I would have expected it to be Makilien because of their former relationship. Also, I would have liked it a bit better if Halandor and the others had played a bigger part in the story. They went from some of the main characters to being replaced by Sirion (who I like, but still would've liked to see more of the others). The only other semi-negative to this book is that the ending leaves you dangling by a thread over a gigantic cliff, but this is just a sign of really good writing.

  • Micailah
    2019-01-29 01:04

    After reading Trust, I just couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. Courage let me plunge back into a whole other world, where both Elohim (God), elves, and dragons roam. How can it get any better than that? The author's clear and precise writing really stood out to me and helped my to better understand what was happening in the story. Makilien and her friends face many more challenges as Zirtan attacks again, threatening those they love and the freedom of the world. Prepare yourself for battle between the forces of good and evil.

  • Jodi Woody
    2019-02-17 22:58

    Book two in the trilogy, this one was still good, though not as great as the first. A Christian fantasy that I think best suited for teens and young adults. Characters need to be fleshed out a bit, but they are likable, or hate-able, depending on what side they are on. Basic story of good versus evil, forgiveness, and loyalty included. No swearing or sexual content, there is fighting and violence though nothing explicit. I liked it and am moving on to the final book. I give "Courage" three stars. A good read, nothing life changing.

  • A'laura
    2019-01-28 22:49

    Okay, this book>>> I'd have to say it's my favorite one of the whole trilogy. I love the beginning, how Makilien has been punished many times for telling the Truth. I love her strength to keep going no matter the consequences. I love how Aedan is ALWAYS there for her while she's going through her punishments. The part where Sirion confesses his love for Makilien is SOOOOOO sweet! I was in school when I read it and I was smiling like an idiot. When I got home I re-read that part and went "Awweeee!!!" I absolutely LOVE Sirion. He is my favorite character. Besides Makilien of course.

  • serena482*
    2019-01-27 00:44

    Courage......Why on earth did I wait so long to read this book?? I just don't know. Molly did a fantastic job on this book and I loved every bit of it. There was hardly any boring scene, if none and it kept me captivated to the end. Trouble, heart break, war, and many other things will meet you as you pick this book up. will they defeat there foe or be defeated? you will only know when you read this book, so I would advise you to find it and read it, then buy it :];] God bless you Molly Evangeline, and keep on writing

  • David Bergsland
    2019-02-05 03:59

    This is Christian fantasy at its best. The thinness of the first book is fleshed out in this one. The characters develop true character. The times are desperate and holding on to their trust in the Lord is the only reasonable course of action.Love appears and it is wonderful and horribly painful. The relationships between friends matures. Old enemies find forgiveness and hope. You'll love the reality laced with love and hope that permeates this book.

  • Sharla
    2019-02-09 03:50

    I read the first book and wasn't that impressed. I couldn't relate to any of the characters which was frustrating. Still I wanted to give it a decent shot so I read the second book as well. I still couldn't get a definite idea of who the characters were. The characters weren't well rounded. I had such a hard time getting through the book. All in all it was frustrating for me to read since I never felt like I got to know the characters.

  • Bailey Marissa
    2019-01-21 00:10

    (4.5) Though the first one was good, this one was better in my opinion. I felt more connected to this story and the characters.

  • David Bergsland
    2019-02-08 23:06

    It was an excellent book. Probably the best of the trilogy. I wrote a review.