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Водопади на Възмездието

Дариaн Фрей е капитанът-мошеник на Кети Джей и лидер на малка и напълно безпреспективна група от безделници. Фрей и неговата банда се занимават с контрабанда, ограбват въздушни кораби и като цяло си създават неудобства, избягвайки постоянно фрегатите на Флотата на Коалицията.Примамлива оферта, свързана с товарен кораб изглежда като страхотена възможност за лесен обир. Но,Дариaн Фрей е капитанът-мошеник на Кети Джей и лидер на малка и напълно безпреспективна група от безделници. Фрей и неговата банда се занимават с контрабанда, ограбват въздушни кораби и като цяло си създават неудобства, избягвайки постоянно фрегатите на Флотата на Коалицията.Примамлива оферта, свързана с товарен кораб изглежда като страхотена възможност за лесен обир. Но, когато грабежът се проваля и товарният кораб избухва, Фрей изведнъж се оказва обществен враг номер едно, преследван едновременно от Флотата на Коалицията и наемни ловци на глави. Но Фрей знае нещо, за което те нямат представа – било е предварително нагласено транспортният кораб да избухне и Фрей е бил натопен, за да поеме цялата вина. За да докаже невинността си, ще трябва да хване истинския виновник, да оцелее по време на престрелки и да се изправи срещу лъжци и бивши любовници, херцози и демони.Ще му е необходим целият криминален талант, за да докаже, че не той е престъпникът, за когото го мислят....

Title : Водопади на Възмездието
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ISBN : 9789542908302
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Водопади на Възмездието Reviews

  • Samir
    2019-03-08 14:07

    I wanted to try steampunk genre for a long time. To be honest this isn’t my first steampunk read. I’ve read Senlin Ascends a couple of months ago and even though it had some steampunk elements and steampunkish vibe I wouldn’t label it as a steampunk novel per se. That label belongs to Retribution Falls; a full blown steampunk adventure.You’re probably asking yourself how can I assume the role of the expert on the field and label this or that if this is my first read of that kind. Well, you’re right. I’m not an expert, far from it, but I do have some experience from playing a lot of video games over the years, so I picked up a thing or two.Retribution Falls is the first book of the Tales of the Ketty Jay series. If you’re coming late to this party (like I am), I have some great news; this is already a finished series so there is no waiting for the next book to come out. Whilst on the topic; there are readers who prefer binge reading and there are ones who like to take a break between books. Well, great thing about this series is that it can be equally enjoyed either way because Wooding intended for each novel to be a standalone and there are no cliffhanger endings.The blurb reminded me of the TV show Firefly. To be honest, this is what got my attention in the first place because I was a huge fan of the show. Firefly was the show about the crew members of the ship, Serenity. This crew fights criminals and schemers, Alliance security forces, the utterly psychotic and brutal Reavers, and the mysterious men from the The Blue Sun Corporation. The crew is driven by the need to secure enough income to keep their ship operational, set against their need to keep a low profile to avoid their adversaries. Before I draw parallels between the show and book I want to state that I'm not in any way calling this a TV show rip-off. I'm simply wondering if Wooding was a fan of the show as well and was he influenced by the show in any way.As stated in the blurb, the main character of this novel is Darian Frey, the captain of the airship Ketty Jay, leader of a small and highly dysfunctional band of layabouts, or as the author calls them, a group of sarcastic, cynical, wisecracking liars. He and his gang make a living on the wrong side of the law, avoiding the heavily armed flying frigates of the Coalition Navy.Besides the Navy there are other forces in this world to be reckoned with; a mysterious religious order called the Awakeners, and the Archduke, with his personal army, the Century Knights. Even though those two opposing powerhouses maintain some kind of a truce between them, the tension is palpable and the Awakeners are always scheming something to seize the reins of power while the Archduke is doing everything in his power to lower their influence in the world and banish them for good.This book starts a bit sluggish and it took me some time to get immersed in this world and its characters but that changed very soon when the crew was hired to do a seemingly easy job, to attack another airship and retrieve its precious cargo. The job sounded too good to be true and it was. Things go horribly wrong and shit hits the fan big time. From this moment on, I was hooked. The story picked up the pace and it got more interesting and exciting with every page.Wooding has a great talent for writing action sequences, especially the airship dogfights which I very much enjoyed. They were suspenseful, gun blazing extravaganza, rocketing my adrenaline levels sky high.Even though this is a story driven novel, we learn more about the characters through their back stories and that gave them another dimension rather than just being a stereotypical band of misfits. It's hard to say more about the story and the characters without revealing important twists so that endeavor is up to you.The story wasn't original and some developments were predictable but I couldn't care less. It was action packed, light and more importantly, it was fun and that makes this swashbuckling adventure a perfect summer read.

  • Evgeny
    2019-03-13 18:57

    You can't take the sky from me...This steampunk/fantasy story starts with the captain of flying ship Ketty Jay and one of his passengers being politely interrogated about the launch code to operate his ship. A gun against the head of one of the people in question makes a very convincing argument for cooperation; all in all, not a very good beginning for the captain and people that ended up on his ship. It only gets worse - much worse. If somebody asked me to describe the book in as few words as possible, I would say it is Firefly in steampunk settings. You do not have to read more than the first couple of pages to convince yourself this is the case: the first scene comes straight from that TV show, wisecracking and all. So does the next one. Here comes the first problem of the book. Firefly managed to have excellent fleshed out characters. The guys and girls here and stereotypical and not that exciting. They do get better by the end, but still not good enough for me to care about any one of them. Complete predictability was another big problem for me. The moment it was clear what is going on - somewhere around the first POV switch - I realized how this book would end. To my complete but expected disappointment I was right. (view spoiler)[A bunch of misfits which overcame all the odds and became a real crew? Look at practically any movie about modern military life for an example. (hide spoiler)]Do not get me wrong, other than these two biggies everything else was fine. The action was good and entertaining (although I thought too many people were killed to call this a mindless entertainment). The resident cat of Ketty Jay was an excellent character - the guy drinks rum for crying out loud. This also speaks volumes about the quality of human characters, by the way. The final rating is 3.5 stars rounding down. I will most definitely read the next book the moment I need something light to read, or my buddy readers decide it is time to proceed with the series. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Nataliya
    2019-03-26 17:05

    Nataliya Gushes About This Book - Picture Frenzy - More Book Gushing - I Want To Be An Airship Pilot (*) * Oh, did I mention how much I love Jules Verne-esque chapter titles? Retribution Falls is a well-crafted steampunk novel that immediately won me over. It is a very entertaining and refreshing read that has everything you want for 400-plus pages of delightful fun. I am serious - I mean, there are airships, sky piracy, GOLD, legendary pirate city, revolvers, adventures, danger, undead, conspiracies, betrayal, camaraderie, debauchery, and plenty of tight corners for our characters. Whew! What else do you need? Plus, did I mention there is a golem - a charming Bess, "eight feet tall and five broad, a half-ton armoured monstrosity". This is a story about a bunch of misfits who are forced together by circumstances and end up developing real bonds of friendship. Among others, we have a captain with a truly rotten luck, a demonist haunted by a dark secret, and a navigator who appears undead heartbeat-challenged. Living on the edge of the law, constantly broke, hiding their dark secrets, and having a knack for getting tangled up in the conspiracies that seem well above their heads, this rogue pirates-wannabe bunch somehow manages to wriggle themselves out of endless tight corners while winning over the readers' hearts. They start as a bunch of outcasts with no better prospects; they end up as a crew and *gasp* friends. Ahem... almost... unless gold is involved.Darian Frey, the captain, starts as a classical antihero. He does not care that much for his crew (much to frequent and well-deserved dismay of Crake). Actually, the list of the things he cares for initially is pretty short, and if you are not on it (and are not a hot girl) but need Frey's help ... well, you're pretty much screwed. The aforementioned list is below:But a heist gone terribly wrong combined with a few life lessons may just do the trick. This rogue Johnny Depp-esque captain just may turn out to have a heart of gold, after all. (The demonist Crake will definitely appreciate it, given that he has a propensity to end up in situations where a gun is held to his head.) Frey may learn to grudgingly appreciate his crew in the end (once there is no chance to obtain gold!) Frey couldn’t keep down a grin. As he looked at the laughing faces of his crew, he was consumed by a surge of affection for these people, these men and women who shared his aircraft and his life. They were happy, and free, and the endless sky awaited them. It was enough.The story is very much character-driven, but definitely not at the expense of the plot. The politics of this world are well-weaved into the story, and it does not have the clunky exposition feel of many other stories out there. The pacing is excellent, the world-building superb, the writing is good, crisp, and engaging. As for the setting, for me it was so much fun to trade the fun but well-used worlds of either spaceships and star travel or swords, dragons, and magicians for the steampunk setting with airships and revolvers. Excellent read! So good. Loved it. Great concept, excellent execution. Can't wait to read the rest of this series. Also - I want to pilot an airship. Easy 5 stars.

  • Dan Schwent
    2019-03-13 16:12

    When they accidentally blow up The Ace of Skulls, and with it, the archduke's son, in a misguided act of piracy, Darian Frey and the misfit crew of the Ketty Jay wind up in the soup. Their salvation seems to be the mythical pirate port, Retribution Falls. But can they reach their safe haven before they wind up dead?Retribution Falls is one of those books that's hard to classify. At first glance, it might be called steampunk, but it's more like fantasy with an odd tech level. There are airships that remind me of something out of Firefly, late 19th century level guns, and magical things like golems and daemons. Low tech science fantasy, maybe?The crew of the Ketty Jay are a bunch of losers and misfits. There's the cowardly selfish captain, Darian Frey, Jez, the mysterious new navigator, the daemonist, Crake, and the rest. Actually, Frey, Jez, and Crake are the only ones that are developed enough to really care about, although I did have soft spots for Slag the cat and Bess the golem. By the end of the book, the pasts and personalities of all three are fleshed out and Frey proves to have some redeeming qualities after all.It took a while for the story to get going but once the Ace of Skulls was destroyed, there was a lot of running, fighting, and airship battles. The action reminded me of some of the old Star Wars X-Wing books, only better written. Speaking of the writing, there's a surprising amount of humor in the dialog and the writing itself is actually fairly good.Retribution Falls is a fun read. I wasn't ass over tea kettle in love with it but I liked it enough that I'll read the next book in the series. Three stars.

  • ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)
    2019-03-07 19:48

    BR with the BBB gang starting November 27, 2015.I read this book while buddy reading The Chronicles of the Black Company. BAD idea. The series is so mind-blowingly awesome that any book pales in comparison.♦ Retribution Falls – What should have been ♦This book was a 5-star rating waiting to happen. Why? Because sky pirates + inveterate womanizer/rogue mc + gang of dysfunctional misfits =The mere presence of Captain Frey, our resident rogue, should have triggered this Pavlovian response in me: BAM! Kidnapped!► I'm afraid this didn't quite work out as expected. Sigh.♦ Retribution Falls – What actually was ♦→ Yes, even Batman is sad.The book isn't badly written, it's not uninteresting, it's not boring. And it actually meets most of my OMG I'm In Love Requirements:✔ Fantastic, original premise!✔ Great world building!✔ Interesting plot!✔ Fast pace!✔ Lots of action!✔ Cool aerial fights!✔ Potentially awesome cast of rascals and villains! ← there might be a hint there. A hint that starts with "p" and ends with "y" ← just pointing this out in case you hadn't noticed ← you're welcome.✔ Great banter!✔ A rum-drinking cat and a delightfully charming golem!What went wrong? The potentially awesome cast of characters wasn't awesome. Far from it. The potentially awesome cast of characters was bland. The potentially awesome cast of characters was flat. The potentially awesome cast of characters was as emotional as a truckload of bricks. The characters are one-dimensional. They lack complexity and depth. They feel distant and detached, which makes it nearly impossible to connect with them.This book is a lesson in bad characterization. Wood tries to explain the characters' past and present behaviours at length. He tries so hard that he makes a mess of it. You end up feeling confused as hell. What are the characters' motivations? No freaking idea. What drives them? If anyone figures it out, please let me know. How are you supposed to care about a cast you can't connect with, and don't understand? Beats me.→ NO, this is not a picture of my little self, people. It's just a lady with greying hair making a face. Then again I might be lying, this might actually be me. Who knows? By the way, am I the only who thinks this woman-who-might-or-might-not-be-my-little-self should have been cast in one of the Harry Potter movies? I am? Okay, never mind.►► And the moral of this review is:① This book should have been epic. But it wasn't.② The characters in this book should have been an awesome gang. But they weren't.►► And the moral of the moral of this review is:Characterization is crap but the world and story were pretty cool, so I'm going to give book 2 a try. Optimism is me.→ NO, this is not a picture of my little self, people. It's just a horribly optimistic guy with a ridiculous mustache, giving the thumbs up with disgusting glee. Then again I might be lying, this might actually be me. Who knows?✎ Book 2: The Black Lung Captain ★★★★ ✎ Book 3: The Iron Jackal ★★★✎ Book 4: The Ace of Skulls ★★

  • seak
    2019-03-15 12:48

    What happens if you combine The Lies of Locke Lamora with air ships, then add some Pirates of the Caribbean? This. This is what happens. Chris Wooding nailed it in Retribution Falls.I'll get this out of the way. I've been told it's a lot like Firefly. You may have to take away my geek card here ... but I've never seen Firefly. The movie, Serenity, was excellent, but I'm still looking forward to checking out the show. This means I can't confirm or deny the comparison. I apologize for any non-Firefly comparisons. I've been reprimanded before.Darian Frey and a rag-tag crew of misunderstood and much-maligned individuals seeking a place where questions are few engage in smuggling operations, but decide to take on piracy even though it hasn't worked well for Frey in the past. The price, however, will make him set for life, especially if he fails to share the proceeds with the rest of the crew. Thus sets off the events that follow in a rip-roaring, page-turning, blast of a read. I hate to use such cliche's (as if I'm innocent of their use in plenty of other reviews), but in this case there is no better way to describe this book.I've read Wooding before, his middle-grade books Malice and Havoc, and I learned his ability to plot is up there with Matthew Woodring Stover for me. Add the ability to make the pages blur by and Wooding (not to be confused with Woodring) is another author to add to the buy-new-releases-immediately list.I had tons of fun from the first page, which btw throws you right into some action, and I can't recommend this enough. Airships and piracy and a main protagonist as clever as Locke Lamora. You can't lose.4.5 out of 5 Stars (very highly recommended)

  • Manju
    2019-03-24 15:44


  • Carol.
    2019-03-24 14:08

    Four and a half stars. First read through, have to say it was very good. Probably my favorite steampunk to date, and a fine novel all around. Airships, gunfights, pirates, a golem, daemons... lots of fun ingredients but also fully developed characters. A little bit of the "shades of grey" protagonists; the captain of the airship seems to resemble Captain Jack Sparrow--charming as all get out, but you have the sneaking suspicion he isn't trustworthy. In fact, first couple of incidents we witness cement it. I had a little trouble with the narrative at times, as it jumped from person to person, and the in between, the prior narrator gets lost when the next takes over. There's some complicated politicking in the background, and that's where I got a little lost, but I think the plot hangs together in the context of the setting. There is a redemption angle that becomes very satisfying, as the band of motley almost-pirates eventually learns to trust each other. I'll likely be adding it to my own library, and I'm not adding books unless they are re-reads.

  • Michael
    2019-03-14 18:42

    No, I've not yet read this yet, but I'm adding a note because (a) it's on sale for $1.99 so well worth picking up now and (b) someone on /r/fantasy (a site I love) said it was a highly underrated book. So I'm bumping it on my TBR pile.

  • Tammie
    2019-03-27 19:03

    Retribution Falls is a steampunk fantasy that has loads of action. The air ships were interesting and I especially liked the air battles. The second half was better than the first half, but I pretty much liked it from the beginning. The characters were all interesting but Frey, the captain, had to grow on me.Sky piracy is a bit out of Darian Frey’s league. Fate has not been kind to the captain of the airship Ketty Jay—or his motley crew. They are all running from something. I wouldn't say fate had anything to do with it. More like personal choices. Frey does have extremely bad luck, mostly brought on by his own choices. I wasn't sure what to think of him at first, then I pretty much hated him for a while, and finally I ended up kind of liking him. Why the big change in the way I felt about him? Character growth. There was a lot of character growth and in the end Frey was not the same man that he was at the beginning of this book. I really like when books have flawed characters that actually grow. Crake is a daemonist in hiding, traveling with an armored golem and burdened by guilt. Jez is the new navigator, desperate to keep her secret from the rest of the crew. Malvery is a disgraced doctor, drinking himself to death. That's most of the ship's crew and I must say that I liked the crew a lot better than Frey in the beginning. I think my favorite character in the book was probably Jez. She also was the only one who wasn't in her predicament because of some choice she made. Crake and his golem, Bess were also very interesting. My least favorite crew member was probably Pinn. He's a real dimwit and clearly he's not playing with a full deck. This I suppose could be funny at times, but I didn't find much to like about him, except for when he was in the cockpit of his little airship entertaining us during the air battles. When an opportunity arises to steal a chest of gems from a vulnerable airship, Frey can’t pass it up. It’s an easy take—and the payoff will finally make him a rich man. The crew takes on this mission that sounds really simple and is supposed to make them rich. Of course the mission goes south. I've never read a book like this where it didn't. Could you imagine if everything went as planned and the characters all ended up filthy rich almost from the beginning? How much fun would that be and what story would there be left to tell? I would actually like to see someone try to pull that off in a book. I'm not sure what the rest of the story would be about, but hey, it would be different. So of course things don't go as planned, and in the most horrible way, and Frey and the crew of the Ketty Jay are left trying to figure out what is going on while on the run. Most of what happens in the book is pretty predictable, but still entertaining. It does remind me a lot of Firefly, which many people have compared it to. I didn't have high expectations going into this so I feel like it checked off all the boxes of what I wanted it to be. A fun, rather light steampunk fantasy. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series.Review also posted at Writings of a Reader

  • Jokoloyo
    2019-02-24 17:07

    This is one fun novel. Combining several popular themes: steampunk, airships, pirates, ragtag team protagonists (my personal fav theme), and forbidden magic.At first I thought the strength of this novel is in the action scenes, and witty dialogs. But after reaching the mid part, I changed my mind. The strength of this novel is on the character developments in an action-packed story. Not all parts of the story are plot driven, but some story parts are character driven. I believe many readers will find the the plots are predictable although well executed. Well, it is not a mystery novel, so predictable plot is okay for me, I still achieve warm heart feeling at later chapters. (view spoiler)[ After the first 35 chapters building the setting, plots, characterization, chapter 36 and beyond are the fruits that I enjoyed .(hide spoiler)]The Ragtag Team protagonists are the main course of this story, you can pick your fav. I like Pinn (view spoiler)[ and with ragtag team theme, we can expect dark background stories. The fan of Firefly or Cowboy Bebop should know it(hide spoiler)].Additional note after finished reading the series: This series is consistently good until the last/fourth book. This series is so consistent, my review above for the first book is still relevant for whole series, except for the spoilers that referring the first book only.

  • ScottHitchcock
    2019-02-26 15:47

    A really slow start to this one had me wondering at the one-third mark if it was worth finishing. It got better and better from that point forward. A steampunk tale about a bunch of misfits who finally bond as a crew. Their duplicitous captain more than most leads the pirate/smugglers on their misadventures where all of their pasts come back to haunt them to one extent or another. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  • Kaitlin
    2019-03-18 16:12

    I read this as a buddy read with Mercedes and Brock and I have to say that I read this over a few hours (on just 2 days) and I loved every second! I think there's a bit of a misconception surrounding this book in that it looks and seems like it could be a YA or Children's book because it's shorter than many adult fantasies are, but this is most definitely a solid adult Steampunk book and for one of my first few exposures to Steampunk this book handled that so brilliantly :DThis is the story of The Ketty Jay and its crew of misfits. The Ketty Jay is a Pirate-like airship (pictured on the cover) which is in a world where airships and steampunk machinery are common, pirates roam freely, and the Navy has a hard enough time trying to calm down the pirates that they leave the small-timers (like the Ketty Jay and its crew) alone.Frey is the Captain of the Ketty Jay and he's a rather distrusting and mysterious Captain. He is blunt, and stubborn and we see his resolve tested very early in the book. He's the only one who can fly the Ketty Jay, which is pretty much the only reason he's the Captain (because he's a pretty disorganised one!) He's a bit of a scatterbrain at times and his adventures usually end in disaster so when he's offered the chance at a 'big-break' he takes it up...with some crazy consequences... Next we have Crake who is the second character who is onboard Ketty Jay and he's actually not really a pirate or freeloader at all. He's kind of a stowaway (although we don't know why yet) and he's actually from the Nobility. He also has a 'friend' who he brings on board to help the crew and her name is Bess, she's a Golem (a metal body with a spirit inside). Crake and Bess have a strange relationship to the point where the other members of the Crew think maybe he's actually in love with her!Crake's backstory was one of the most interesting that we get told about, and also one of the most emotional. He's actually a daemonist which means he can do some really cool things harnessing the power of various demons, and I loved seeing what he could do and how the team used that to their advantages.Jez is another one who we meet early on and she's the new navigator for the Ketty Jay (as they seem to have been having troubles before she joined getting any to stay). She's a really intriguing character right from the offset when we realise that not only is she actually a pretty decent navigator and therefore an asset to the team, but she's really a very mysterious presence and strange odd things keep happening to her or around her... We get to learn more as we go through the story, and let me just say that she's a really cool character too. She holds her own on the crew of men and boys, and she was certainly one whom I enjoyed hearing about! :DNext we have Pinn and Harkins both of whom are the protecters of the ship as they have smaller crafts which they fly to defend it. Pinn is a hopeless young boy who is always getting into trouble and fights and seems to have no sense of self-preservation at all. He loves the idea of fighting in a war and he likes nothing more that to whore around, get drunk and celebrate their latest failure/victory. He was a really funny character at times, and I think his constant battle with Harkins was one of my favourite crew relationships to watch!Harkins is basically the opposite of Pinn, He's older and he actually did fight in the wars and therefore he's now a quivering wreck who's terrified of any sort of conflict with any one. He loves to fly and he hates to be separated from his craft because that's the only place he really feels safe. He suffers with trauma from the war, but he's a really great character all the same and he can hold his own against Pinn and the others when he really needs to!Then we have Malvery who is the Doctor of the airship and he's an interesting one because you always get the sense that there's something a little bit more to do with him than first meets the eye, but we don't know exactly what. He's a cool-headed character most of the time and he's a good friend to anyone on the ship. I really enjoyed finding out about his backstory too as he was another very interesting one.And finally we have Silo who is an ex-slave who is onboard the ship and is a constant presence there. He's very quiet and he doesn't take a huge role in the book, but he is always there in the background fixing things up and generally making sure everything is working alright. His backstory is a really interesting one and the way that he became a part of the crew is also really interesting so I thought that although we don't see a huge amount of him, what we do see we care about and he's a really friendly and nice presence when you get to know him. He's also good for a joke or two which make me chuckle a lot :DSo that's all the crew of the Ketty Jay, an amusing and wonderful bunch with an excellent sense of fun, adventure and camaraderie. They work well as a team and dysfunction well as a team, they have either no luck or all the luck and this book strongly reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean (which I love so that's great)Trinica is another character that we meet in the story who also deserves a mention for the way that she's introduced and her backstory too. I certainly felt that she had a 'bad-ass' feeling about her when the crew was trying to defy her, and she was a very dominating character too. She was witty and intelligent, and I liked seeing the way that she handled herself when throwing quips at Frey. However, equally as we find out her backstory learning what really happened to her and the way she's been forced to live was really interesting and I think it gave her a more human quality. I am certainly interested in if we shall see her in book 2 or the rest of the series...Overall this was a highly-readable book which was not only super easy to read and get through, but also a load of fun whilst reading. I loved the characters and the plot, I enjoyed the humour a lot, and the whole thing kept me up until 2 am finishing it because it was so fun. I already have book 2 and I very much hope I can squeeze reading that into next month because I want to know what happens next! It's so much fun and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

  • Choko
    2019-02-25 15:06

    Thanks to my buddies for this read!!!*** 4 ***This book is not easy to qualify. It is a Fantasy with pirate adventure, low tech, and generously tinted dark. It flies in dark and tumultuous skies, it deals with characters dealing with dark pasts and shady present and, no one has clearly defined motives in a twisted desperate world... Yes, its all some shade of dark. But that doesn't make the book difficult to read, exactly the opposite. It is a magnetic story with characters who draw you in and you want to dive into the murky waters of their adventures. Steam Punky sky flying pirate wannabees are rocketed to a most wanted status when someone sets them up to explode a plane with some VIP on it. Panic and a game of cat and mouse ensue, with the gang of very incompetent and insecure pirates being the mouse. Along the way we find out about the reasons why the Katy Jay is their best chance for survival and their only refuge. As always, my favorite characters are the strong kick-ass heroine, a big animated metallic creature, and a very bossy and independent minded cat. The ship is the Star of the book and the one around which all revolves. All the players are flawed, I thought the captain most of all, but all those flaws make them unpredictable and human. If you like adventure and Fantasy with some less than heroic main characters, I would definitely recommend this for you! Beware, no rainbows or fluffy romantic feelings!!!

  • Daniel
    2019-03-18 14:53

    Jos jedna ultra brza, akciona knjizica koja te uhvati i nepusta do kraja. Likovi su interesantni i zabavni, mada mi nisu bas previse vezani za srce, i prati ih dosta misterije pa tako i zelja da saznamo sto vise o njima. Svet je interesantan, lep steampunk, sa puno dodataka kao sto su pirati, prljave politicke igre, legende itd.Jos jedan lep detalj je sto je knjiga stand alone iako me ceka jos citav serijal da uronim u njega tako da happy reading :)

  • Andy
    2019-03-16 12:50

    A new steampunk series for me & one highly recommended by many....... rightly so I found to my delight. The character involvement & interaction of the crew is spot-on with their individual backstories coming to the fore throughout the book during times of misfortunes/reflection & why they ended up on the Ketty Jay, all are poignant & go towards explaining how the cast of strays & waives bond over their adventure. They are Pirates (arrrrrrr) of a sort..... more like adventurers or scallywags as they tend to be a little less mercenary & act as a loyal crew which works throughout the story. The story is one of set-up which our heroes more than blunder into unwittingly, then spend the rest of the tale digging themselves out of a rather large hole which repeatedly fills in....... a tale of adventure on the high skies & well worth a lookseeAll very enjoyable as I ripped off the book in 4 days (half of it in the last 12hours) which says it all. 4.5 stars rounded to 4 & recommended to all friends of fantasy/steampunk genre - sorry I couldnt recommend/list you all!

  • Lisa Reads & Reviews
    2019-03-07 14:49

    I'm a Firefly fan who picked up Retribution Falls to feed my nostalgia for good old cowboy/pirate steampunk westerns. I wasn't disappointed, to say the least. I laughed, got misty, and turned pages, completely absorbed in the adventure. The writing is excellent, the characters fleshy and fascinating (except for 2 by my count), and the plot is somewhat classic, yet it delivers startling breezes of fresh air, plenty enough to prohibit yawns. The next book, Black Lung Captain, is now on my to-read list.

  • Rob
    2019-03-01 13:10

    Executive Summary: Well, maybe I can enjoy Steampunk after all. I definitely plan on continuing with this series.Full ReviewI've been slow with reading the last month or two. This book was no different. That's not it's fault though. I found it every enjoyable the whole way.When I did finally have some time over this holiday weekend to read, instead of reading 75-100 pages like I had planned, I ended up reading nearly half the book in one sitting.Steampunk has never really appealed to me. I haven't read a lot of it as a result. The little I have read was alright, but didn't leave me itching to read more.This one got added to the pile because someone (I forget who now) said it's a bit like Firefly or the Expanse books. It's really not though. The only real similarity with either series is that it's about a crew aboard a ship who aren't loyal to anyone but themselves. In some ways this makes it like Cowboy Bebop, but I find those characters instantly a lot more likeable than these.And in this book, themselves is not so much each other as to their own self. I didn't like the captain (or most of the crew for that matter) very much at the start. They grew on me as the book went on.The characters are all fairly interesting and different enough, just not the sort of people I'd want to hang around with. All of them have things in their past they'd like to keep there. The Ketty Jay is the perfect place for that. You don't ask about my past, and I won't ask about yours.So more a crew full of strangers all running from their past. Darian Frey is no James Holden, and or even a Malcolm Reynolds. He only cares about his ship, and not the people on it.This book serves like an origin story of sorts. You not only meet the characters and learn of their past, but things end in a lot different place than when it starts. It was a fun ride to get there too.I'm looking forward to checking out the rest of this series when I have more time.

  • Derpa
    2019-03-19 17:04

    Some people on here seem to give their 5 stars exclusively to books that supposedly change their lives and amounts awesome when mentioned in a serious conversation. There is nothing wrong with that, but I can't help just handing them out to books that were a fuckton of pure FUN in my opinion. This book is like that. Yes, you can say it's not the most original thing ever written by anyone, but I like to think of it as just... comfortably familiar, not boring and lamely cliché. What it does, it does well.I have to point out that I've not seen Serenity (not really a sci-fi show fan, sorry), so Retribution Falls reminded me of anime instead, mostly Cowboy Bebop, Baccano!, with a tiny bit of FMA. The violence was stylized in a way that it really wasn't shocking or hard to read, and the same goes for all the angsty backstories of the characters. If you want something with plenty of action, without it being too too dark, this is a pretty safe bet in my opinion. The characters are morally ambiguous enough to be kind of fun and honestly, I find them pretty much impossible to not like. My personal favourites were Crake (rich boy turned pirate because of a professional mistake) and Harkins (war veteran with a ton of issues). Honestly, even though I have approximately 0 experience with steampunk, if it's like this, I think we will be good friends. Will definitely continue with the series, will recommend to my friends (aka throw it at their faces, sorry).10/10, pure AWESOME

  • Algernon
    2019-03-20 20:04

    Full praise for this book from me. Not so much for some intrinsic or objective artistic value, but for the fun I've had reading it.The story is probably one we've heard numerous time before. A group of down of their luck misfits and outcasts try to make a living at the edge of the civilized world, playing a game of risk in a dangerous environment and stepping on the wrong side of the law every so often. We already had The Argonauts, some of the Knights of the Round Table, The Elizabethan privateers so vividly portayed by Errol Flynn or John Barrymore, the Corsairs of the Carribean and the Outlaws of the Wild West. more recently we had Joss Wheddon and Firefly - the closest relative to the crew of the Ketty Jay.The story flows effortlessly from one mishap to another, from seedy airship ports to luxurious palaces or secluded monasteries. The worldbuilding is top notch, with many civilizations, a rich history and complex political / military conflicts. The geography is seen mostly from the air - steep mountains, misty valleys, frozen outposts or lush islands.We get to know the Origin story of each member of the crew, brought together by an inability to conform to the rules of society or simply by personal vices or bad luck. They are a spirited bunch, fond of hard liquor and coarse humor, independent spirits trying to forge a team and learn responsibility for their action. Here is where the story raises above mere entertainment, clicheed plot twists and special effects thrills.One special note of praise from me to Mr Wooding for managing to convey the danger and the ruthlessness of the underworld without falling into the recent fad of excessive cussing or blood squirts. His characters still believe in redemption and adventure for the sake of it.looking forward to the next two Ketty Jay books.

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-03-26 13:58

    Retribution Falls took me on a journey where I was continually required to reevaluate everything-- from the story itself, the world in which it takes place, and not the least, the characters. Great worldbuilding, and surprisingly multi-faceted characters who seemed to be archetypes, but proved to be much more. It was complex, intriguing, and ultimately very enjoyable.Reviewed for Bitten By books.

  • Cathy (cathepsut)
    2019-03-17 14:03

    This was supposed to be fast-paced action. It's not bad, but taking into account some of the whiplash-inducing UF I have read in the last few years, this is pretty average. The blurb sounds interesting, the cover is really nice. But it took me a week to slog through the first 100 pages, as I could simply not build up any interest in the story or the charactes.We have the mischievous criminal with a presumabely good heart and his band of misfits. A new crew member joins and gives us the outside view, also not a new idea. A job goes wrong and all of a sudden they are at the top of the most-wanted list. To get out of this, they have to find the real culprit in the whole scheme. I like the writing style. Very visual. The characters and the world-building are not bad either. But I don't care, I don't like any of the protagonists and I am bored. Probably another case of "It's not you, it's me..."DNF at page 94, beginning of Chapter 11.

  • Emma
    2019-03-04 19:06

    There was a lot to like in this book. Really it gets 3.5 stars rounded down. For about half the book, it would have been 4 stars. The world building was good. The fight scenes were great. It was a fast-paced action led story. The main protagonists were interesting.Many other reviews said this was too similar to a TV show they had seen. Well, I hadn't seen it, but as the book developed, it sounded more and more like a TV episode. Also the author felt the need to explain to the reader how each character was feeling as the plot developed. It was annoying.I enjoyed reading this but found myself skimming a bit towards the end. Not sure if I would continue with the series.

  • Veronica
    2019-03-27 14:01

    "Grab yourself a gun. Welcome to the crew.And that's pretty much how we enter the world of the Ketty Jay crew. There is no slow build up, no set up of the world, or lengthy exposition of the political situation. Just crew members facing a gun to the head and swift death. So, pretty much a regular day for the rag-a-muffin crew of the Ketty Jay who are all running from past secrets and mistakes. Led by Darian Frey, captain of the Ketty Jay, the crew is held together more by the fact that none of them are apt to ask probing questions of each other than they are by loyalty. When a too-good-to-be-true offer turns out be just that, the crew finds itself on the run.Frey is not your typical white hatted hero. In fact, there are quite a few reasons to dislike him but his backstory is held out as a carrot for the reader and you can't help but want to know more. The same can be said for most of the crew members. Though there is some much needed character growth for several of the crew I'm hoping there is more to come because, for me at least, Frey still has a ways to go as far as his treatment of the women in his life goes. Speaking of which, I was especially interested in Captain Trinica Draaken. Her backstory was one of the more interesting and I hope she shows up again.The story was well paced and I thought the author did a good job of balancing the present day action with revealing bits of the crew's past. There were some daring adventures and humor but also some very personal losses and moments of introspection. I've seen some comparisons to the show Firefly but never having watched it myself I can't make comment on that. I just found it to be an entertaining read and I'm certainly up for another Ketty Jay adventure.

  • Liviu
    2019-03-23 13:56

    Pure fun; and do not be fooled by the pulp-like presentation of the novel with chapters with headings a la Jules Verne, since the novel is thoroughly modern in tone and content, partly ironic, partly serious.I laughed out loud many, many times, but there is a lot of heartbreak and tragedy.A crew of misfits led by one Darian Frey who seems to attract the attention of beautiful rich girls once too many for his own good is scrapping a living as airship smugglers and occasional pirates. Kind of bottom feeders in the underworld, but Darian and his crew are happy that way, or to be more precise they are just content to try and survive a day at a time and forget the past...But when a nasty job needs to be done, no survivors required, someone hires the "right" captain with the right "hook". Of course Darian Frey does the job, which is not quite what he expected either, but his crew are better than even they knew, so they inconveniently survive; however a large reward with an accurate wanted Frey poster may finally eliminate the inconvenience especially when fearsome bounty hunter Trinica Dracken who has a personal interest in the matter gets involved.But being cornered and with no seeming escape possible is just what may finally rouse Frey and his crew from their personal mistakes and tragedies induced apathy and the plotters may just regret having staked the Ketty Jay crew as a scapegoat...Highly, highly recommended and one of the most pure fun novels I read in a long time

  • Kim
    2019-03-09 20:06

    I'd been hearing a lot about this book recently often mentioned in the same breath as sci-fi TV classic Firefly. And there are some similarities between them. A crew of misfits on a flying vessel, outside the law in a world recovering from war. There is a bit of humour and the crew gets in over their heads. But these are similarities with more than just Firefly. And all other similarities end there.This tale revolved around Captain Frey and his ship, the Ketty Jay, and it's passengers. They aren't a well-meshed crew but a band of people with the common interest of hiding. After the Captain gets them all wanted due to his own greed and stupidity they then have to battle their way out through a series of adventures.It was a fun, exciting read but one thing let it down for me. Frey. I could not stand him. He's almost the opposite of Mal Reynolds or Spike Spiegel. He is a gutless, worthless, useless coward. He ended up where he is through his own stupidity and I just couldn't warm up to him or sympathise with him. I was hoping he'd die and the rest of the crew would continue on. It was the one thing that brought the book down for me.On the other hand I really liked Jez and Malvery and want to hear more of their story and didn't mind Crake too much. I will read the sequel at some stage but it's not going straight to the top of my list.

  • Ctgt
    2019-03-02 16:59

    It's not like we haven't seen this type of story before, ragtag group of misfits making their way by hook or crook. An offer comes to them that seems to good to be true, they know it but it's just too tantalizing to pass up. Of course it blows up in their faces and you end up with a fun, well paced action adventure story with some great(although familiar) characters involved in a mystery/conspiracy that draws them in to a world they would much rather avoid. This was really close to 5 stars, not for any literary value but because it was so much fun. However, I thought the ending seemed pasted on and dragged out the story when IMO, it wasn't necessary. Anyway, I still really enjoyed the overall setting, characters and story so I will be continuing on with the rest of the series.8/10

  • J.M.
    2019-02-26 14:46

    Wow. I loved RETRIBUTION FALLS. Wooding, my friend, from that unfortunate offering that was STORM THIEF, you are now redeemed! I thank you. FIREFLY fans, read this. You won't be let down. Highly recommended. Five stars!

  • The Shayne-Train
    2019-03-11 19:03

    So this was great. Pirate swashbuckling adventure meets steampunk meets heist story.The characters are wonderfully flawed, likable, and fleshed-out, the dialogue completely believable, the action fast-paced and easy to follow.Do yourself a favor and stab this book with the cutlass of your MIND. Me, myself, I'm going to devour the next one in the series very soon.

  • Mark
    2019-03-27 19:49

    I cant believe I missed this brilliant book when it first came out. Great story writing interesting premise, great world building.can't wait to read the others.