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Book Two of the Vampire Queen Series. After reuniting with her ex-lover, the Countess and Kendra journey to Venice to meet with a local coven searching for a vampire leader. The Countess gladly takes on the role and is readily accepted by most of the pure blooded vampires. After a bloody battle with a Japanese vampire who has traveled the world violating the code by creatiBook Two of the Vampire Queen Series. After reuniting with her ex-lover, the Countess and Kendra journey to Venice to meet with a local coven searching for a vampire leader. The Countess gladly takes on the role and is readily accepted by most of the pure blooded vampires. After a bloody battle with a Japanese vampire who has traveled the world violating the code by creating an army of vampires, the Countess is kidnapped and taken to Japan to atone for her actions. Will she get more than she bargained for or will she learn the biggest secret of her life? Is she in over her head or will she survive and triumph over her adversaries? Will her coven be able to rescue her? This spellbinding and thrilling novella will leave you wanting more....

Title : The Vampire Chronicles
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ISBN : 9781615725816
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The Vampire Chronicles Reviews

  • Raven Reviewer
    2019-01-25 19:26

    The Countessa Paulina de Lourdes is back after 85 years of travelling with the Count and Lizzy. Alas, she is bored and drums up trouble in the form of an Italian coven ready to purify the vampire race, leading to Japan and self-discovery. This time around the story seemed to be in more of a true vampiric form, supernatural powers, blood drinking from humans, and bisexuality. What a difference a book makes! In movies, sequels are rarely better than the original. In this case, this sequel vastly improved the story. The characters all seemed more consistent and true to themselves. I am not sure if this is because the second book was more consistent or if it had the benefit of the first book’s development of the Countess and other main characters. I suspect it had nothing to do with the first book.The Countess was a character I liked in this book. I pictured her to be like Pam from TrueBlood, a seductive, vicious, and powerful vampire ready to take on whoever. I knew she was more likeable and somehow relatable in this story because I realized she likes my favorite color purple. It was an odd realization for me because in the first book she was always clad in purple and lived in a place that was purple from top to bottom. Yet, I missed it. I was not identifying with her. For me, this was a signal that the characters were more likeable. I did wonder about the reason behind the color purple, whether she had an affinity for it, if it was her favorite color or if it’s the color of royalty and there’s some supernatural code which dictates she must wear it.I still feel sorry for the Count. He has been loyal to her for more than 8 centuries. He just does not deserve to be treated the way she does. I would have liked to have seen a snippet or two of their 85 years together. There were some implications about him. Maybe we will see more of him in Book 3. I hope so! I am heading off to read the conclusion to this series now.The style of the first book with its simple, short chapters still make it seem like a chapter book but it is not. This sequel is for a select, mature audience only. If you don’t want to read about true vampires or drinking blood from a living person, magic spells or bisexual characters/situations, then this book is not for you.For more reviews such as this, please visit

  • Deborah Palumbo
    2019-01-30 11:32

    Jodie Pierce weaves a story that is so imaginative and well crafted, and her characters are so real, you think you know them, are part of their lives. You turn the pages one after the other, unable to put the book down, whether dinner is calling, or sleep is needed, or you've got a task to do, you keep on reading! You just have to find out what is going to happen next!The Countess and the one she loves, Kendra, venture to Italy to meet with a secret vampire coven; she becomes their leader. Her first goal as leader is to stop the bloodbath created by a Japanese vampire who travels the world preying on humans and turning them into vampires. A vicious battle ensues between them causing a series of events that spiral out of control: The countess is separated from Kendra, she is then captured and chained and thrown into a Japanese dungeon. Initially she's without her powers, without the one she loves, without answers. She's waiting for the vampire Toshihiro, the one who decides her fate. She waits patiently in her dungeon cell, chained and eating the humans that are thrown in through her locked door; she is told she will one day have an audience with Toshhiro.Finally she comes face to face with him and it is then that he reveals a secret that astonishes her! What will Toshihiro decide her fate will be? Will she find love in the midst of turmoil? Well you gotta read the novel to find out!

  • Brenda Seaberg
    2019-02-18 13:14

    I received this book from the author to write an honest review. I decided to review this as a trilogy instead of individually, so this is my take on all 3 books.First let me say that I enjoyed the story line. It was fun to follow, and the characters were easy enough to keep straight (some books’ characters so closely resemble the others that they do not seem individual).As for the writing itself, in my opinion the first book, The Vampire Queen, seemed almost to be written as a teenager might write. It seemed very stilted, and there was no flow. The second book, The Vampire Chronicles, was much better, but still did not read as well as I would have liked. The third, Demise of the Vampire Queen, definitely showed maturity of the author. In reading these, I could see how much she grew just in these three books. Book one seemed to be like the bare branches of a tree in the winter, but by the third book, I could see the leaves coming out as the tree was beginning to come alive.I was left with some unanswered questions by the time I was done. I don’t feel the story created enough strife and grief to the people to leave them wishing the demise of this queen. I would have liked to see her portrayed as a much more evil, self-serving wench. However it was decent enough.I would read more of this writer as she continues to grow and mature in her mission as an author.

  • Brenda- Naughty Bits' Book Reviews
    2019-02-03 12:16

    This one has a couple interesting twists. After leaving her precious Count she returns for her lover to find her an absolute wreck. Love really can make us utterly stupid. Kendra takes her back without much of a fight. The Queen definitely feels like a person who could fit in our world. She certainly has some extreme relationship issues. Don't most of us? *snickers* I bet most would pale in comparison to the Queen. At least for the sake of love I sure hope they do. I still feel Kendra and Queen make the hottest match for a couple out of the whole series. It's still fast paced as we learn a little more about the Queen's comes to learn more about who she was before becoming a vampire and how she became one. I really don't think the Queen is capable more then lust.

  • Mark
    2019-02-01 16:13

    I received this from the author for an honest review. Despite this being short, I read it in one day, I found it a quite enjoyable story and look forward to reading the rest.