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The Betrayed Omnibus Collection includes Ambush, 30 Pieces of Silver, Targeted, Havoc, Shiva, Covert (bridge short story between Havoc and Shiva), and Mayhem (post-Shiva short story)....

Title : the betrayed series ultimate companion collection
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the betrayed series ultimate companion collection Reviews

  • Carol
    2019-02-08 10:45

    This series was my first from this author. At first I was a bit weary for having checked her booklist on Amazon, I was stunned by the incredible range of her writing. It took me only a few pages of the 1st book of the series to be completely hooked. I loved the characters, the action, the mystery, the suspens... I for one was not bothered by the controversy(ies). This is fiction and I love fiction that makes me pause and ponder and think "why not?". This is one series I'd love to see being made into movies (several movies). I'm delighted that another Betrayed series is being written, albeit without Brandt or Rebecca but Lopez and the rest of the gang will ensure me several hours of sheer pleasure.

  • Char
    2019-01-17 13:04

    Be prepared to loose sleep reading this series. It is one fantastical shoot em up bang bang after another. All the characters are believable and dialog intelligent. Read her other series hacked first and fell in love with her style of writing. Though subject matter is listed as controversial it is something to think about as for me, does not alter my personal faith as it does not for the main character. Don't know if I could be so flexible and unflappable as the pretty archeologist, but hey it's not real life here is it. Great read! Will read more of this author for sure.

  • Jessie
    2019-02-11 10:07

    I could not get enough of this series. It was so good!!

  • Tonya Hoppe
    2019-02-12 10:05

    I loved this series. Lots of suspense with a little romance not to mention religious history. Gives you something to think about. A great read.

  • Sue
    2019-02-13 04:58

    Great series that keeps you reading to see what could happen next. Love the characters and story line. It's fiction but great premis.

  • Tammy Brown
    2019-01-26 06:05

    What a thrill ride! The characters are funny and colorful. There are twist and turns around every corner! I'd recommend this series to everyone!

  • Victoria Beavers
    2019-01-28 08:54

    It's not Thor, but it's very readable.Everyone can't be a Thor--and for the sake of variety, that's okay--but for the Thor-without-the-steroidal audience for which this book is intended, it's quite readable. It has just about all of the requisite keys to make it good. Characters you love and the ones you love to hate. Overseas locations, both exotic and exotic-with-an-edge. Action, in-depth enough to contribute that rush but not so much to become a cliche. Romance that's just enough for the readers who crave it but thankfully not so much to bog down the excellent pace of the story. A format that strays a tiny bit from the norm with chapters that alternate between current day and the days when Jesus lived. And a traitor. Of course there's a traitor. There's always a traitor.Even though the story uses the life of Jesus, the book isn't a platform for a religious statement or viewpoint. It's used for an historical backdrop.The rating is based on the type of book it is. It doesn't aim to be a highly cerebral tome filled with rich description and layer upon intricate layer of detail. It's Thor/Gilstrap/Eisler lite, and it is successful.

  • Cher
    2019-02-07 11:45

    I started this series based on the description of being for fans of Daniel Brown's Da Vinci Code. I enjoyed the characters and story development. While some parts of the story are hard to imagine, at the same time, I wondered if it could be possible (speaking more of the military feats, etc...). Overall, I would encourage one to read this series, especially if you wonder if it is possible that how the Bible stories were written may not be the exact truth...

  • Kim Mills
    2019-02-02 09:09

    Action Packed ThrillerTake me along for the ride from the jungle and the Congo, the Nile, Israel, Russia and everywhere in between. Great characters, fast cars,boats and airplanes. You will love this series.

  • David J Steiner
    2019-01-23 07:07

    Kind of a modern James Bond with a group of Bonds rather than a single guy...

  • P.A.
    2019-01-29 09:45

    Excellent reading experience. Wonderful characters. It's great having the entire series. Reading all the way through brought everything to life. I'm going to miss my new found friends.

  • Kristin
    2019-01-17 08:02

    It's a very well written set of books. I did put them aside as it's not my style for this genre. It reached a point that, as a Christian, it became too far fetched for me to fully enjoy.

  • Angela
    2019-01-19 08:10

    It's extremely rare that I will finish a book that does not hold my attention, especially when it is extremely long, as is the case with The Betrayed Series: Ultimate Omnibus Collection. Perhaps if I had the physical books as opposed to reading it on Kindle, I might have a different opinion. Then again, maybe not. It took everything I had to get through this collection and sadly, I cannot see myself remembering it for very long. The main collection of stories revolves around an anthropologist who is searching for a "God gene" and who enlisted by the government to assist a crack special forces team who, at the start, are investigating an explosion at the Eiffel Tower. A group of people who claim to know a huge secret about the origin of Christianity are determined to keep the secret from everyone, and when the anthropologist's mentor begins to find pieces which will bring that secret to life, the group begins to target him. To save their skins, they must follow the clues and solve the mystery. Oh, and when the mystery is solved, the anthropologist must decide whether she should reveal what she learned to the world, thereby effectively destroying the faith of billions of people or keep that knowledge to herself. The second book of the Betrayed series follows the same basic premise and reunites all of the surviving characters to save the world from another group that are the self-appointed keepers of an ancient mystery. Adventures, chases, interpretations, and a bit of romance follow the group through Russia, into Central European mountains, and into the hot bed of the middle east. While the background may have changed, the basic premise, pacing, and even the sequencing of events is similar to the first book. The third book picks up where the second book (and the bridge story in the omnibus edition) leaves off, with the same bad guys hot on the team's trail after the SEAL team leader has a random encounter with a little girl in the Congo who performs a miracle. The bad guys want the girl and attempt to kidnap the SEAL team leader -- on his wedding day. While this book does not have an ancient mystery to unravel, it still has the same chases, adventures, and exotic locations of the first two books, making it feel...well...extremely familiar, if not exactly the same as the other two books. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't mind a point. After all, I read Dan Brown's first four novels (Digital Fortress, Deception Point, Angels & Demons, and The Da Vinci Code) one after the other. Though there is a great deal of repetition of themes, characters, plot movement, etc in the Brown books, for me, the writing and the pacing of the stories are enough that Brown kept me interested enough to come back for more. Carolyn McCray's work is good, but unlike some of the reviews on, I did not find it as good or as satisfying as Dan Brown's works. I was not impressed with the anthropologist character, and, as others have pointed out, the chase/flight scenes were not believable. Perhaps it was the constant narrow escapes with minimal damage despite flying bullets, fire, and water that made me roll my eyes in disbelief (never known anyone to be that lucky). Bottom line, this omnibus edition was too much to take at once. I should have put it down and read something else instead, something to break up the monotony of this work. However, I feared if I did that, I'd never return to this book again. I'm not upset that I purchased this book; on the contrary, for what I paid for it, this was a very good deal. Despite that, this is a book that I probably will not pick up again.

  • Patricia Wolverton
    2019-02-17 13:02

    Be careful of what you believeI cared about the heroes or protagonists and I hope whoever reads this collection studies the.Christian faith more fully. I found several problems in the historical accuracy. I was bothered by that. Fortunately I have a well trained theologian pastor who is well read on historical Christianity, languages and biblical culture. It was a wild ride for a adventure, but caution readers on what to believe about it

  • Leslie
    2019-02-14 09:57

    I am having a hard time trying to describe this collection of 3 full length stories and three or 4 short stories that make up the collection. Don't get me wrong I just loved this series; it just is a little indescribable. And it is chock full of ideas that will alienate and offend people who are very settled in their Christian view point. Ideas that makes the Last Temptation of Christ or the da Vinci Code look like the Good News Bible.The basic premise of the whole series is that there is a scientist who when accompanied by a kick ass bunch of US Special Forces guys travels around the world exploring ancient historic sites and ultimately destroying them. They don't set out to destroy them but it is the inevitable results. Because they are being chased by a mysterious well funded group of zealots who are determined to prevent what ever religious secret the Doc & pals are onto from becoming public knowledge. Now I am not sure how blowing up, destroying or ruining some of the world's most beloved, respected and appreciated sites goes unnoticed by the world at large ... but that isn't a plot of the book anyway.Now the other thing you need to be prepared for is the pacing. The speed at which things happen make a comic book movie look slow and boring. The team careens from crisis to chaos to disaster to pandemonium leaving destruction and chaos in their wake.. Every character is larger than life... and practically immortal. But it is a bucket full of fun.

  • Elaine
    2019-01-31 04:49

    Once, TWICE and will definitely read it again & again!One of the BEST mystery, thrillers, funny, edge-of-your-seat-can't-put-it-down series out there! Controversial only because she uses biblical writings to base her story but not in the sense of trying to change your Christian beliefs.BUT - if you didn't like the Da Vinci Code strictly because of the basis of content - then you probably won't like this either BUT then you will have denied yourself of an author that brings her characters' personalities and their emotions to life - whether they are deep in the African jungles, in the underground tunnels of the pyramids, secret rooms in historical cathedrals, crashing into rivers infested with crocodiles and MORE! Carolyn McCray has conquered the ability to transport you to Brandt & Rebecca's side with her graphical writing style!

  • Jennifer Perez
    2019-01-24 12:49

    Betrayed is a really fun action adventure with some religious inspiration for the mystery.I wasn't a big fan of the thought of Judeo-Christian-Islamic myths and secret societies as the bad guys at first, but I kept reading just because I love the characters. And I'm glad I did, because I really enjoyed this series.It isn't going to revolutionize your personal philosophy or theology. I, personally, didn't see the big deal with the "controversy;" but I'm not very religious, so maybe some could be.Betrayed was like a guilty pleasure. Just fun to read, with over-the-top characters and action, wildly unrealistic adventure of a black ops team and a scientist.If you want epic fantasy, keep moving. If you want a realistic peek into modern spies, keep moving. But if you want a light read that will make you smile, maybe roll your eyes a little, then pick up Betrayed.

  • Bob
    2019-01-27 04:54

    The Betrayed Omnibus Collection includes Ambush, 30 Pieces of Silver, Targeted, Havoc, Shiva, Covert (bridge short story between Havoc and Shiva), and Mayhem (post-Shiva short story). International action as a special ops team and a religious antiquities researcher chase down DNA of Jesus and fight off two groups out to stop them. Then the search switches to the search for the trth of the Black Madonna and the possible new messiah. Much mayhem, close escapes and seemingly the destruction of religious/national monuments around the world as the factions fight and escape. Despite the seemingly indestructible heroes it made for good escapist reading. Down loaded the next set by this author for later reading.

  • Sophie Narey (Bookreview- aholic)
    2019-01-27 06:49

    Published: 2012Author: Carolyn McCrayEdition: KindleI thought this was a very good series of books which kept hold of my attention and didn't get boring or predictable. I hadnt read any books by this author before but after reading this one....i definately would read more by Carolyn McCray (Cristyn West). It is a collection that is extremely hard to tear yourself away from you will end up with sleepless nights because you want to know what is going to happen next. The storyline is one that draws in the readers attention and makes you want to read it straight away. The characters were very good and interesting, the stories weren't predictable and the writting style fitted perfectly with the storyline. A good read for fans of books that are hard to put down.

  • Eric Neill
    2019-02-14 06:47

    They should make a series of movies, butThe cost for the sets would be all.ost as much as the real thing. Maybe if CGI improves enough it can be done. In the meantime, read and enjoy the adventure. It may be controversial, but it is fiction. Just use it to make you think about your beliefs and the basis they are built upon. Who do you trust? It is always good to know and understand the other person's belief system, but that does not require that you agree. Differences are what helps focus thoughts, as long as it does not come to war to prove it.

  • Artie
    2019-01-28 11:47

    A fun, fast-paced, easy read with some interesting plot twists. There are millions of cliffhangers at the ends of chapters and books, so if you're the kind of person, like me, who has to read on, prepare to lose sleep. I should point out that there are grammatical, historical, and even spelling mistakes, but if you can suspend your disbelief you may really enjoy this one. Just pretend it's a movie.In short: Put away your red pens and editorial caps, microwave a bowl of popcorn, and get comfortable.

  • Harris Guilmette
    2019-01-17 13:01

    Carolyn produced strong characters that you can care about. Plots are ingenious and I had no problem with the basic religious premise that has been noted. It's a book, not a catechism. If you can get past the poor editing errors, occasional wording mistakes, some of which are flat out wrong, (his instead of hers, changing the character performing the activity, for example, etc.) the stories are good, original and enjoyable.

  • Dick Whittington
    2019-01-28 08:11

    This is an action adventure series with many similarities to Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code. The series is 1300+ pages long and includes 4 short stories and 3 full length books. I enjoyed the series, but felt the DaVinci Code was better and of the two I would recommend the Dan Brown book as the better and shorter story, with more developed characters, greater suspense and surprise and better writing. This is a good escapist read, but won't make my read again list.

  • Janet L. Hage
    2019-01-20 13:02

    Watch out Dan BrownFor those addicted to the books by Dan Brown, this series is very well put together. You always wonder what happened to Christ as these modern special forces go against the Disciples. The Disciples are a radical group dedicated to protecting the secrets around Christ and his life and those of his followers. Lots of action with the Special Forces going against the Disciples. Loads of violence and some romance. Adult readers.

  • Anna Salamatin
    2019-02-06 05:12

    An incredible series with all the adventure, danger & cliffhanger action that just doesn't let up from book to book! I just couldn't put it down! I do recommend this to anyone who enjoys a great fictional action saga. The characters are realistic though, so much so that I was actually shocked by the betrayal of one I really liked. There is a good bit of humor and laugh out loud stunts along with romance and an incredible ending that leaves you wanting more!WELL DONE CAROLYN MCCRAY!

  • A.M. Johnson
    2019-02-11 10:08

    What can I say about this author that I have not already said..If i was stuck on a deserted island I would want ALL of Carolyn McCray's books with me..I have read this box set more than once and it still gets me..This set contains everything you ever want to experience from a book or boxed set..So highly recommended it is not funny..

  • Tom Dillard
    2019-01-26 05:54

    Wow!I don't think I've enjoyed the beginning of a series quite so much since I was a kid, reading The Hardy Boys. Carolyn McCray has nailed it! I especially enjoyed the Robin Hood Hacker, but was disappointed that it was only a short story. But all of the others certainty made up for its shortness. Rest assured that her books and stories will be added to my "Must Read" list.

  • Charlie Johnston
    2019-02-09 06:08

    First rate series. More action than most action thrillers and a superb blend of military actions, religious searches, triumph and tragedy. Author moves from place to place and region to region with ease. Characters play extremely well off each other. Will read all of her other series as they become available!!

  • Robert C. smith
    2019-01-18 04:48

    Fast Action, but . . . McCray is very creative with the many different but quite similar action scenes that consistently take the reader beyond possible reality of facts. Basically, the same scenes played over and over with amazing (unrealistic) drama. A touch more reality and a lot less make-believe would have been more effective.

  • Loretta Gabriel
    2019-01-31 11:46

    Fast moving and thrilling stories sure to keep you suspended on the edge of your seat The author put together some intriguing and thought provoking stories that keep you guessing what is just around the next bend. Very event is so well described that you feel as if you in the middle of the action. If you are looking for thrilling reading, these stories are a must for you.