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Power may be best when it's shared... He's used to dominating...Tarak Nektosha is a self-made man, against all odds. He accomplished that by making sure he's the one in charge, both in the boardroom and in the bedroom.She's taking her power back... Sabra Donovan has ambition to spare and energy to burn. So what if her last lover was a disappointment? She's never going toPower may be best when it's shared...He's used to dominating...Tarak Nektosha is a self-made man, against all odds. He accomplished that by making sure he's the one in charge, both in the boardroom and in the bedroom.She's taking her power back... Sabra Donovan has ambition to spare and energy to burn. So what if her last lover was a disappointment? She's never going to be anyone's plaything ever again.Sabra's outstanding performance at a corporate photo op attracts Tarak's attention, and the lines begin to blur. What happens when the one on top surrenders and the one used to obeying begins to call the shots?Praise for Dawn Ryder: "Deeply romantic, scintillating, and absolutely delicious." --Sylvia Day, New York Times #1 best selling author"Not to be missed." --Lora Leigh, New York Times #1 best selling author...

Title : Out of Bounds
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ISBN : 9781402287121
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 240 Pages
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Out of Bounds Reviews

  • Monica **can't read fast enough**
    2019-02-10 10:45

    Out of Bounds was an enjoyable read and the first book that I have read by Dawn Ryder. There's plenty of steamy sexiness and the story is a good one. One of the things that I enjoyed the most about this story is the fact that Sabra is no shy, demure, blushing woman who doesn't know her own mind. Despite wanting to move forward with her career, Sabra recognized that her attraction to Tarak could lead to something even more fulfilling. Although both Tarak and Sabra know that office romances, especially between employer and employee are often disastrous they decide to take a risk. The possible negative consequences for Sabra leads to Tarak offering Sabra a compromise that she just couldn't turn down. There were some parts of the book that seemed a little disjointed and some scenes that I just didn't like. There were some references to Tarak's Apache heritage that I didn't particularly like and thought could have been left out all together. For example, Sabra tells Tarak "The first time I saw you, I thought you should be wearing a headband, like your ancestors." As well as when Sabra says that Tarak looks "like an echo from the last century." Now I know that was supposed to be her letting Tarak know how attractive he is to her, but that just didn't work for me. I half expected her to ask him to don a loin cloth and hold a tomahawk. That was just not sexy. The secondary characters in Out of Bounds, namely Celeste and Nartan are interesting and are surely being set up for book 2. Celeste is Sabra's best friend who has survived an awful marriage and is gun shy when it comes to men, especially men with money. While Nartan is Tarak's best friend who will surely provide a challenge for the cautious Celeste. I will definitely be looking for their story down the line. **I received a copy via Netgalley/Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for an honest review.**You can find more from me at Monlatable Book Reviews

  • Sheryl
    2019-02-16 09:41

    While I read Filthy Rich first, I KNEW when I got to the end go that book, (and how much I ended up ABSOLUTELY LOVING Nartan), I HAD to read Tarak and Sabra's story... And OMFG, I gotta say I was blown away again!!! I LOVED Tarak and all dirty-talking-hotness *SWOON*

  • Smut Fanatics
    2019-02-08 09:26

    ARC generously provided by Net Galley in exchange for a honest reviewCLICK HERE TO READ MY ENTIRE REVIEW!!What I Loved:This book is sexy with a capital S! I haven’t read a book in a long time that is just filled to the brim with glorious sex scenes, and this book definitely satisfied my needs. Thank you Dawn Ryder for writing such an amazing sexy character like Tarak and making his sex drive insatiable! The character development in this book was great, I really felt like I knew what kind of frame of mind Sabra is coming from, and the same can be said for Tarak as well. I like that his back story is a bit of a mystery that slowly gets unlocked as the book goes on. I am a woman who loves some mystery and intrigue while I’m reading so it was great to slowly figure Tarak out. I would have to say my favorite scene in the book deals with some very hot sex and a very supportive table! Not So Much:I didn’t really enjoy the flow of this book, while the pace was really good, the transition from scene to scene was very rough and sometimes not explained. One minute Sabra is in her office, the next sentence she’s in the car going back to the cabin with no lead in to her actions. Also the details in certain parts were awesome and I appreciate an author putting them in, because most don’t, but it was inconsistent. I get a very detailed description of Tarak’s cabin in Alaska, but all I know about his office in California is that it’s huge and so is his desk. Inconsistencies just really annoy me and it distracted me from the book. There just wasn't a lot of follow through with scenes as well. At a certain point one of the characters is hit in the face hard, but no one goes to ice or take care of the bruise. Plus there is no need to go home and get it checked out; they continue eating dinner like nothing happened. If someone punched me in the face, I wouldn’t continue eating my dinner in a restaurant without at least putting some ice on it. The same goes from other scenes in the book that just weren’t followed through like they should’ve been.

  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    2019-02-15 12:52

    Sexy in capital letters...Out of Bounds was my first Dawn Ryder read. Where have I been? How could I have missed hearing about her awesome word wizardry? Oh my! Tarak is the definition of alpha...he's sexy...bossy...arrogant...did I mention sexy? Sabra didn't stand a chance, who could fight a chemistry so strong that even I could feel the electricity through my kindle? I loved this book and really hope the author decides to feed my new addiction with a book about Nartan & Celeste, pretty please?

  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    2019-02-10 08:56

    Sabra has just started working for the Nektosha company. She started in a little cubicle on the lower floors, but she's planning on one day working upstairs with the big guys.Now it's the weekend and she's supposed to be having a good time at the beach with her boyfriend, but it seems he's having a good time with a friend of theirs.Not all too sad about the break-up, she's about to leave for home, when her work-phone rings.She's being summoned to a fancy hotel to her company's unveiling of the new series of Off-Road vehicles. Not an event such a low-level employee would normally be invited to, BUT all the VPs are stranded in Alaska and it's up to her to represent the company.The boss will be there too of course. Tarak Nektosha.She has never met the guy.But as soon as she hears this sexy dark voice she knows she's in trouble.Because as it turns out that voice belongs to none other than boss-man.He just sent his 'girlfriend' packing because she looked to cheap for a business event. Nice.He shouldn't have started to mix his private and business lives.As soon as he sees Sabra he's extremely intrigued though and he grabs her to help him with the presentation.Sabra feels like a crushing teenage girl in Tarak's presence.He's so sexy and masculine and dark and sexy and grrr...He was unfairly attractive. Mother Nature was a f***ing bitch to make a man so mouthwatering.After a very successful night Tarak doesn't want to see Sabra leave, but she doesn't accept his invitation into his suite.But he's not one to give up ☺The next morning she again proves herself in a meeting and Tarak moves her up to his floor and into her own office.But Sabra doesn't want personal 'things' to get in the way of her professional life.That's when Tarak presents her with a challenging possiblilty. ☺A challenge that takes us all the way to Alaska ☺And since it's verrrry cold up there, we need to share some body heat ☺☺☺But of course everything is not as easy as it could be. Tarak has some left-over hurt from his past and Sabra is not sure if she's ready to fall for and maybe even submit to a guy like Tarak.Could there be a future for Sabra & Tarak?Will they get their HEA?Or will everybody die at the end? ☺☺☺Will there be a Cliffhanger? ☺☺☺I'm not telling you of course ☺☺☺ ________________________________ I REALLY ENJOYED READING THE BOOK!!!The story was really very sexy and romantic and interesting. BUT I had a few problems with it too.I always had the feeling that the book used to be 150 pages longer, and someone cut out most of it - or at least it SHOULD'VE been 100 pages longer. It just felt too short. I would've given 5 Stars if there would've have been a bit MORE - what MORE exactly, I don't really know, but I just needed a bit more ☺Which doesn't make the story bad, not at all. I really loved it.Tarak is totally different from other book heroes. I loved him!And Sabra too. She's really sweet and she's fighting for what she wants.I had a few problems understanding the whole two-hundred-thousand-dollar idea. That was probably a bit too complicated for me...I just didn't understand why and what the whole purpose of that was ☺But it didn't bother me all that much.One thing about the writing that bothered me a bit....the characters always CURLED THEIR LIPS - Dawn really makes them do that a lot. And I really can't picture that in my mind. When I try to picture it, it looks like some kind of wild animal about to bark or bite...And that's not really what Dawn meant... she means they're about to smile or laugh...well - it's just me probably, but I didn't like that.But - all ^that^ aside - I really loved the story!!!OUT OF BOUNDS was a really erotic tale of two people finally finding their other half ....Taking us all the way from beautiful Southern California to the breathtaking Alaskan wilderness.The next book in the series Filthy Rich - coming February 2015 - will be about Sabra's best friend Celeste and Tarak's 'brother' Nartan.And poor Nartan....He'll have his hands full with Celeste ☺

  • Proserpine
    2019-01-22 11:42

    OMG! This book was one hell of a ride! I started this one with no expectation and I wasn't able to put it down! Ryder has managed to capture my attention with strong characters, a plot worthy of the best erotic books and especially with her talent as a writer to build scenes that caught me off guard!Sabra and Tarak, the main characters of this exciting story, have both a really strong and particular personality. I was impressed by Sabra's character. She's a strong woman who knows exactly what she wants and what suits her. She reincarnates the type of independent woman who won't let anyone stand in her way. She knows that a relationship with her boss can only bring her trouble, especially since Tarak is the kind of man who likes to have control and Sabra is not ready to give it to him!Tarak is the kind of man who always gets what he wants and takes what he needs from a woman. He doesn't want a stable relation and he's happy with his actual lifestyle. His past has proved him not to trust anyone, especially women. Now his gaze has landed on one of his employee; the beautiful and eccentric Sabra who will give him the challenge of his life! Their meeting is quite unusual and both comical. A combination of circumstances made ​​to ensure that the owner of a huge company run into one of his subordinates during a promotional event. Thereafter, their relationship tumbles with a bang when Tarak began his pursuit and seduction of the hesitant but still unimpressed Sabra.I really loved this novel! This story is out of the ordinary with a heroine who has a very strong personality and who is unfazed by the sexy Tarak. She even refuses his advances because she does not want to be the next number on a long list of conquests.Tarak who was injured by a woman in the past no longer trust them and must pass over his fears and his desire to control everything if he wants a chance with Sabra. Both of them are great and astonishing characters which makes this book a much more sensual and unique rather than just a plain and already used idea of an erotic story.Overall, this title was quite the revelation for me this year, I was flabbergasted! I can't wait to read the sequel; I'm a new fan of Dawn Ryder! I recommend this title to every Erotica and Romance lover! Out of Bounds is a must read in 2014!

  • Jeannie Zelos
    2019-01-17 07:50

    Out of Bounds, Dawn RyderReview from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.I have a weakness for the rich, controlling Alpha this looked right up my street. Tarak didn't disappoint right from the start, he's totally in control, cares nothing for the opinions of others, and so self confident he just Knows anyone will do what he wants. So when Sabra gets to a corporate photo op unexpectedly, and he sees her there and wants her, he's astonished that she refuses his “invitation” sent via one of his staff, and leaves. He knows she was attracted. Ladies never refuse him, and it just makes him more determined to have her. Sabra is very attracted to him, but she's worked hard for her job, and takes it very seriously. She knows that the slightest hint that she's involved with Tarak, and her credibility will be shot to pieces. She can't afford, and doesn't want, to let her work go that way. Tarak though takes steps to cover all her arguments, makes her an offer that overrides her concerns, and they quickly get into a heated, erotic, sensual romance. For Sabra her heart is fully in, despite telling herself otherwise and that its just a fling and fun, but for Tarak, well he doesn't give his heart. He's done that and been burned, and vowed never again, but she doesn't give her heart lightly so where does that leave them...? Well, what great characters, and what sizzling, sensual, well written love scenes. And they were love scenes, very quickly having evolved from just sex, though Tarak couldn't see it and wouldn't admit it. A great read, but one thing let it down for me, and that's the downside. The bit that makes you greive for them, makes you want to cry..We got lots of working up to and enjoyment of the hot and heavy, but the sad part, where things go wrong, that was very quickly over and me – I like to wallow in that. Barely got a tear out and it was all over, and I need more – that then makes the make up so much sweeter and emotional. It's 240 pages in kindle, so long enough to get fully into characters, but a bit extra length for the break up and I'd have rated it higher. Stars: Four.ARC supplied by Netgalley

  • Lindy at BookBlinders
    2019-02-01 12:42

    What an awesomely sexy read!If you like your heroes to be domineering in the most delicious way Dawn Ryder has the man for you.Tarak Nektosha is a 'my way or the highway' man. He has earned his wealth through extremely hard work. The difficulties he has faced in his life have only served to make him more intense and focused. When he meets Sabra Donovan he really doesn't want to be drawn to her. He wants to get on, get off and get out. Women are only there to sate his physical needs and there really is no other use for them and they cannot be trusted.Sabra, also, has no intention of getting involved with Tarak. Not only does he have a use her and lose her attitude towards the female sex, but even worse... he's her boss!The two are absolutely drawn together in a scorchingly hot way. Tarak pulls out all the stops to get to Sabra and feels an overwhelming need to possess her. Though they both fight the attraction you have to know that they are going to give in.And boy, do they.Over and over... and it is scrumptious.I feel that both character's personalities and motivations were deftly explored in such a way that you really understood what they felt and the actions they took.If I had one smallest wish, it would be that the ending wouldn't have come so quickly. I felt that there could have been a little more interaction between Tarak and Sabra once they came to the complete realization of what their relationship was. A more involved epilogue would have suited this story nicely.Overall, a great couple hours of mind vacation with two strong willed people who were great fun to observe as they fought the inevitable.I can only hope that there will be a follow up book as there were several other highly intriguing characters that I wouldn't mind seeing more of.

  • ceecee
    2019-02-07 11:52

    This is the first book I've read by Dawn Ryder and I've got to say, I'm addicted. I love the way each character is written in such a unique way. Each character's past is slowly revealed so that you slowly fall in love with them and share in their past pain.Out of Bound is the first book in the series and starts out fast and keeps on going throughout the book.Sabra meet's Tarak Nektosha when she's called on a last minute assignment on a late Saturday evening. The owner of her company is launching a new product and his team is stuck in a remote location unable to attend. She's asked to attend and assist in a photo op. Their mutual first reaction upon meeting is lust at first sight. He speaks his mind and while his words may seem at bit crass at first, it's the fact that he holds nothing back and speaks his mind that turns her on and attracts her to him even more.AT first she tries to deny the attraction and push him away, but as much as she rejects him he pushes back and tests her limits making her want him even more. She soon becomes addicted to everything about him. His voice is an aphrodisiac to her senses. His hands are of an artist on her body. She craves him in every way and it scares her. She tries to keep up a wall against him, but it soon becomes clear that she can't hold him out. She falls in love with him and it frightens her because of the wall he's created around his own heart. He holds back because of his own prior pain and loss and she doesn’t know if she can break it.

  • Limecello
    2019-02-11 07:42

    Sabra and Tarak - what names, yes?I liked that Sabra basically told Tarak to kiss her ass when he was being super heavy handed and presumptuous. He does go a bit stalkertastic - what with the reviewing her work phone ... I get it - he's her boss, they work in a highly sensitive field and security is !!!! but ... still. What makes it ~okay is that she calls him on it and yells at him. Thank you. The whole work thing ... and her going to Alaska - I'm not sure if I'm 100% on board with that, but I was *mostly* on board and willing to see how it panned out. The whole "ex" girlfriend parts were a bit too much IMO, but otherwise, I really enjoyed this book and I can totally see myself re-reading it.It's different from what the blurb hints at, I think, and really is focused on two people developing a relationship, and falling in love. And of course having a lot of hot nasty sex. ;)B+I liked this book enough that shortly after finishing it I found and read the next one

  • Debbie The Book Vixen
    2019-01-31 09:33

    First let me say I did not know what to expect when I started this book. I went into Barnes & Noble on Saturday looking for something new and edgy. I found it! Out of Bounds was AMAZING. I loved every single page of this book from the first page to the last. I love it when I find books and they grab me and don't let go. Tarek & Sabra ignited the pages. Yes he's is a domineering arrogant ass, but wait Sabra stands up to him and his challenges throughout the book. The sexual chemistry was HOT! I just don't know what else to say? You really need to add this book to your TBR. I actually bought it in paperback in case I ever get the chance to meet the author. This is a book I would pay the Kindle price for! Happy Reading from your favorite Book Vixen.

  • Helen Vilaranda
    2019-02-06 09:50

    For a book bought at the dollar store, it was pretty good. It's along the line of Fifty Shades of Grey. I will keep out for more books from this author.

  • Romancing the Book
    2019-01-23 13:27

    Reviewed by Amy WBook provided by NetGalleyOriginally posted at Romancing the BookWhen you take attraction and boil it down to its most primitive level, you get pure emotion. Strip away all the pretenses and social niceties and you will find Tarak Nektosha and Sabra Donovan’s story.Author Dawn Ryder sets the stage for an office romance in Out of Bounds. It’s not your typical scenario, though. Tarak may appear to be a civilized executive in a tailored suit, but underneath that finely polished exterior is a full-blooded Apache.Sabra may not have climbed very far up the corporate ladder, but the last thing she plans to do is sleep her way to the top. She didn’t plan for a jaw-dropping mutual attraction with the company’s owner.In this no-holds-barred erotic tale, Tarak and Sabra rewrite the rules of engagement. While the rich Alpha is a common character in the world of erotica, Ryder takes a different approach by matching him with a strong female. It is clear that Sabra is no simpering, clueless office groupie.This is definitely a book that is perfect for a weekend escape from the hum-drum of cubicle life. The heat factor, not to mention the couple’s stamina, is off the charts. What warm-blooded female would turn down a man like Tarak? If you are Sabra, you want to be more than just the flavor of the day.I would recommend some light editing to remove some pesky typos. Other than that, this is one book that lives up to the expectation of hot and spicy.

  • Kooky
    2019-02-16 07:51

    ARC from Netgalley in exchange for and honest review.Sabra works for a prestigious firm but in the lower ranks, even though her qualifications are superior to many she is working her way up. While on a break with her cheating soon to be ex boyfriend, she is contacted by work and told to represent the firm at a corporate party. She's not keen but has no choice. That is where she meets Tarak, the owner of the company. From this point on he tries to sleep with her but she refuses as she doesn't want her job affected. As you may have guessed, they do get together eventually.Tarak is not the type of Alpha Male leading man that excites me. I can't quite put my finger on what it is about him, but the confidence and arrogance in the usual alpha lead is more annoying in Tarak.The end of the book is rushed I feel with Tarak having an epiphany and happy ever after happening all within just a few pages.

  • Kari
    2019-02-06 05:54

    Out of Bounds is definitely a very hot and steamy novel. I did like the chemistry between Tarak and Sabra. Their struggle to fight their feelings because of their work relationship made the tension between them even more intriguing. I was hoping that they would have their HEA.The only thing I didn't like about the book was the attempted at a Dom/sub relationship. I felt like it was kind of a half attempt and was never fully developed. I think that the story would have been fine with out it. Tarak was a great alpha male and Sabra was a strong match for him. I felt like she was too strong willed to be a true sub.Despite that, I enjoyed this book and do recommend it. I hope that she will write Nartan and Celeste's book next!

  • Blanca
    2019-02-15 06:44

    Short read. Really a good book. The characters are Tarak Nektosha and Sabra Donovan. Tarak is a very sexy Apache Indian raised in Alaska and Sabra is a So Cal gal working for a company owned by Tarak. So far it is your typical boy meets girl love story. This author gives a few twists and turns that make this a really interesting and enjoyable read. Once they both admit to the strong sexual chemistry and start to work it the book is fricking hot. The whole sexual component is fighting against the the dom/sub theme and it works. I really am going to be looking forward to more books by Dawn Ryder. This is a stand alone read but it does introduce us into another couple that Tarak and Sabra are best friends with. I will be reading that book shortly.

  • Hecsania Michelle Michelle
    2019-01-25 08:40

    Really Hot! Love the hero in this book; Tarak is so alpha male ***shivers*** so possessive and domineering. Love this author's books. I've been reading her historical romance novels for a while now, written under the name of Mary Wine, and I absolutely love every one of them. She creates proud and strong female characters and savagely gentle heroes. I Haven't read one single of her books where I dislike any of them, and this was no different. Plus, this lady can write some steamy love scenes. I'm guessing there will be another book about Celeste and Nartan. Hope I'm correct. I'll be on the lookout for more, and will sure read it as soon as is out.

  • Jenna Harte
    2019-02-04 06:53

    Overall I enjoyed this book. I liked how Sabra didn't succumb to the lust immediately, as often happens in romance books with domineering men. And I like that she challenged Tarek, forcing him to meet her half-way. The love scenes were hot and there is a little bondage and spanking, but it's more of an aside, not a significant part of the book. I would have liked to have read a little more about Tarek's inner transformation in terms of seeing Sabra as a long term relationship, but overall, it was a fun, summer read.

  • Marianne
    2019-02-15 11:41

    Sabra wanted it all and wasn’t afraid to go for it. Juggling a career and a personal life can sometimes seem impossible, but for both Sabra and Tarak that impossibility became their reality. This was an enjoyable, quick read with tasteful romantic scenes and well written visual content capturing Alaska’s true beauty. Thank you to Goodreads and to Sourcebooks for listing this book for a giveaway.

  • Lynn
    2019-02-13 11:54

    Tarik is a self made billionaire. He liked controlled in he boardroom and the bedroom. Sabra Donovan was looking for a job that she could advance and grow. She when she got the call to show up at a launch party for products that her company was introducing she went. That's when she got her first glimpse of Tarak her boss.

  • Josephine
    2019-01-24 10:49

    I wasn't overly engaged by the premise or the characters. I found it hard to believe when the heroine saw her boyfriend with another woman and she was totally blase about it. Then she didn't know what her boss looked like, the boss of the world renowned company she wanted to work at.

  • Nicole Jade
    2019-01-18 05:26

    Not as BDSM fueled as you would be lead to believe.This was definitely a hot read but it didn't work 100% for me. I am however so happy that there were no extreme levels of angst.Also, musk will never be a sexy term. jsyk

  • Jackie
    2019-01-24 08:37

    I glad she was able to get to him. It's always hard to brake down walls especially when it's a man's wall.

  • Tribefan
    2019-02-16 07:51


  • Anna
    2019-01-17 08:39

    Nartan & Celeste, he is bestman she is maid of honor, for Tarak & Sabra...

  • Amy Collins
    2019-01-21 12:42

    Holy wow.....

  • Michelle
    2019-01-17 05:39


  • Amy
    2019-01-20 05:33

    Steamy and romantic, this is a great read. I hope there is going to be book #2

  • Robyn Prem
    2019-01-26 13:28

    Great read! I couldn't put it down.

  • Deelylah Mullin
    2019-02-16 13:44

    Full review 6/3/14 at