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Almost every couple faces a "now what?” moment as their last kid moves out of the house. There’s a big empty nest looming over this new and uncertain stage in their lives.David and Veronica James chose to look at this next phase of life as a beginning instead of an ending. Rather than staying put and facing the constant reminders of empty bedrooms and backseats, a plan begAlmost every couple faces a "now what?” moment as their last kid moves out of the house. There’s a big empty nest looming over this new and uncertain stage in their lives.David and Veronica James chose to look at this next phase of life as a beginning instead of an ending. Rather than staying put and facing the constant reminders of empty bedrooms and backseats, a plan began to develop to sell the nest and hit the highway. But could a homebody helicopter mom learn to let go of her heartstrings and house keys all at once?Filled with a sense of adventure and humor, Going Gypsy is the story of a life after raising kids that is a celebration of new experiences. Pulling the ripcord on the daily grind, David and Veronica throw caution to the wind, quit their jobs, put on their vagabond shoes, and go gypsy in a beat-up old RV found on eBay.On a journey of over ten thousand miles along the back roads of America (and a hysterical, error-infused side trip into Italy), they conquer old fears, see new sights, reestablish bonds with family and friends, and transform their relationships with their three grown children from parent-child to adult-to-adult. Most importantly, they rediscover in themselves the fun-loving youngsters who fell in love three decades prior....

Title : Going Gypsy: One Couple's Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All
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ISBN : 9781629147352
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Going Gypsy: One Couple's Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All Reviews

  • Jason Payne
    2019-04-12 15:19

    First, a disclaimer: Veronica and I were classmates in elementary and one year of junior high back in Van Nuys, California. Of course that was longer ago than I'm sure either of us care to remember.What to do when the kids are grown and have left the nest seems to bedevil a whole lot of parents. For most, it would seem, it means empty nest syndrome: a profound sense of loss and purposelessness when the last child leaves home. While not a clinical diagnosis, empty nest syndrome can lead to depression, alcoholism, marital strife. Even the Mayo Clinic recognizes the problem and offers advice to nip it in the bud.For David and Veronica James, the empty nest turned into an opportunity. Married for nearly thirty years and having raised three kids, this intrepid couple decided not to let the grass grow under their feet and decided to go gypsy, traveling the States and the world, living their lives to the fullest. They sell their house, get their son settled at college, then (after a trip/music tour in Sardinia and Italy) they jump into an e-bay purchased rv nicknamed BAMF (N.B.: slightly disappointed BAMF doesn't come from the noise Nightcrawler makes when he teleports his way across the X-Men universe, but whatever) and set their sights on exploring, adventure, and reconnecting with both friends & family as well as each other. Going Gypsy chronicles their adventures and much more, and it's a charming, witty, touching, and laugh-out-loud read. Written by both David and Veronica, often in alternating chapters or sections so we get both points-of-view on things, the style is loose and conversational, as if we're huddled in BAMF over a bottle of wine and they're simply telling their stories. They share a good deal of background information on themselves, their courtship and marriage, the births and lives of the kids (The Piglet, Decibel, and The Boy--read it, all will be explained!), and their lives in both the US and St. Croix. This is interspersed throughout the book, and always in a specific context that matches their present-day adventures. It's a bit of nifty craftsmanship and works to give the readers an open, honest look at this rather rad couple. There's much to admire and enjoy about Going Gypsy: whether it's a stream of "eating ass" jokes (trust me, it's not what you think), or Veronica veering between helicopter mommy and balls-out (ovaries-out?) adventurer, or David's affinity for all things weird and wonderful on the road (big ball of paint, anyone?), it's an enjoyable, candid & honest, and often sentimental (though never mawkish) read. I suspect that parents approaching the point of empty nest would do well to read Going Gypsy and heed the lessons of David and Veronica: life doesn't end when the kids fly the coop; rather, it begins again (or at least changes focus). That said, their story appeals to the singletons in the world as well: complacency begins at home, but it needn't be the case. Take the advice of the gypsynesters: if you can't quite suck out all the marrow of life, at least take a big chomp out of its Montana tendergroins.Going Gypsy by David & Veronica James. Very recommended reading for us all.

  • Lisa Carpenter
    2019-03-29 16:33

    I hope Veronica and David James have been practicing their autographs for I have no doubt they'll be scribbling their signatures a whole lot now that GOING GYPSY (from Skyhorse Publishing) officially publishes February 3. Those who read their blog will certainly want to read the book, as will any empty nester seriously considering following their gypsy example—and those simply dreaming of doing so.And doing so—cutting ties to a permanent residence—takes a very different sort. Or so I thought before reading GOING GYPSY. Funny thing is, GOING GYPSY, chapters written alternately by Veronica and David, shows they're actually very much like any average baby boomer couple whose kids have grown and flown. They aren't outlandish thrill-seekers or uninvolved parents who didn't give a hoot about their kids. Nor are they heirs to family fortune that afforded their desire for an unconventional lifestyle. Nope, David and Veronica are like most of us. They were committed to one another, to parenting, to raising responsible and caring kids. Unlike most of us, though, once the parenting was done, they chose a lifestyle filled with new experiences free of the entanglements of a traditional empty nest couple.GOING GYPSY, in fact, features far more about parenting and marriage than it does travel. You can get details about their travels on their blog. In their book, though, Veronica and David tell the story of how they first met and fell in love when David played in a band and Veronica became a groupie. They take turns telling bits and pieces of what took them from being newlyweds to raising kids as helicopter parents (at least in Veronica's case—which made me want to hug her for being so much like me) to saying farewell as each of their two daughters then son left for college.And, of course, they reveal the when and why and how they hatched their plan to leave the nest themselves. It wasn't as simple and straightforward as one might assume. Throughout the pages, Veronica and David weave nuggets of wit and wisdom related to parenting and partnership, revelations that resonate with readers who've been there, done that. And they reveal some of the more challenging aspects of getting rid of most of what they own, storing what's most important, taking along only the necessities for life on the road. And writing wills. The logistics of their choice to go gypsy.Then there's the emotions, feelings, fears. And there were a few fears—as well as tears. They also provide insight on being alongside one's partner 24/7 as well as far from one's adult kids throughout much of the year.I won't spoil GOING GYPSY for readers by providing details. Read and enjoy the book yourself and be as surprised as I was by how much Veronica and David are so very much like the rest of us. The big difference? The gypsynesters made their bucket list dream a reality—and provide inspiration for the rest of us to do the same, whatever our dreams might be.

  • Becky
    2019-04-11 18:40

    I met Veronica at the Women at Woodstock 2015 in New York. What a great story about a great adventure! Even though they are grownups with grown children, Veronica and David are still young at heart. You get a sense of who they were as youngsters getting married and then having children ... those two kids are still inside them today. It's a breath of fresh air to read that, even after all their years together, they still thrill in trying new things (overcoming fears, eating strange things) side by side. Although they might not categorize it this way, theirs is a beautiful love story. I can't wait to read their next book!

  • Betty
    2019-04-19 13:42

    A wonderful, enjoyable book for anyone! You don't have to be an empty nester or a full timer in an RV to relate to their tales but, if you are, you will get new ideas for your bucket list!

  • Suzanne Fluhr
    2019-04-17 14:19

    I have been enjoying Veronica and David James' Gypsynester blog for several years and was looking forward to the publication of this book. I was pleased to find that it is as well written and as entertaining as their blog. They effectively use the convention of alternately each writing in their own voice, from their own point of view."Going Gypsy" is more than a geographical travel narrative. It is also an "autobiography" of a couple. Perhaps because I've been following along on their travels in real time on their blog, I was intrigued to read about their back story as a couple----how an 18 year old Valley Girl (Veronica) took off with an itinerant musician (David) and turned out to be perhaps an improbable helicopter mother, struggling with letting go as each child left the nest, and how they carried through with their bold decision to divest themselves of their home and worldly possessions on Saint Croix to take to the road in an old RV named BAMF (Big Ass MoFo). They share how this course of action pushed Veronica way out of her comfort zone, as her idea of a big risk had become switching from a Blackberry to an IPhone, and they let us in on their adjustment to being together pretty much all the time and how they worked out their travel differences.I found "Going Gypsy" a very satisfying read.

  • Jill Miller
    2019-03-28 11:18

    I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway -- I am SO happy that I did!! Even though I don't have any children, I loved reading about this couple who not only flew from their nest, but kicked the nest out of the tree. Their adventures and the emotions that they go through are conveyed in an amusing, yet very real and conversational, way that makes the reader feel that they're truly along for the ride. This book is worth reading just to discover the names of their vehicles -- hilarious!! I plan to make my husband read this, too, because I think he'll really get a kick out the book. Thanks!

  • Pam Lopez
    2019-04-19 11:41

    What a fantastic little book! Veronica and David are like pioneers paving the way to live life even more fully after raising kids. As an almost empty nester, feelings of what to do now that my role of "helicopter parent" have come to an end can be bittersweet. Reading this book was like having a discussion with like-minded friends. Even if your goal isn't to sell the nest and go "gypsy," I recommend this book for anyone nearing the so called empty nest stage. I hope there is a sequel so we can find out what happened to BAMF!

  • Mary Anne Heffernan
    2019-04-03 11:20

    Loved it!This story brought back a lot of memories for me and gave me lots to think about. I raised two boys on my own and I am in the process of taking a leap of faith be starting my own business. Not as exciting as some of the adventures in the book but still a big step into the unknown. Loved the story!

  • Leo Knight
    2019-04-01 13:31

    When David and Veronica James send their third child off to college, they find themselves at loose ends. They had tried to prepare their children for a life of independence. They, and their kids, abhorred the idea of "boomerang children," adults returning to the parental nest. So, they decided to sell their home of many years, make a few changes to bring in regular income, and travel.They begin with a trip to Italy, where David, a musician, has a performing tour. Once back in the States, they purchase a used RV, which they name "BAMF," for "Big A** Mo Fo." They set out to visit distant friends and family. On the way, they make plenty of mistakes, visit as many weird roadside attractions as they can find, sample Rocky Mountain Oysters and other local delicacies, and grow closer as a couple. They take turns narrating their travels and misadventures. Both have a goofy sense of humor. They have funny little nicknames for things. For example, they call their children "The Spawn," the eldest daughter "The Piglet," the younger daughter "The Decibel," and their son "The Boy." David, having travelled for years as a musician, takes life on the road in stride. Veronica, a self-described "helicopter mom," having stayed at home raising The Spawn, has a greater challenge facing her anxieties.I found this at my local library. I'm quite glad I picked it up. I enjoyed their sense of fun and humor, but also their practicality and good sense. Their love for each other, and their family, fills this book.

  • Donna
    2019-03-28 14:18

    After their youngest child moves out and David and Veronica are faced with an empty nest, they consider the next stage of their lives. They decide on a plan of no plans. They decide to wander the globe. They sell their nest, buy a beat-up old RV, begin traveling across America and become Gypsy Nesters. Going Gypsy is their story. Although the book talks about a few of their stops along the way, it is not a travelogue. It is about how they came to this decision and the steps they took to create their new life. It is told with humour and heart. Chapters alternate between David and Veronica's voice. We learn about them, their relationship, and the backstory of their lives that led to this moment in time.It is a delight to get to know Veronica and David throughout the book. It will be easy for many of us to identify with their life experiences as they raise their family, the confusion about what to do next with their lives, fear of leaving one's comfort zone, and the angst of packing up all your life into 16 boxes. Their courage, sense of adventure, and love carry them through, along with a wonderful sense of humour.I think this book will resonate with anyone facing a new stage in life, whether it is an empty nest or something else, and whether or not the next step involves full-time travel or not. It is a satisfying and inspiring read.

  • Sharon
    2019-04-01 14:21

    I just LOVED this book! It was all about a couple and their life after the last child went off to college and they were now empty nesters. Instead of staying home, they decided to travel in an RV and become 'gypsies'. What fun adventures they had and how they dealt with no more kids at home was a great inspiration. They handled it gracefully and with adventure. All of the fun stuff they did because there were no kids traveling with them say, "how long until we get there?" and "why do we have to stop here?" Whenever they saw a sign for something new and interesting to check out they did and sometimes found more of an adventure then they thought, but it added to the adventure and memories. And it was all true, they had pictures in the back of the book. I sure hope when I am an empty nester to handle it as well and do a fraction of what this couple did. All throughout the story it had me laughing and I was sharing many of the chapters with my husband. A must read for soon to be or newly empty nesters.

  • Kirsten Marion
    2019-04-24 18:21

    I loved this rollicking memoir written by a couple determined to make a major life transition into a voyage of enlightenment and reconnection. What do a couple do when a life full to bursting with children and all their attendant joys, sorrows and mishaps becomes – Hey! What just happened here? Downsizing (well really no-sizing), cutting purse strings and heartstrings is all part of the grand plan to revel in rather than mourn being a couple again. David and Veronica share the telling of what happens next with wit, verve and a healthy dose of self-discovery. The external changes, while dramatic, are only a pale reflection of the internal shifts required to make the leap and sometimes the chasm seems almost too far to bridge. This is a fast-paced read that will have you laughing out loud while nodding your head and saying ‘oh yes, been there!’.

  • Terri Lynn
    2019-04-24 15:30

    I always enjoy reading travel books. In his nonfiction book, David and Veronica James discuss their life up to and including their empty nest adventures. Veronica was 18 and on her own, a California Valley Girl, when she met a beanpole road musician a few years older. They kept in touch while he was on the road then she went with him to Nashville, lived with him a while then they got married and had three kids- The Piglet, Decibel, and The Boy. She began working at home so to be a helicopter mother while David was on the road up to 360 days a year. Fast forward to later when The Boy is off to college. They sell their home so the kids have no nest to return to, refuse to give them any loans even if penniless after college, and buy an RV. They travel all over the USA and fly to places overseas. This book is their story.

  • Mariam Kobras
    2019-03-26 19:32

    If you're looking for a travel book–this ain't it. It's more than that. Yes, there is some travel, and there are some really nice photos, too.But Going Gypsy is mainly a book about growing up. It's about children growing up into responsible adults, and about parents growing into a kind of freedom they never thought they would have. Giving up a life that most of us would call *normal* David and Veronica embark on a road trip that takes them first across all over America and eventually all over the world. They give up the security of the well-known to face adventures most of us will always dream about, but never have the guts to follow.Four stars out of five because–for me–it's too short a book

  • Kate
    2019-04-21 16:39

    Going Gypsy is a delightful account of two "empty nesters" who are embracing the opportunity for adventure after their children became adults. We meet Veronica and David James, learn about their history together, tales of raising their three children, then join them in their motor home, BANF, to explore the U.S. This likable couple made me want to hear more of their stories - especially when the epilogue mentions further travels in Europe, Australia, and Asia. Veronica and David take turns telling their story and each voice, while distinct, balances nicely and smoothly with the other as they recount their adventures. A fun read, well-written. Looking forward to more from these two!

  • Shawnna
    2019-03-24 12:24

    The Davids, have really hit a home run with their stroll (mad dash) down memory lane. Using a backdrop of their extensive travels and a boundless supply of kid-isms, I was thoroughly entertained.Being an empty nester / World traveler, I found myself rooting for the home team of David and Veronica. It was so easy to like them and their family. Many uplifting moments. A few "shake my head" moments as well. The clever narration by these two intrepid voyagers will have you howling. The photos are a nice touch.I'm sure all readers will be hoping for a sequel as David and Veronica continue to rack up air miles and new adventures.

  • Carla
    2019-03-27 18:25

    This is one of the most delightful books I've read in a while. Although it's geared towards those of us whose children are grown and have already "left the nest," it would be excellent reading for anyone who is still in the child-rearing phase of life.David and Veronica James decided to sell everything after their last child was "launched" and began an adventure that you will enjoy as you travel with them.I highly recommend this book as a fun and informative read for everyone.

  • Sue
    2019-03-27 12:13

    This is a wonderful book for any parents who suddenly find themselves with an empty nest. David and Veronica tell a great story of the challenges and delights that come along when grown adults virtually start over again free of children, home and traditional jobs. Their sense of humor and love for each other come shining through in this delightful account of their journey to independent living and traveling the world.

  • Nancy
    2019-04-16 13:40

    I have been pondering selling everything and traveling now that I am about a year away from being an empty nester, so to find and read this little gem helped me to see the possibilities. I could really make it happen, maybe this next phase of life will be as fulfilling as being a mom to my little ones was.

  • Sharron
    2019-03-27 15:36

    * I received a free copy from Goodreads.This book arrived at my door the day my youngest left for school! It's a very quick read of one couple's adventure with no children left. They say straight out, it's not a guide for other people to follow. It was fun to live their experience through the book and it was really well done with the two voices.

  • Phyllis
    2019-04-09 17:42

    It was fun reading about a couple who has a lot in common with my husband and me. Among other things, we are empty nesters and owners of an 80s Chevy RV. I enjoyed reading about their adventures as a "nation of 2", and I liked the pictures at the end.

  • Patty Anker
    2019-04-11 14:43

    Full of heart, humor, and LIFE - Veronica and David's story will make you think about "what next?" in a whole new way.So inspiring to think that the best adventures (in our lives and in our relationships) are yet to come, if we're willing to get up and GO!

  • Michele Benchouk
    2019-04-17 16:15

    Very pertinent for me as my son goes off to college and as I plan another cross-country RV trip for next summer.

  • Ilene Harris
    2019-03-31 15:23

    Thank you for Going Gypsy, liked the book, thought it was funny.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-26 13:33

    Definitely a book that will appeal to current or soon-to-be empty nesters. Enjoyed it and now following them on social media so I can continue hearing about their adventures.

  • Rodney
    2019-04-04 17:37

    It was a very enjoyable read.

  • Heidi DuPree
    2019-03-26 17:26

    Superb storytelling of an inspiring example of what life can be like for empty nesters.

  • Kathy
    2019-04-14 11:16

    This book details the hilarious adventures of a new "empty nest" couple who decide to go forth and explore the country in an aged motor home. Both David and Veronica James take turns telling the story and both are clever, funny and quick-witted. It's just a plain fun summer read and you are guaranteed to find yourself laughing out loud regularly!

  • Kathy Heare Watts
    2019-04-14 13:41

    I won a copy of this book during a Goodreads giveaway. I am under no obligation to leave a review or rating and do so voluntarily. So that others may also enjoy this book, I am paying it forward by donating it a local library.

  • Kim Shrewsbury
    2019-04-12 14:24

    Fantastic story of a couple who sold it all and went gypsy after their children left home! I follow them on social sites.