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Undoubtedly, France remains the stronghold of gastronomy. No other country in the world can boast such an immense wealth of specialties. No other country has anything remotely comparable its network of sophisticated restaurants, where thousands of chefs cherish the tradition of great cooking and show remarkable creativity in continually trying to create new delights. No otUndoubtedly, France remains the stronghold of gastronomy. No other country in the world can boast such an immense wealth of specialties. No other country has anything remotely comparable its network of sophisticated restaurants, where thousands of chefs cherish the tradition of great cooking and show remarkable creativity in continually trying to create new delights. No other country produces so many different excellent wines. Experts from the "métiers de bouche" together with first-class chefs have helped to sketch out a new and up-to-date portrait of this gourmet nation which will be richly rewarding to everyone, whether they prefer to enjoy their favorite dishes on the spot in France or cook them in their own kitchen. Or perhaps they will simply be enchanted in a completely new way by the enormous variety of magnificent photographs and tempting recipes, together with the knowledgeable text describing Frances' cuisine and what lies behind it....

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Culinaria France Reviews

  • Steven Peterson
    2019-02-15 11:21

    This is one volume in a series on national cuisine. But the books are actually more than that. They also tell us some about the culture; there are some very nice photos throughout. The author, at the outset, notes that, since the volume covers a country with many different foods, "Even a comprehensive book like this one cannot do justice to them all." He observes that the intent, then, is "focused on certain selected products which will highlight the flair, expertise, and skill of famous and less well-known chefs and cooks who have created such masterpieces." The various areas of France receive, in turn, coverage--from Paris, to Alsace-Lorraine to Normandy and Brittany to the Loire Valley to Burgundy and so on. There's too much territory to cover in one review, so I'll just sample a couple examples. For one, Paris. There are some nice essays on the markets, on breads, coffee, and the wonderful pastries. There is also a discussion of the different types of eateries, from the restaurant to the brasserie to the cafe. And the "chapter" finishes with a neat discussion of cheeses. However, the recipes are central to me, nested within the larger context of the particular region. Even though there aren't a great number of these, they do provide some "tools" for a person wanting to prepare a meal in the French style. For lunches, one can never go wrong with Croque Monsieur, a kind of grilled cheese sandwich with a slice of ham. I've made it for many a party as an appetizer, and one can hardly ever go wrong with it. The instructions for making this dish are concise and clear. Then, Parisian Potato and Leek soup. Yummy! The other region I'll look at: Burgundy. One recipe focuses on Quenelles, an absolutely delicious dish. Pastry and pike (the fish) come together; poach the product and enjoy! Another recipe is Escargot (snails). Looking at the instructions convinces me that there is too much work for me to want to make this! But if one desires this dish, the recipe looks good to me. So, this is a nice cookbook, but the recipes are only a part of the larger whole. If you want a myriad recipes, this isn't really for you. By reading this volume, you come into contact with the larger context within which specific regional food specialties exist. And that makes this a terrific volume!

  • Alain Harvey
    2019-02-08 08:20

    This isn't a cook book as we know it - it's more than that. Culinaria has created a whole series, so you can find not only France, but other countries like Spain, Greece, Russia, Canada, Italy etc. ... It's a book about a specific country, but looking at it from the "kitchen's" point of view ;) Culinaria tells a story, a story of how each region of given country was 'created' by it's food. How life is still surrounded by local produce, regional traditional cuisine and it's people - people with, sometimes disappearing, professions in food industry.Culinaria France is my personal favorite (I have few other books from this series). It takes you on a journey throughout all of the French regions and its special dishes. In Normandy and Brittany we have Calvados, Galettes and Andouille de Vire. In Provence and Cote D'Azur we have Pastis, Truffles and Calissons D'Aix. Author didn't forget about Corsica either, with its famous fish dishes, local spirits and brocciu. There's also a whole chapter devoted to Paris - famous Parisian breakfast, coffee, patisserie and Paris' grand hotels.If you're a wine lover you'll find a detailed information about wine in each region, its specific taste, history and today's vineyards. And of course what goes well with the wine - cheese, on which you will learn a lot - again, throughout a journey from one region to another. All together there are somewhere around 400 French cheeses, so there's lot to learn and eat!As it is a book about food, there are some recipes accompanied by beautiful photos. It's not a cookbook as such, so if you're looking for a bare collection of recipes - it's not a book for you. This is more of a tale, an introduction to a world of French food.If you're passionate about a particular country or region of the world, Culinaria books are a perfect start to learn about that country's cuisine. Culinaria books also make a wonderful present for the passionate foodie/traveller in your life.

  • Evin
    2019-01-28 15:21

    This book transports me back to my aunt's kitchen in France! The details are astounding in each section. Photographs of foods with description of use make this the most thorough book I've found that also offers beautiful artwork. I've only found similarly wonderful books in France so I relish using this one. Each recipe is complete and considers the reader by including the ingredient amounts in grams AND in American measurements (ounces, pounds). Furthermore, the book is divided by region so you can learn about the special foods in Normandy and Bretagne before a trip or for a special theme meal. Then read about the Loire Valley to learn about wines and other amazing food factoids. This is really a fun, entertaining, and informative book about France and its cuisine. Just reading this book makes me hunger for classic French cooking and inspires me to create delicious meals with its encouragement. I recommend this book for anyone who loves French cuisine or who aspires to learning about the regions of France and each's speciality.

  • Cheri
    2019-02-15 12:17

    This is my favorite set of cookbooks. These are like travel guides. Each region is carefully explained, and the food that region is known for is detailed. The pictures are exquisite. The books are so heavy that I have to get them down off the shelf for my mom and put her at the dining room table (as she's too little to hold these in her lap)! I have not made many of the recipes out of them, but I have made some breads, soups, and coq au vin out of France. Each one turned out very well, although I would not say any of the recipes were exquisite. I have much better places for recipes. These are places for ideas. For looking at food and being consumed with the culture behind it.

  • Anula
    2019-01-18 08:56

    As it is a book about food, there are some recipes, followed by beautiful photos, but not a lot of them. This is more of a tale, introduction to a world of French food. See my full review here

  • Benjamin Chandler
    2019-01-25 09:08

    Incredibly informative—especially when it comes to French wines and cheeses—but the design of the book prevents me from giving it a 4-star rating. Each of the Culinaria books seems to follow a different layout, and this one was my least favorite.

  • Jennifer
    2019-01-18 12:01

    French gastronomy porn.

  • Kathy Peveler
    2019-02-08 14:02

    This is a great book but careful, it will make you hungry!

  • Ginny
    2019-02-09 11:14

    Wow. Food porn..just fascinating.

  • Thecajungirl
    2019-01-27 13:08

    I have three Culinaria books: France, Germany and Hungary. I have read them all several times. I Simply love them.