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Based on the screenplay by Melissa Mathison.What do you do when you're lost, millions of miles from home, surrounded by frightening creatures?You do what the Old Botanist did when he was accidentally left behind on Earth. First you find a friend...Filmaker STEVEN SPIELBERG and novelist WILLIAM KOTZWINKLE together create a magical story about two unforgettable friends: a geBased on the screenplay by Melissa Mathison.What do you do when you're lost, millions of miles from home, surrounded by frightening creatures?You do what the Old Botanist did when he was accidentally left behind on Earth. First you find a friend...Filmaker STEVEN SPIELBERG and novelist WILLIAM KOTZWINKLE together create a magical story about two unforgettable friends: a gentle being from another world who is stranded on Earth, hunted, afraid and alone....and a ten-year-old boy who finds him and takes him home.--from back cover of paperback version...

Title : E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in His Adventure on Earth
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ISBN : 9780425054536
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 246 Pages
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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in His Adventure on Earth Reviews

  • Rebecca McNutt
    2019-01-31 02:00

    I think everyone already knows this story, anyone who grew up in the Eighties onward knows the film about the friendship between a boy and an alien, and it's still great in a book format as well. :)

  • Tonkica
    2019-01-25 02:55

    Svi oni osjećaji koje je pružio film, ovdje se nisu uspjeli iskazati. :(No, svejedno, E.T. je i dalje predivna priča o posebnom prijateljstvu, vjernosti i ljubavi koju preporučam svima! (ovaj put u filmskom izdanju!)

  • Craig
    2019-01-22 00:00

    Really enjoyed this! Didn't think I would as much because I've seen the film a million times so the story is ingrained but this book's interpretation of the story makes it different in certain ways. The way it was written was amusing, maybe it's just my sense of humour but descriptions of E.T. rolling along the floor like a pumpkin, speaking to the vegetables, lusting after Elliott's mother, taking pride in his big belly, there's way too many to list. Certainly recommended for fans of the movie!

  • Linda Todd
    2019-02-12 03:02

    Read this book to kids at night for bed time story and they liked it that much they want me to read it again next week

  • furious
    2019-02-08 03:52

    when this book turned up at the store one day, a couple things struck me: a) i don't remember ANYTHING about the movie ET. i think i saw it one time when i was a little kid, back when it came out. but unlike most other people on Earth, i didn't go apeshit for it or anything. so it doesn't exactly hold a place in my heart, is what i'm saying. or in my memory. b) the novelization is written by William Kotzwinkle. that dude is awesome. i mean, i've never read anything he has written, but his dust jacket photo is GREAT. he has a big long beard & he wears a monocle. a monocle! and this particular copy is even signed by him. bonus! plus, it's a mass market paperback, so i can stick it in my back pocket when i walk up to Tiananmen Square on my lunch break to hump the air wizard. so i decided to read it & get another artist's take on the whole affair, then watch the movie & see which one i like better. i'm only like 40 pages in & i am already betting on Kotzwinkle...UPDATE: okay, i'm done & wow, i am really guessing that there is no way Spielberg's flick is as good as this little book. i was really impressed. i just generally assume that novelizations of kids movies (or of comics, for that matter) are hacky cash grabs. but this was quite well-written & very entertaining. they should make a new movie that is actually based on this version of the story, complete with psychedelic cosmic consciousness effects & DMT references...

  • Stephanie
    2019-02-10 07:06

    There is so many problems with this book, where to start?emotional abuse, weird subplot with the mother/E.T., sexism, things worded in a way towards E.T. that didn't quite sit right with me, whatever else I may have mentioned during reading..It wasn't *all* bad. I did enjoy *most* of E.T.'s thoughts and the funny nonsense in the book. And from what I heard this book is very different than the movie, so i'm a still watch that and see how it compares :)More of a review on my Book blog Here

  • Michael Bates
    2019-02-14 02:55

    Plot-4 StarsCharacters-3.5 StarsSetting-3 StarsE.T. Your a wizard! Ok you would be in some other books. 10 million years old, can heat up his finger to very high temperatures, make people fly with a symbol drawn in air, and talk to plants. Yep a wizard. Couple parts that kinda threw me off was the Mom. While the kids were playing D n D she would make a comment in her mind after every sentence they made. And then E.T. having a crush on her. What was the thinking behind that? You are that old and meet the first woman and fall for her? Really?Overall it's not a bad book nor a great book to me. I personally would have liked to see a little more of the ship and alien race that is E.T.

  • Jessica
    2019-02-11 04:12

    What did I just read with mine own eyes? Unlike the Poltergeist novelization, this one certainly added things to the movie. The first few chapters from ET's POV were so endearing. Just the little ancient botanist, talking to vegetables. After that, everything was just strange and funny and what?I did not expect ET to get body dysphoria. I did not expect him to be so in love with the mother. I did not expect the dog to have a POV as well. I did not expect the principal and biology teacher at Elliott's school to start taking drugs.The moms POV was so bizarre, I can't even tell if it was sexist or not.I have to watch the movie again, with this new information.

  • Kathleen
    2019-01-22 00:59

    Although it's incredibly nerdy, this book has to be my all time favorite. The book has so much depth and intimacy, what a classic, treasure of a book. It makes my heart warm and fuzzy!

  • Setare_dhqani
    2019-02-11 04:57

    اولین کتاب تخیلی بود که خوندم و فکر کنم شانس اوردم که کتاب به این قوی به تورم خورد و در حدی قشنگ و قوی توصیف کردع که هر لحظه احساس میکردم همه ی کلمه ها و جمله ها روح دارن و ممکنِ همین الان یه آدم فضایی از گنجه ی اتاق یا زیر تخت یا پشت پنجرع ببینم :))))))))))))

  • Sherri
    2019-02-06 22:55

    Really??? All these raving reviews, yet to me it sucked. Give me the movie, (which inspired the book by the way) any day.

  • Barbi Faye (The Book Fae)
    2019-02-14 01:01

    Once upon a time, there was a twelve year old girl, and she went to see a movie, about a ten year old boy and his discovery and adventures with a kindly, big-hearted extra terrestrial that he nicknamed ET. Cue: the little alien's almost-death scene; waterfalls of tears! I had never cried so much at a movie before! Pop culture was never the same again after that summer in 1982. I was already a voracious reader at twelve years old; so naturally I read this as soon as it came out. I loved the movie and the book!What people may not know though is co-author Melissa Mathison, who also wrote the screenplay, but, more famously, she was HARRISON FORD's WIFE at that time!!! Woot! That's the best catch in the galaxy, girl!!!

  • Serena
    2019-02-09 03:46

    Empiezo con decir que no es de mis historias favoritas desde siempre. De chiquita le tenía miedo y, la vez que pude ver la película entera sin largarme a llorar, no me gustó para nada. Así que hace unos días decidí darle una oportunidad al libro.En ningún momento me dejó a la expectativa, deseando seguir con el capítulo siguiente porque el actual había quedado en suspenso. Nunca deseé decir "un capítulo más" y quedarme leyendo hasta tarde. Un montón de libros me dieron esa sensación, pero este no fue uno de ellos.Pero lo que sí vi buenísimo fue el desarrollo y el avance del pensamiento de E.T., aprendiendo a pensar como un humano, encerrándose con el Habla-Escribe y aprendiendo a hablar y a entender el idioma gracias a Gertie, su relación con Elliott (y cómo va creciendo mediante la conexión telepática, hasta el punto de enfermarse ambos con la misma gravedad), su admiración de alguna manera hacia Mary y, cómo no, su amor por los M&M. El hecho de que llegue un punto en el que se siente feo porque ya aprendió a ver todo con los parámetros de la Tierra dice mucho de él y de su capacidad de adaptación.Michael también es un buen personaje, aunque tenga arranques extraños de "tenemos que entregar a este bicho". Se nota el cariño que le tiene a E.T y, aún más, lo mucho que le importa Elliott.En conclusión, no es un mal libro pero tampoco es excelente. Las tres estrellas se las tiene merecidas.

  • Haruna Saka
    2019-02-05 02:13

    -Penguin Readers, Level2-Time; 10/16=20min, 10/17=56min, 10/18=12min-7words summary; spaceship, extra-terrestrial, hide, closet, scientists, bike, return -Discussion questions1.If extra-terrestrial appeared in front of you, what would you do? A. In my case, I'd escape from ET, because I'd be afraid of any kinds of alien... Even if ET isn't an afraid alien, I'd not help like Elliott. He is so kind! 2. Have you ever watched the movie, "E.T."? And, have you ever ridden on an attraction of E.T. In USJ?A. I have never watched this movie... So, before I read this book, I didn't know this story in detail. (I've heard the name.) But, I've ridden on the attraction of E.T.!!I was really moved by Elliott, Michael, and E.T. Especially, Elliott was so brave though he was only 5 years old!!! I could learn an importance of friendship.

  • Soumiya
    2019-02-21 02:45

    C'est un livre plein de décor, ce qui permet au lecteur de s'évader dans son imagination. Quand j'ai vu l'adaptation cinématographique de ce livre, j'ai retrouvé certains endroits tel que je les avais imaginés, c'était vraiment fantastique.

  • Davide
    2019-02-15 03:01

    Eliott, un ragazzino californiano di dieci anni, mentre gioca nel giardino di casa si imbatte in un piccolo extraterrestre, rimasto abbandonato da un'astronave durante una spedizione sulla terra. Lo strano personaggio verrà chiamato E.T. e susciterà le fantasie dei ragazzi.

  • Kandice
    2019-02-09 04:52

    This book is just as heartwrenching as the movie! I know it's an adaptation of themovie, not the other way around, but I always get more out of the written word than I do images on a screen.

  • SBF
    2019-02-06 00:47

    I've read good novelizations and bad novelizations, and this one goes into the category of terrible novelizations. While novelizations often include scenes and even subplots that end up cut from the final film due to the author writing from the screenplay rather than the final cut, this one seemed to be made up almost whole cloth from the author's imagination. Frankly, I prefer Spielberg and Mathison's imaginations. E.T. has a strange one-sided relationship with the kids' mother that verges on disturbing, he seems to dislike the kids, even his relationship with Elliott doesn't come through like it should. There's a character named Lance who isn't in the movie (maybe he was cut?), and there's so much stuff with Mary (the mother) that makes her a horrible character. I have never liked her in the movie, but she's not as awful as portrayed here: she's such a middle-aged divorcee stereotype it's offensive (even for the time this book was written!). Also, the novelization portrays E.T. as an old being, but I have always thought of him as a young character. He gets left behind because he's curious and goes too far away from the ship, to look at the city below. An older, experienced character wouldn't do that. Some novelizations add more detail and make a richer story while still keeping true to what we see on screen (see Wayland Drew's novelization of "Willow" for a great example). This one does not.

  • James
    2019-02-05 01:59

    She stretched her legs out and sighed. If only Mr. Right would come along with his own Visa card. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine him.But she kept getting the image of someone no bigger than an umbrella stand, waddling toward her with a candy bar.This is really one of the best movie novelizations I've ever read. It's also a retelling of the E.T. story that focuses primarily on a romantic subplot between E.T. and Elliott's mom. It doesn't have to make sense. It just works.It also goes a lot deeper into Dungeons & Dragons than the movie did, which is a lot of fun if you're a nerd.“I run down the road. They’re after me. Just when they’re about to get me and they’re really mad, I throw down my portable hole . . .”Portable hole?Mary leaned off the edge of the bed to hear some more about that one. It sounded faintly obscene.“I climb in and pull the lid closed. Presto. Disappeared into thin air.”If only I had one, she thought. To climb into about four thirty every day.

  • Halvor (Raknes)
    2019-02-14 01:44

    Since I read the accompanying novel for the first Star Wars movie back in the days, and when I was in my early teens, I figured I might take a shot at this novelization of the E.T. movie. Although I'm just a little bit older now… Well, for the first several chapters I was charmed by the mother's die-hard cynicism to the extent of simply bizarre (wondering whether all her children, including the 5-year old daughter) are secretly taking illegal drugs). Her inner monologue clearly added to a story which I'm afraid might otherwise have been just a bit too lean for my taste.A comment on the Norwegian translation:Christmas crackers betyr ikke «visdomsord i pepperkaker», men knallbongbonger. Nesten unnskyldelig ettersom ordet ikke er å finne i noen av de engelsk-norsk ordbøkene jeg har hjemme, men dog…

  • Vicky Wils
    2019-02-02 05:49

    This book was awesome. It was so well written I could've read it in one go (if I would've had the time). Everyone knows the movie and it is very close to the book but it is still worth to read. So if you can get your hands on it, get it.

  • Keshia Marie
    2019-02-06 03:51

    “E.T. phone home.”

  • Debra
    2019-02-17 05:50

    Delightful, like the movie. Goes more into detail about about creating the device to "phone home" and the connection between E. T. and Elliot.

  • Lamar
    2019-01-31 23:55

    Great book, great movie!

  • Sarah
    2019-02-06 23:54

    It was so much fun reading this with my girly.

  • Maca_DVD
    2019-02-19 23:09

    me encanta E.T

  • Thom Swennes
    2019-02-09 22:43

    E. T. is ageless. Not only this fascinating story of what could be, but also the creature abandoned in our strange (and for him) wonderful world. He has lived for millennia making him, even among his species, old. Curiosity may kill cats but aliens are just left behind. As a group of intergalactic botanists, the blue planet of earth, with its immense diversity in vegetation, remained a favorite stomping ground and was visited regularly; their mission is to save the diverse species of plant life before it is destroyed by the humans that live blindly in this land of plenty. Drawn to the lights of a nearby residential area, E. T. ignores the first recall signs, set in his mission to explore these strange creatures among the trees. Overestimating his speed and underestimating the distance and need to flee, he is too late to return to the mother-ship and he is abandoned and left to his own devices.Through hap and circumstance, a friendly liaison is formed with an earthling, Elliot, and his family. So begins his precarious tender on earth as he awaits the rescue that must surely come.Hollywood has much to be thankful for in regards to authors and their literary endeavors. A myriad of blockbuster masterpieces can be attributed to the film adaptations of novels and short stories into film. This book, however, is different. E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial, in his adventures on earth, is based on a screenplay by Melissa Mathison. Putting the classic movie into print affords an insight into the minds of the characters that isn’t possible on film. The reader can look at everything from different perspectives. I was especially impressed and amused by the thoughts and actions of Harvey, the family’s curious and insatiably hungry dog. Just by adding a few details this story effectively stimulates the imagination to new heights. Even though the story stays close to the original screenplay, adds important insight into both E. T. and the family that helped him to go home; it certainly didn’t detract from the Steven Spielberg classic. I liked it……

  • B. Jay
    2019-01-28 05:10

    80's movie novelizations are a genre unto themselves. The ET novel fits the mold perfectly- thin and discounted as a true piece of writing, these novelizations were intended to collect a piece of coin from fans and feed the greater monetization of pop culture that Lucas had demonstrated a few years earlier. Like many of these small re-writes of the original script, ET exceeds the expectations. Kotzwinkle makes the bold move of writing the novel from the perspective of the Old Botanist. From this angle, Elliott and his dysfunctional eighties suburban family are the true aliens, and the vegetable garden is the whispering compatriot of a stranded traveler.A 246 page adaptation can only earn so many stars in my reviews, but I highly recommend ET for young readers who love the film and can't get enough, or those of us who recall the movie only foggily and would enjoy an original and well-written retelling.

  • Sami
    2019-02-08 22:47

    I re-watched the movie after quite a few years away from it and decided to reread the novel (it's my second time through). I forgot how much different this is from the movie! I got through this book pretty quickly and I had a mixed reaction to it this time. There was a bit of the book I liked, then quite a bit I didn't. For example, the plot with E.T having an infatuation with Mary, the mother. What the flip is that? It made no sense to me and was a bit of an absurd subplot. Anyway, this time it was eh to say the least. One thing I did like however, was the beginning descriptions of the aliens. That made sense. So, to make this short, I prefer the film version. It makes more sense then most of this book. I know some won't agree, but I will do a video review on my thoughts on this book and all that.

  • Yumi Matsue
    2019-01-31 05:09

    I have ever watched this movie many times, But I had known many new things in this book.So far , I hadn't known about ET completely.Especially, I didn't know how he learn the words of earth.Using computer, He could learn the words of earth.And He could contact to his friends.If I were Elliott, I wouldn't get along with ET.Because I think that I would afraid ET.So I think Elliott is very kind person.Because He could be friend of ET.First time I think he was suprised at ET.As day go, ET and He became good friends.So last scene was sad.But I love this scene.Because ET could go back to home.So I love this story.And I could read the level of this book easily .Because There are little words which I don't know.And I could enjoy this book.So I want to read this level's book.And I'll watch ET of movie.