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Many believers accept traditional Christian sexual morality but have very little idea why it matters for the Christian life. In Faithful, author Beth Felker Jones sketches a theology of sexuality that demonstrates sex is not about legalistic morals with no basis in reality but rather about the God who is faithful to us.In Hosea 2:19-20 God says to Israel, I will take you fMany believers accept traditional Christian sexual morality but have very little idea why it matters for the Christian life. In Faithful, author Beth Felker Jones sketches a theology of sexuality that demonstrates sex is not about legalistic morals with no basis in reality but rather about the God who is faithful to us.In Hosea 2:19-20 God says to Israel, I will take you for my wife forever; I will take you for my wife in righteousness and in justice, in steadfast love, and in mercy. I will take you for my wife in faithfulness; and you shall know the Lord. This short book explores the goodness of sexuality as created and redeemed, and it suggests ways to navigate the difficulties of living in a world in which sexuality, like everything else, suffers the effects of the fall.As part of Zondervan s Ordinary Theology series, Faithful takes a deeper look at a subject Christians talk about often but not always thoughtfully. This short, insightful reflection explores the deeper significance of the body and sexuality."...

Title : Faithful: A Theology of Sex
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Faithful: A Theology of Sex Reviews

  • Timothy
    2019-01-31 16:59

    This book reflects the rigorous thought life of a gifted theologian who can communicate in a way anyone can understand. Beyond the oppositional categories which characterize contemporary discussions of sexuality, Jones lifts the conversation out of the trenches and transcends sexuality-as-act approaches by raising larger concepts: truth, goodness, and beauty. Highly conversant with contemporary pop culture, the author utilizes a number of readable references to bring the material to life in creative ways - a perfect book for study groups, leaders and interested persons from all walks.

  • Michael W.
    2019-02-10 19:07

    This 112 page paperback is a short, sweet, mildly sassy little thing. Beth Felker Jones, professor of Theology at Wheaton College, has compiled a handy set of chapters in "Faithful: A Theology of Sex". It's an easy-to-read dossier that takes on sex, both our birth sex and procreative sex, and is mature, unencumbered, and comprehensible.The working premise of "Faithful" is that sex "has to do with who God really is and who we really are" (13); that sex "matters to God because bodies matter to God, because God created our bodies and has good plans for us as embodied people" (18). This means, according to Jones, that the "Christian faith is profoundly for the body and for the joys of the bodily life" (22). The author hammers out the implications of her thesis, walking the reader through celibate singleness, faithful marriedness, and the goodness of sexual differentiation between male and female.Simultaneously, "Faithful" pushes against the commodification and cheapening of bodies and sex. As Jones asserts, if our "bodies don't really mean anything, then we will act as though we can assign them meaning at random" (15). The author exposes the demeaning direction of elitist and Gnostic trends in society, and among Christians, that deny the goodness of male bodies and the goodness of female bodies. When Gnosticism prevails "the result has been bad for female bodies, for girls and women" because "Gnostics see female bodies - far more than male ones - as the special problem that redemption needs to get rid of" (33). Jones further delves perceptively into sex gone wrong in what she calls "pornication" (43-50).In the end, "Faithful" is a useful manual. On the one hand it lays bare the "sexual orthodoxy of our fallen world" that "wants to create a body that is something to be consumed." On the other hand it beautifully presents Christian sexuality as that which "recognizes that the body is meant to be a witness. Sex is a witness to what God does in our lives, a witness to the God who is faithful and keeps promises" (104). If you're thinking about biology and bodies and maleness and femaleness, then this is a good book. I happily recommend it.

  • Zach Waldis
    2019-02-13 17:13

    Beth Felker Jones teaches at Wheaton College and focuses on women's studies. You couldn't have said that years ago about Wheaton, but it's a great thing. This book is theology at its best: pastoral, Biblical, succinct. She doesn't touch the current debate over LGBT sexual ethics, but traditional and Biblical values are assumed. This book is accessible enough for lay people and has enough meat to satisfy the serious theologian. It's a great resource, highly recommended.

  • Tom Lambrecht
    2019-02-12 17:55

    A great book of the basic theology behind sex. A very positive approach to understanding how sex fits into God’s overall plan for people. Excellent study resource for lay persons and small groups. Good for young adults, as well.

  • Anna Josephine
    2019-02-11 18:54

    Basically this book was amazing. So smart, so articulate, so faithful to the text and the nature of reality. So many things I had heard and thought "yes!" but all together. And really interesting contemporary + historical examples.

  • Kristen
    2019-02-10 15:14

    A short but thorough book addressing the theology of sex that is very appropriate for married and single Christians. As our culture tends to warp views of sex, this is a helpful recalibration.

  • Susanna
    2019-02-18 11:53

    A book on a balanced biblical sexual ethic that speaks freedom and joy over those who have swallowed the typical "purity is your greatest treasure" rhetoric. Engagingly written and theologically rich. I'd recommend for anyone, either married or single.

  • Karen Ottjes
    2019-01-31 18:50

    This book is a clear, easy-to-understand theology of sex that is accessible to ordinary persons without seminary training. It is a short, well-written book.

  • Edmond
    2019-02-20 15:59

    In the past 60 days I was on a mission to find great theology books that are accessible to laypeople. I wanted a book that is not obscured by academic and abstract jargon. I wanted a book that is devoted to helping the reader and not waste time arguing ideas by dead theologians. The search proved to be more difficult than I anticipated, but the books I found proved hidden gems. Faithful: Theology of Sex was one of the treasures I found.It took the statement by the Ordinary Theology Editor, Gene L. Greene to win me over. But it took the grace and wisdom of Beth Felker Jones for me to sleep at 4 am binge reading Faithful. I couldn't put away my phone, I couldn't stop talking about it. And I believe both single and married people should read the book.Why do I say that? Most of us we have a wrong belief about sex. I thought sex was meant for me and my wife to enjoy. Jones showed me it is much glorious than an act I perform behind closed doors with my wife. Sex is for God. Beginning from this position Jones goes on to show how our sexuality and marriage status can glorify God.My favorite part of the book (please note, my kindle copy is all blue and orange, I almost highlighted everything she said) is when she showed the church shouldn't make marriage an award for faithfulness and singleness a sign of unfaithfulness. In this hypersexualized generation, Faithful should be on everyone's to read list.You can find my journey on reading theology books accessible to ordinary people like me here: 10 Christian Theology Books That Will Make You Know God More -

  • Tanner Cooper-Risser
    2019-01-25 17:50

    I absolutely loved this book. I felt it was an easy read that showed the goodness of sex within marriage, the importance of singleness within the church, and combatted against unhealthy perceptions of sex that are often taught in churches. One quote I loved said, " If you’re single, don’t wait around for your body to mean something, as if the real good of being embodied can only happen in the married life. There’s kingdom work to be done, basketball to be played, art to be made, friendships to cultivate, and a big world full of people desperate for an embodied witness to Jesus Christ. Married or single, the body is one hundred percent for the Lord." Can I get an Amen?

  • Rob Petersen
    2019-02-18 19:01

    A concise theology of sex, Faithful exposes the purpose behind God's embodiment of mankind-to witness to who he is through covenant marriage or celibate singleness. Felker reveals the error behind much of the thinking about sexuality both in the culture and in the church.

  • Darcee Kraus
    2019-01-28 13:53

    I won this novel in the First Reads giveaway! I found that although I did not always agree with Beth Jones' claims, I found this theology to provide solid points concerning sex and marriage.

  • Brooks Robinson
    2019-02-19 18:02

    The book is miles ahead of the rubbish masquerading as Christian relationship books. Start here instead of the "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" garbage.

  • John Lussier
    2019-02-03 17:10

    Jones attempts to ground the Christian sexual ethic within a larger story. Overall she does well.

  • Alecia
    2019-02-09 15:12

    Incredible, simply incredible. Should be required reading for every person ever!

  • Karen
    2019-02-07 13:02

    Solid argument for male/female sexual relations and marriage.