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Anna's boyfriend Seb is impossibly handsome, impossibly rich and generally just impossible. When eventually he dumps her, she vows to give up men and throw herself into her career. Which is how she ends up working for Cassandra. The social climber from hell, Cassandra has a huge house in Kensington, a philandering rock star husband and the spawn of Satan for a son. So whenAnna's boyfriend Seb is impossibly handsome, impossibly rich and generally just impossible. When eventually he dumps her, she vows to give up men and throw herself into her career. Which is how she ends up working for Cassandra. The social climber from hell, Cassandra has a huge house in Kensington, a philandering rock star husband and the spawn of Satan for a son. So when desperate-to-escape Anna meets dashing Jamie, charming heir to a castle in Scotland, she can't believe her luck. And she probably shouldn't......

Title : Bad Heir Day
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Bad Heir Day Reviews

  • Anna
    2019-01-22 18:31

    The only thing I can't figure out is why I kept reading to the end. Painful.

  • Jennie
    2019-01-21 16:51

    I picked this up because I desperately needed something fluffy to keep from thinking for a couple of days. This met that requirement, anyway: it's definitely the kind of nonsense that leads to dropping a few IQ points.Don't get me wrong: there's nothing wrong with fluff and some can be quite fun to read. This just wasn't one of those: I found the main character to be an insipid, mousy doormat with no "sparkle" and the secondary characters all rather hateful in a cartoonish way (too-skinny drunken social-climbing harridan; evil spoiled child from hell; philandering rock star husband of drunken harridan; philandering handsome (ex)boyfriend of insipid doormat main character; random, rather vacant Scottish laird; adventurous, lucky bestie).The plot doesn't really matter - it was too stupid to get into here and just reminded me of why I don't really read these books anymore. It did serve the "no-thinking" purpose, but went a bit too far: I'm going to have to read my whole issue of this week's The Economist instead of just the politics half to regain those lost brain cells.

  • Amy!
    2019-02-16 17:42

    Part of my problem with this book was perhaps that it had more modern British slang and pop culture references than I could relate to. But a much bigger part of my problem with this book was that not a single character was sympathetic. The main character wants to be a writer but ends up as a "writer's assistant" nanny to a horrid wretch of a woman who found fame and fortune by writing four trashy novels and is now plagued with writers block because she drinks too much. Her son is a sociopathic holy terror who no one ever says no to. Her husband is a washed up rock star. The nanny's best friend is another nanny who knows how to play the game much better but is ultimately just shopping for a husband. The book had hints that the main character could turn her diary into some sort of Nanny Diaries expose, but that didn't happen. Everyone has their lives crumble in appalling ways because they are so stupid but then somehow, fate steps in and saves them by having them exploit yet someone else. The salvations seem false and forced and in the end, I was just glad it was over, although rather annoyed that the characters had happy endings they didn't deserve.

  • Camelama
    2019-02-01 15:32

    Awful book. The supposed heroine is boring, lackluster, dispassionate and so annoying. Get a backbone, if you want your life to change then CHANGE IT! The other characters were universally unlikeable, the plot was ridiculous even for trashy chick lit. Things I wanted to know about the characters were passed over for endless descriptions of boozing and makeup, plot points were skipped over willy-nilly, and overall the book needed a hell of a critique group to pull it to pieces so that the author could re-write it into something worth reading.

  • Emma
    2019-02-10 17:57

    By far the worst Wendy Holden book, I found this book excruciating to read and just wanted it to be over. An example of the worst chick lit, do not read!

  • Deetz
    2019-02-21 11:36

    Read several years ago when on vacation

  • Ferina
    2019-01-26 11:50

    Anna gembira sekali ketika mendapat lamaran yang ditempelkannya di papan pengumuman perpustakaan akhirnya mendapat jawaban, tidak tanggung-tanggung yang memanggil adalah Cassandra, novelis terkenal itu. Tadinya, Anna sempat ragu-ragu, tapi, ketika Seb, pacarnya mencampakkannya, tanpa pikir panjang, Anna langsung menerima tawaran bekerja di rumah Cassandra.Ketika berada di rumah Cassandra, tidak ada tanda-tanda sedikit pun, Anna akan diajari tehnik-tehnik menulis. Malahan, Cassandra memberinya pekerjaan sebagai Nanny, pengasuh anaknya, Zak yang nakalnya ampun-ampunan dan menjadi pengurus rumah. Ok… Anna sempat berpikir, mungkin ini hanyalah sebuah awal untuk menjadi asisten penulis.Tapi, lama-lama, harapan itu sepertinya semakin jauh dari kenyataan, bahkan Cassandra pun tidak pernah terlihat menulis. Cassandra hanya sibuk mabuk, sibuk memikirkan persaingan antar orang tua untuk saling pamer kekayaan di St. Midas, sekolah Zak, dan sibuk bertengkar dengan suaminya, Jett, mantan penyanyi rock terkenal yang sedang mengurus album comeback­­-nya dan yang mata keranjang.Harapan untuk pergi tiba-tiba datang, ketika Anna bertemu dengan Jamie, bangsawan Skotlandia. Kencan-kencan kecil berlangsung beberapa kali, Jamie pun melamar Anna dan mengajak Anna pindah ke kastilnya di Skotlandia.Ternyata, title bangsawan tidak menjamin Anna jadi bahagia. Jamie, sang tunangan, lebih sering mengurus perbaikan kastil daripada memikirkan hari pernikahan mereka. Ternyata, Jamie punya maksud tertentu di balik pertunangannya dengan Anna.Di tengah kegalauan, Anna bertemu dengan seorang penyair bernama Robie MacAskill. Tapi, Robie ini pun menyimpan rahasia, sampai Anna berpikir, adakah yang jujur, tanpa maksud-maksud tertentu?Seperti chicklit-chicklit lainnya, ceritanya termasuk lucu, kocak. Tapi, satu yang mengganjal di novel ini, koq kesannya Anna benar-benar harus selalu tergantung sama para cowok. Putus dari Seb, jadi nanny di rumah Cassandra, lalu berhasil ‘melarikan diri’ ikut Jamie ke Skotlandia… terus… berharap dibawa lari lagi sama Robbie..Wendy Holden sepertinya senang menyoroti tingkah laku orang-orang kaya, selebritis yang senang pamer dan gak mau kalah sama sesama orang kaya, yang akhirnya terkesan norak dan lucu. Selain itu, Holden juga suka bercerita tentang suasana pedesaan yang gak kalah ‘nyentrik’ dengan perkotaan. Seperti di novelnya yang lain, yaitu Pastures Nouveaux – yang menceritakan tentang bintang film yang sok ngetop dan pengen banget tinggal di pedesaan karena menganggap itu adalah trend terkini di antara para seleb.

  • Cindy
    2019-01-26 13:39

    Anna I hated her character. I think Wendy Holden depicted her as lacking in confidence, spineless, stupid and lost. There is not an itch of reality in the character. If WH was attempting to create a character who is likeably clumsy - then she failed. 1. How did she get with Seb? Why does she allow him to kiss other women in the first chapter? Why does she continue to stay with him after she hears he has been calling her bad in bed? Why is she happy to be a live in maid?2. In what universe does a self respecting woman accept a proposal from a man after 2 dates? Why does she stay for so long in Scotland when she realises that she is being used?3. Why does she allow Geri to dedicate her EVERY move? 3. Why does she allow Geri and Jamie to simply get together? Is that NOT her best friend and NOT the man she moved to Scotland for?4. Why does she decide to move in with an author she has just meet?5. Is renting a property in London so difficult that it is easier to just move from relationship to relationship?6. Why does Anna have no back story? Her mother and father are mentioned as part of a conversation during a date with Jamie - but that is it. Where are her friends and family who should be questioning her stupid decisions?Cassandra Now, this is a character I liked. She was diva, fiery and funny. I liked her alcoholic tendencies and her unrelenting defence of her spawn of a child Zac. JettSleazy and pervy. Probably spot on thenSeb/Jamie/Robbie Boring. One dimensional. PointlessThis book was disappointing. There was potential. Maybe Anna moving in with Cassandra and sorting her out? Ghost writing for her and then being discovered as the star. I didn't like Anna's hopeless attempts at love - and even half hearted attempts at writing. Such a frustrating book. The second I have read from WH - but it wont be the last.

  • Monica M
    2019-02-01 15:39

    2.75 starsFunny and quite well written. This is the story when everyone got their happy ending. Yes,that include the bad character :D However there's part that i don't like: (view spoiler)[- Anna is supposed to be an aspiring amateur writer. But the story somehow go the wrong way, when her main purpose completely change to finding a man. She forgotten her writing career, just like that. Instantly.She even go through accept the proposal from someone who she barely knew and regret it later.- Seb treat her like dirt and she never argue with him. It's frustrating.- Cassandra finally have a happy ending, that is find a ghost writer. I mean, wth? But considering she have many many low moments, i guess okay. Not mention the ghost writer will have a fare payment. so everybody happy.- And the biggest of all: Anna happy ending is having a rich boyfriend, that's it. What about her writing career?? I mean where's the struggling writer i had read in the beginning of the book?I have hope that the story will be like this: she get her writing career with her own effort, and get her man. No, forget the career, she doesn't need to do any step to change her life, not even trying. It just throw it to her. :( (hide spoiler)]I like anna, but i think she's too weak most of the times. And lack of eagerness.

  • Naomi Nair
    2019-01-27 16:44

    Okay, I've an admission to make - I didn't read the whole book. Actually, I couldn't read it after the first 50 pages. Gosh... 50 pages!! Enough to drive a sane man, in this case, woman, mad! I skipped so many pages along the way and finished a 400 pages book in half an hour!! See, I can do impossible things when I put my mind to it!!Anyway, the book takes you through the life of Anna somebody - pathetic, self pitier, desperate, annoyingly guileless and for the lack of a better word, boring (just like the book!). Having been asked to move out by her "Filthy rich, drop dead gorgeous" and constantly cheating boyfriend, she decides to make a fresh start. Part of that is taking up on the offer to be a nanny to 8 year old Zak. But she realizes she would rather stop breathing than work for that family. At this complicated juncture, she meets another loser in life, Jamie and marries him to escape Zak or the "Spawn of Satan" as she calls him. Now, I wish I could say Anna and Jamie lived happily ever after but unfortunately, marrying Jamie gets her into more complications (I have to say here I'm not surprised... What was she thinking? You don't like a job, you quit... You don't marry to escape work! Gosh where did the author pick up these ideas???) Anyway that's the story... do u feel like you've missed a great book!! Hardly!!

  • Anne
    2019-02-09 13:49

    Anna takes a job as a nanny but then she leaves that job to get married, and then she doesn't get married. Really jumps around a lot and I never got a sense of who the characters really were... It was too British, filled with euphemisms I couldn't understand and pop culture references that made no sense because I wasn't raised in England. If you are going to sell your book in other countries you should make sure the references are broad or big enough that other markets will understand where you are taking the story. The ending was kind of awkward and abrupt too.

  • Kay
    2019-01-29 18:37

    I'm not into this kind of book at all. The main character annoyed me with her inability to cope with anything and her desperation for a boyfriend as though he were a missing appendage. Whilst I am sure there were a few moments that made me smile, I think it must have been so fleeting it barely registered. I'm still puzzling over why I read this and, possibly, the most interesting part of reading it is why I bothered in the first place.

  • Tressa
    2019-02-14 16:37

    I didn't like Bad Heir Day. I despised several characters. The only character that was mildly likeable was Anna and she was treated horribly. I also couldn't believe how she accepted such treatment, too. I can't believe I continued reading this book in hopes of something good happening to Anna. The pay-off wasn't worth it. I would not recommend this book.

  • Anne Meyer
    2019-02-15 13:55

    This was a .99 deal on the nook. I didn't understand some of the language here and there since I'm not familiar with british slang, but that isn't why I didn't like the book. I just didn't care for the storyline. I'm not even sure why I finished the book.

  • Nancy Brady
    2019-02-18 16:29

    A chick-lit novel featuring an aspiring writer who has a love life that is hardly inspiring. Will Anna find love? Will Cassandra, Jett, and their incorrigible son manage to deal with their issues? Just an okay read overall.

  • Elisa Vangelisti
    2019-01-22 17:31

    Sembrava partito bene. La scena iniziale si svolge durante un ricevimento di nozze, nel corso del quale la protagonista si rende conto che il fidanzato non lo sarà ancora per molto, poiché lo scopre a flirtare platealmente con una sua ex. Poi prosegue con scene di vita quotidiana, durante le quali una scrittrice in crisi creativa litiga con l’armadio (troppo lungo da spiegare), col marito e con la tata del figlio. E già lì la trama non andava bene. Poi si è iniziato a parlare di escrementi (anche qui la spiegazione ve la risparmio) e mi son crollate le pagine fra le dita. Ma è possibile che si debba rovinare tutto con scene così deprimenti? Leggere merda non è la mia massima aspirazione. Adieu.

  • Shelly Gummery
    2019-02-21 14:51

    what a hard boring read. The cover promised comedy and lots of laughs. Sadly this was so spread out I found myself drifting off to sleep only to be woken by the book dropping to the floor numerous times. I never like to leave a book unfinished but this really was tough going. The last three chapters were the best of the whole book. A shame!

  • Jen
    2019-02-21 19:47

    Great fun! tons of laughs! This author takes mocking the rich and famous to a new level.

  • Rory
    2019-02-18 16:49

    Enjoy Amanda's books. She writes well and has some interesting characters.

  • Lyndsay MacDonald
    2019-01-31 16:46

    Took me a bit to get into it but this book is actually hilarious :)

  • Alana
    2019-01-31 13:41

    I did it! I FINALLY finished this book. It only took me 9 months or so, or, well, 2-3 years if you count how long I went without reading it. But still, I'm done!Now, what to say about this book, hmm... Well, just to make sure I don't spoil any of my friends who are just DYING to read this, I'll warn you now: this review is a tad spoilery. If you still wanna read my summary of the book, my thoughts or just the TL;DR at the end, please, proceed...My number one problem with this book was how AWFUL the first half of it was. Honestly, you could've cut half of this book out. You need to pull your readers in right away, not annoy them and send them running. Also... "For my parents"? Yeaaaah, let's just say this isn't a book I'd dedicate to my parents, y'know?The entire book never even really had a high point; I felt like it was working up to a climax and even if it did, I couldn't tell you what it was. I'll admit, the second half of the book was better than the first, but overall, it was just REALLY inconsistent. Plus, the book went off on so many tangents - you know those ones where the author rattles on for a really long time between hyphens so that when you get back to the actual sentence, it doesn't make sense - it was annoying as hell. Yeah, there were a lot of those. Trying to navigate those constant mini-journies AND the constant fashion and general British references... it was a BIT tiring at times.I understood Anna a bit more as a character as the book went on but 90% of the book was just her annoyed and depressed with her life and DAMN, all I wanted was for her to call out Jamie and Cassandra on their BS and I never got that which annoys me to no end. And Zak... don't even get me started on him. Although, I guess I'm happy in a way that he eventually got what was coming to him.So, yeah... Bad Heir Day... Mhm. A BAD heir indeed. God, Jamie was SO boring and such a jerk at times. I get that that was the point of his character but it wasn't even enjoyable to read about him. It was just... infuriating. Also, I'd understand if he didn't wanna have sex due to bad experiences, but I couldn't work out what those bad experiences were? They talked about him being bullied but I wasn't sure how that related to sex - there needed to be more of an explanation for that. Overall, that subplot didn't really make sense to me.TL;DR: Basically everyone's life sucks for 99% of this book and it only gets better for them in the final 1%. In my opinion, this book could've been drastically improved if the first half was just cut out of it completely, and more focus was made on Robbie and Anna, rather than spending not even a quarter of the book on them and then proceeding to flashforward to them in the middle of sex with 10 pages to go. (That was just... weird.)

  • Sherri Hunter
    2019-02-17 12:47

    I immediately got a clear sense of how miserable Anna’s life is when I began this book. The author doesn’t waste precious time or pages dragging the reader through a maze of miscommunication and inner dialogue to bring us to the conclusion that Anna’s life is crap. I rather enjoyed that this information is thrown into the mix right from the start. It’s important that I learned this sooner rather than later because only then would I understand how Anna could end up working for Cassandra Knight, a vile, cruel, rude beyond belief, arrogant witch of a woman who is so full of herself it will make you sick. Anna takes a job with this horrible person, thinking the position will be as an assistant to a best-selling author. Instead, she somehow gets roped into being the nanny to Cassandra’s son, Zak, who is just as vile as she is. Unfortunately, desperate times call for desperate measures on Anna’s part.Even as horrible as Anna’s time under the Knight household is, this book made me laugh deeply and loudly at some of the antics going on. Cassandra takes center stage with her drunken outbursts and anger management issues. Her son, Zak, is a spoiled brat who behaves like a troll, while managing to deflect it back onto his mother. Then there’s Cassandra’s husband, Jett, an aging rock-star, who can’t seem to keep his trousers on. Throw into the mix several supporting characters who I found to be quite interesting makes for an enjoyable story.I liked this book. The story does a good job of making the reader forget her troubles for a while by bringing to light a whole new dysfunctional group of people. It made me laugh a lot and I am still amazed that there wasn’t any bloodshed in the Knight home. I cheered Anna on when she finally gets the opportunity to leave but continued to empathize with her situation when it appears she jumped from the frying pan straight into the fire. This story has many twists which make the plot so interesting. Fans of chick-lit will enjoy the snarky British humor laced throughout the story, but be prepared for the profanity that comes along with it. It didn’t offend me or pull my attention out of the story at all, most likely because I, myself, was directing quite a few profane statements in Cassandra’s direction. This was my first book by Wendy Holden and I am looking forward to reading more from her.

  • Roberta
    2019-02-20 15:45

    Anna è una giovane aspirante scrittrice, ospitata dal suo ragazzo dopo aver perso il suo ultimo lavoro. Un ragazzo bellissimo e ricchissimo, anche se queste sono le uniche due qualità che possiede. Così, quando Anna viene elegantemente sfrattata, decide di riciclarsi come assistente di Cassandra, una nota scrittrice. La scelta non è delle più fortunate: Cassandra è un’autrice di best-sellers porno-romantici in blocco creativo, blocco provocato dalla notevole ingestione quotidiana di gin, abitudine a sua volta provocata dal comportamento del figlio, gestibile solo da una cerchia di esorcisti. Oltre a questo Cassandra è anche vessata da un marito ex rock-star di successo ormai in declino che vagheggia di un suo futuro nuovo successo e nel frattempo rincorre tutte le gonnelle che incontra, incluse quelle delle numerose tate.Quando Anna inizia a lavorare in casa di Cassandra si rende ben presto conto della misera vita che dovrà condurre, e di quanto il suo lavoro sia quello di tata, mentre del ruolo “assistente” non si può nemmeno parlare. Gli auspici non sono buoni fino a quando Anna incontra Jamie, un nobile scozzese proprietario di un romantico castello. Quando, dopo poche uscite, Jamie le chiede di sposarlo, Anna accetta senza porsi tante domande. Se lasciare la casa di Cassandra è un sollievo, giungere nel castello diroccato e sperduto nelle brughiere scozzesi, nonché abitato da cerberi sotto sembianze – più o meno – umane, è una cocente delusione, e il disinteresse di Jamie una volta insediatisi al castello è sempre più sconcertante…La trama è brillante e particolare, anche se un po’ confusionaria, ma i personaggi sono di debole spessore, un po’ appiattiti. Anna si fa trascinare dagli eventi anche – o soprattutto – quando decide di prendere il mano il suo destino, Cassandra è un’improbabile caricatura e Jamie un giovane nobile interessato solo a pecore e alla ricostruzione del castello che rifugge il sesso a causa di una serie di traumatiche esperienze al college…da evitare tranquillamente, non si perde nulla.Una curiosità: il titolo originale – Bad Heir Day – viene tradotto in uno stravagante Ho visto un rospo.

  • whimbrel
    2019-02-14 17:57

    Not only did I read this terrible excuse for 'chick lit', I read it *twice*. The author looked vaguely familiar so I picked it up, and once I was a chapter in I realized that it sounded kind of familiar but I wasn't quite sure. By the fourth I was sure I had read it but could never seem to remember further than about a chapter ahead so I ended up finishing it. Definitely not my best decision.The main character has no spine. At all. She tolerates her boyfriend getting handsy with other girls (including exes); she ends up in a job as a famous author's 'assistant' but soon discovers that's code for being a live-in housemaid/nanny. The author is an alcoholic with a washed up rock star husband and a sociopathic kid and she treats Anna (the mc) like an indentured servant.The most frustrating thing about Anna is her inability to ever make decisions - she just leaps from one bad situation to another without ever thinking about what she actually wants (other than 'I want to be a writer'). As a result she ends up in some truly ridiculous situations that are stretching credulity even for chick lit.Oh, and she loses a bunch of weight because of stress and being abused by her boss (who does things like pouring dish soap on leftovers so no one can eat them), and is fine with that because she feels more attractive after she's lost the weight. Infuriating.I have vague memories of having liked a couple of Holden's other books but after this trainwreck don't think I will be rereading them or picking up any more.It gets one star for the puns, a couple of which were extremely clever.

  • Alicia Kline
    2019-02-10 11:32

    This one took a bit for me to finish. I'm no stranger to British fiction, but this novel seemed to be filled to the brim with slang and cultural references that were unfamiliar to my American background. But I kept reading, as I always do, because I hate leaving things unfinished.Is it bad that the only character that I consistently enjoyed was Zak? That child was so horribly behaved that he was always good for comic relief. He was a stereotypical spoiled rich kid who could do no wrong in his mother's eyes.As for the adults in the story who comprised the main characters, I couldn't really become invested in any of their lives. I found Anna to be a kind of helpless heroine who could have had potential, but let too many things simply happen to her rather than taking control of her own life. Cassandra was humorous at times, but she was written as a drunken airhead who was all about appearances. Jett, her husband, was the washed up rocker whose actions made me cringe. He just seemed like a dirty middle aged man.This was just an okay read that I rounded up to three stars. Not exactly my cup of tea.

  • Jen3n
    2019-02-11 14:46

    Poorly written, predictable, wish-fulfillment trash romance novel trying to pass itself off as "chick lit."The distinction is sometimes narrow, but the differences ARE there between romance novels and chick-lit. Or, they should be. Not that I'm particularly a fan of either genre, I just think books shouldn't be marketed under false pretenses, so to speak. And, if those books marketed under false pretenses manage to be green lighted as such, I think they ought to be written with a minimum amount of evil maiming done to the English language.I really don't recommend this book to anyone. I do think some people will like it, though. The book was published, so obviously there are people out there to read it.

  • Barb
    2019-01-24 14:42

    Some of the situations were interesting, but the characters were universally unlikeable. Anna, the main character, was bland and passive; life happened TO her. And how did this girl have NO friends? How did she wind up with Seb in the first place? How did she transition from not particularly upper class primary schools to apparently posh secondary? Holden laid no background for her characters across the board.The action was predictable and jumped past moments that should've been actually illustrated. Still, the actually plot was a good idea. If only the execution had been better. I'm tempted to read another book by Holden to see whether this was an aberration.

  • Angie
    2019-02-17 16:52

    3 stars is probably being generous....I have to agree with others when I say I was disappointed in this book... I had high hopes, but i shouldn't do that to myself. This was my first WH book, and it looked and sounded like it could be quite funny. I adore Sarah Mason, but have read all her stuff and was hoping this might be something similar. Similar, yes. Guess you could say, but lacking. Her characters in this book definitely leave something to be desired. They are all mostly unlikeable. It was an overall ok-to-good fluffy read. Reading other reviews it sounds like maybe I picked her worst one to be my first. I will probably try her again, but with No expectations.

  • Megan Jordan
    2019-01-21 15:36

    I enjoyed both Farm Fatale and Beautiful People much more than this novel of Holden's. There was a reliance on drippy and supposedly witty satirical language and dialogue that felt forced and unnatural. It wasn't funny enough to read it in every line. The characters were awful, and never really saw their comeuppance (which I like seeing in my books), and the "heroine" never really seemed to be the focus. She was a writer that we barely saw write. The story dragged so long that it took me weeks to read because I couldn't get into the story. She wrapped things up in the last two chapters, and it seemed like we read too much to get rushed through a soft ending. Not my favorite.

  • Deborah
    2019-02-01 19:32

    Funny book. Anna, a writer wannabe, left her boyfriend to become a assistant to an author (aka nanny). The family is totally disfunctional...the wife, a drunken failing author; the father, a lecherous aging rock star; the young son, a complete terror. But at least she has her new friend Geri. Then she meets Jamie, a man with a castle, who propses after a few bad dates. The castle is full of history and lore, but it is in disrepair, the staff is a scary duo and for some reason Jamie doesn't seem to desire her. Why would he want to marry her? At least there is the poet in town who is offering creative writing classes.