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From the blurb:Why isn't life like the movies? For that matter, why aren't movies like your life?Nirmala and Normala are twins separated at birth.While one goes on to become a heroine, the other goes on to become a normal person. Yes, we know that we should put 'normal' in quotes. We also know that we should issue a disclaimer that there's no such thing as normal. But, reaFrom the blurb:Why isn't life like the movies? For that matter, why aren't movies like your life?Nirmala and Normala are twins separated at birth.While one goes on to become a heroine, the other goes on to become a normal person. Yes, we know that we should put 'normal' in quotes. We also know that we should issue a disclaimer that there's no such thing as normal. But, really, let's talk about that later.If you've ever sat through a movie wondering why in the world the heroine is playing with street children or why she seems so daft despite being Harvard-educated, you should listen to Nirmala's story.As for Normala, well, we all know her, don't we?...

Title : Nirmala & Normala
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ISBN : 9780143333142
Format Type : Paperback
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Nirmala & Normala Reviews

  • Saylee Padwal
    2019-01-29 13:59

    Nirmala & Normala, is anything but Normal. Mostly, it is one of those books that make you go, for the lack of a better summation, 'WTF!'While I understand that it was meant to be a parody on your typical bollyood potboilers, that doesn't mean that the parody itself should be lacking a decent plot.It includes a running joke about one of the characters judging her boyfriend for reading Chetan Bhagat's Three Mistakes of My Life. Sorry to say, but Three Mistakes was leagues better than this... and I DETEST Chetan Bhagat.On the bright side, its kind of a page turner because you just keep on turning pages in hopes of the story getting better. But Alas! Disappointment is all you end up getting.Highly avoidable.

  • Roanna
    2019-01-21 14:11

    (Several instances in the book had me giggling out loud... As did some of the background drawings within the bigger illustrations, etc.)

  • Ayushi
    2019-02-11 16:46

    Hmm, I really wanted to love this. I started reading this with the expectation that I'd love it! And it is cute, no doubt! But, it's also sort of ... flimsy? I love Bollywood and I love discussions about how ridiculous Bollywood/Tollywood is and how it affects the people who're watching movies, and what kind of unrealistic expectations/behaviours it condones etc. Unabashedly. So I absolutely loved the idea of a graphic novel taking on Bollywood tropes and poking fun at social conventions! Unfortunately, Nirmala's story was the kind of spoof that reminded me of Vigil Idiot, and Imaan Sheikh's movie summaries -- amusing but maybe more suited to a web series/comic. It was fun, but not particularly original or clever, I guess. Normala's story, while pleasant, was only refreshing as a direct contrast to Nirmala's ridiculous Bollywood story.I think it would have worked more for me if the authors had picked one of the two stories and stuck to it. I would have loved to read just Nirmala's story, maybe. Nirmala's story could have been completely overblown and over the top, and not just the fun but easy spoof that it was. Or they could have picked Normala's story and talked about romantic love and critiqued Bollywood/movies in a more meaningful way. As it stands, neither story really worked for me. And I have to admit I'm sort of disappointed that the twins separating at birth plot didn't lead to them crossing paths at any point, in a very Bollywood way. Come on, it's practically a requirement! It may not have fit in Normala's story, but Nirmala's story could have easily accommodated it! 2.5 stars

  • Swathi
    2019-01-30 12:00

    This book is best read in paper. I read it in Kindle and didn't enjoy as much.

  • Swati Daftuar
    2019-01-28 12:57

    A complete review of this book appears on my website, The Booklegger =)Full Review HereThis one was very recently published, and as far as graphic novels go, it's one delicious bite. It's not a very long book, took me under an hour, and made me wish that I had saved it for a long boring wait or a particularly quiet car ride.The black and white art work is very sweet. The style is easy, with clean strokes and neat little details. Very suitable for the subject matter of the book.And the subject matter, or the plot, is sufficiently interesting, clever and pacey enough to keep you interested. I was so relieved when I realised that this wasn't going to be another twins-separated at birth and reunited later story. Instead, this was refreshingly real. The clever little plot devices that introduce overlaps are smooth, and believable. The language in the book was, actually, the real winner for me. The text in the images was neither too much nor too little, and the tone was very contemporary. Normala and Nirmala both sound like regular, smart talking, college-going girls. And while yes, they are quite similar (Ha!), I personally did like Normala a little more. Quite apart from her wonderful name, she also chooses to spit out her witty, quippy observations, while Nirmala, bound by the codes of her Bollywood life, swallows them...

  • Shreela Sen
    2019-01-26 16:00

    I am into "graphic novels" (!!) right now. I liked this book a lot. Why I have only rated this 3 star (I'm a very generous rater)is for 2 reasons. 1st, I got badly confused at one point. The "checked shirt" was not mentioned earlier, & Normala starts checking on him at the same time as her stalker. I thought that "checked shirt" IS the stalker. This was not good for the reader.2nd,is that Normala is too much like me! & though I LOVE that, it makes her "less than normal", because, I am not "normal" by the NORMS ... I'm basically an intellectual snob, & so, I felt, is Normala. I would have rated the novel higher if Normala was indeed the normal kind of girl, who wishes her life to be like movies - like Nirmala's (Normala is more of the "High thinking simple living" kind), but still actually have a mundane ordinary life governed by laws of physics & nosy aunts :DI also felt a bit disappointed at the basic simplistic-ness of the plot. Graphic for sure, but fell short of a novel. The best part is the drawings. They are brilliantly simple, "basic"& caricature-like, & full of tongue-in-cheek details! I re-"read" the book several times to catch more of the details, & they made me guffaw very many times, & smile, at the least.

  • Vidya
    2019-01-26 17:44

    Disappointing!I can't believe I even purchased this book on Amazon.What an utter waste of time.In fact it didn't take much of my time as I was able to flip across the pages in an hour.My one star rating definitely goes for the graphic representations.A good effort by the authors to try and do something different but could have been better.The story line was weak.It was very much predictable. Didn't find any twists or turns to make the plot interesting. It looked more like a compilation of the cartoon section in newspapers. The humour quotient was apparently zero.But guess what, its a page turner. Wondering how?You turn every page hoping desperately that the next page would be interesting.In a nutshell waste of time and waste of money.

  • Otee
    2019-02-21 18:02

    Nirmala & Normala is a social satire that pokes fun at absurd social beliefs and conventions, which are reinforced by popular culture (cinema). It does this by showing how the lives of Nirmala and Normala play out. While Nirmala has a life typical of a cinema heroine, Normala has a life like any other girl. The dialogue and the illustrations complement each other to caricature the absurdity of some situations, which are normal elements in most commercial cinema. A different kind of book. Highly recommended.Visit for a detailed review.

  • Hamsini
    2019-02-05 17:05

    coming of age graphic novel for Indian publishing. draws upon laughable Indian movie clich├ęs and also calls out harassment for what it is, and not as a method of courting. the illustrations are quirky and in tune with the overall theme of the book. recommend this to anyone who thinks strongly about mainstream gender issues and how intra gender relations are portrayed in films. However, after finishing the comic and despite enjoying it, I felt like I'd have preferred a proper prose version vis-a-vis the comic format.

  • Arunima
    2019-01-29 16:03

    Not a big fan of this book. There's not any story to this. It just shows the difference between the lives of two twins separated at birth. Nirmala: an actress who has a great life. Normala: an average Indian girl, she has difficulties in her life but is a sweet girl. Nirmala's life is not realistic at all. The story basically has no plot. It is enjoyable to read if you are bored.

  • Supriya J
    2019-02-08 19:14

    This was so bizarre and hilarious. I loved it :) Thank you to my dear friend Vivek for giving this to me :)

  • Payal
    2019-02-13 12:51

    Highly entertaining graphic novel, but I think it fell short of being truly memorable. Full review at:

  • Vishesh Unni
    2019-02-15 17:06

    Bollywood vs the real through the story of two girls. A fun quick read.

  • Jolly
    2019-01-30 13:09

    Entertaining short and simple story and easy to understand with funny cartoon.