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"Chippendale's . . . obsessively detailed [comics] feel like [they've] been shot straight from his brain onto the page." - Village Voice Puke Force is social satire written dark and dense across Brian Chippendale's deconstructed multiverse of walking, talking M&Ms, hamsters, and cycloptic-yet-glamorous trivia hosts. In scathingly funny single-page strips that build"Chippendale's . . . obsessively detailed [comics] feel like [they've] been shot straight from his brain onto the page." -Village VoicePuke Force is social satire written dark and dense across Brian Chippendale's deconstructed multiverse of walking, talking M&Ms, hamsters, and cycloptic-yet-glamorous trivia hosts. In scathingly funny single-page strips that build and build, he takes on social media narcissism, governmental propaganda, racism, and a culture of violence, skewering the malice of the right and the hypocrisies of the left. A bomb explodes in a coffee shop: the incident is played out over and over again from the perspective of each table in the shop, revisiting moments from ten and twenty years before. We see the inevitable as the characters bicker or celebrate, unaware of what's coming. Throughout this dystopic graphic novel, Chippendale uses humor and a frantic drawing style to show how the insidious nature of corporate greed and the commodification of everything have warped society into a killing machine. Sardonic and self-aware, Puke Force asks all the right questions, providing a startling and on-point take on contemporary social issues. Chippendale's artwork makes each panel a masterpiece of thrumming linework and lo-fi magic, as his storytelling wends and winds its way to a fascinating conclusion....

Title : Puke Force
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ISBN : 9781770462199
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 120 Pages
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Puke Force Reviews

  • Richard
    2019-01-24 05:58

    Can't say I was super impressed with this. An uneven mix of dumb, ironically dumb, and inspired. A few of the strips made me laugh and the full-page panels blew me away with their creativity and often hilarious and gross epicness. There were some funny and thoughtful jabs at online culture too. But there were too many dull, indulgent stretches and bits ending with shruggy punch lines. The characters didn't have much personality to them - or else they were just simple caricatures - and the situations they were in felt arbitrary so it was hard to care for any of them. Without character or plot it comes down to ideas and art, which only sporadically made an impression on me. I do like the art style and craft a lot but it was really only effective to me in those epic full page spreads. More of those might have made this a better read.

  • Kim
    2019-02-13 13:12

    He is one of the greatest comics artists ever, and I am so glad that his new work is great. It is better than If n' Oof. I also loved a huge drawings. Kind of a sequel to Ninja. But you can enjoy it completely without reading Ninja.Anya Davidson's review/interview is good:

  • flannery
    2019-01-23 06:12

    visionary! beautiful, prescient & very, very funny.

  • Aaron Brown
    2019-02-03 08:01

    This grew on me. That's all I will say

  • Randall
    2019-01-17 12:48

    Imagine if Blade Runner 2049 had looked like this! Pynchon, LSD goodness.

  • Vi
    2019-01-28 10:06

    OK. This would have made sense to my teenager brain. It even makes sense to my adult brain. Yes, it is ugly, but again, life can be ugly.

  • David Schaafsma
    2019-02-02 12:51

    You know when you see a book with the title Puke Force whether you feel invited to read it or not. It sort of announces its audience, in a way, right? It kind of says to readers of Milton and Shakespeare: Leave me alone, or something cruder. Still, my wife thought it was one of the Johnny Kochalka stories (or adult stories) my eleven year old had been reading. Of course I also like Kochalka’s permanently infantile humor, and I like the hard satirical edge of Chippendale here, too. Harry saw the cover and said, “ooh, looks cool,” and I thought, yeah, puking, farting, nose-picking, alien robots: 10-14 year old boys, and perpetually 10-14 year old boys in their early forties like Chippendale.Puke Force is kind of punk or otherwise kind of dark social satire, very dense and in a quick-draw style, with sometimes fifty panels on any given page. Aliens and myriad weird creatures abound, and in single-page strips he skewers social media selfie culture, racism, ISIS, gun violence, corporate greed, gentrification, the art scene. Oh, you name it, he sends up everything he hates on the left and right. It’s kind of like Chippendale’s dystopian present. The kind of heroic ending kind of surprised me. I thought it was just pretty nihilistic, but maybe it isn’t, quite.There is a narrative that sort of serially emerges, but I found it sort of hard to follow, in part because of the amazing but difficult artwork. That drawing style is hard to take for long periods of time, I found. But he is essentially manic in his approach to art. He also did If ‘n’ Oof (which is different) and Ninja (which is like this and which sort of precedes this, but I wouldn’t call it a sequel).Finally I don’t find it merely infantile. It seems smart and both off-putting as anything with the title Puke Force intends to do. But it is not just kid stuff, for sure. Did I “like” it? I guess I found it very interesting. It kind of gets at the origins of alternative comics, the social satire/disgust for hypocrisy, the kind of rage against the machine, in Crumb and others. We need this kind of comic, I think, even if it is offensive or anti-social on some level. Chippendale is an experimental musician in the Providence art/music scene, so while some of the jokes humor is dumb, silly, uneven, whatever, on the whole it is pretty interesting, I thought. I mean, if you only think Bill Watterson when you think of comics, you have a pretty narrow idea of what is possible.This review Kim also posted, from Anya Davidson, but it is SO good, and so thorough and so smart I thought I would post it too to urge you check it out, before or after you read the comic.

  • Patty
    2019-02-15 07:47

    Wow. This is one weird collection of comics!

  • jt
    2019-02-07 06:10

    At first this book seemed like a pointless mess to me, but a story develops amongst the one page gags as it continues. It touches on serious topics (racism, technology, terrorism, religion, etc.), but with total irreverence. I especially liked the passage in which conversations are shown between each different patron at a diner just before it is blown up. Personally, I'm not a fan of the sloppy drawing style, but I did find the detailed full-page drawings impressive. Even though Chippendale's aesthetic doesn't particularly appeal to me, I can certainly appreciate that he enjoys drawing.

  • Matt
    2019-02-16 04:52

    Been reading Chippendale's books and have long been a fan of his bands. #noiselife This sees him easier to follow I think.He dips hard and wild. He is better than most comics at creating dread by putting us in a society where normal is very, very different. "This makes me uncomfortable because I don't understand it" vs. "This over here is evil and Chippendale is saying so." Homages to metal and punk and disgust with the art scene... it's all here.And it's funny.