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Thomas Betterton, um jovem gênio, some misteriosamente. Não era o primeiro, mas o último de uma série de brilhantes cientistas cuja vida tomara um destino ignorado.Este é um desafio para Jessop, agente da Segurança Britânica, que põe a sua inteligência em luta com o cérebro desconhecido responsável pelos desaparecimentos.É mais uma história de Agatha Christie, garantia, poThomas Betterton, um jovem gênio, some misteriosamente. Não era o primeiro, mas o último de uma série de brilhantes cientistas cuja vida tomara um destino ignorado.Este é um desafio para Jessop, agente da Segurança Britânica, que põe a sua inteligência em luta com o cérebro desconhecido responsável pelos desaparecimentos.É mais uma história de Agatha Christie, garantia, portanto, de grandes momentos de entretenimento para os amantes do crime e do suspense....

Title : Um Destino Ignorado
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Um Destino Ignorado Reviews

  • Lotte
    2019-01-25 13:20

    This was not a typical Agatha Christie book at all since it was more of a spy thriller than a detective story. While I think I definitely prefer her "classic crime solving", it was still interesting to see AC dipping her toes in a different genre. (I listened to this on audiobook btw.)

  • Marija Simić
    2019-02-11 19:08

    I kept thinking, something is wrong! Then, I realized, something is missing. A murder. Still, pretty enjoyed this book, although it's not really Christie's 'typical' book. But, still, contains many interesting characters! I know it's good, when I close the book, and say, 'Man! I feel I just came back from a journey.'So yeah, not a master piece of Agatha, but still, easy, interesting read.

  • Mega
    2019-02-18 15:04

    I read 81 of Agatha Christie's 82 books (I've always refused to read Final Curtain) between the ages of 14-16. I loved her books heart and soul - but my reading taste matured and at some point I became an insufferable snob when it comes to genre fiction. However, after a long quarter with an pedantic twerp professor for a literature class I decided I needed a completely frivolous break from literary fiction. I picked up And Then There Were None for a reread. It read fast and fun and reminded me how relaxing and enjoyable genre reading can be. I was ready for more. Destination Unknown was always my favorite Christie book. I loved Mrs. Marple and Poirot to be sure, but I always reveled most in her stand alone books. It would be easy to pick this book apart from any number of perspectives and from the reviews here, it's clear that most people aren't very impressed with this book. It's more than a stand alone book, it's not a mystery. It's a thriller and it's drenched in cold-war era propaganda. It's plot is improbable, and often absurd, edging up to a Fleming-like escapism. The characters are one-dimensional tropes and you know how it's going to end from the first chapter. But that criticism could apply to any book in Christie's catalog. She's not a deep or literary writer, but nonetheless she's a damn entertaining writer. My love of this book is a pure guilty indulgence. I grew up in the 80s and love cold-war books and movies. I've always had a soft spot for spy thrillers, whether they be serious like La Carre, or absurd like Fleming. Destination Unknown doesn't ask you to think or feel on a complex level, rather it provides you with familiar stories and faces that let you rest and relax as the story effortlessly unfolds. It was the perfect antidote to detoxify all the literary snootiness I slogged through in school last quarter to remember that reading is supposed to be a joyful experience, not a chore, and all books, genre or literary are worthwhile if someone finds joy in them.

  • Amina
    2019-01-24 16:22

    I'm a little bit disappointed, it was more of a spy thing than a mystery novel and am not that fan of spying books, kept waiting for the intrigue but it didnt show up, hoped for better than this, mais bon..

  • Onellyantie Chuah
    2019-02-01 16:12

    ***SPOILER ALERT***A very different mystery from Agatha Christie. I admit that I kept flipping the pages expecting someone to die on the next page, but to my surprise, no murder happened at all (excluding anything happened before Hilary Craven took the role of Olive Betterton). Nonetheless, I really like the plot. The main story isn't about murder but it's a crime all right; and I think the idea of introducing "another way" to suicide by sending that very person to a dangerous (something with the ring of you-may-die-in-it) mission is such a brilliant start to the whole story. I didn't expect Agatha Christie could write something entirely different from her usual murder cases like this and wrote it very well too. She is really the Queen of Crime.A little bit of the story:Hilary Craven was about to commit suicide by swallowing the sleeping pills when an unknown gentleman knocked the door of her hotel room and offered her a life-threathening mission. She were to pose as Olive Betterton whom was at that moment in dying condition due to an airplane crash and to look for the missing scientist husband, Thomas Betterton. During her journey to the unknown destinations, Hilary found out that many genious scientists from around the world had gone missing like what happened to her "husband" and she was just too ready to take on any risks to find out the truth. Will Hilary survive the mission and find a reason to keep living or will the mission be her final task in this world?

  • Book Concierge
    2019-02-07 13:28

    Book on CD read by Emilia FoxA brilliant young scientist has disappeared from Paris. The international community is concerned, as he is only one of several scientists who have recently dropped from sight. His wife, Olive Betterton, may know more than she is willing to say, but she lies in a Moroccan hospital bed, dying from injuries sustained in a plane crash. Meanwhile, Hilary Craven is in the grips of depression – her daughter has died, her husband has left her. She has nothing to live for … until British secret agent Jessop offers her a chance to help her country.This is a cold-war spy thriller that is obviously dated. The characters and plot include the aforementioned brilliant scientists, double agents, an evil genius mastermind, an exotic locale, a secret laboratory, a beautiful heroine, and a strong handsome hero. Christie was a master at writing a suspenseful thriller, and all the hallmarks of her craft are here. But the plot is so dated and the spy / evil genius theme so over-the-top by today’s standards as to be laughable. I wound up thinking Get Smart rather than James Bond.Emilia Fox does a pretty good job of the “normal” characters. She even has a great brassy American accent for one tourist Hilary encounters. But her evil genius character is just laughable. Makes me wonder if Christie intended this to be a campy take-off of the spy thriller genre.

  • Shelby Lee
    2019-02-14 12:13

    Danger! Disguises! Spies! The Iron Curtain!This book would fit much better under the class of thriller than mystery. It features a great female protagonist who has been dealt a really harsh hand (cheating husband, death of a child), and is stopped from committing suicide with an offer to dip her toes in the pool of espionage.It was written during a time when everyone was giving Russia/communism an extremely intense side eye, so the general fear of those and other related things aren't necessarily as applicable to today. Don't let that dissuade you though, because that's not really what the book is about anyway.Like I said, although there's the bare premise of a mystery (what on earth is happening to all of these smart people?) it's just not that kind of book. That's not to say it isn't a fun and worthwhile read, I just don't want anyone to come into it with the wrong expectations. I'm not the biggest fan of the ending, it's a little anti-climactic.If you enjoy Christie and want to experience something a little different from her norm, I suggest picking up this book or one of the other suspense thrillers she wrote.

  • Cherie
    2019-02-07 14:23

    I struggled all of the way through this Agatha Christie stand alone mystery. I felt it very dry and uninteresting most of the way through. There were a few characters I really wanted to like, but because of the way the story was written, I could not get close enough to them. Right up to the last chapter in the book, it was hard to see where this plot was going to take me and how it was all going to turn out. I stuck with it, and admit that the outcome made me smile. I think the conclusion was "all's well that ends well". Is that Shakespeare? If it is, then I agree.The destination, finally, IS known.

  • Leslie Hickman
    2019-02-02 15:03

    Now this is the type of Mystery book that makes me love to read! I love reading Agatha Christie the her books there are no cursing, violence, etc. They make you have to use your mind. This book is not a "serial" from what I can gather...there is no Tommy & Tuppence, Miss Marple or M. Hercules Peirot to solve the crime. I actually did not get all the story till the end. There were more than one tale woven into this story.

  • Sara
    2019-01-22 12:26

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  • Mel
    2019-02-19 13:20

    When I was 12 we were leaving the states to move back to England. About a month before we left I realised that there was absoultely no reason for me to be paying attention in class, as I was leaving before the end of term, would never get those grades and was soon to be starting a new school in a foreign country. So instead I decided I would read all the Sweet Valley High books and Agatha Christie books in the school library. (I did very well and achieved this averaging about 3 books a day). Of all the Agatha Christie books I read Destination Unknown was my favourtie. It wasn't your typical Agatha Christie. It had a young suicidal heroine who instead of taking sleeping pills was offered "a more interesting death" by the secret service who were out looking for missing scientists. I remember it being very different and very good. I've been searching for it again for the past few years and finally found a copy used before Christmas and re-read it. I was pleased to see that I still enjoyed it very much. I liked the strong, yet suicidal, heroine. I liked her resourcefullness. It was an interesting thriller with a mysterious journey ending in an evil base full of scientists at a leper colony. I was also very pleasantly surprised that I had forgotten the ending. I probably won't rush out and read anymore Agatha Christie but I'm glad this one was as much fun as I remembered.

  • Nourhan Ashraf
    2019-02-21 12:28

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  • Carolyn F.
    2019-02-11 12:22

    AudiobookThis book seemed a bit of a departure from Agatha's previous books which I liked. Great ending.

  • Nora|KnyguDama
    2019-01-27 17:17

    Visi žinome Agatha Christie kaip detektyvinių romanų rašytoją. Tačiau šalia jų ji kūrė ir apsakymus ir pjeses ir buvo puikiai įvaldžiusi trilerio žanrą. „Nežinoma linkme“, kaip ir knygos anotacija perspėja, yra trileris. Aš sakyčiau – trileris su mažu detektyvo prieskoniu. Esame įpratę prie autorės rašymo stiliaus. Jai būdinga jau kūrinio pradžioje pateikti įvykio, nusikaltimo kontekstą, aprašyti visas aplinkybes, keletą galimų nusikaltimo versijų ir pateikti kelis įtariamuosius. Ji nupiešia kiekvieno veikėjo aiškų ir detalų paveikslą: kaip kas atrodo, kokios išskirtinės žymės, koks amžius, įpročiai ar manieros. Tai labai palengvina skaitymą ir padeda įsivaizduoti scenarijų, įsijausti į įvykių sūkurį. Agathos Christie knygose svarbi kiekviena smulkmena, ir tos smulkmenos dažniausiai būna raktai į užmintas mįsles. O dabar jus nustebinsiu, kaip ir nustebau pati – šioje knygoje, viskas ką minėjau yra priešingai. Nuo pat pirmo skyriaus, skaitytojas yra „įmetamas“ į veiksmą nepaaiškinant nei kas nei kodėl. Veikėjai nepristatomi – jie tiesiog yra ir veikia. Atvirai, tai mane šiek tiek trikdė, mat esu pamilusi ir be galo vertinu klasikinį Agathos rašymo būdą.Aprašyti šios knygos turinį, neišduodant įdomiausių dalykų – sunki užduotis. Galbūt dėl to knygos anotacija ir yra tokia platoniška ir beveik nieko nepasakanti. Tiksliau, nepasakanti tikrosios trilerio esmės. Nuo žemės paviršiaus dingsta keli geriausi mokslininkai. Žvalgyba deda visas pastangas jiems surasti, tačiau jų nė pėdsakų neįmanoma suuosti. Jaunas tyrėjas Džosepas užduočiai atlikti pasirenka keisčiausią būdą – pagalbai pasitelkia savižudybei besiruošiančią moterį. Hilari, toks moters vardas, neturėdama ko prarasti, sutinka padėti žvalgybai ir net neįtardama, pakliūva į patį pavojingiausią savo gyvenimo scenarijų, apie kokį niekada net pagalvojusi nebūtų. Tačiau iš to jai nauda viena – ji suvokia kaip myli gyvenimą ir mintys apie savižudybę dingsta kaip ir saugumas jos gyvybei.Visi žino kaip myliu Agatha ir jos talentą, tačiau ši knyga mane nuvylė. Intriga kaip ir buvo, tačiau trūko aiškumo ir taip Christie būdingos dramos joje. Man tai buvo visiškai nuspėjama pabaiga ir toks "Stepfordo moterų" ir tikros Agathos knygos mišinys... Veikėjai, nors dažniausiai ji juos sukuria unikalius ir originalius, šįkart buvo nykūs ir šiek tiek nenuoseklūs. Žinoma, nesigailiu, kad perskaičiau „Nežinoma linkme“ (juk mano tikslas pers kaityti visas iki vienos Agathos Christie knygas), bet tai tikrai nėra pats geriausias jos darbas. Gerai, kad lentynoje guli dar viena neskaityta knyga – tikiuosi ji reabilituos perskaitytąją.

  • Diana Long
    2019-02-18 14:08

    Not one of her normal murder mysteries, but an enjoyable, well written and thoroughly engrossing story. In this work, the disappearance of the worlds foremost scientists, doctors, etc. causes alarm across the globe. A crime hasn't actually been committed or has it? A woman who contemplates suicide is interrupted in her attempt and enlisted to aid in solving the mystery by going undercover. As the pages turn the plot thickens and our heroine goes on one hazardous adventure. Plenty of twists, turns and surprises and an unexpected ending.

  • Krissa Hill
    2019-02-15 15:16

    With just 100 pages left I thought this was a solid 3 star. How could I doubt Agatha Christie? My head just exploded with how surprisingly complex this was!

  • fraulein
    2019-01-24 13:17

    *diambil 'paksa'dari rak kolpri seseorang*Efek samping klo ngga ada Poirot (atau kadang Miss Marple) itu adalah deg-degan yang lebih jedar-jeder karena biasanya tokoh utamanya tidak berpengalaman berhadapan dengan kejahatan (ya, iyalah, sapa juga yg mau selalu berhadapan dengan penjahat *hail Pak Polisi!*).Tapi ternyata dari awal sampai akhir berasa agak datar (syukurnya bukan bumi datar), yang baru aku sadari kemudian (mungkin) karena ngga ada pembunuhan.Pembaca tak berpendirian yg di satu sisi ngga mau jantung copot gegara deg-degan tapi di sisi lain pengen ada pembunuhan. Pembaca yang minta dibunuh *serahkan belati ke Oma Christie*. Dan aku baru ngeh nggak ada pembunuhan setelah baca review yang sudah ada. Hahaha [Pembaca minta digoreng]. Mungkin juga karena hanya ada sedikit aksi klo dibandingkan Mereka datang ke Baghdad.Walau demikian, tetep merasa gembira karena ada perjodohan bagus yang berhasil lagi. Karena hint-nya sudah ditebar-tebar sedemikian rupa, mau nggak mau aku yg baca jadi buatin kapal jodoh buat Hilary dan mister-sapa-lupa-namanya dan nggak rela kalo nanti kapalnya malah mangkrak di pelabuhan.Syukurlah nggak demikian. Hahaha.Walaupun masih merasa agak heran bagaimana cinta bisa bertumbuh secepat itu, tapi memaklumi karena mungkin saja situasi luar biasa bisa menjadi pupuk super untuk tumbuhnya suatu perasaan. Boleh juga nih klo Oma Christie alih profesi jadi mak comblang *mikir*.Dan gara-gara kedataran itu aku malah jadi berdosa karena berprasangka buruk pada Jessop. Maaf, yaa Mas Jessop m(_ _)m. Ternyata Mas Jessop bukan agen yang kurang perhitungan. Persiapan Hilary yang ternyata bukan cuma pencekokan informasi itu mampu membuat aku terkejut dan senang. Belum lagi perkiraan Mas Jessop soal si-nama-rusia-beribet-jodoh-Hilary- yang mungkin akan bisa membantu Hilary di dunia antah berantah plus 'penggerebekan' bareng Dubes itu.Sebenernya juga jadi mikir klo dari dulu itu ide diferensiasi produk ternyata sudah ada. Gara2 Kakek Aristides dan konsep koleksi dan jasa penyedia orang brilian. Manusianya, lebih tepatnya kerja otak manusianya, yang jadi barangnya. Kalo sekarang, tuh kakek pasti udah kena jerat undang-undang human trafficking. Contoh sisi gelap sebuah visi (eh, atau visi tanpa moral dan etika, ya?)

  • Osman Ali
    2019-02-07 18:07

    هل حقا نهايتها مفتوحة بهذه السذاجة أم ان لها جزءا آخر أم هو عيب في الترجمة أم انها محاول فاشلة من اجاثا لصنع نهاية مفتوحة مشوقة؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

  • محمدجبر
    2019-01-25 11:11

    ناقصة لم تكتمل ! وكذلك أقل ما قرأت لأجاثا

  • Isabella
    2019-02-01 12:19

    I really like Agatha Christie--her writing is interesting and wonderfully British, proper but still with a touch of wry humor. But what I love the most about her--what everyone loves the most about her--is the fact that I NEVER guess her mysteries. They're always a surprise.I can't give this book the 4 stars I'd like to because it didn't feel like a mystery, really. There wasn't a central murder, with a detective (famous or unknown) interviewing suspects. The story basically revolves around a woman named Hilary Craven who impersonates the recently-dead Olive Betterton in search of Olive's husband. She goes to a strange, scientific sort of community and meets Tom Betterton--the husband. None of it feels quite like the classic Christie. There is no lovely unfolding, no pointing at the previously-unknown details, no forehead-slap of "how did I completely ignore that?". There was a murder revealed at the end, but it didn't really feel like it had been part of the story.It wasn't bad, certainly, but it didn't really live up to the Christie Mystery standards I had been hoping for.

  • Ching-Bing-Ping
    2019-02-04 17:07

    A different platter from Agatha Christie. Destination Unknown never comes up as a straight laced detective fiction. Rather it falls into a unknown Christie genre of spy/political fiction. Scientists disappearing from all over the world leaves the West baffled. The book is all about trying to find out who or what is making them disappear.A common theme of Christie present in this book is a simple woman who is also the main protagonist helped on by a male government official. All in all this book reads and feels a lot like "They Came to Baghdad". Both being political thrillers with woman protagonist in the thick of things. The setting though different continent wise was still had a common factor i.e desert and sand. For this book it was Morocco, for "They.." it was Iraq.Definitely not a masterpiece, but it still comes out as a page turner.

  • Ioana
    2019-01-27 19:03

    I enjoyed this novel as much as, if not more than Agatha Christie's other books (and I have read them all). I am a fan of Poirot, but the murder mysteries are not quite as exciting as conspiracies, world espionage and intrigue, which is what this book offers (however far fetched, which I will admit, it is.. still this is fiction and global financial conspiracies make for good stories). As a simple and suspenseful mystery, if not read as propaganda (there is a lot of "Red Fear" written into this book), it is quite relaxing/enjoyable.

  • Mandy
    2019-01-29 11:27

    A very different mystery. This novel does not have Poirot or Miss Marple solving any crime. It is more of a thriller with Hilary Craven taking the place of a woman who has died in a plane crash. Her task is to find out what has happened to the dead woman's husband.The plot, like all of Agatha Christie's books, moves quickly. The final truth is only exposed right at the end of the book. I shall not spoil it here.If you like Agatha Christie's main characters (Poirot and Miss Marple), do give this book a try.

  • E.L.
    2019-01-29 16:32

    I think my favorite part about this story is the idea of a more "sporting" chance at suicide - giving a woman with nothing left to live for an impossible mission, with the candid admission that if she SHOULD survive it, quite likely she should have also found something to live for. The rest of the story, an unreal, dream-like destination with a harsher reality underneath it, and the final twist at the end where, as usual, no one and nothing is as imagined, is typical Christie-fare. A twisty, tricky, clever tale.

  • Clarabel
    2019-01-31 18:17

    Un roman d'espionnage, original et assez finement joué, où parfois les considérations philosophiques priment sur l'action. Ce roman est également tout imprégné d'une aura politique très marquée (guerre froide) au cours de laquelle les scientifiques représentaient une monnaie précieuse et convoitée de toutes parts. Plus que son histoire d'agent double et de duperie, Agatha Christie propose un regard équivoque sur l'époque d'après-guerre. Très enrichissant !

  • Bea Alden
    2019-02-14 18:21

    Wonderful Christie stuff, involving impersonations, an air disaster, a leper colony in the desert of Morocco, . . . . the mysteries are profound, until solved at the end in a satisfactory manner.

  • Dina Batista
    2019-01-30 12:08

    Agatha Christie e o mundo da espionagem! Vários cientistas de todo o mundo têm desaparecido da face da terra, os governos desconfiam que eles foram recrutados e fugiram por trás da Cortina de Ferro. Hillary Craven foge da sua vida em Inglaterra para Casablanca, após o seu divorcio e morte da sua filha, para tentar começar de novo mas não sentindo vontade de viver, decide suicidar-se com comprimidos para dormir. Nessa altura aparece Mr. Jessop, dos serviços secretos ingleses, que devido aos seus cabelos ruivos, a recruta numa missão perigosa para se passar pela esposa de um cientista desaparecido a poucos meses, que acabou de morrer numa queda de avião para Casablanca (o mesmo avião que Hillary deveria ter tomado, mas devido a um overbooking e atrasos, foi obrigada a seguir noutro avião, salvando assim a sua vida), a qual Mr. Jessop desconfia ter sido contactada por alguém para se juntar ao seu marido. E assim começa a aventura de Hillary pelo norte de África, para descobrir a verdade por detrás destes desaparecimentos e talvez recupetrar a vontade de viver. Gostei bastante de Hillary, uma mulher inteligente mas magoada que encontra a sua vontade de viver numa situação perigosa. O tema dos cientistas, que por vontade própria acabam numa prisão dourada, que apesar de ser dourada não deixa de ser uma prisão, mostrando a claustrofobia sentida por alguns contra a capacidade de adaptação dos outros ao seu meio ambiente. O final foi uma delicia com a descoberta do caso mas também uma segunda oportunidade de vida para Hillary.

  • Francisca
    2019-02-06 13:09

    The fact that I was expecting an entirely different book was my fault. I didn't realise this was more of a spy-novel than an actual murder-mistery (I wouldn't say it was quite a thriller, bit short for that) until I was half-way through. Not to say I didn't enjoy it once I got past the most slow-paced setting at the beginning. As per usual, I was reaching the end of the book with my mouth hanging open because I never see the twists coming.Thank goodness she has so many books so there's always something available to pick up at any time

  • Fiona
    2019-02-07 17:25

    Auch wenn Agatha Christie sich eigentlich bei jedem ihrer Bücher etwas neues und einzigartiges einfallen ließ, dieses hier sticht doch etwas raus. Es ist weniger ein Krimi, mehr ein Spionage-Roman. Trotzdem haben die Charaktere den üblichen Christie-Schwung und das Ende ist ebenfalls sehr typisch. Es hat Spaß gemacht zu lesen, ich ziehe jedoch die klassischen Mordfälle und ihre Enträtselungen vor.

  • Jenny
    2019-02-19 12:06

    I really liked this book. It's very different for Christie. Typically, she writes a standard murder mystery. Sometimes, the murder happens right away, and the whole book is spent resolving it. Sometimes, the murder happens a little further in, so the beginning builds the suspense, and then, the rest of the novel is spent resolving the murder. This book, however, is a spy novel. Right away, we find out that Tom Betterton, the famed scientist who discovered ZE fission, is missing. His disappearance is the latest in a series of disappearances of notably left-wing scientists. The British government wants to know the circumstances behind their disappearance and, of course, their whereabouts. The government believes the scientists have disappeared behind the dreaded Iron Curtain. After all, this is mid-fifties, just about ten short years after the end of World War II. Tension is at its height, and the witch hunts have ensued. Then, Jessop, our man working for the British government and investigating Betterton's disappearance, meets Hilary Craven, a woman who has the same bright red hair as Betterton's wife, Olive, and the story moves forward from there. I like this book because it's more of a novel than a murder mystery, if that makes sense. There's still a mystery, but Christie takes time building the characters and the scene rather than building suspense. I like the way she uses the Cold War and the politics of the time to build a story. I wondered what was happening and why, especially as the story moves forward, but I felt more like I was following Hilary along in her travels than I was reading a mystery to find out what happens next. The only reason I'm giving this three stars and not four or even three and a half is the ending. I felt like I was moving along, getting into the story, and the climax came rather abruptly, which is fine, but then, the resolution...well, there is a surprise/twist, but the actual ending is just okay for me. So, I would recommend it because it's different and interesting. The message that Christie ultimately conveys is somewhat controversial because the "bad guys" are not who we expect or at least not who she leads us to expect. It's a quick read, and no other author I've read has ever built character so quickly and with such facility as Christie. The book as a whole just doesn't have the same shock value at the end as her better novels do.