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What if loving someone brought you pure joy, but put you and the world in danger? Would you choose love and take the risk, or suffer to keep the world safe? Michelle Black wishes for a normal life, but deep down she knows she is different. Plagued with nightmares of the Realms of Torture and the ability to see the sins of men, she finds herself in Hell, unable to escape. LWhat if loving someone brought you pure joy, but put you and the world in danger? Would you choose love and take the risk, or suffer to keep the world safe? Michelle Black wishes for a normal life, but deep down she knows she is different. Plagued with nightmares of the Realms of Torture and the ability to see the sins of men, she finds herself in Hell, unable to escape. Lucifer wants his prize, the woman promised to him long ago. He fears that she will learn the truth about who she is and what she is destined to become. He will do whatever it takes to keep her, even if it means lying to her. Can Michelle tame the darkest parts of Lucifer or will his darkness consume her? Can he learn to care for someone he considers his property? Will she find out the truth about her dark destiny? The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness is the first book in the steamy Adult Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance series that beings the countdown to the Apocalypse.Please note that this book is intended for Mature Audiences due to foul language, sex, violence and death....

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  • Dianne
    2019-01-22 03:33

    Get ready to see angels through an entirely new light! Discover an ancient promise made to the archangel Gabriel and how one teen’s mortal life ends as she begins to fulfill her destiny with the dark angels in Hell. Tabitha Barret’s The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness is a wicked journey through the levels of Hell as Lucifer meets his match in the seduction game in the arms of a young suicide victim destined to be his mate and so much more.Michelle was a beautiful teen, her heart belonged to her best friend and confidant, but the rest of her life always felt just off kilter. Her parents seemed to be paper cut-outs, the only family she could relate to was Uncle Bob, tall, almost too good looking and always on one adventure or another. This was summer she was going to travel with him and be part of the excitement of his world. Why would she commit suicide? Was it the voices she heard in her head or the nightmares she had that were filled with torture and pain?She awakens in the world of her nightmares and comes face to face with Lucifer, who expects her to be his concubine, his mistress, but is he hiding something from her? She is meant for more? Second in command, Hades has it out for her, but he cannot destroy her. The secret may lie in the truth of her real father, and her destiny to destroy the world. Watch Tabitha Barret’s interpretation of the relationship between Heaven and Hell unfold in vivid detail. See the blinding light of the angels in your mind, as well as the evidence of the wrath of Lucifer in graphic detail. Is Hell really for eternity?Simply riveting, this tale unfolds into so much more than I expected as we take the leap from mortal Earth to the bowels of Hell. Ms. Barret writes with creative abandon, coloring outside the lines of the traditional supernatural with bold strokes and an incredible imagination. Each scene and every character are realistic, no one is all bad, not even Lucifer, although Hades can be a little twit. Ms. Barret’s trip to Hell has heat, but the sensual heat between Lucifer and Michelle, now that’s flaming hot! You guessed it, this is a brilliant gem with a fiery glow that needs to be read!Publication Date: February 14, 2015Publisher: Tabitha BarretGenre: Paranormal Fantasy | RomancePrint Length: 385 pagesAvailable from: AmazonReviewed for:

  • Runningrabbit
    2019-02-12 04:22

    I'd make this novel a 3.5. This novel has great creativity and world building, and this new author certainly holds some good landmarks for increasing finesse in future works. This book includes sex, so would really be for a NA to mature audience.The work is contemporary, and for the younger characters I would have liked the use of dialogue contractions, whereas with the traditional characters you expect a level of formality.The main character, Michelle, is mostly likable. She has some annoying moments, but considering her levels of confusion and the quantity of misinformation constantly surrounding her, the reader can understand where her attitude stems from. The novel commences in a high school setting and progresses with increasing amounts of curiosity to where this book is taking us. From high school, the world spins into an increasing spiral of mystery and it isn’t until over halfway that some of the answers are provided. Michelle finds magical powers within her, and the answers stem from the world building, but also involve the history of that world, including the history of the characters. The answers and the world building are a creative and an innovative take on otherwise traditional subject matter. I’m trying not to give anything away here, so all these comments may seem very esoteric, but when you read the novel you can tell why. . The only mention on the negative side of things, is that the details become too extensive and start taking the spotlight away from the grist of the story.The editing gets messier the further into the book. It starts off well, but loses ground by about a third of the way in. Unfortunately, this would seem to be a common enough problem for independent authors, and unfortunately, a spell check can only take you so far. So yes everyone, I would like to go through them all myself and track corrections! Ah but for an eye to detail.It will be interesting to see where the next novel takes us, so here’s to waiting!Creativity 4Writing 3Innovation 4Editing 2.5

  • Jeanny
    2019-01-25 00:20

    Trite DNF 70%

  • Marguerite (Lady RH) ❀
    2019-01-23 06:29

    Rating : 4 starsThe story18 years old Michelle have been having nightmares of Hell for all her life. Every kind of torture it has to offer, she knows it all. Because of that, she doesn't belong and is unhappy.A few weeks before graduation, a voice compelled her to kill herself and she woke up in the Hell she's been dreaming off only to find it was really real. Lucifer wants her as her mistress, she doesn't know why her, and he doesn't know she's gonna change him.The castMichelle :insecure & cold-ish super beautiful teenager/Lucifer's plaything/(view spoiler)[Bringer of the Apocalypse (hide spoiler)]compassionatein a strange relationshipCJ :handsome teen and childhood friend of Michellehuge crush on Michelle(view spoiler)[what happened to him, i really wonder!? (hide spoiler)]Lucifer :Prince of Darknessanger issues/depressedacts like a sad puppy in front of MichelleHades :Hell's 2nd in commandcunning yet kind of loyaltotally psychoSerena :Former Hell's 3rd in commanddeadcrazy ass bitch that everyone still fearsRandom characters more of less important :an angry idiot servanta beautiful angel that keeps getting his ass kickedArchangel Gabril with daughter issuesMy impressionYes, there is romance and the big bad evil falls for the innocent naive sweet girl. Very cliché, you would say, but it actually isn't at all. For starters, she doesn't love him. She pities him, she cares a bit for him, but there is no love from her side. On the other hand, Lucifer is totally head over heels for her and it's making him really pathetic sometimes. Imagine the Leader of Hell crying because his girl is a bit mad at him. Yup, this is just hilarious and i really enjoy this part of the story.Then Angel of Darkess might be a paranormal romance, but it's actually the story of Michelle, as she discover who she is and her destiny. She's very spe~cial you know. But I loved learning why.In the begining she's not the best MC ever and does make weird shit along the way. I have to admit that i disagreed with some of her choices through the book, but I really enjoy her character and what the author has done with her. She's dangerous & she's evil, but also kind and forgiving. She managed to change Lucifer, I expect lots of things from her in the future!And special mention to Hades, the psycho asshole. He totally wants to murder Michelle and he's so fucked up inside and not a nice guy at all, but he really quickly became my favorite character!Anyway.I really like the first book and i started the second right after!

  • AZ Book Club
    2019-02-12 00:19

    The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness is a good example of the “New Adult” category. This is a sort of coming-of-age adventure tale aimed primarily at those from 16-20. There is some graphic sex which puts it beyond the classic “Young Adult” grouping.The main character is a soon-to-be 18 year old high school girl who is aware that there is something different about her. In a fairly classic pattern, the outcast high-schooler wakes up to a world where there’s something unique and special about her. I was expecting this to be a somewhat trite book, but it actually was more creative and interesting than I expected. This story didn’t really strike me as “paranormal” as much as just simply “urban fantasy”. Just simply tossing your characters into Hell doesn’t make it paranormal as far as I’m concerned.The characters are fairly detailed and reasonably well fleshed out. The story has a good pace to it. I was lost by the concepts of Hell presented, as well as being a bit confused by some of the plot. There seems to be a lot going on in this book, and if it continues into a series I expect most of it will make sense.If you’re into new adult fiction and have a taste for religious urban fantasy, this is probably a good book for you.

  • Samantha Britt
    2019-01-24 03:32

    Very good story. Interesting and entertaining take on Angels/Fallen Angels/etc. Michelle is a very likable character, love her inner strength despite all the hell (pun intended) she is forced to go through. Her story is definitely one I am glad to know.To be honest, I would give the book a 4.5, only because there were times where the plot seemed to lull. It did always manage to pick back up, which made me glad that I did not move on from the book to pick up at a later date. If I was caught in a bad moment, I might have been tempted to do so. Overall, I recommend this read for anyone who likes paranormal/fantasy romances. Due to some steamy moments, I would recommend it for ages 18 and up.

  • Alex F
    2019-01-29 23:24

    Are you a fan of dark romance? If yes, this is the book for you. This world is fascinating, and Tabitha's imagination is top notch. I loved the relationship between Lucifer and Michelle, but the other characters intrigued me as well. I'm looking forward to reading more. This author is definitely going on my TBR list!!Just a note - This isn't the kind of book you can read in one sitting, unless you read really fast. It's longer than the typical read, but there is so much going on in the story, you don't really notice the length. It's a fun world to get lost in; you won't regret it.

  • Kelly
    2019-02-16 05:22

    Love this concept This is probably my favorite story concept I have read in a long time. I was drawn in to the world and could not put the book down. I like the MC and am intrigued by the secondary characters. I took off a star bc I skimmed this book at times bc the explanations were long and at times boring. I will definitely continue this series.

  • Yvonne Graham
    2019-01-30 03:36

    Wow what a great story. Fell in love with this book now can't wait to read book two. Well written and easy to read. Different from any other paranormal story I have ever read. Keep up the good work Tabitha ❤️📚

  • SJ
    2019-02-19 01:34

    This book was recommended to me so I thought I would give it a try. The writing is excellent, the characters are great and the setting/theme also good. I started struggling a little midway through but not enough to give up.I am glad I carried on as it really picked up and I now need to read book 2, I do recommend this story as it has captured me, I am hoping to be able to give the next book a 5 star rating, I would recommend perseverance if like me you struggle a little as it is worth it

  • Stacey
    2019-01-22 03:14


  • E.A. DeBoest
    2019-01-21 03:23

    I loved it! I couldn't put it down!Is it wrong to be swooning and excited by the devil? I don't care! Lucifer is dark and sexy, hot and powerful, and another book boyfriend for me! The mystery as to who Michelle Black is great! I enjoyed finding out her real identity and her connection to Lucifer. This book is intriguing, engaging, hot, passionate and fierce! This book starts the series and I can't wait to read the rest! A new favorite author of mine!Must read!

  • Princess
    2019-02-02 05:12

    Spoilers Ahead. Spoilers Ahead. Spoilers Ahead.Once upon a time there was a girl who could see people's sins and Hell's realms and its tortures.Michelle is in love with her best friend CJ. He's goodlooking, he's been there for her and he's goodlooking. Her mom's like, Michelle he's too goodlooking for you, forget about it. (What a nice mom! This is where I thought she must be adopted (she's not btw))But then we get CJ's pov and we find out Michelle is like an ice-cold beauty. The guys are too intimidated by her to ask her out OR he prevents them from approaching her to ask her out. Awhhh...?Okay but then we read a boy has already asked her out for prom, so CJ's going with another girl. Teenagers! *huffs*Suddenly Michelle gets one hell of a headache and the voice she's been hearing all her life tempts her. It tempts her to come to him..."Come to me! Come! I'll give you your heart's desire!" Or something like that.(view spoiler)[So she commits suicide apparantly...Mind you we don't read her killing herself or anything like that. She walks to the bathroom with a headache from hell and then wakes up in hell! *snorts* with sliced wrists!(hide spoiler)]So she's in hell now. The voice that has been calling to her all her freakn' life? Why it's none other than Lucifer! *gasps* Nooooo!Yes!Now this is where it gets...kinky. You thought you were reading a young adult, but you were wrong! Ha Ha! Lucifer makes Michelle wear some very revealing black dress without any panties and makes her give him a blowjob. And then....he falls on the ground shaking from his orgasm...he has so much feels! He feels every emotion! He feels regret, sadness, happiness, love, anger etc. Michelle's magical blowjob made him feel again.It gets worse. The almighty Lucifer runs away and closes himself off in his room, while he weeps and weeps and weeps for I don't know how many days...weeks. Hades (a co-ruler of Hell) tortures Michelle. He throws her in the realms of hell over and over again (he doesn't like seeing Lucifer like that). She thinks it's because Lucifer ordered it.But she can't stop thinking about him...she missed him. *sobs* Where was he?He was still weeping in his room.Hades tries to make her kill herself. Well she's already dead, but she could still kill her soul. He tells her lies, like she's just one of Lucifer's harem girls and he's in the upper world getting nasty with his women (or something like that). Michelle knows not to believe him, but she still kinda does. She's strong though and endures the torture.Lucifer comes back and wants to show Michelle all the realms. She ofcourse already knows about them and what's in them. She doesn't ask him, why!? Why!? Why do you torture me so after I gave you a magical blowjob!? Nope. Instead they go to her room and frollick around. He doesn't like to see her gray skin and colorless lips, so he flows his power into her and makes her seem alive. (I am not talking about a deflowering! That comes later...)But now that's she's very pretty again, Hades wants her too.I have to say, it reminded me of those Greece mythologies I had to translate as a student. Like Zeus raping every woman he found attractive and then Hera punishing said woman for making her husband rape her...kinda twisted but also kinda interesting.I am getting sidetracked.The plotline had potential, but the execution wasn't done very well. They fell too quickly for each other (like after the magical blowjob their fates were sealed). Lucifer was supposed to be a very possessive guy, but he didn't know what was happening in his own home. (Michelle getting tortured pour example). Him feeling again after so many decades, him crying and hiding in his room while entrusting Michelle to the wrong people. He had been waiting for her, for so many many many many lifetimes, it wasn't very credible to me.So I stopped reading it halfway through, because I just couldn't. Hence no rating, but I had to get it off my chest.

  • Steph
    2019-01-23 05:16

    Angel of Darkness is the first book in the Third Throne series, a set of books that go beyond the traditional ideas about Heaven and Hell and present us with a totally new side of them. The heroine of this book is Michelle Black, a “normal teen” that harbors some feelings for her best friend even when she hasn’t realize it yet. Every night she is haunted by these horrible nightmares that take place in Hell but the truth is that those dreams are nothing but a tiny bit of what is yet to come. Introverted and with no one to truly understand what she is going true, she is excited by the idea of living everything behind while traveling with her uncle for three months. The problem? Lucifer wants her with him as soon as possible. Suicide changes Michelle’s plans and transports her to the Throne room of the Prince of Darkness, who names her his Mistress. I have to confess I was a little confused when Michelle is named the Mistress of Lucifer. I mean, it sounds quite unrealistic because just a few pages before the biggest problems she had were the nightmares and Prom. Nevertheless, as the plot continues you realize that there is much more to her destiny than what she knows. Lucifer and his minions are definitely hiding something very from her and by the looks of it, it is no small thing and it might even be a threat towards the Dark Lord. Now, regarding the characters, I have to admit I was truly pleased with the way the author portrayed Lucifer. Handsome but with the glint of evil and mischief in his eyes and with an aura that screams: POWER! That was expected but what truly caught my attention was that she gave him a real touch of sensitivity. I got to “see” the real tears of regret from The Prince of Darkness after beating to a pulp another angel and how deeply he felt towards Michelle. Obsession, love, possessiveness, confusion, all those feelings were reflected in his actions and that really moved me and made me realize that maybe there is much more to him that what the conventional stories about demons and Hell tell us. Personally, this version of Lucifer was quite refreshing and appreciated. Likewise, Michelle didn’t disappoint. She was predictable to some point but I was truly amazed by how calm she took all the “dying thing” instead of falling into tears and playing the part of damsel in distress. She is curious and wants to learn the truth about her death, her destiny and there is no one that will stop her from that, not even on Lucifer’s orders. Another interesting character is Hades. Yeah, I know. We all know is as the greek God of the Underworld but in this novel he is the subordinate of Lucifer and he is not that happy about his Master acting like a lovesick fool and sobbing every now and then. He believes Michelle a thread and since killing her by his own hand is impossible he is trying his best to push her out of the way by any means possible. I truly recommend this book to any paranormal fans that are in search of a novel full of mystery, drama and romance all wrapped around a truly refreshing twist on the conventional stories.4 fangsReviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock

  • Ann Ellis
    2019-02-11 05:25

    "The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness"by Tabitha Barrett5 FangsI am an independent reviewer for 'Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock'. I received this book from the author and from 'Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock'. This is my honest review.The is a first book that Tabitha Barrett has published and she has plans to make it a series. This supernatural/fantasy novel that grabs the reader at the very beginning. It is very intense and be mindful this is an adult book with adult subject matter. Michelle is a strong female character who suffers from nightly nightmares of hell. She is also a high school senior in which she feels no ones really notices her except for her best friend CJ, the hunky English teacher, Mr. Timmons and her Uncle Bob. Michelle world is turned upside down as secrets are revealed."The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness" is a complex book that deals with very complex issues and their consequences. My emotions were all over the board. I felt sorrow and hope for the characters as they found their way through finding the truth about themselves and others. I recommend this book to those who aren't afraid to read about distorting issues. This is a challenge to read as it gives the reader ruminate about the storyline and its complexity. Enjoy.

  • Star
    2019-01-23 01:22

    ANGEL OF DARKNESS is the first book in a new series, called The Third Throne. Michelle Black has lived with dreams of those suffering in Hell for years and can only confide in her best friend, CJ, about her dreams. When the voices become overwhelming, Michelle takes drastic action and ends up in Hell. The Angel of Darkness impresses upon Michelle she is his new servant, but things seem suspicious to Michelle and she starts to figure out she is more than just Lucifer’s servant. THE THIRD THRONE: ANGEL OF DARKNESS had a creative premise and the characters were well-developed, but left me with some mixed feelings. Some things about Michelle in the beginning struck me as contradictory, but as we learned more about Michelle it made a little more sense. This is definitely a book for NA and Adult readers due to the graphic sex scenes. THE THIRD THRONE: ANGEL OF DARKNESS an interesting start to this new series.

  • M.B. Coit
    2019-02-09 06:19

    A very good read.... it totally shines a new light on how one thinks of angels and life in Hell. The author has great skills on world building, you could actually picture Hell quite vividly in your mind. I loved the characters and their personalities, especially Lucifer. It actually made me smile when he gets angry with someone like his servants and instantly wants to kill them.... I know that sounds kinda weird but you have to read it to understand what I mean. The relationship between Michelle and Lucifer grows steadily throughout the story, they have their moments when they disagree as all couples do but it binds Michelle and Lucifer closer together. It's a great start to the series, I look forward to see more of Tabitha Barret's work.By the way this story as a few matured adult scenes (which certainly shocked me)

  • Erin Riley
    2019-02-11 03:08

    A spellbinding read!I don’t typically read a lot of paranormal romance, but this book’s amazing cover and intriguing blurb convinced me to dive in. And I’m so glad I did! This book had me hooked from the first chapter, and kept me reading well into the night. The author did an excellent job with world building, including a fascinating variation on hell, Lucifer, and the rest of the angels. I enjoyed the depth of character development, and how the layers are revealed bit by bit until the reader has an understanding of how and why Lucifer became who his is. The twists will surprise you! The book ends in a very satisfactory way, but it’s clear there is more to this story. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this fascinating series!

  • Alicia Huxtable
    2019-01-23 02:09

    So not what I expectedI opened this book expecting another Lucifer is bad, God is holy, Archangels control all sort of thing. But the way Tabitha wrote this book, I saw a whole other side of things........and I LOVED it!! Tabitha really wrote an amazingly addictive first book to this series

  • IndieImprint
    2019-01-24 07:22

    This is a very good book with incredibly detailed characters. The premise starts out fairly simple, then quickly evolves in a bit of an unexpected way.The setting is super creative, and the theme is definitely young adult. Looking forward to her next work!

  • Anna
    2019-01-24 07:18

    Man, I hate to say this, but I'm glad it's over. The story started out great. I liked the mystery behind Michelle's nightmares and her relationship with CJ. Everything was new and shiny and I was exited to read the book. But it all started to go downhill the moment Michelle "died". First of all, was it just me, or was anyone else annoyed by how indifferent Michelle was to the matter of her own death? She woke up in a fucking HELL, realized that she somehow died and was like "oh, well. What can you do. Oh, hey, Lucifer." I mean, WTF. Then, what was the point of creating CJ's character, telling us about how the both are secretly in love with each other and want to be together, only to forget all about him and their "love" after her death. I kind of expected him to reappear and try to save Michelle or be consumed by guilt because of not helping her and to also die. I don't know what I expected, but it definitely wasn't for his character to be forgotten. Then there was Lucifer. Did anyone else notice that he was bipolar? Anyway, I was so frustrated by Lucifer's and Michelle' (I'm gonna keep calling her Michelle, deal with it) childish behavior. There were constantly making some stupid and false assumptions about each other, based on whatever, trying to start a conflict out of nothing. And later they would have extremely long talks about each other's feelings and how they both were wrong and how they love each other and I would be like oh my god stop.And her constant name changes. “In my mind, I had called you Anjali”. No, you didn't. First he insisted on calling her "mistress", in his mind he referred to her as "girl" and then, out of the blue, he started calling her Anjali. And she was like "okey, I'm no longer Michelle, I'm Anjali". And then she was "Lady Black". And I was like "why am I still reading this?". Now to the things I did like (there weren't many):1. I liked the beginning, the story promised to be good. 2. The transition between the POVs was rather smooth, which is rare. 3. I liked the explanation of how all the myths of the other gods came to be (specifically Hades).4. There were some things that I've never met in other books before (like the bringer of the Apocalypses - the Destroyer. Or, at least, the was she was explained in this story). Unfortunately, the book kept dragging on and by the end of it I was bored out of my mind. I won't read any follow ups.

  • Victoria
    2019-02-16 04:27

    We meet Michelle Black, a seemingly normal girl with boring parents, a doting uncle and a best friend that she has a crush on. Oh oh oh... and she can feel the sins people have committed and dreams of all the torture Hell has to offer on a nightly basis. Lately she's been hearing a voice whispering to her... Yeah... not so normal.Lucifer, ruler of Hell wants the woman that he has been promised by Gabriel so so long ago. He feels the darkness taking over and he needs Michelle now!My take on the book:It was a hard book to finish. I'm not one to give up in the middle of a book, but I can honestly say, for me personally, it only started getting good around 65% of the book. The first half of the book lacked flow, it felt drawn out. Again, this could be me personally if it feels different for you! When it started to get good, it rly got good! :) The flow was there, stuff started to happen and we got a sense where everything fits (well.. except CJ, you'd think he would play a big part right?). Anyway, character development was good, I especially liked the dynamic between Lucifer and Hades, though I'm left wondering why only those two are influenced/affected by the light within Anjali and not the other Fallen. Maybe that will be explained in a next book. The romance felt a bit forced. There is some sex described so be mindful if you're looking for a read without any.While the ending of the book left me burning with questions about the Predznak, how Lucifer will deal with it when Anjali finds them, ... at this moment I'm not inclined to read the other books.

  • Wren
    2019-01-22 23:27

    25330764Amazon / GoodreadsMichelle Black lives an average life as she looks to her future beyond high school, but she is not an average girl. Plagued by nightmares of Hell and the unusual ability to see the sins of men, she stands apart from those around her. Deceived by a voice controlling her mind, she finds herself trapped in the place of her nightmares, Hell.The ruler of Hell, the Angel of Darkness, tells her that she must now serve him, and she is forced to face the Realms of Torture. Strange things begin to happen as she senses that she is being deceived and is meant to be more than just a servant. The Angel of Darkness tries to gain her trust by professing his love for her, but she knows that he is keeping the truth from her. She will need to survive enemies hidden in the shadows who conspire to destroy her. Will she learn the truth about who she is and what she is destined to become before it’s too late? The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness is the first book in the series that introduces us to Michelle Black and her dark destiny. She must fight to survive in Hell as she searches for the terrifying truth about the darkness that resides deep inside of her.Anjali was fascintating. She was brave. And powerful. And determined. Her sudden change did surprise me. It seemed like once she knew who she was, she accepted an entirely different personality. She was an entirely different person. It was hard to keep up with her name changes. Annoyed me a bit. Mistress. Michelle. Anjali. Lady Black. It was so quick when she changed. It was as if she was changing personalities. And she didn't even know about her powers when she became Anjali's personality. Okay... She didn't even know how powerful she could be. But she became cocky and outspoken. I think I preferred Michelle. Michelle was good. A bit innocent. A bit naive. A tad shy. These all made her interesting. A different side of the coin compared to Lucifer's roughhousing attitude. (The kill and think later attitude.)Lucifer wasn't too bad. He did have his qualities. He had a soft side. Which was only exposed when Anjali was present. (And even that isn't a soft side per se.) But he was tough and rough. I liked that he did punish people for doing things they weren't supposed to, but he wasn't a good leader or anything. He didn't really interest me as much as he should have. He did seem a bit tough. (Poor Mark.) But he can change. No. He will change. Anjali made him softer. More open. Less tough. Less rough. But too much will destroy him. Destroy Hell. So I'm not sure how great Anjali's influence on him is. (Just picture a bunny-hugging Lucifer. Can't? Me too.)The plot was odd. It went through several different phases all at once. It started off as some crazy love story with a bit of a love-hate relationship. It then transitioned into this becoming brave story for Anjali. Then Anjali is being hunted. (Gasp.) And she has to fight back. We end on a different note, though.The love story was a bit...creepy. Like...steamy and creepy at the same time. If that is even possible. I wanted to say it was a good romance...but no. It wasn't really that good. I thought it was a bit annoying. The two seemed to clash at every opportunity.Then the turning-powerful-learning-yourself part. Anjali changed too quickly. She became someone she wasn't at the start very quickly. Like...ten pages quickly. (That quickly.) She became eternally cocky and sassy. (I don't mind the sass, of course.) She just didn't seem...right. She seemed to be a bit of an oddball there. And all the times she was pushed to her limit? Insert blast of powerful mojo. Whoop whoop! It seemed like she had so many things that happened to her. Bad things. And people who hated her. (Why? Because she could survive in the realms of Hell? Like that's a bad thing. The angels should be taking notes, so they can make the realms worse.) And the hunted. Okay. This came at the ending. If it came in the middle or so, I might have different thoughts. But it was the ending. 'Oh. Now, you're powerful. The bringer of the Apocalypse. And now you have to worry about being stabbed in the back. Gasp!' Erm...okay? I don't see why these people are attacking now. Why not attack when Lucifer brought her in? She was more exposed then! I don't get their reasoning. The romance was...steamy. Steamy steamy. It was comprised mostly of Lucifer and Anjali banging. (Or however you care to call it.) And then fighting. Making up. And banging again. Lucifer destroyed himself, whining and wailing. Anjali was hungry for Lucifer. It seemed like a vicious cycle that would never end. Sigh. I didn't expect how detailed the sex scenes got. I knew it would have sex but not as explicit as it got. (It shocked me.) But...I got...accustomed to them. (If accustomed is the right word.) They still shocked me. (I hadn't read many explicit sex scenes. Most books just fade to black and let things be hinted at.) I don't think I liked them. Nope. Definitely didn't like them. If I was older and more mature, it would be a different story. But now? Nope. Didn't like them. But. I had a problem with the grammar. The missing commas. The words that were wrong or misplaced. It annoyed me a bit. I know my grammar isn't perfect. I miss words or add words instead. (The English language can be confusing for me sometimes. It's like my brain doesn't compute what I'm hearing, writing, or reading. I'm often left nodding in confusion to random statements like 'I like pizza'.) It did annoy me, though. A few misplaced commas is one thing. If it's repeated, that's a trend. And it isn't a good trend. The ending started to lure me in. So much started to happen. It lured me in. It seemed like all her changes and the attacks made Anjali different. Stronger perhaps? Who knows? I started to want to know more. Like the Predznak. Will they submit? Will they let her be their Master? And when is the Apocalypse? Will Anjali be killed? Will Lucifer be killed? How about Gabriel? Will Lucifer turn into a sniveling wimp? Questions questions questions. They kept coming. I'm officially lured inSure, the sex turned me off. It did. Did I feel like it could have been more censored? Yup. Did I like the romance? No. Did I like the characters? Not really. Was this book good? Not really.But the ending drew me in. That's why I might continue the series. If it is a series. (And it sorta has to be.)Weather:Cloud with a 75% chance of rain2.5/5

  • Niki Livingston
    2019-02-21 07:11

    This was a tough one to rate, because I really loved how well the author gripped my attention from the beginning. However, it fell flat in several spots throughout the book and I had to skim through a lot of the conversations out of boredom.My ratings:5 stars for plot, storyline, and character development3-1/2 stars for dialogueThere was too many long and drawn out conversations, and the characters repeated themselves over and over again. As well, they would think about something and then repeat it out loud. This happened so many times, I started losing interest. I also struggled with how things ended with CJ. I needed more closure, but I understand that's just how some stories have to go, in order to move it forward.All that being said, the story has tremendous potential and the way the author pulled me in from the first chapter and had me anticipating the events, one after another, I have to still give this book a thumbs up! I absolutely loved the unique story line and the creative way the author spun hell and heaven and everything in between. It's worth the read and I'm excited to read the next book in the series!

  • Tresa
    2019-02-10 05:16

    This book was an odd one! I sort of liked it but then I kinda didn't. Michelle is basically forced to kill herself because Lucifer keeps tormenting her in her mind and once she is in Hell, he basically forces himself on her to perform oral sex...I don't know, it just wasn't my type of book and it was very hard to finish.

  • Tabitha Barret
    2019-01-30 01:24

    Below is a 5 star review from Jennifer Kost, amember of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team from 7/28. Note that they reviewed an earlier draft of the book. The book has since been edited:5*****StarsBook: The Third Throne: Angel of DarknessAuthor: Tabitha BarretPublisher: Tabitha BarretGenre: Fantasy RomanceRating: MatureThe Angel of Darkness is dangerously close to succumbing to the evil around him. There is only one woman who possess the power to tame his dark thoughts. Will her love be enough to prevent him from losing control and lashing out at the world, or will loving her lead to his downfall?Michelle Black struggles with her strange abilities daily and is plagued by horrific dreams. Deception surrounds her as the truth of who she is and what she is destined to do is hidden from her. Thrown into a dangerous world, she doesn’t know who she can trust. Should she believe the Angel of Darkness' kind and loving words, or is he deceiving her so that he can use her for his own dark purposes?The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness is the first book in the series that introduces us to Michelle Black and her dark destiny. She must fight to survive her enemies while she searches for the terrifying truth about the darkness that resides deep inside of her.The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness has to be one of the most detailed and well-planned books I have read in a very long time. I kept expecting the book to end and it kept going (in a good way). All of the characters were complex, had depth, and meshed with one another. The background story was presented intelligently. The pace remained steady throughout, which is amazing considering the amount of material covered. If this book were a movie, it would be well over 2hrs and a wonderful experience from beginning to end.Technically, The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness was extremely well written with a couple items to note.First, the entire book needed a final proof by new eyes. There were numerous misspellings throughout which were not highlighted because the word was an actual word. Example: I did laugh quite a lot because many times in Hell there were "scones", so I started wondering if they had to drink cold coffee and stale treats… when in actuality there were "sconces" throughout (I am joking… I knew it was a misspelling). See – pretty funny…Second, the introduction of Michelle’s true name was the only confusing part of the book. At first, I thought the author had originally intended a different name and then missed some changes. I eventually figure it out, but it was much later after it started.Most books I can read in a couple days and even though it is enjoyable, it’s a quick thrill. The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness was a book that I read for a full week and looked forward to the next time I could sit down and read more.Personal note to author: I want to know what happens next! How long until Book 2?Review by Jennifer KostMember of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

  • Katie
    2019-01-21 03:27

    Have you ever dreamt of Hell? Have you ever heard Lucifer and other voices talking to you in your sleep? For Michelle Black this is her reality, until she ends up actually in Hell, face to face with Lucifer. She learns her life wasn't exactly what she thought and she has a destiny. Can she live up to that Destiny and fulfill the purpose she was created for? Can she trust Lucifer, Hades and those around her in Hell?The story is gripping, the characters come alive on the page. Anger, strife, sadness, and even compassion all come through loud in clear in the actions of Michelle/Annie and those around her. With new twists and revelations at every turn the book kept me turning the page. A very good read, I definitely recommend it!

  • Ariel Mathis
    2019-02-18 03:36

    I'm going to keep this short as possible. If you love paranormal romance, Adult 'situations', and Angels from on high & below, then pick this book up!! I'll be honest and tell you readers that when I saw the page count, 400+ pages, I thought, 'it's going to be very detailed.' Nuh-uh. There is SO much going on that you get to the last page and immediately need more!! The story, the whole concept, is one of a kind, unique, and most brilliant!! Kudos to the Author for putting THAT spin on the whole Heaven & Hell 'thing'. It totally works!! All I can really say at this point, is buy the book & fall in love because being bad has never been so good!!

  • Kristin Dutt
    2019-02-04 07:26

    WOW I'm impressed with this unique story of Heaven and Hell. I admit I'm a huge fan of stories like this. This is the 1st of a series so I recommend reading in order. I plan on grabbing the second one soon.The story line is fantastic but would've loved the plot to be a bit more solid. There are some confusing pieces but you get the idea where the author was heading. Lots of interesting characters in this one including Lucifer and Hades.This is a great start to a series and would like to see where is goes and how the author expands on her skills : ) This is a great read for paranormal fans who want to enjoy some Heaven and Hell with a bit of romance all tied up together.

  • Angarad
    2019-02-21 05:28

    2.5-3 starsThaïs book left me very perplexed and not sure if I liked it or not. Some good aspects: an interesting plot, a lot of mysteries, deep and multi dimensional characters. Bad points: I felt that Michelle was an empty shell. Her feelings are strange and without much substance. She accepts everything too easily. As for Lucifer, he was not was I was expecting from the Lord of Hell. Their is no chemistry between the two and their relationship was very weird to witness.