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His Surprise Daughter After five years apart, Tom Sheffield is shocked to find his ex-wife, Stephanie, on his doorstep. The news that they share a child he's never met sends him reeling. Four-year-old Macy has his eyes, his mouth and, from their first encounter, his heart. Things with her mother are much more complicated. He doesn't understand what went wrong between themHis Surprise Daughter After five years apart, Tom Sheffield is shocked to find his ex-wife, Stephanie, on his doorstep. The news that they share a child he's never met sends him reeling. Four-year-old Macy has his eyes, his mouth and, from their first encounter, his heart. Things with her mother are much more complicated. He doesn't understand what went wrong between them or why she kept their daughter a secret. And he's afraid of falling in love all over again. Yet he feels a glimmer of hope that somehow he can convince Macy and Stephanie to stay in Lake Endwell—and with him—for keeps....

Title : Unexpected Family
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Unexpected Family Reviews

  • Pam
    2019-03-01 04:36

    Unexpected Family is by Jill Kemerer. It is a love inspired novel and is inspirational so the language and graphic sexual encounters are not there. This is an easy book to read and a great one for summer or quick readings at the doctor’s office. Tom Sheffield is surprised when his ex-wife, Stephanie, showed up on his doorstep. He wasn’t particularly cordial to her; but then, she had left him five years ago and he had no idea why and she had not explained. This time, he could not ignore her because she was here to tell him he was the father of a four-year old daughter! Tom was floored. He didn’t hesitate to accept her as his once he saw her picture. She was definitely a Sheffield. What he had trouble with was why she waited four years to tell him. What firsts has he missed with his daughter? Can he forgive Stephanie for this? Can he get to be a real father to Macy?

  • Jill Buteyn
    2019-03-13 11:54

    This is a sweet, heartwarming romance that will take you into the lives of two characters who desperately need a second chance. You'll root for them as they realize who they are in Christ and what they both want to fight for. Macy is the little girl in the book, and she adds another sweet element. Kemerer's descriptions are extremely well done, and the characters are well-developed and realistic. If you're looking for the following things, this one is for you: sweet, clean romance. Happily ever after. Faith-filled fiction. Second chance at a first romance. Small-town setting. Sigh-worthy ending. Enjoy!

  • Jessica Patch
    2019-03-18 07:06

    Unexpected Family is an incredibly sweet story full of grace, forgiveness, and second chances. I loved the chemistry between the hero and heroine. Lake Endwell has become one of my favorite places. I feel like I'm a part of the community and the Sheffield family. Macy is adorable and I loved the father-daughter dynamic between her and Tom. If you're looking for an inspirational romantic and heartwarming story, this book is for you!

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-03 08:36

    Received this book for giving an honest review by Jill's Book Crew....Jill Kemerer's second book in the Lake Endwell series. She vividly writes heartwarming stories that make you feel right at home and a part of the story.This book really spoke to me because this book helped establish that all relationships have ups and downs,but with God being the center of your life he will put trust back into a relationship.This story follows Tom Sheffield. It has been five years since his divorce from his ex-wife, Stephanie. She comes to share the news that he has a 4 year-old daughter, Macy.Since they had a complicated past, it is hard at first for them to make arrangements with their daughter. They must learn to reestablish trust which is hard for both of them. They must trust God and seek his direction.They are both afraid to take another chance at love together because they are afraid they will mess up and that would affect Macy.I really the part when Stephanie prays, "Lead me to your will, Lord.Guide me and make my path straight."Overall, this book was really enjoyable following this family once again and I can't wait for the release of the next book in the series.

  • Pam Graber
    2019-03-05 03:41

    What a beautiful story! Usually I find myself skimming some parts in books because the story slowed down but this one held me spellbound from the beginning. I highly recommend to any inspirational romance addict who loves the "secret baby" story line. Stephanie Sheffield and her ex-husband, Tom have been divorced for 5 years. When she shows up on his doorstep, bruised and in pain from being in a car accident, anger clouds the sympathy Tom feels. He hasn't forgiven her for the mistake she made that he felt cost them their marriage. When she tells him that he has a 4 year old daughter, he is completely blown away.The car accident was the catalyst for Stephanie. If she had been seriously hurt, who would care for her daughter? Already feeling guilty for keeping Macy's existence from Tom, she decides the time has come to break the news. Can they get past their past to see the future they could share?

  • Paula-O
    2019-02-26 03:45

    Jill Kemerer has written a wonderful LI story "Unexpected Family"5 years Stephanie has kept a secret, a large one at that,from the man she met -married and divorced years ago. It has bothered her even though she has led a good life and raised a young daughter on her own. She feels she should let her ex know that he is a father and let the little girl know her father.Now just how do you think this is going to play out???Well Jill does a great job of having Tom Sheffield and his ex meet again and learn that he is a father.Come read this story and learn how two can find forgiveness and learn that Love just might be sweeter the second time around.

  • Bonnie
    2019-03-09 04:37

    Unexpected Family by Jill Kemerer. Tom Sheffield is surprised to find his ex-wife, Stephanie, on his doorstep. Stephanie tells Tom he has a four year old daughter named Macy. Macy looks just like Tom. Stephanie doesn't want to tell Macy yet about Tom being her father until they get to know each other. At first Macy doesn't like Tom because he is taking time away from Macy with her mother. Tom does get Macy to like him. Macy is real happy to have Tom as her Daddy. A good read.

  • Collyn
    2019-02-27 06:53

    I loved the inspirational ties in this book, forgiveness and patience are two things I personally need to perfect in my life, so it was neat to read a story along the same lines. A sweet story, which did feel very rushed, but that's OK.. If you're in the market for a sweet story about love and family, this is your book.

  • Harlequin Books
    2019-03-21 04:58

    "Beautiful descriptions abound in Kemerer’s latest. The Sheffield family seemingly has it all (faith, love, money), but demonstrates that nobody has a perfect life free of struggles" (RT Book Reviews, 4 stars).

  • D.J.
    2019-02-27 05:51

    This story caught my attention from the very start!The last person Tom Sheffield expected to see when he opens his door is Stephanie, his ex-wife. And he’s most definitely not expecting the shocking news he receives from her! Let me just say. . . this isn’t the sort of news anyone hopes to get!This is the second book Jill Kemerer has written, in a wonderful series, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. This series is so inspiring, I’m looking forward to reading it again and again!Don’t miss out on this wonderful series!Happy Reading!

  • Dominique
    2019-02-26 04:46

    My first Harlequin romance novel!

  • Leone (She Reads too Much Romance)
    2019-03-09 12:01

    As I selected this book for review I was a little excited to read the novel that I would consider to be an early autumn read-however the book was not nearly as likable as I was expecting.I think what I did like most about this book was that the author chose to remain loyal to the inspiring romance traits that I admire most about the genre. The family foundation of the plot was strong and the romance was light-weight.Perhaps my biggest fault with the story was the writing flow. The flow itself felt entirely rushed like I might have been running an actual race rather than to be enjoying my reading. The pages passed by quickly and I feel like I have missed on the details of the book because of the pace. Basically I wanted the author to spend more time on the actual characteristic of what should have defined the novel so that the story felt more developed than it actually was.-I wrote this review as part of my Night Owl Reviews's reviewer profile. Copyrights belong strictly to NOR. To read more of this review please click on the link that has been provided.

  • Dawn
    2019-03-08 04:45

    My Thoughts:Truthfully, I wasn't too invested in this book. It was a quick read like most Love Inspired Books are. But it didn't hold my attention like others I've read. I thought that the plot was a little bit predictable. I mean she kept the knowledge of their child from the hero and of course he's going to fight to be a family together. The character that I liked the most was the little girl, Macy. She's just adorable. Yet neither one of her parents really connected with me. For a quick read, it was ok. Not my favorite by any means. But not the worst I've read either. I received the Kindle book for free from the author for the purpose of reviewing. I was not required to write a positive review, only give my honest opinion, which I have done. My thoughts and opinions are my own.Recommended to fans of the Love Inspired BooksRating - 3 stars

  • Wendy Miller
    2019-02-27 07:06

    Another endearing inspirational romance by Jill Kemerer. I don’t often gravitate toward romance novels, but I love how gifted Kemerer is at pulling me into me into a story world. I appreciated the expertly woven nuances of forgiveness and reconciliation in Unexpected Family. The characters felt relatable (love those Sheffields) and I enjoyed reading how Tom and Stephanie’s relationship developed. Highly recommend this book for those looking for a sweet, uplifting read.Kemerer knows romance!

  • Darly
    2019-03-14 05:42

    This was the first book I read by Jill Kemerer and I enjoyed it so much I purchased every title I could find by her! The story takes place in the fictional town of Lake Endwell, which the author described so beautifully I felt as if it were real. The characters, Tom and Stephanie, are both complex and well-written, as was their story of forgiveness and second chances. UNEXPECTED FAMILY is a book I could easily read again. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet and inspirational romance!

  • Ellen
    2019-03-05 06:57

    Sweet story. Formula format: boy gets girl, boy looses girl, boy gets girl. The situations along the way are from serious angst to fun.Favorite quote applies to everyone's life at sometime or other: "Guilt's like a virus, spreading unless we tame it."Divorced five years ago, an event occurs that makes her go to him with a confession. Each has decided to never marry again, too much hurt to go through. We follow each in his/her thoughts; her's while at work or home studying, his while he prepares for an Iron Man competition. Some interesting details on that prep.

  • Cate Marsden
    2019-03-06 09:54

    I unabashedly loved this story of ordinary flawed people who’ve grown up since their divorce, but my single favourite scene was the Parents Night. Stephanie scrambles to get herself and her four-year-old there; Tom shows up late, yet the teachers and parents fall all over him.Full review here:

  • Leslie Lamb
    2019-03-22 04:06

    Kinda corny. Four years ago they get a divorce. It's been 4 years and Stephanie lets Tom know he has a daughter named Macy. He isn't happy she didn't tell him a long time ago. Now he wants to get to know Macy. At first he and Stephanie are just civil to each other, but then they start to get reacquainted. They soon see that both have made changes for the better...

  • Joan Arning
    2019-03-26 05:39

    Unexpected Family is a sweet story of Tom who learns he has a four year old daughter with his ex-wife! The main characters seem like real people who face challenges in their lives. I recommend this contemporary romance to others. I won my copy of Unexpected Family in a giveaway.

  • Abby Breuklander
    2019-02-23 04:38

    One of the best books I have ever read, hands down!!

  • Harlequin Books
    2019-03-11 03:40

    received 4 stars @ RT Book Reviews

  • Nancy
    2019-03-16 03:48

    This was a very good book how ever I do wish the author had done more to make it more interesting. I look forward to reading more of this author's work.

  • Jessica Nelson
    2019-03-19 07:59

    This was a wonderfully sweet story that made me laugh and cry.

  • Mitch Fralic
    2019-03-19 06:40

    What a sweet romantic story which made me want to dislike her for leaving for no reason but quickly like her. The child is adorable . definitely good reading on a lazy afternoon

  • Carey
    2019-03-03 11:52

    This is another enjoyable book by Jill Kemerer. It is a beautiful story of love and forgiveness. I love getting to know the Sheffield family in Jill's books.