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THIS WORK IS PROOF THAT ANIMALS ARE NOT THE 'DUMB CREATURES' MANY PEOPLE MAKE THEM OUT TO BE! This book is NOT a work of fiction, but was transmitted to the author via mental telepathy from his pet cat -- yes! you read that correctly. "You've gone off your head Feef," said the Lama. "Who will believe YOU wrote a book?" He smiled down at me and rubbed under my chin in justTHIS WORK IS PROOF THAT ANIMALS ARE NOT THE 'DUMB CREATURES' MANY PEOPLE MAKE THEM OUT TO BE! This book is NOT a work of fiction, but was transmitted to the author via mental telepathy from his pet cat -- yes! you read that correctly. "You've gone off your head Feef," said the Lama. "Who will believe YOU wrote a book?" He smiled down at me and rubbed under my chin in just the way I liked best before he left the room on some business. I sat and pondered. "Why should I NOT write a book? I thought. True, that I am a Cat, but not an ordinary cat. Oh dear! No! I am a Siamese Cat who has traveled far and seen much. "Seen? Well of course. I am quite blind now, and have to rely on the Lama to tell me of the present scene, but I have my memories! Of course, I am old, very old indeed, and not a little infirm, but is that not good reason why I should put on paper the events of my life, while I am able? Here, then, is my version of Living with the Lama, and the happiest days of my life; days of sunshine after a lifetime of shadows."...

Title : Living with the Lama: 25 Years with Lobsang Rampa
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ISBN : 9781892062390
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Living with the Lama: 25 Years with Lobsang Rampa Reviews

  • Kunal Kala
    2019-03-20 09:49


  • La Bruja Lectora (Tata)
    2019-03-18 04:36

    Ame este libro, la experiencia de ver la vida a traves de los ojos de un gatito es dulce y tierno aunque muy triste, lo volveria a leer sin dudarlo

  • Maria Carmo
    2019-02-28 09:32

    I read this book years ago and I really enjoyed the clever way in which the Lama's Cat "writes" it's own Diary, telepathically transmitted to the Lama... It has the unique (but credible) perspective of a Cat, is weel written and convincing as a story and has a subtle sense of humor! Definitely a good read.Maria Carmo18th. August 2012.

  • Xavi
    2019-03-16 10:36

    Me fascinó de joven esta historia contada en primera persona por el propio gato del lama.

  • S'hi
    2019-03-18 05:43

    The novelty of a psychic cat dictating to a Tibetan Lama who is under great public pressure for his claims about his extraordinary life surely open up the whole concept of possession as proposed by spiritualism.If there is no human witness who can bear one’s story into the world, what better companion than the family cat?Surely if you do not believe anything that Lobsang Rampa writes you would not be reading his books. If you are not getting anything out of his unique perspective on the world and its possibilities, why would you be wasting your precious life energy arguing with such a writer?Here is both the humour that survival requires and the sensible continuance of a story by someone who is obviously living with the proceeds of the Lama, no matter how limited they may be. Perspectives about the writing life and its poor returns on time invested are equally valid reasons for reading as are the unusual glimpses of ordinary life amid a continuing saga of the most unbelievable transformation of an Englishman through psychic transplant.If nothing else these books are definitely about survival.

  • Karla
    2019-03-19 09:27

    Been a fan of this booknfor yearsAs a child, I found a copy of this book among my mother's old books and read it so much that it fell apart. Mrs. Fifi Greywhiskers....aka Feef, has been a love

  • Jim Conant
    2019-03-17 04:28

    I saw this book in a used book store and the author's name caught my eye, since I recognized "Lobsang" as a Tibetan name. The book store's owner told me that "he's a total fraud. He's like Carlos Casteneda. He made everything up." Despite the warning, I bought it anyway. The fact that the author is supposedly a Tibetan Lama doesn't really figure into the book anywhere. It is nominally told from the perspective of a cat, and there are some charming moments. However, for the most part nothing in particular happens. The "Lama" who is referred to as "the Guv" in the story leaves Ireland because he's angry about paying too many taxes. Then he gets to Canada and complains about the local officials there. At one point he is visited by an Astral Traveler who instructs him to write his next book, but you'd think a lama would be doing things like meditation and projecting peace, rather than complaining about how unfairly life treats him.The author seems like he's a bit nuts. He's genuinely trying to maintain the pretense that he is a Lama, yet offers up a book told to him telepathically by a cat.

  • Maja Lange
    2019-03-19 03:29

    Pretty much the only thing this book has got going for it is its basic premise; the idea of writing a book from a cat's perspective is somewhat interesting. The story in itself, however, is not. The first few chapters hold some promise, but it goes downhill from there. From a rather early point onwards, it's all "And then we bought a new car, but it turned out not to be to our satisfaction, so we bought another one, and then we got tired of living where we were living, so we moved somewhere else, and then we moved again and bought another car, which then had to be repaired"... I guess there's a hint of charm to be found here and there along the way, but not enough to make up for the lack of both entertainment, atmosphere and substance. I'm not impressed with the technical aspect of the writing either. The author quite frequently seems to forget what he just wrote, which leads to inconsistencies of various kinds. For instance, you'll find a passage that goes something like "She was lying on her back, laughing and laughing" -> *a few lines* -> "She was so amused that she rolled over and lay on her back". Even worse, the author seems to sometimes forget that one of the characters is blind; he has her mentioning things as if she were seeing them. Sloppy.

  • Peter
    2019-02-26 10:32

    I did "rescue" this one from Amazon or whomever as I have a paperback at my house---published (latest edition) 1981 but goes back to the 1960's --- has Siamese cat resting precariously on bald head in picture on front cover (which I may try to upload later.) I didn't try to compare with other book with same title but subtitled 25 years etc. Yes I enjoyed all the Rampa books to varying degrees.

  • Faye
    2019-03-08 08:23

    I read this book when I was about 13 years old and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I still have the same copy. It was my first introduction to literature that wasn't written for kids and I remember not being ablue to put it down. I've the years I have borrowed the book to other who're much older then o was when I read it and they didn't shre the enthusiasm. Maybe I enjoyed it as much as I did because I was a kid, I'm not sure, but it stil think it was great book and would happily read it again .

  • Devo
    2019-02-23 09:26

    I was desperate for an English language book while in thailand and picked this up in a second hand shop there. I thought it looked pretty funny since it's written narratively from his cat's perspective; Ms Fifi Greywhiskers ... man is his cat boring!! (Actually, the beginning chapters of his cat's life would make for a cute and cruel children's book.

  • Mauricio
    2019-03-16 08:49

    Great book to educate people about the importance of animals and how similar they could be to us. Protecting animals and environments should be part of every human being. A little boring at the middle end but with a heart-touch ending. I will definitely recommend to kids who are starting into reading.

  • Joana Leitão Teixeira
    2019-03-12 04:43

    A ideia era engraçada. A forma de contar a história não me convenceu. É certo que o facto de ser uma tradução brasileira de 1981 (que não corresponde à edição aqui do goodreads mas não havia a correcta e eu confesso a minha imensa preguiça em introduzi-la!) também é capaz de não ter ajudado.

  • Neko
    2019-03-01 07:30

    Un libro que llegó a mis manos por casualidad y que me dejó completamente MARAVILLADA. Lo amé.

  • Linda R
    2019-02-23 07:40

    Very different to anything I normally read.It was very cute and well written, a quick read

  • Satrina T
    2019-03-15 10:52

    I read a couple of the books of this series as a young girl but this was my favorite from them all. I loved the way this cat told her story. I think I remember the ending making me cry.

  • Robert Day
    2019-03-21 04:32

    What - a fake - surely not!!