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They say there’s always one summer that changes you.For Faith the one summer she can’t forget is when she fell in love as a teenager – only for her sister, Casey, to steal her man. Now, at the request of her beloved ninety-year-old Grandmother, Faith has agreed to a family holiday – at their childhood beach house, where it all began. Faith hasn’t seen her sister in years bThey say there’s always one summer that changes you.For Faith the one summer she can’t forget is when she fell in love as a teenager – only for her sister, Casey, to steal her man. Now, at the request of her beloved ninety-year-old Grandmother, Faith has agreed to a family holiday – at their childhood beach house, where it all began. Faith hasn’t seen her sister in years but is finally ready to forgive and forget, enjoy the sunshine and relive happy memories. What she’s not ready for is meeting Jake Buchanan – the owner of the beach house – or the long-forgotten feelings he ignites in her. Can Faith overcome the hurt of the past, rekindle the close bond she had with Casey and make this summer THE ONE to remember?...

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Summer by the Sea Reviews

  • Susan
    2019-02-26 03:35

    I have only read Jenny Hale's Christmas books and loved them. SUMMER BY THE SEA was even better. Jenny is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. She makes me feel so many different things while I'm reading her heart warming stories. One minute I'm giggling and the next there is a huge lump in my throat. All of the characters are flawed in different ways but you will find yourself cheering for them through out the book. My heart was melting while Jake tried to figure out what he really wanted. I was trying not to rush through the story of Faith and Casey. I truly wanted the sisters to work out their problems and repair their relationship. I just wanted to reach in the pages and give them all hugs. I can't wait to read more by this wonderful author.ARC received from Netgalley for an honest review.

  • Kim
    2019-03-17 09:22

    This was a lovely summery read. It made you want to ask to stay with Faith's family in Outer Banks. Her nan had a holiday home there and they all spent family holidays there every year producing the most wonderful memories. A hurricane levelled the house and ended the family time.Her nan has invited everyone back to OuterBanks to celebrate her 90th birthday and they all have a lovely surprise when they realise she's managed to book that same house by the sea. Faith bumped into the 'handyman' finishing off a few touches before they arrive and there is an instant attraction.I absolutely loved the family feeling surrounding this books- past bad feeling to overcome, love for their grandmother and her photos that she's encouraging them to view to bring back those precious memories from their childhood. What is her motive behind inviting them all and what secrets and feelings are Faith and her sister harbouring?Jake, the handyman, turns out to be a lovely man who invites them all to share some wonderful trips around Outer Banks. But he's invited them mainly to get to know Faith better.I loved the descriptions of their trips and could imagine myself there and could almost taste the food.It's a summer of examining their inner selves, forgiveness and a desire to change the things that need changing!An ideal book to pack for your summer holidays- or even to read in the back garden if you're not managing a summer escape this year!Many thanks to the publisher and Net Galley for a chance to read this one.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-03-08 11:35

    I enjoyed everything about this book! I love the setting in the Outer Banks, the beach, the house and the characters. I thought they were imaginative and the story held my interest. Casey and Faith are sisters who have been estranged for many years - ah, sisters. If you're one you understand perfectly! There are so many jealousies and arguments through the years that we forget that we love each other. In this case, a man is at the heart of the problem. What the reader finds is a lovely story about the joys and heartaches of being a sister. This is truly a memorable book!I received this book from NetGalley and Bookouture for an honest review.

  • Rachel Gilbey
    2019-03-09 10:25

    Having loved Jenny Hale's Christmas books, when I spotted an opportunity to get a review copy of her latest summery book, I couldn't resist requesting it. And I wasn't disappointed. This is a lovely summery book, that made me reminiscent of simple family holidays along the coast of America (despite never even having experienced one myself). Faith and her family are returning for one last summer holiday, to Outer Banks. When they were younger, they used to spend every summer in Outer Banks, until a hurricane destroyed their old cottage. Now they are returning to celebrate Nan's 90th Birthday. Faith however has been slightly estranged from her sister for the past few years, after Casey stole her man one summer.As a result Faith needs to let the past go, and to be more comfortable within herself and her family dynamic, and she finally gets to know her niece Isabella, who is now 5. What she hadn't counted on was meeting Jake Buchanan, who seems to be everywhere, and who she is clearly attracted to. It is lovely seeing Faith reconnect with Casey and for them to try to get to the bottom of their underlying issues, and try to be supportive of each other like real sisters again. Faith's nan is lovely, she seems to know everything that is going on in her family, whether she is expressly told or not. She is the real matriarch of the family, and all she wants is to have one last summer holiday in Outer Banks, and get the whole family to be less fractured and back to a whole family. She has an uncanny knack of knowing what others are thinking, or what she can say to hint to others what they should be doing. Summer by the Sea is a lovely summery read, about a family summer holiday, memories of many summers gone by, and a story of romance and forgiveness.Thank you to Netgalley and Bookoutre for this review copy. This was my honest review.

  • Paris Baker
    2019-03-15 08:39

    Originally posted on Paris Baker's Book Nook.Ah, bliss. One of my most anticipated books of the year: Jenny Hale’s new Summer novel. Last year, Jenny’s summer book Love Me For Me earned the title as My Favourite Book of 2014, so to say I had high expectations for this one would be an understatement.If you follow me, you’ve probably heard me gush about Jenny’s writing a fair few times, so I’ll try not to go too overboard…Nah, sod it, she’s bloody marvellous!Summer by the Sea follows the story of Faith and her family on their holiday to the Outer Banks. Faith hasn’t seen her sister, Casey, for some years, as she has never been able to forgive her for breaking her heart when they were younger, by stealing – and consequently marrying – the man Faith loved.Their Nan’s 90th birthday finds the family under one roof again, in a place that used to hold such wonderful memories for them all. So much has passed, and there’s so much they’re still going through, but Faith still doesn’t know if she can truly forgive Casey, or if Casey is really even sorry.On her first day, Faith meets Jake, and can’t help but find her falling for him fast. But is it really worth getting in to something when she’ll be gone in a couple of weeks? And even if it was, can they see past their differences?Jenny’s books are just such beautiful, realistic love stories, that they honestly melt my heart. Faith was so guarded, so affected by her past that she had built walls around herself, and she was scared of getting hurt. Jake too is haunted by his past, and doesn’t want history to repeat itself. It is also a wonderful story about the love of families, and the need to be there for one another.All the characters are flawed in their own way, but beautiful too. Nan had to be my favourite character of them all, so sweet and wise, and with all the wits I hope to have if I’m lucky enough to reach 90! Her ability to read her family, to care for them and help them, filled me with a nostalgic warmth for my own family, especially having never known a grandmother.This story truly tugged at my heartstrings, as I willed for both Faith and Casey to be able to repair their relationship, and for Faith and Jake to be able to make things work. Set in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina, it was impossible not to get swept away with them, as Jenny fills your senses with sun, sand and sea (and fishbowl cocktails!). I could just picture every scene, every house so vividly, it’s an absolutely perfect book to whisk you away this summer.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-16 06:45

    Originally posted on by the Sea is the second book by Jenny Hale that I have had the pleasure of reading. A Christmas to Remember (see my review here) was the book that first introduced me to the author, and a book which I absolutely loved from beginning to end. So, as you can imagine, I just couldn't wait to dive into Summer by the Sea. The cover, the blurb, and my lasting experience from reading Jenny's previous novel, all had me eager to get lost within her newest story and I couldn't wait to see what Jenny had in store for me and the rest of her readers next.Summer by the Sea follows Faith and her family during a holiday back to the seaside beach house where they've spent many a happy, summer holiday during the years already gone by, bar one. Jenny's descriptions of this gloriously peaceful and serene place had me wishing that I had somewhere just like that to escape to, with the soft sand and the to-ing and fro-ing of the sea. It was Faith's home away from home, but only now did she feel able to return, despite her evident love for it. Everything about the setting made me feel as if I were slipping into the world right beside Jenny's characters. It was clear from Faith's inner feelings that she'd always had a soft spot for the beach house and it was so much more to her than just a place to stay for the summer. Full of beautiful childhood memories and being surrounded by family, it sounded like a true delight. It had a real 'homely' feel to it, despite having been renovated since their last visit, and I just felt, right from the moment that they arrived, it wasn't just the beach house itself that held the magic, but the space which it occupied, the area in which it sat. Everything held memories for Faith, but not all of them good. Jenny holds back the reason behind Faith's wariness of being reunited with her sister Casey until a little bit later on into the story, which had me just dying to know exactly what had happened between the sisters all that time ago. Faith's inner thoughts, her movements and facial expressions provided me with everything that I needed to know about how she felt towards Casey, and from those, I was able to gather that whatever had happened between them had been pretty monumental to say the least. I couldn't wait to see how they'd approach the mysterious subject as Summer by the Sea progressed. Throughout the entirety of this gorgeous novel, I felt overwhelmed by the nostalgia which emanated from Faith. It was clear that, despite the troubles between her and Casey, there were definitely happier times between them, although the differences in the sisters had always been evident. It got me thinking about my own sisters (all four of them), and how I'd feel if I were in Faith's situation. It would break my heart to become distance from any of them, but what happened to Faith was heartbreaking. Faith wasn't as confident as her sister, even now after spending so much time away and finally building herself up for seeing her again, and their differences are discussed throughout the novel; their opposite personalities, their lives and circumstances. Reading the moment where they set eyes on each other again for the first time was tense. I was eager to see how each sister would receive the other, how they'd react after such a long time spent apart. Jenny's descriptions only heightened this feeling for me, and knowing that I had the rest of the novel to explore and see how their relationship would pan out had me incredibly eager to keep on reading.The pace within Summer by the Sea was perfect, I was hooked right from the very start to the very end. I'm a massive family girl at heart so when those tender, moving moments came about, I really paid attention. I loved watching as the relationships within the novel began to change over time, leaving me wondering about how it would all end. Jenny lets us know right from the beginning that Faith is nervous about what lies ahead, and this worked perfectly on me, reeling me completely in!During Faith and her family's stay in the beach house, Faith meets Jake, who isn't all that he first appears to be. I enjoyed the interactions between Faith and Jake as they began to get to know each other, but with plenty of problems cropping up along the way which kept me interested. Faith is also joined by her mother and grandmother, whose birthday they are celebrating whilst away. We're also introduced to Casey's little girl, Faith's niece, Isabella, who Faith hasn't really spent much time with. Again, watching the relationships change throughout the novel was truly wonderful, and warmed my heart repeatedly. Summer by the Sea by Jenny Hale was gorgeously enveloping and the setting wrapped itself around me completely. This was such an enjoyable read involving all of my favourite things: romance, family and learning to let go of the past. Definitely one to add to your summer reading list this year! Becca's Books is awarding Summer by the Sea by Jenny Hale with FOUR SCRUMPTIOUS CUPCAKES! Thoroughly enjoyable, fantastic plot and brilliant characters.

  • Simona
    2019-03-11 08:49

    *Book provided by the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*Jenny Hale is a wonderful author and her stories are always filled with magic, sparks and memorable moments. With The Summer by the Sea she has done a marvellous job again!The story follows kindergarden teacher Faith. I liked her from the start. The way she talked about her students and also some of her characteristics and memories made it easy for me to relate to her.Faith agreed to a family holiday at the beach house, they spent time at in Faith’s childhood. They all come together for grandma’s birthday. Faith is not looking forward to seeing her sister Casey after so many years. Casey stole her man Scott, is married to him and they have an adorable daughter. Scott has left Casey though and they are close to going through with their divorce. However, that is not what Casey wants.The sisters get to spend a lot of time together and both finally talk about what the really feel.When Faith meets Jake, she falls fast and hard for him. It’s the little things passing between them at first, and then their chemistry is amazing. Faith gets confused and scared though when she sees Casey flirting with Jake.Jake is wonderful. He’s a hobby handyman and works as a property developer. Taking her on a fancy date, makes Faith think. Is he really the right man for her, they seem to have different opinions about what do build up at the beach. Only later we learn what is behind it all. We find out about Jake’s past relationship and it all begins to make sense.He is also hesitant when it comes to being honest about his feelings, I just wanted to slap him, because his attraction to her was so obvious. This mystery made the story more griping and interesting of course ;)I loved this strong family bond in the story. The two sisters were finally able to talk and be there for each other and their nan was awesome. She always knew what was the matter and brought a great spark into it. Isabella is such a cute little girl. And the way Jake is with her – swoon!This wonderful and beautiful story is full of surprises! The Outer Banks are a marvellous setting and Jenny explained everything with so many details, just magical! I felt like being there with the characters. Jenny told me that there might be a place in this book for me and she was right! Key West, a place Jake has been to many times, but always alone. Also a place, Faith really wants to go to with someone special.I love reading about it, especially having been there only 2 months ago. It made their connection stronger, because they finally shared something and felt the same way about something.I really just wanted it to work out between them, I had to be patient, going through ups and downs – you’ll see what I mean and you have to read it yourselves to find out what happened in the end… Just one more thing – I thought the epilogue was really cute.This story has it all – a great location, wonderful characters, a strong family bond, cute, romantic and memorable moments, love and magic.

  • Natalie TBGWP
    2019-03-03 05:31

    For me having a connection to the main character of a book is basically a huge deal breaker. If I don’t have that connection, then I just can’t settle into the plot. The whole book is based upon that person isn’t it? So without that person there would be no book, yes? So it’s obvious that the connection you make is one of the main things within the book.Summer By The Sea’s heroine Faith Summer has to be one of the most arrogant I’ve had the displeasure of reading about. So obsessive and ridiculous. Always moaning and moping about. Always wanting sympathy from the reader and being a bore. Thinking her opinions and morals are better than anyone else’s. I wanted to stop reading the book because she irritated me that much. In all honestly the only reason I carried on was because I am so fond of the author. I honestly really tried to relax and get into it, but I really couldn’t. I found myself sarcastically commenting and basically just being a bitch. Reading should be fun. I love reading, I also love being a bitch at times, but not at the same time as reading.Anyway, the plot is actually a really good one. The idea surrounding family is one that most people will adore. The issue I had with this was that it was written far too nice. There are heated, angry, arguments and times when eruptions are needed. Instead, we just get told how angry someone is and how furious they are, then nothing, it’s over and we’re being told that the situation isn’t enough to warrant any more. What? Obviously I can’t tell you what’s happens, but I can assure that it is one that deserves a lot of anger, a few underhanded words, and a slap to the face! It was just all too nice. It was also REALLY obvious from the beginning what was going to happen, then again in the middle with something else. It’s just so frustrating because it could have been so amazing, so gripping, so filling.I feel terrible I do. I understand the book is all about putting things into perspective and cherishing your family, I really do, but it just fell flat to me. The only thing that was spot on was the beautiful descriptions of North Carolina.I’m sorry Jenny, I hope you don’t hate me. 1.5/5

  • Kelly
    2019-03-24 05:38

    Thank you, Jenny Hale for getting me in the perfect mood for an upcoming beach trip. In this story, Faith, a kindergarten teacher, returns to the Outer Banks, a childhood vacation spot, for her grandmother Nan's 90th birthday. She struggles to reunite with her sister Casey and meets her young niece Isabella. Faith meets Jake, the "handyman" at the beach house, who sparks feelings that she has been missing for a long time. I loved the characters in this book and the family as a whole. Summer by the Sea speaks about the importance of family and building memories together. This is a perfect summer read that made me feel good. Many thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book for an honest review.

  • Lady Heather
    2019-03-14 09:22

    "A copy of this book was provided to by Bookouture via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review"5 Stars!Loved this story!The characters, writing, and story were AMAZING! This was a wonderful story about family, forgiveness, and what's really important in life. Jake and Faith were great characters, and their slow building romance wonderful to read.I loved the dynamics of Faith's family. Nan in particular was one of my favorite characters.Wonderful epilogue!This is a book I would recommend as a summer read on the beach or by the pool (two of my favorite places in the world)I look forward to reading more of this author 's work! :-)

  • Loretta Milan
    2019-03-06 07:22

    Betrayal can shatter even the strongest family bonds. So, when Faith’s sister, Casey, stole her childhood love, forgiveness was beyond consideration. However, when their beloved grandmother invites them on holiday to Outer Banks, a beautiful costal destination in North Carolina, to celebrate her ninetieth birthday, neither can say no.For Faith, the holiday means facing up to her feelings and forgiving the sister she hasn’t seen for years. She’s just about ready to do this as the novel opens, her feelings swinging from bitterness to nobility, before resting on the decision to embrace the opportunity and enjoy the sunshine. But then she meets Jake who owns the beach house where they’ll be staying. Their blossoming friendship reignites her long-forgotten feelings, particularly how jealous she is of her sister’s rapport with men. Faith does have a tendency to overthink situations and there were several times I wished she’d loosen up and see things for what they are. However, the question is, with all this introspection, can she discover what’s special about herself and learn to trust again?The wonderful costal setting in Summer by the Sea gives the romance an optimistic feel. I liked the way that, even though her sister betrayed her, Faith still believes in doing the right thing and stands by this her morals, particularly when it come to Jake. There are times, I thought, when she is too accepting, maybe to escape conflict quickly, although this could be because the grandmother is encouraging the girls to rekindle the joys of past summers at the beach. Neither wants to disappoint her.Despite the relationship complexities, the plot itself is relatively simple, maybe a tad predictable. Its linear flow makes it easy to follow and relaxing to read despite the moments of awkwardness and conflict between the characters.Descriptions are equally simple. When Faith arrives at the cottage, the “manufacturer stickers on the windows and a pile of lumber and flooring propped against one of the posts” indicates the beach house is new and “no cars, no beach towels on a clothesline or hanging” shows it’s also vacant. Oddly, although clever words are not used to create a vivid setting and there is the occasional cliché, I still felt present in every scene.Read the full Literary Lightbox book review here:

  • Joanne
    2019-03-10 11:43

    This is a really lovely summery story telling the gentle love story between Faith and Jake. When I started reading this, despite it being June, it was a very wild, windy Scottish day and I really was hoping to be transported to somewhere warmer! And I was with this book. The descriptions of Outer Banks, a North Carolina coastal tourist destination, were lovely. It is clearly a beautiful area and I could almost imagine the gorgeous views, the blue sea and the lovely sandy beaches. I had a look at some photos of the area online and it looks just as lovely as I imagined. It's so well described that you will probably want to go there yourself!Faith has many happy memories of coming here as a child to the family cottage, which was later destroyed by a storm. She has very mixed feelings about this family gathering in a newly built cottage, as her mother, sister and niece get together for her grandmother's 90th birthday. She hasn't seen her sister for years after Casey married the man Faith loved. A lot of the story was about the relationship between the sisters as they begin to reconcile, though it's not all plain sailing. It seems this situation may all happen again as Faith feels Casey is throwing herself at Jake, the attractive handyman who Faith is developing feelings for.Faith is a very engaging character, someone you feel you could easily be friends with and confide in. She is a bit of a worrier though and has been left lacking in self confidence when it comes to romantic relationships. She does tend to overthink situations though and there were a few times I wanted to say to her - for goodness sake, stop thinking and just enjoy! Her blossoming friendship with Jake seems to be going well when she discovers something about him that is completely at odds with her own feelings and that she feels isn't the true Jake either. How this situation is resolved is recounted very well by Jenny Hale and all comes to a satisfying ending.All in all, a very enjoyable read and definitely one to enjoy on a warm summer's day. I hadn't read anything by Jenny Hale before but will look out for her other books.My thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the review copy.

  • Bernadette Robinson
    2019-03-10 10:22

    Thanks to the Publishers (Bookouture), who are fast becoming one of my favourite Publishers and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this story in exchange for an honest review.I gave this an 8/10 and devoured it in two days. This is a perfect holiday read, but is also more than suitable as a wintery day read as it'll take you away from the dreary weather that we find ourselves coping with.This is the first book that I've read by Jenny Hale. She is an American Author, this story takes place along the coast in America, in a place known as Outer Banks whether this is a fictional area or not I'm not sure, but that matters not a jot.Jenny Hale has a knack of weaving a story and relates the relationships among all the characters in such a way that make you feel as if you're experiencing the events with them. Faith the main female character and her sister Casey had a falling out years ago when they were youngsters over a young man. They always holidayed in the same beach resort area year after year. As their Grandma approaches 90 years old, she wants to holiday the way she used to do with her family and it's at their Grandma's request that they all find themselves thrown together again. How long will it be before past problems rear their ugly head and will Faith and Casey ever make up for what happened previously and become close again OR will fate repeat itself when they both become acquainted with Jake Buchanan?I really enjoyed this story and felt that Faith always appeared to get overshadowed by her sister Casey and just seemed to tae a back seat whenever she was around. Faith seemed to lack confidence at times and needed to become more proactive in how she handled Casey. I will be reading more books by this Author and can thoroughly recommend this story to lovers of a good romantic read.

  • Renee
    2019-03-08 03:21

    This book started out slowly but within a few chapters, I was caught up in the story. There was lots of fun romance as well as the rebuilding of family relationships. I enjoyed seeing the sisters grow and come to realise that there's more than one side to the story. I loved the gorgeous beach setting.I listened to a review copy of the audiobook. The narrator was a great match to the book and was easy to listen too.

  • Annie
    2019-03-02 06:43

    ** I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **I love Teri's narrations...she is so pleasant to listen too...she brings a story to life so well...and is so talented! This is a beautiful story about a last family trip to celebrate their grandma's 90th birthday at the place they had always spent their vacations growing up. Faith and her sister are estranged...Faith harbors so very heavy feelings towards her sister Casey...Casey married Faiths high school sweetheart and this really broke Faiths heart...she has never really addressed this with her...Faith discovers Casey isn't as happy as she sees and her marriage is in trouble....Faith also meets the Gorgeous Jake the handy man....Jake is very nice...and much more than meets the eye...This is a summer of healing for everyone...and ends with a wonderful feel good happy ending! <3

  • Mandy Baggot
    2019-03-09 09:44

    Brought the beach right to my door! Really enjoyed this gentle romance set by the sea. Faith and Jake seem to be kindred spirits but life and all its challenges keep getting in the way. Adored the family dynamic of this story and the lovely nan who holds everyone together. Would recommend for fans of Debbie Macomber.

  • Ann Cooper
    2019-03-01 11:28

    What a lovely romantic read! Took me a few chapters to get into the book but I enjoyed the story and all the characters. It's a straightforward story about two sisters, their family and two men. The descriptions of the coast and the villages in North Carolina were lovely and I appreciated Faith's concern for them. A perfect summer read!

  • Tracey Harrison
    2019-02-24 05:41

    Great easy read, read in 2 days. Great family story with all the good and bad families have to offer. Really good love story that had you routing for faith!

  • Debbie
    2019-03-01 07:37

    Oh my gosh this book pulled at my heartstrings so much more than I had anticipated. I'd just been expecting a sweet summer read and it turned out to be so much more.

  • Janka H.
    2019-03-16 04:34

    Coming of age story - of an adult woman.Faith was betrayed by her sister and has been living under the shadow of the betrayal since. But now her beloved Grandmother's 90th birthday celebration is here - and maybe this is a convenient time to talk the things over. There is also the nice guy Faith just met in the seaside restaurant - and later. Might he be the one or are they too different?This is a book about family and family ties - mainly about the oldd truth that blood is thicker than water. And a self-esteem, forgiveness and taking chances.And I honestly would love to love the book, but I can't and I don't.The main reason is that I consider the main heroine being emotionally immature. Don't be mistaken, I quite like her and can relate to some of her struggles and sensitivities - but she just has a victim mentality and she is never (at least partly) responsible for anything that has happened to her. She has a lot growing up behind her - and no proofs she ever will do that.Casey, her sister, is the same kind of person - but she is at least able to apologize. Read this as a book to drift you away, summer kind of read. But don't look for deeper stuff - there is a lot of theoretizing about it, but no real change in the lives of the characters.

  • annemarie_bookaholic
    2019-03-26 04:39

    What a great summer read....not to mention how families come together and certain wounds heal.Jenny Hale is becoming one of my favourite authors. I laughed, cried and thoroughly enjoyed this book.Her description of the Outer Banks has me wishing that my hubby and I explored more of North Carolina on our many trips to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. You can't help but fall in love with her characters and hope you get a happily ever after ending...

  • Sally L. Moran
    2019-03-06 08:22

    Summer by the SeaThanks again for a great love story. You make me feel like I am at the sea shores right along with the family. I have always loves the sea and the fun of building castles. Thanks for a good read.

  • Cindy Feigert
    2019-03-07 08:33

    This is an easy summer read. A story of two sisters who come together after years of estrangement and learn to become family again. Also a love story between Jake and Faith. Even though it is a light read the author makes a point about commercializing our favorite beach communities.

  • RhondaGulnac
    2019-03-05 09:29

    Heartwarming as alwaysEvery book I read by Jenny Hale leaves me feeling happy and hopeful. I feel her stories come alive, and I fall in love with the characters and locations! Jenny Hale never disappoints!

  • Cowgalutah
    2019-03-03 03:49

    What a cute story about summer romance and family bonding.

  • Barb Hockaday
    2019-03-04 11:23

    Not sure what I was expecting but this book read like my 10-year-old self had written it. Silly, predictable and badly in need of proper editing. I don't understand the high marks for this one.

  • Sheila Alexander
    2019-02-27 05:50

    I love beach romances. Been there, done that!

  • Bruna Vraničić Vujević
    2019-03-25 08:47

    Beautiful and heartwarming story. I loved it!

  • Carol
    2019-03-06 09:30

    Loved this book!!!! The story takes place in the Outer Banks which is my favorite place to be. Its really a summer beach read but I enjoyed reading this and picturing myself on a warm sunny beach. Story about sisters first love and not always getting what you want but appreciating what you have and ending up on what you need. A great read!!!!! I will be reading more by this awesome author.

  • Erin
    2019-02-28 11:48

    Firstly thank you to Bookouture for approving me for a copy of Jenny Hale’s new book Summer by The Sea on NetGalley! This is Jenny’s second summer novel and it’s all about main character Faith.Will I ever get enough of Jenny Hale’s writing?! One word – NO! Before I even started then book I knew I was going to love it. I absolutely adored Jenny’s debut novel Coming Home For Christmas! She even read an excerpt of it for me in her beautiful accent as part of our Scottish/Virginian accent challenge – yes that is on YouTube!Onto Jenny’s latest offering then! Faith is travelling to Outer Banks to celebrate her grandmother’s 90th birthday with her family. She is our narrator throughout and quite an easy character to relate to and imagine. I actually found it really easy to picture Faith and Jake because before I’d even started reading Jenny and I had played our favourite game of dream casting her handsome book boyfriends and I managed to come up with someone to play Faith too. In my mind’s eye Faith and Jake were Silver and Ethan from 90210!Her grandmother’s 90th birthday trip also sees the reunion of Faith and her sister Casey after years of distance and not speaking with one another. I could feel the stress Faith was feeling about their meeting and the potential altercation between them from the start of the book. Faith is a little insecure because of how Casey has acted in the past but I think she really needs a dose of confidence because when she becomes more comfortable in her own skin her confidence seems natural almost like it was just hidden before! There was one particular part of Faith that made me think of Jenny so much! Jenny’s a teacher (in her spare time ha ha), something she has in common with Faith and there is this really cute bit in the story about kids walking back to class and I just picture Jenny doing the same as Faith!Jake was a funny one! He was gorgeous, as described by both Faith and Casey but he was a little bit lost and caught up in his business, losing sight of what mattered. His relationship with Faith is quite uppy-downy and I felt like I wanted to give him a good shake to make him see what was right in front of him. For the most part he was an absolute gentleman though and I especially liked his grand gesture towards the end of the book! The epilogue is a perfect fit for their story after everything we learn that Faith and Jake have in common.One of my absolute favourite things about this was the setting. It’s set in Outer Banks, North Carolina – google it because your imagination will go wild. I was reading through the book getting a feeling of de ja vu, getting that sense that I’d been in this place in my imagination before. I had a think about it and I was imagining much the same location as I had when I was reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks – googled that too and lo and behold it’s just along the coast from Outer Banks! I love the old charm that the setting had and that feeling of a slow and steady pace to life. Jenny’s description of the place made me want to step out of my living room and straight onto the beach!The story is a little bit of self-discovery for Faith but it’s also about the importance of family and the importance of taking chances in life, particularly taking every opportunity to tell someone that you love exactly that. I love the message from the book and I am desperate to visit a holiday cottage on the beach now!