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CALLUMLake and I never had a chance at normal. She was drop dead gorgeous from day one - our maid's granddaughter who became my mother's spoiled living doll. I hated that girl with all my heart and at the same time, I worshipped every inch of her skin, every word that she spoke. I lived for her and the twisted game of truth or dare we created to feed our f***ed up needs foCALLUMLake and I never had a chance at normal. She was drop dead gorgeous from day one - our maid's granddaughter who became my mother's spoiled living doll. I hated that girl with all my heart and at the same time, I worshipped every inch of her skin, every word that she spoke. I lived for her and the twisted game of truth or dare we created to feed our f***ed up needs for shock, shame and one-upping each other. Lake was my drug, my bad lifestyle choice.And I'd fallen in and out of love with her a thousand times till the day she disappeared.LAKEI know I ruined Callum Pike and going back to New York may be the worst decision I've ever made, which is saying a lot. But I'm willing to risk it. I never wanted to leave and now that I can, I'm going back - to be with the man I made, who made me. I know I screwed him up. I know he's hardened and become cold. I know the love we had is gone. But I need him now more than ever and no matter how much it hurts, no matter what kind of sick or satisfying way he decides to torment me, I'm going to fight through it.I'm going to repent for the way I broke him and I'm going to find the Callum Pike I loved again - even if it tears me apart.**a standalone novel**...

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  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    2019-04-11 11:39

    ★★★★1/2! Dare Me (Stand-alone). Growing up Cal & Lake played a twisted game of Truth & Dare with sexual undertones! Then she vanished…. And now she is back!“By the time we turned twenty-one I had fallen in and out of love with Lake a thousand times.”Dare Me (stand-alone) got its title from the wayward brand of Truth or Dare with sexual undertones that two teenage students played while growing up together. It all started when heir, student and team star wrestler Callum Alexander Pike, Cal’s mother took in the housekeeper’s daughter Lake Elisabeth DePalma.An innocent childhood friendship turned to a hot-cold tempestuous relationship as two teenagers deal with their raging sexuality. But along the way something went horribly wrong and they were separated for years, more on that to slowly unfold with story. A tightlipped Lake has returned to New York and now Cal, successful within his own right, having built a Scotch empire, is not too sure he wants Lake to come crashing in on his party. He doesn’t know how to feel about it, except angry and horny…Dare Me spans almost three decades. It’s a story about secrets, painful past, love, lust, hate, deception and betrayal, but also about second chances and making amends.Callum Alexander Pike, Cal has so many of the qualities if love in a hero. He starts off as ruthless, successful, jaded and detached, but underneath there is so much more.Lake Elisabeth DePalma captivated her surrounding and the mystery of why she left drives the story. That said I might have wished she hadn’t kept it going for such a long time. Honesty goes a long way.Dare Me, told from dual POV’s has the perfect blend of sex, plot, mystery, deception and romance. Driven by Lake’s secrets, but it was Cal who had me coming back for more. Other than I feel the secret could have been reveled sooner I am happy. Story has the perfect ending of peace and truth, plus two epilogues.Excellent story-telling! Intriguing plot! Complex and lovable hero. ***Hero rating: 5 stars Heroine rating: 4- starsSexual tension rating: 4.5 starsSex scenes rating: 4.5 starsSex scenes frequency: 4 starsPlot rating: 4.5 starsDialogue rating: 4.5 starsStorytelling rating: 5 starsStory ending rating: 5 starsBook editing rating (5 = no edits spotted): N/A, ARC************************************************Overall rating: 4.5 starsWould I recommend this book: Yes.Would I re-read this book: Yes.Would I read future books by this author: Yes.ARC provided to me by author Stella Rhys in exchange for an honest review.

  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    2019-04-05 14:17

    3.5 StarsPlain and simple, I hated her...Because of my mom, this random girl became my damned responsibility, and I wound up hating her as much as I fucking loved every inch of her skin and every goddamned word that she spoke.Now before I get into my review, allow me to clarify my rating. 3.5 stars means I liked the book. Quite a bit. And I did. I loved the story, the characters, and I highly enjoyed the writing. There was just one particular part missing for me (which has everything to do with my tastes as a reader and not with the book itself) that kept this being from a solid 4 stars. But I'll get to that in a bit...Stella Rhys is a new to me author that caught my attention with this book and it's delicious synopsis. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the hate-to-love trope and I haven't read one book with it yet that I haven't liked. Dare Me was certainly no exception. We have hate to love AND second chance romance all in one book? That's like waving a bone in front of a rabid dog for me. I kid you not. I'm on it like there's no tomorrow.Lake and Callum grew up together when Lake's grandmother passed away and Callum's mother unofficially adopted her into the family fold. Always wanting a daughter, she doted on Lake and spoiled her with all the luxuries Lake's former upbringing didn't allow her. Callum was the boy that she hated to love.... or is it loved to hate...While they're not "together" in their youth, they do allow themselves a game through their truth or dare games that constantly finds them together. They date other people, but always find themselves gravitating towards each other until they finally fall in love....but then Lake disappears and leaves Callum a broken, and cold hearted man in the place of the naive boy that was in love. Now six years later she's back and determined to right her wrongs, but Callum won't make it easy on her. He wants answers for her leaving; answers she's not so ready to give.Am I worth it to you, Callum?""You are. You are and you always will be."Now here is where I felt the book had a chance to go from good to great; the flashbacks. The flashbacks to their youth is told in a recap type of writing, that's not quite past tense and not quite fully recap. Basically you get a retelling of what happened but you're not fully taken back to the moment...if that even makes sense. This is what effectively took me out of the story a bit. Had the story given an actual flashback as opposed to the recap, it would have been more effective in my opinion. As it was, I felt like I was more on the outside looking in as opposed to truly being a part of the story. I also wished that their past was fleshed out a lot more. As it was, I found it difficult to truly connect to the why's of their game. They have feelings for one another, but they continue to date other people and they're never officially together. I can write it off as youthful stupidity or naivety, but there's never a good enough reason that we're given. Had this part of the story been fleshed out more, I think I would have been able to connect to it better.I loved the characters and their romance. Lake and Callum are both very compelling characters. I knew right away that I'd fall for Callum, and I really did. His struggle for his feelings for Lake were like a live-wire you feel though the entire book. He wants to hate her, but he simply can't because a part of him has always loved her even when he hated her. I didn't expect for the story to be as deep as it was. It was certainly no shallow hate/love thing they had going on. Lake had her reasons for doing what she did, and the reasons you get piece by piece throughout the story. I really found myself wishing that these reasons were once again told in the form of a true flashback by really taking the reader back to that day as opposed to getting it in the form of a recap, as I felt that this would have made the actual story a lot more compelling. As it was, I found myself going in and out of the story since I did struggle a bit with the transitions of present to "recap" back to present again. For me, it messed with the flow of the story.I did however really enjoy the author's voice and writing style. I loved the story itself, my quibble aside, and I can say I would read any future books from this author. If you're looking for a sexy hate/love story with an intense alpha hero and the heroine that brings him to his knees, this is a book you want to check out. My quibble aside, this is definitely a book I'd recommend and enjoyed myself quite a bit. It may not have been perfect, but it was perfect for my mood and it hit the spot just right. ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFor more reviews visit

  • Violina The Romance Lover
    2019-04-11 13:43

    3 “He grew in me as I drowned in him„ stars “Lake and I were unexplainable. There was a universe of context behind every move we made and every word we spoke.” This is a book about two people who can't just label their relationship. Their connection started from very early age. From the strike to only protect each other, care about each other aloteaseeach other their relationship become somethingmore- it becomelove ! But for these two souls love was something new, something that feels like forbidden or just new. They didn't want to just say that they have a romantic relationship because in reality theydon't . They only can describe their relationship astwistes .. some sort ofhate-to-lovething and there are many reasons why..“Thanks to each other we grew up fucked in the head, living off the daily adrenalin of shocking, arousing and one-upping each other.”Lake and Callumstart explore everything together from very early age. Their actions are caused more because of their little game. Theydareeach other. They have feelings, passion, lust and more of everything they havecuriosity .“By the time we turned twenty-one I had fallen in and out of love with Lake a thousand times.” But beside their sexuall encoutners they are friends. Friends who help and trust each other. They would never let one of them getting hurt or be sad. A lot of things happened to them in the past, in their teenage and college years.. but one thing let to another and one dayLakechoose to leave and never came back..till 6 years later What would happen when she is back? When everything is a lot more different than before? When notCallumorLakeare the same people like before?The new dynamic of their relationship after these years is a lot more fierce and demanding. There are so many secrets between them and they can seems to find their way together until these secrets are unraveled. They have never lost the connection and the passion between them. Their sexy scenes are a lot and the sexuall tension is off charts but that can't undo the broken parts within them. Guilt, bitterness, anger, sadness.. This book started very promising to me. I liked the angst ( shoker! ) and I love their back and forth scenes but with time I got more and more confused about everything. Their relationship was odd to me. The reasons behind their actions were a lot of times stupid. I didn't like thathot-coldtension between them at times. In my opinion the book would much more interesting if they didn't dragg too long everything. Their conffessions, their secrets or feelings. I had to skipped a lot of scenes druing the end because in my opinion they were pointless, at least pointless to read in that time.There isa lot of angst, anger and doubtsbut theirlove is clear to see. Nothing can break a relationship that you feel that strong in your bones.This is a book aboutsecond chancesand if you are a fan of these kind of book you will like it.

  • Aliana Milano
    2019-04-13 14:33

    Okay, so I'm over my book hangover long enough to write a somewhat decent review so here it comes..... "taking care of business voice" which she described as teetering between "I'll guide you through this gently" and "I'll fucking kill you if you mess it up""You know that kind of feisty translates well in bed" ~Oz"But I turned out okay. I was a strong baby. They tell me I delivered myself" ~Oz "Scientists can't study the giant squid because it lives in fucked up waters that no one's gonna try to dip in. You don't know nothing about them till they're dead and washed up on the beach. And that's the same with me. You won't ever know what's going on in here." He jabbed his finger to his head. " Only God will. You'll just see me when I'm dead." ~Hunt"It's real. You two are the fucking truth." ~Dara"I want to spend the rest of my life watching the way you love." ~Callum So ahem, yes I loved this book and it deserved way more than 5 *Dare Me* stars but I'm restricted.The beauty and rawness of this book is what I loved so much about this book. You see all the characters at their bests, and their worsts. And you love each and every minute of their highs and lows. You feel what the characters are feeling, you can see what their doing and how they move because it was that vividly written. This is my first book by this author and I can honestly I'll most definitely be back for more. Lake and Callum hold a very special place in my heart because I love how beautifully dark and twisted and soulful they are. It's not one for the faint of heart and does handle mature themes so if that's not for you, then don't read it. Trish and Hunt - While I hated you, I loved the way you taught Lake a wonderful lesson she'll never forget and that she's better for it. You both deserved the ending you got. This book isn't just an erotic/angsty romance. It has a lot of mystery, drama and suspense in it too and a whole lot of action too. I'm not sure who I disliked more - Hunt or Trish.But where this book was dark and painful, you could always count on Oz to lighten the mood and make you laugh (I hope the fucker gets his own book!)The chemistry between Lake and Callum was obviously amazing and off the charts! ;)Now I could go on... and on... and on.... but I'm not going to because this books and these characters speak for themselves. They'll hook you in from the very first page and not let you go until you hitThe End . This book was a pleasure and such an experience to read in it's uniqueness and difference that you truly are missing out if you don't go read it. Stella Rhys well done! I salute you on your awesomeness. The rest of you? Go read this book! :)

  • Ellen at Book Bellas
    2019-03-30 19:42

    I really enjoyed this second-chance romance, from an author who is new to me, Stella Rhys is an incredibly talented writer and this story was filled with surprising twists! I loved the author's very fresh writing style. This is a very sexy, somewhat angst-y story. Full review to come!

  • Three Chicks
    2019-03-29 17:29

    4.5 Fantastic Stars!Review by Lisa Kane I LOVED this story! Callum Pike and Lake DePalma were raised together. Caroline, Callum's mother, took in the granddaughter of their housekeeper. Her real mother was a drug addict and she had no dad to speak of-so Caroline got it in her head that this was her little princess and she treated her like gold. Callum was forced to watch his mother pamper and spoil Lake with everything and anything. He hated her. That is, he hated her when he wasn't wanting her. Even as teenagers they had a strange relationship. They dared each other constantly-who would shop lift, who would take their clothes off in public, each rising to the occasion and refusing to let the other win. Callum was gorgeous, rich and an athlete. With one glance from him, girls dropped their panties. Lake wanted to hold on to her virginity for as long as possible. She dated Callum's best friend Theo, but every time he pressured her for sex and she would turn him down, he would break up with her. Callum was the one she turned to for her sexual needs, they did everything to each other, except for actual intercourse. But then something happened that caused an irrererseble rift between Callum and Theo over Lake. Something that changed all their lives and Lake never quite got over the guilt. Callum told her over and over that he loved her and no price was too high for him to pay to protect her, but she never was convinced that she was anything more than the trailer trash her mother repeatedly called her. But six years ago, Lake disappeared, taking some valuables of Caroline's with her. She left without a goodbye and without a glance back. Caroline and Callum were devastated. Callum's heartbreak turned to hatred. Or so he told himself. He set out to accomplish everything the told Lake he would do-he successfully turned around a failing whiskey distillery and made himself a millionaire many times over by the age of 24. He bought the fancy penthouse that he swore he would have-and he wouldn't allow himself to think of Lake. But now she's back and she's determined to make Callum forgive her for leaving. The only problem-she won't tell him where she was or why she left."If you're not going to tell me now then I'm done with your bullshit, Lake. I am. I was productive without you, I did good shit without you, so why don't you take a page from my book and just forget me now? Erase me. Pretend I never existed and none of the shit between us ever happened." I finally got a smile out of him but it was cruel. "It's hard at first but I can't even tell you how damned good it feels when you finally get rid of the poison in your life."Thus begins their dare games again. Only this time, Lake is playing for keeps. Callum will play, but always keeps his guard up-he fell apart when she left; he thinks it's only a matter of time until she leaves again."You don't know how much I missed you, Callum. I don't think I went a day since I left without thinking about you. I still dream abut you. Always." There are others who are not so welcoming to Lake and her return. She is a threat to their relationship with Callum and they will be ruthless in making sure she knows she has no place here. She is trash and has never been worthy of their inner circle. Lake is scarred from the missing six years, she knows if Callum learns the truth he will never want her. There are some things you can never recover from and her past is chock full of those things. "I plan to love you through everything else that comes from this second forward. Don't ever do this to me ever again," he said with his distinct love and anger. "Don't ever make me miss you again, Lake." I loved this book-it has great angst and steam and passion. Lake's secrets are heartbreaking and yet she has tried so hard to rise above them. Callum can be callous and cold and he hurts my heart for the way he strikes first then regrets his actions afterwards. But always, there is love there. This one is so worth the read-and there is a delicious epilogue as great icing on the cake! "You have my back the way I'll always have yours. No matter what, Lake. You're the most important thing in the world to me and I've always known it. I just want you to know it now, too."

  • Jessica
    2019-04-19 17:15

    I loved this book! It had everything i love in an erotic romance. The sex was rough and sexy as hell. Callum was always tearing Lake's clothes and panties apart! :) The plot was full of suspense and had me gasping throughout. I thought the teasing between Callum and Lake was adorable. There were even a few moments that had me laughing out loud like an idiot. My boyfriend was looking at me like I was crazy! Lol :) and i loved the way it was written. From the flow of the story to the happy ending i so desperately crave in every book, it was perfect! :) PS: Callum is one hot, sexy dirty-blonde alpha male who loves being dominant and stretching his shirts with his strong muscles... (ツ) 5 Billion-F#%k-Me-Against-The-Wall-Stars!

  • Kelly Wants All The Alphas
    2019-04-01 13:20

    Oh God. I was blown away by this book. I loved it. I loved Callum and Lake and the fact that we got to see how their twisted-ass relationship formed from childhood. And the sex scenes... dear Lord. But let's first address that holy-f*cking-WOW prologue because we must."... this girl became my damned responsibility, and I wound up hating her as much as I fucking loved every inch of her skin and every word that she spoke... We had no chance at normal with the way we grew up." "I was the first to see her body naked, the first to touch it, the first to show it pleasure. I was the one who took her virginity when she was finally ready and then who knew every part of her, inside and out. That body belonged to me. Growing up, that was my truth."Then girl disappears..."And I went back to hating her, with a passion a million times deeper than any one I'd ever loved her with. I went on to accomplish every last goal that, depending on her mood, she said I would or would never accomplish. I broke all the hearts she claimed I was going to and I became the cruel, powerful man she declared I'd be when we were only thirteen... I found a way to love my life stripped of the twisted girl who made me, who I made.But as of this morning, she's back in Manhattan. And despite the war I went through to forget her, I have to have her. In every way that exists."Talk about an opener! This book had me sucked in before I even hit Chapter One. But you can probably see that Callum Pike is walking, growling, angry sex. At the same time, he is also beautifully loving and caring in his caveman-ish way. I adored Lake as well. She is a fantastic heroine - a gorgeous, relentless but tortured soul that you can't help but root for because damn, did she go through some shit! Their flashbacks had me everything from hot and bothered to crying my eyes out.I am terrible at reviewing without giving away all the spoilers so I'll leave it at that and say that (I hope this isn't a spoiler) the epilogue made me weep the most joyful tears. Read this book! Read it now. Read it twice (I probably will).Fingers crossed for seeing more of Callum and Lake in the future, someway somehow (hint hint, Stella Rhys).

  • Tough Critic Book Reviews
    2019-03-31 13:34

    Not your typical 2 star book....This review has been one that I have been agonizing over for weeks. There are so many pieces of this book that deserve more than just two stars, but in its entirety I was overwhelmed by other aspects that prevented me from truly loving this novel. The prologued showed so much promise. I was truly engaged in the backstory. I spent most of the beginning wishing that I was able to experience the things I was being told about. Later, we experience some parts through flashbacks, but ultimately the past consisted of nothing more than just a brief glimpse here and there. However, I latched on to these moments and ached for more. I found myself so caught up in the past, that it was hard for me to be present. It was the origin of Lake and Callum's relationship that had me so engaged. The love, the tension and intensity; this is the type of relationship that great stories are built upon. Their foundation was unique, twisted, full of passion and ultimately my favorite thing about this story. Unfortunately, I just didn't feel the same about the present. I felt more lust and eroticism than I did love, and the drama that transpired after Lake and Callum reunited was generic compared to the backstory. If the author ever decides to write a prequel, a novel dedicated to the beginning. A story devoted to developing those brief glimpses into the past, I would definitely be the first one in line to read it. READ ON!

  • Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    2019-04-22 13:35

    Dare Me by Stella Rhys3.5 stars!!“It’s real. You two are the fucking truth.”I do love a second chance romance and this blurb just pulled me in from the start. This couple were never conventional, they had a love/hate relationship in the beginning as kids, kept apart by jealousy but as we all know there is that very fine line between love and hate. Their games of dares as they grew older led them to being much more audacious and in return much more revealing, not only in the flesh but on an emotional level too. A close friendship blossoms from the most unlikely of scenarios yet I felt their friendship through the pages, when those lines then again blur their relationship is taken to a whole new level…until it isn’t. “You are and you always will be.”Lake lived with her grandmother after being deserted by her mother and Lake’s grandmother worked for Callum’s parents. When Lake’s grandmother passes away, Lake is taken in by Callum’s parents. Lake has an extremely close relationship with Callum’s mum, she is the daughter that she never had…she was spoiled rotten and here is where Callum’s resentment begins. “You’re not a punishment. You’re worth everything.”So we have a hate/love relationship, a friends to lovers relationship and a second chance romance all wrapped up into one book, quite a lot to pack into one novel but the author delivers. This book spans quite a few years so you grow with the characters and you do get to know their back story which helps with the character connection. Their relationship was never easy but in their own fucked up way it worked for them. When Lake mysteriously disappears one night, Callum is left devastated and despondent, his heart is broken and it changes him as a person. While their relationship never had any labels, Callum loved Lake with everything he had, so when she leaves it hits him hard and six years later when she returns, gone is the teenager who was head over heels in love, instead we have a cold hearted man who has never loved since.“It’s hard at first but I can’t even tell you how damned good it feels when you finally get rid of the poison in your life.”This book begins with Lake’s return and Callum is knocked sideways, but he cannot help all those old feelings that come flooding back to the surface, he should hate her, he tries, but he can’t. Callum wants answers, but they are answers that Lake doesn’t want to give. Can these two get over their past? Do they even have a future?“I say this with all the love in the world, babe, but you deserve to know some of that hurt.”This would have been a solid four star read for me but I wanted to know more about their early years, how their weird relationship really started, I wanted to be taken back to where and how it all began. I also felt that the flashbacks to when they were apart needed to be fleshed out a lot more. The way the flashbacks were told left you on the periphery as an outsider looking in; I wish that these had been written from Lake’s point of view so you had that personal connection. I didn’t feel what I should have in those flashbacks and that disappointed me a little. It was hard to understand exactly what she went through when you didn’t get that personal reflection. This may just be a personal preference for me as I label myself as an “emotional reader.” I need to feel everything to really connect with the characters so for others this may work.“…I tried to tell myself to sleep it off. That I was fine and I somehow had the strength in my fractured heart to do this - to stay not just in New York but in the home of the man who’d gladly forgotten me when I only lived because of his memory.”On the whole, I loved the story, I loved Callum. There was never a doubt about how much he loved Lake, even when he was will within his right to absolutely hate her. Their connection really was soul deep despite its unconventional beginnings. For them it worked, it was “them.” I must admit I did shed a few tears, there was one scene that really got me going and it really shouldn’t have but such was the moment it hit hard in the heart. This was my first book by this author and I will definitely read her again.

  • ✰ D r i ✰
    2019-03-24 19:16

    2,8 estrelinhas! O primeiro livro de ano e... bléh :/

  • Tink Magoo is bad at reviews
    2019-04-05 12:24

    3.5 StarsEnjoyed this one - the writing style was very good, the characters were likeable - I just wanted to hear more about their background, when they were growing up and daring each other.

  • JadeSarah.
    2019-04-14 14:15

    "That was just what Callum and I were. Weird. Indefinable." Indefinable is a perfect word to describe Callum and Lake because I couldn't think of a single other word to describe them. I'm not really sure I've read about a couple like these two and I was super intrigued to see how their story was going to go. My thoughts before going into the book, based on the synopsis and an excerpt was that I was sure I wasn't going to take to Lake at all, I was actually sure I was going to hate her but I didn't. I don't see how I ever could have. She was strong, determined, vulnerable, confident and sometimes not so confident. She made decisions in her past that had a hand in shaping her life and caused her to lose a lot. She struggled internally with her decisions but also fought hard for what she lost."So I'm telling you right now that I will do whatever it takes for you to trust me again." "This is a second chance romance" does just not feel good enough to describe this. More like this is a second-chance-love/hate-all consuming-intense-gripping-heart-racing- kind of story. I want to give you a background on the story but I don't to want to over explain it and I tend to do that So what can I say to make you read this? Callum and Lake grew up together, they had almost a sibling rivalry that turned into something a lot more intense and a hell lot more sexual. It's all in the title. They dared each other all the time and got more dangerous and thrilling as they got older. It's how they communicated when they couldn't with words but then there was betrayal and heart ache and raw anger that was all that was left. They are brought back together will they continue to play or is the game over? "...So why don't you take a page from my book and just forget me now? Erase me." I loved Lake so much more than I expected but Callum *sigh*. No words needed. I just loved him from the start even went he comes across as ruthlessly cold, I couldn't help it. Many times during this book I just wanted to reach in and hug him. I think there are a lot of people hurting in this book and rightly so but his pain just cut me more than the others. Callum was cold and hard hearted at times but there was a lot underneath that you needed to do some digging to get to, but it was there. I loved this whole book. Every last bit of it. Even the parts where I thought my heart might jump out of my chest. I didn't put it down once since I picked it up, I couldn't! This book was intense and emotional at times but it was sexy and seriously hot too, even maybe sweet at times and also funny and plenty of characters, some to hate and even more to love. Especially Oz!! I am so in love with him and laughed so hard I was pressing my face to the screen. I am really hoping he gets his own book because I'm sort of, definitely in love with him already! Also Shanna, a character that we meet a little, I hope she gets a book or at least we say more of her! I loved this so much and I don't think I was expecting to which makes it that much more special.This was my first book by this other and will definitely be checking out her other books!"You're going to do every last thing I want you to do tonight.""Tell me and I will.""Open your mouth for me.

  • Bella
    2019-03-31 17:29

    ★4.25 Stars★Dare Me is the kind of love story that is gritty, raw and not always beautiful, but it HURTS SO GOOD! And it’s worth the angst, and the mystery. The love is unquestionable, soul-deep and real. I couldn’t stop reading once I started, and in the end, I wished I could read it all over again for the first time. Thumbs UPI enjoyed the authors writing style, the story was well told and flowed flawlessly between the present and flashbacks of the past.Friends to lovers, hate to love, childhood friends falling in love, and lovers reunited; these are some of my all-time favourite themes, so this book having all four in one was basically a dream come true for me. Callum was a guy I knew I was going to like from the start. He loves and hates with passion. He was intense, sexy, protective and SO in love with Lake. He wasn’t perfect and at times I wanted to hate him, but I just couldn’t, because deep down he was a great man. I was rooting for him to get his HEA. Lake was a complex character with mysteries surrounding her that had me more and more intrigued as each secret was revealed. She was such a likable character, despite the drama that came with her. She loved Callum as much as he loved her, and I loved the two of them together. I really dug the running game of Truth or Dare that Lake and Callum played, throughout their lives. The sexual undertones added a flirty and kinda dangerous vibe to the story, not to mention it was fun to see what dare’s they thought up next. I basically liked everything going on in the book because it wasn’t just about Callum and Lake reuniting. There was an old high school boyfriend, school enemies and a scheming reporter for them to deal with, and that drama added more than enough to the story so I was never bored. This author knows how to write a scorching hot sex scene! And there were plenty in this story. The double Epilogue was an unexpected and very welcome surprise. I loved the end - especially the fact that little Matthew was mentioned. Thumbs DOWNThough I really liked that Lake and Callum couldn’t label their relationship, because they just WERE, I couldn’t understand why they didn’t seem to want to label their relationship. They loved each other; they said it often and as a reader, I didn’t question their feelings. But why did they continue to date other people? Why not just be a couple? Though mostly sweet, I found Callum’s mothers relationship with Lake to be a little odd. I would have loved some kind of explanation as to why she was so infatuated with Lake or having a daughter.I wanted to punch the Times bitch in the face! It annoyed me that Callum even entertained her advances. Final ThoughtsThis is the first book I’ve read by this author, but I am sure it will not be the last. In the sea of books that I've read, I know this isn’t a book I will soon forget. It made me laugh, pine, swoon and cry. I simply LOVED it.

  •  Joyce
    2019-03-25 15:29

    I really enjoyed this story, and yes it's a stand alone! And a well organized one at that! Lake is the underprivileged granddaughter of Calum's house keeper. Calum's mother raises her as the daughter she could never have. But what happens when Lakes greedy mother tears her away from the only family she knows and the love of her life. A very scary teen/young adult life with tradgedy and shame. Can their old love be rekindled? You'll have to read to find out.

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-04-15 18:18

    What started out as a game of dare between two children turns into a love story that will stay with me for a while…Callum grew up privileged. And when the housekeeper’s granddaughter moves in after her death, his whole world changes. Well, it changed long before that… around the age of 6, the first time he ever laid eyes on Lake. He has always loved her, even if they never dated.Lake, the housekeeper’s granddaughter, had been going to Callum’s house for as long as she can remember. They have always been, well, them. No words could ever explain their relationship to one another, so they never tried. After she disappears and returns six years later, Callum and Lake have a very strained relationship. To the point you can almost feel the tension rolling off the pages. Even with that tension, they are still attracted to each other like magnets to steel. So, in order to get their relationship back, they start up the game they played as children. This was a great story, and took a few twists I was not expecting. Both Lake and Callum had a depth to them that you don’t see upfront, but the longer you look, the more evident it becomes. I loved the fact that even though Lake is reluctant to share her story, Callum is both pushy and patient about getting it from her. Lake, at times, reminded me of a kicked puppy, she was so down but I was so wrong to ever have counted her out! ~ Devlynn, 4 stars

  • Nathalie*
    2019-04-13 18:39

    Didn't love it :(

  • Caro
    2019-03-28 14:16

    "Put those in my hand. Now."What was that? Oh just the ridiculously sexy Callum Pike demanding your panties in public place. Cool. I like how he rolls.Moving on! This book tore out my HEART. I LOVED it! It was mean, hard, alpha sex from basically chapter 1 so I didn't expect all that emotion. The angst and feels took me by surprise. But I honestly should've expected it considering the storyline! Callum has loved Lake for almost his entire life, since his mom forced Lake's existence on him by basically adopting her (she was the maid's granddaughter). They had fallen in and out of love with each other a thousand times till she disappeared with no word of explanation.It was SO good and SO powerful! Callum is so fucking swoon worthy and honestly, I could've used some more Oz! Maybe even more Callum and Lake?? Please!

  • Tia John
    2019-03-30 13:36

    I am desperately hoping that there is a book two because Stella Rhys won't leave her readers dying and thirsting for more. Omg. Just read for yourself and find out why I have no words. I am completely out of words. But I would say this, it was an amazing read and I'm dying for more. Much much more.

  • ☮ mary
    2019-03-29 13:14

    I have NO word ... this whole book is a mess!! having a brain-dead heroine is no substitute for a plot ...

  • Amara
    2019-04-02 16:17

    This was soooo fucking boring. The only issue here is the heroine is dumb, has low self-esteem, and thinks she is a matyr. And let's not forget that these two are so dysfunctional, they can't "label" themselves, so of course, there's no security or boundaries.Every scene was past-past tense. I can't even describe it. Passive passive tense? Past passive tense? With some past perfect and present perfect thrown in. This author can usually write, but this was a fucking tense disaster. Flash backs were thrown in the middle all throughout the book, even in the middle of conversations. HARD FAIL.

  • Kelly
    2019-03-24 11:19

    4 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️A beautiful, angsty, agonising descriptive story of a daring love, loss and forgiveness. I was completely devoted to this story and while reading it's messed up storyline I was hoping and hoping for a really good outcome. At first I wasn't drawn in by lake until quite later on in the story probably about the time we start to see why exactly she did what she did. Callum I felt for in their younger years I really felt lake did a number on him, as he grew and the story leads us to the present day, what an arse but as the reader we completely understand why he is so guarded. He has this unique alpha bossiness to him that I just love, the sex is hot and the sexcapades are their not loads but just enough to have me fanning myself while reading haha !! I'm completely infatuated with Oz would love to read more about him. Obviously their are some characters in this that are a complete utter waste of space and I'm still growling about.

  • poohbear98
    2019-04-02 14:42

    This book was great! It struck every one of my emotional chords. I got pissed at Hunt and Trisha. I felt sad for Lake. I loved Callum and Lake once the secrets were revealed and their ability to accept one another for who they are. One thing about this book that differs from other wrong-side-of-the-tracks booms is that Lake's background story is so real and heart wrenching. It breaks my heart to read the chapters where she reminisces her life in the 6 years without Callum. People complain all the time about their difficult lives not knowing that some live harder lives. I felt that this book really highlighted how usage of drugs drives one person - or in this book, two at least - totally off their rails, the ability of a man (Dean) to understand and admire and finally accept Lake as his "daughter" and most importantly, that love triumphs all. Good job, Stella Rhys! This is my first book written by Stella Rhys and I hope her others will continue to be this good. :D

  • A Hopeless Romantic's Booklandia
    2019-04-02 11:32

    Whoa baby, hold on to your panties because Stella Rhys has penned one heck of an erotic tryst in her new book Dare Me.Since their teenage years Callum and Lake have played a sexy little game of Truth or Dare, only no one ever chooses truth. What follows are a series of more daring dares and lots of one upmanship between the pair. Nothing is off limits. And the challenges get sexier and sexier. Until Lake leaves and then resurfaces some years later. Can their little game pick up where they left off, even when love is on the line?I really liked this story! I loved the layers that were added with their past flashbacks. There was a great little suspense aspect added too. These two were a sexy, provocative pair. The only real complaint I had was there was a rather large cast of characters and was sometimes hard to keep track of. A good, solid 4 Star read. Go ahead and give it a try. I dare you.~ Lia, 4 Stars

  • Phi
    2019-04-17 11:39

    I've never fallen in love with two characters the way I did with Callum and Lake. I was afraid I'd get annoyed with Lake but I understood her so much and oh GOD Callum, what a gorgeous, tortured beast of a man. I loved him. I loved his mom, I adored Oz - heck I even liked Logan. Ms. Rhys has such a vivid way of writing her characters. The flashbacks to Callum and Lake's childhoods and adolescences were so well-written and handled I could see them perfectly. I know it's a standalone but I hope there's more to come for these two or at least Oz.

  • Christine Alibutud
    2019-04-19 17:28

    I was feeling the bad omen already. Yep, I knew just by reading the synopsis that this book wouldn't do it for me. Sadly, I was right.Okay. Moving on now. Sorry.1 star!

  • CecilEmely
    2019-03-28 11:26

    4 Stars"...That I was fine and I somehow had the strength in my fractured heart to do this - to stay not just in New York but in the home of the man who’d gladly forgotten me when I only lived because of his memory.”---> This made me teary. haaaayyyyz This is my first from this author and surely wouldn't be the last. #highlyrecommended

  • Kimberly Lawson
    2019-03-30 11:41

    I just finished this book, and i'm to tired to review tonight.

  • Maureen Nicholson
    2019-03-26 17:33

    3.5 Stars.

  • hopelane
    2019-04-15 15:24

    transition between past and present was poor. at times i didnt know which part i was reading