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Bear shifter Bryce Mitchell has spent the last decade in agony. He's hidden it well, but these days his bear flies into a raging hell at the slightest provocation, and only Bryce knows why. Ten years ago, he claimed a beautiful, curvy woman as his mate. A woman who betrayed him and broke his heart. Now that she's back in Star Lake, his bear will do just about anything--andBear shifter Bryce Mitchell has spent the last decade in agony. He's hidden it well, but these days his bear flies into a raging hell at the slightest provocation, and only Bryce knows why. Ten years ago, he claimed a beautiful, curvy woman as his mate. A woman who betrayed him and broke his heart. Now that she's back in Star Lake, his bear will do just about anything--and go through just about anyone--to get to her. Especially since he has a good reason to hunt her down: The Hollow--the source of all magic in Star Lake--is almost tapped out, and Alana is the only witch strong enough to fix it. The bear is ready to forgive, forget, and get back to making a few cubs, but is Bryce? Alana isn't exactly the most popular person in Star Lake. Ten years ago, after losing her heart to a sexy werebear, she enacted a curse that not only affected him, but his brothers, too. She's made so many mistakes in her life, and coming back to Star Lake may be the worst of all. But with the Hollow weakening, she can't seem to leave well enough alone. It has nothing to do with Bryce Mitchell. Nothing at all. Of course her treacherous heart says otherwise, and it still skips a few beats whenever she's around him. But there are more important things to worry about: Like the fact that if the Hollow's magic dries up completely, Alana will be completely defenseless against a powerful old enemy, and Bryce and his brothers will be stuck as bears forever. A Bear in Charge is a complete, standalone novel with a HEA ending and NO CLIFFHANGER. Content Warning: Explicit love scenes and smokin' hot werebears. Adult only bear shifter romance! The Marked series: 1. A Bear in Need 2. A Bear in Hiding 3. A Bear in Charge...

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a bear in charge Reviews

  • Lissette
    2019-01-25 18:08

    In the End Love Conquers All!I was gifted this ARC in exchange for an honest review.A Bear in Charge is the third and final book three in The Marked series. Although it can be read as a standalone I definitely recommend reading the first two books so you get a sense of all the characters that are mentioned in the story and it will be easier to follow some of the references. Not to mention they are fantastic books!In the previous two books there have been plenty of hints as to what happened between Bryce, the eldest brother, were-bear, and Head Ranger of Star Lake and his mate Alana the witch who cursed him and his brothers 10 years ago. In A Bear in Charge, Bryce and Alana are forced to come together even though they hate each other to try to save the Hollow from Alavar, an evil Warlock.Alana has finally returned home to make amends with those she’s hurt. Bryce and Alana reluctantly join forces and as the story develops we finally learn why they hate each other. They slowly learn that it was a lot of misunderstandings that could have been resolved had they both talked to each other and not been so stubborn and let pride prevail.Bryce and Alana are going to need Liz, Brandon, Emma and Brian’s help to fight the evil trying to harness the power of The Hollow. They will need to work together to fix whatever is wrong which is not an easy task! They do not trust her and with good reason. Will they be able to overcome their distrust and work as a team? Will Bryce and Alana be able to get past their hurt to try again? Will they be able to win against Alavar and save The Hollow? You will have to read the book and find out!!!!I absolutely loved this book!!! It was well written and worth the wait. Christa Kelley tied up a lot of loose ends. I highly recommend this book and this series to anyone who loves shifters paranormal romances!!

  • Linda Rimer-Como
    2019-01-31 16:03

    A great end to the Marked series and I thoroughly enjoyed it. An interesting storyline and engaging characters kept me intrigued from beginning to end and it was hard for me to put this book down. I enjoyed the brothers and how love found them when they least expected it. Can't wait to see what this author has in store for us next!Gifted a copy for an honest review.

  • Georgina Parkin
    2019-02-04 12:12

    What a REALLY great ending to a series. It was full of action and emotion and I really loved every minute. Definitely think Alana jumped the gun with that curse and probably should have grovelled a bit more, but it's also been 10 years so I kinda get why she thought it was useless to bother past a simple sorry. Loved the bad guy and loved seeing everyone start to trust Alana, it was pretty sad her bad story and that everyone had made assumptions based on someone's bad words about her. Will I read more from this author? I think so. I'm trying to cut down on my TBR but knowing me I'll find something on KU and end up getting it anyway.

  • Jean Smith
    2019-02-05 17:48

    A perfect wrap up... A villainess that's not much of a villain after allThis is the show down the first two in the series have been leading to, Alana and Bryce. The first story A Bear in Need had you totally seeing Alana in the villain’s role. She is evil through and through. Well that’s what it looks like anyways. Then along comes book two A Bear in Hiding and you discover Alana has a few redeeming qualities. There is enough alluding to he did her wrong and she did him wrong, I was getting anxious to figure out just who did what. In A Bear In Charge we finally get a clue to what is going on. We also discover that Alana has her own demons that ride her. Life hasn’t been so easy since the loss of her family. She’s experienced abuse which led her down the road to dark magic. She’s felt unwanted. She’s felt betrayed. Is it any wonder she comes up short in the trust department? Alana has been doing for herself for so long she frankly doesn’t know how to trust someone else to be there for her. So when she perceived she’s been betrayed once again she packed up her bags, cast a curse and walked out the door leaving her mate behind.Bryce is the oldest of three bear shifters and he’s been left with the responsibility of two siblings and guarding the secrets of the Hollow. A decade ago he was very much in love with Alana and she chose magic over him. Now he’s a surly and cantankerous ole bear with little patience. Bryce is also having the devil of a time with his inner bear. It’s a constant fight from moment to moment to stay in control. Recent events involving Alana have him totally on edge. His bear wants his mate and the human wants nothing to do with the evil witch. Well that’s what he tells himself anyways. Now something is wrong with the magic in the Hollow. Shifter’s are changing and not being able to return to their human forms. After dealing with a near disaster of discovery Bryce, his siblings and their mates head to the heart of the hollow to figure out just what is happening. Perhaps he could have gone on pretending he was fine if he hadn’t scented his mate. Alas life doesn’t work that way.What Alana has already discovered and what the rest soon figure out is that the magic is draining from the Hollow. Of course they’re all ready to blame it on Alana. Just one problem with that little notion, Alana’s magic is tied to the Hollow as well. She has her work cut out for her convincing them all to work with her to solve the mystery and protect the Hollow. There is evil a foot and it’s going to take some major sacrificing to make things right. If they are all lucky they’ll save the Hollow, Bryce and Alana will rediscover their love and trust and everyone will get their HEA. Well I’ll let you guess how that turns out. Just know there will be a few challenges to deal with and battles to be won. All in all this was a great ending to the series. I understand Ms. Kelley has plans for another series in this world and I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Sue Riley
    2019-02-05 16:54

    A Bear in Charge: BBW Paranormal Bear Shifter RomanceChrista KelleyReviewed by SFF DragonThings aren't always what they seem and when the chips are down, Bryce and Alana put love first and finally get their HEA.'A Bear in Charge' is the third and last book in The Marked series by Christa Kelley and I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review. I really couldn't put it down and who needs sleep anyway? Once I started reading, I was totally absorbed in the story until I got to the end. And then I wanted more. The books can be read as stand alones, but you'd be missing out on a couple of really great stories.Both of the main characters, Bryce, were-bear and Head Ranger of Star Lake and Alana, the witch who cursed him and his brothers, have appeared in the previous two books in this series, and their hatred for each other isn't a secret. In this final book we find out why. Forced to work together by the arrival of the truly evil warlock, Alavar, they warily team up to try to save the Hollow, the source of the magic which sustains all of the supernatural beings in Star Lake, and bit by bit the reasons for the things that happened between Bryce and Alana, things that have only been hinted at before, are told in all their misunderstood glory.I'm not going to give any spoilers, but as the story unfolds it becomes obvious that both of them are stubborn and pig-headed, each angry at the other for their perceived betrayal and they could have been together for the last 10 years if only they'd actually talked to each other about how they felt instead of putting their pride first. Now, as things are explained, past hurt and anger are put aside and they finally get their HEA.I absolutely loved this book. It was well worth waiting for and tied up a lot of loose ends. I really enjoyed reading the various catch up epilogues for the others, but I was left wondering... does the teenage werewolf taken in by Brian and Emma have a name and will he appear again in the next series. Also, does Eric, the Hawk shifter, have a mate yet? I highly recommend this book and this series to anyone who loves shifters and likes their paranormal romance to come with a happily ever after.

  • Sue Zawisa
    2019-02-21 12:53

    Review for A BEAR IN CHARGEI received this as a gift for an honest reviewBryce Mitchell is one surly, mean bear shifter. He is having all kinds of trouble controlling his bear and he is not the only one. Things are not as they should be in the Hollow, but no one is sure what the hell is going on. Shifting is becoming difficult for all the shifters and everything just seems unsettled. Add in the fact that his mate, yes mate, Alana has returned…and that seems to be when the trouble started. But then Bryce knew she would be trouble. Alana is a witch and their shared past is not a glorious recollection. It ended ten years ago when she just walked away…leaving him kind of lost. No one knows why she has returned , but Bryce has a fairly good notion…she wants the power of the Hollow…just like she always did. But now, it would seem that all of them…Bryce, Alana, Liz, Brandon, Brian and Emma…are going to have to work together to correct whatever is wrong. It is not going to be easy, there is no trust among them, and with good reason. Alana has created such bad feelings among them… mostly out of her own fears….that now it is going to be a struggle to make things right before she leaves again. Factor in a warlock named Alavar who wants the power of the Hollow for himself and the crap is about to hit the fan, big time. It is difficult for Bryce’s brothers to realize he claimed her ten years ago and has been empty since then, especially knowing how lost they would be without their own mates. But they have to join forces against Alavar to make things right. Can they all put their differences aside ? Will Bryce and Alana be able to forge a new beginning or will the past doom them ?? We will get those answers in this final book of the series. DO NOT MISS THE EXCITING FINALE.

  • Dora
    2019-01-21 12:06

    Alana’s magic was ebbing and she knew something was happening with the Hollow. She and Bryce were going to cross path soon. Lately, Bryce was having little control of his bear and his brothers were keeping a close eye on him. He knew that Alana was in Star Lake Forest and roaring went to meet her. He didn’t trust her. With much effort Alana persuaded him that the source of the problems was the Hollow losing its magic. She told him that something was draining its magic and she was the only one who could fix it. But she was lying to Bryce. She needed Liz to help her because her powers had weakened. It wasn’t easy to deal with Brandon, Liz mate. He was suspicious and harsh with Alana. He could not forget Alana nearly had Liz killed. But the Hollow was in much danger it. It was worse than what they thought. The warlock, Alavar, had been Alana’s mentor and was the one stealing the Hollow magic. He was a warlock dealing in black magic. They would have to fight him because without the Hollow’s magic the Mitchells would die. In this third story we get to know all about the Mitchell’s curse. Why Alana cursed Bryce and his brothers as collateral damage? I was very curious about what happened ten years ago that split them apart. Alana cannot forget Bryce did to her and Bryce could not have the woman he wanted because what Alana did. Way to keep the mystery of the situation. The author kept me intrigued from the first book. The development of the story was very interesting with much suspense, drama, action, and sex. Touching the scenes between Alana and Liz. Much feelings in there. This was the best of the three books of the Mitchells brothers. I knew it would be juicy. Love this stories.

  • Yvonne Daniels
    2019-02-03 13:11

    A Bear in Charge: BBW Paranormal Bear ShifterBy Christa Kelley⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I fell in love with this series I was so excited to read Alanna and Bryce story. Ms Kelley is a Fantastic story teller, her stories are well pace and well written. Ms Kelley characters are awesome, strong, sexy, captivating and loveable. This storyline is Fascinating, exciting, suspenseful and a Magnificent read. I would love more in this series! I fell in love with these characters from the start and admit to feeling a little invested in their stories. Each book has been a triumph for the brothers.This is Bryce and Alana’s’ story. But first Alana was thought as a villain but their story bring things to light that will change everything including Alana and Bryce problems. Alana is back in Star Lake to right previous wrongs and she is trying to cure the Hollow because it's losing power, but she finds she is inadvertently to blame because she thought she had found somewhere to belong. But she must convince the last person Bryce she ever thought would believe her that she sincerely wants to help. Alana knows who is responsible but needs everyone’s help to fix it, But she is amazed Liz is able to forgive if forget the things she has done and even agreed to get together as a team to fix the Hollow. But Avtar the evil wizard is seeking to steal the heart of the Hollow. Alana feels she has no choice but to give herself to the Hollow in order to save it. But Avtar makes her decide to save her loved ones but Bryce won't allow her to die for them he must protect his mate! This a AWESOME series and I hate for it to end! I know I will read this series again and again! I Highly recommend this series if you enjoy a AWESOME READ!!

  • Sharon Hatt
    2019-02-12 11:46

    Awesome ending to the Marked series! Although I would be lying if I said I didn’t want more! I fell in love with these characters from the start and admit to feeling a little invested in their future endeavors, including the not so evil it turns out Alana! Each instalment has been rife with headache and triumph and Bryce and Alana’s’ story is no different. Although from the start Alana has been the villain there are things brought to light that will change everything previously thought of her, including her problems with Bryce! Back in Star Lake to right previous wrongs Alana is trying to find out why the Hollow is losing power, only to find she is inadvertently to blame (yeah one more thing on her eternal list of screw-ups), but for once she manages to convince the last person she ever thought would believe her that she is sincerely helping (Bryce), furthermore she knows who is responsible but needs everyone’s help to fix it (something she has a REALLY hard time admitting and even harder time asking for). To her amazement Liz I able to forgive, if not totally forget, and agree to band together to fix the Hollow. Unfortunately the evil seeking to steal the heart of the Hollow forces Alana no choice but to sacrifice herself to save the Hollow and therefore her loved ones; but can Bryce allow her to do that? Very well written series and time well spent reading! Highly recommend it!!

  • iliana G
    2019-01-22 10:52

    I was given an ARC by the author for an honest review.I have to say that i am sad to see this series ending.On the other hand i am extremely happy that i got to read it and see everyone getting their HEA.Alana after 10 years returned to Star Lake but something is going wrong.The towns magic is weakeningShe decides to go investigate but once in the Hollow she comes up against Bryce...Her mate and the one she cursed along with his brothers.Bryce can't believe that Alana has the nerve to once more screw them over.No matter what she is guilty for everything only thing is that his bear wants his mate back and is ready to roll over just for one touch from her.Thing is noone is ready to forgive Alana and Alana has to protect the magic of the town cause if the magic is gone is will be unprotected against an old enemy and the Mitchell Brothers will be stuck in bear form for ever.Can they work together to make it?Can they forgiv and forget?An excellent ending to an amazing series!!!!!Once more Christa Kelley has made my heart beat faster and feeling like i was in the book and in the action .I really loved reading the epilogues for each couple and seeing how their lives turned out.The book is well written and Christa ties up many loose ends.It was well worth the waiting.The book is amazing and a must read!!!

  • Lisa
    2019-02-19 17:59

    Spoilers...A Bear in Charge is the 3rd book in the The Marked series by Christa Kelley. It gives us the story behind Bear shifter Bryce Mitchell and the witch that cursed him, Alana.I've read all three of the books in this series and was really looking forward to this one. I wanted to know why Alana cursed them and what happened between her and Bryce. The first 2 books built up such a interest to know what the betrayal was. Why was she filled with so much hate and anger. It made it seem like it was something really bad or at least major. Instead it was kind of childish really. She throws a fit because did tell her his secret. She felt like he didn't trust her. Never mind the fact that it was what he was doing right then. Trusting her. Telling her. And because of this she curses not only him but his brothers also. I just wanted to smack her. And I liked her character. I liked how she was bad but good. But their history was a big disappointment to me. The rest of the story was good though.I recommend the series to anyone who likes shifter stories. It's a pretty good series. The Marked series:1. A Bear in Need2. A Bear in Hiding3. A Bear in Charge***Gifted ARC copy***L.

  • Ingrid Stephanie Jordan
    2019-02-07 11:46

    Title :                Bear In Charge                         The Marked Book 3Author :            Christa Kelley     Reviewed by :  Stephanie Jordan♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡With tears in my eyes, I have just finished the last book for The Marked and Ms. Kelley held nothing back ***sigh******blowing my nose**** Ohhh I loved this Series. You see life isn't perfect, there are battles,  if you fight on the "white" good sideyou are right. It might be tuff BUT you'll win. Bryce Mitchell was losing control of his bear, for some reason his bear takes over and always wants to fight. It seems to be getting worse. And that's not all shifters were only partially shifting with no control  and a few couldn't come back from the shift. Something was definitely wrong and they had to find out what. Liz and Brandon went with Bryce to the Hollow, Liz being a witch also could see something is wrong she could feel it. Both Bryce and Brandon could feel something was off and he just found out Alana is back in Star Lake.They all hated Alana for her past, well Bryce was a love/hate. But it didn't matter or did it? Alana knew something evil was happening, but what? I was gifted this ARC for an honest and truthful review.

  • D Thomas
    2019-02-16 15:54

    Bear in Charge (The Marked, #3)by Christa KellyAlana is back in Star Lake. It is where she wants to be, but she knows that no one wants her there. She also knows they have a good reason for feeling that way. They just don't know that most of what happened to them wasn't what she meant to happen, but she knows that no one will believe her. Her magic and the magic that is connected to the shifters, is weakening. She knows it is a problem with the Heart of the Hollow. If she can get Liz's help, they might be able to fix it. Only someone from her past wants the power from the Heart of the Hollow. Will she be able to stop him and if she can what price is she going to have to pay? Bryce is mated, but he is still cursed. Cursed by his mate. He and his brothers have paid dearly for his mess up. Now Alana is back and trouble has followed her. Even though Bryce feels he can never trust Alana again, his bear has other ideas. She is his mate and he wants to provide and protect her. Bryce just doesn't know if he and Alana can get past what has happened. But when it comes down to a life and death situation Bryce knows there is only one answer.*ARC given for an honest review*

  • Ana
    2019-02-10 18:06

    I have to admit that from the very first book I read in this series, I was anxious to read Bryce and Alana's story. Mostly I wanted to find our what Bryce had done that would make Alana put that terrible curse on him and his brothers Brian and Brandon.Well you'll just have to read it for yourself to find out and it will really surprise you just like it did me...It wasn't at all what I thought!There is lots of magic and lots of surprises, everybody is involved in this last part of the series and it is awesome.This was a wonderful series, full of so much sadness, joy, hope and many surprises, not to mention the really hot passion. There may not have been a lot, but what there was. is enough! Brian and Brandon really can't beat Bryce at anything!This book can be read as a standalone, but I recommend you read the whole series it is so worth it. Kuddos Ms. Kelley!I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Maria
    2019-02-15 19:11

    Hot Witch and Grumpy BearBryce and Alana's story was fantastic! It had me turning pages quickly. Bryce is the eldest of his brothers. Each has found their mate, but they had to endure a curse put on them by the witch Alana ten years ago. He feels guilty for that. He is becoming more and more not in full control of his bear. It is even worse because the witch is back. He feels he cannot tell his brothers the truth., but fate intervenes. Oh my!Alana is a witch who Bryce's family hates. Her dearest friend betrayed her ten years ago and has married Bruce's brother. She will never trust Alana again, but there is something wrong with the Hallow that Bryce and his brothers protect. She must figure it out, but the hatred might stop her from doing that. Bryce broke her heart a long time ago and she does not want to deal with him.These two have issues...big ones! Loved this one! Also happy there is an epilogue too.

  • Roxane
    2019-02-10 14:01

    I received this book for an honest review.This is the final book in the series. In this book we get to meet the oldest Mitchell brother, Bryce. Bryce is having a hard time controlling his bear. It appears something isn't right with the Hollow and it's affecting shifters along with witches. Alana has been back in town for a while, but Bryce did not know. Alana went to the Hollow to determine what's going on with the power source. After visiting, Bryce turns up at her house assuming she the reason the hollow is losing power. He is still affected by his mate, but holds a grudge against her for the curse and leaving him. It seems someone from Alana's past is after the Hollow's power. Can they save the Hollow in time? During this book, we learn why Alana created the curse and what happened between the two of them. Can Liz and Bryce forgive her? Will everyone make it out alive?This has been a great series.

  • Laura
    2019-02-15 18:45

    Fast paced & well written.I didn't think I could like anything more than the second part of this series, but "A Bear in Charge" is awesome! Bryce & Alana's love story is interwoven with the protection of the Hollow in a way that keeps you reading. I don't usually like magic or the mention of witches, but this changed my mind. I didn't want to put this book down. Bryce's brothers and their mates are a large part of this story. I liked how this series was brought to a close. Yet it leaves room for more Star Lake stories. There are more shifters that need to tell their stories. There are mentions of a fox shifter and a werewolf that could easily be expanded to have their own story. I look forward to the next series from this author.*** I was given this book as a gift from the author in exchange for my honest review. ***

  • Elizabeth/snoopypeach
    2019-02-09 17:47

    Bryce is a bear shifter denied his mate because of betrayal and past decisions. He's the protector for his family and the magic they protect.Alana left the man she loved because she felt betrayed and she returned the favor and more. They're both trying to save the people that they care about, but does that still include each other?This was a excellent last story of this series. Finally finding out what had happened to shape these two characters, and where the brothers and their mates are now. The struggles the characters go through are exciting and heart breaking at times. This was a wonderful story based around forgiveness and coming home. This is a absolute wonderful read for any lover of stories about shifters, magic or just some smoky romance! Received a copy for an honest review.

  • Sheryl
    2019-01-27 14:51

    I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Christa Kelley. This is book 3 of the series by the author. Something is taking the magic away from the Hollow and when Alana comes back She is trying to figure out what is wrong with the magic.Bryce Mitchell and his brothers have guarded the Heart of the Hallow for years but lately things have been off. Can they find out what is causing the problem or will the magic die out and can he guard his heart from the mate who walked away 10 years ago, Alana.The author gave the characters very good interaction with each others. The story line was was nice and smooth.This book is for mature paranormal book reader dues to sexual content and adult language.

  • Donna Hokanson
    2019-01-27 12:08

    The truth revealed about AlanaThis is the third book of the series and yet is still a self contained story. This is Bryce and Alana’s story and how so many things are not what they seem to be. Something is draining the Hollow of its magic and everyone presumes it may be Alana. But Alana what to know what’s happening along with everyone else since it effects her magic as well. Bryce is have a difficult time controlling his bear and it may just be that Alana is in the area or it may have something to do with the Hollow. I loved every one of the books in this series and this one is no exception. It’s well written and keeps your interest throughout the book and is very entertaining to read.

  • Cilicia White
    2019-02-01 11:48

    This is the last book in Marked Series and features Bryce, the Alpha and big brother to Brandon and Bryce and Alana, the "villian" in the previous books. Bryce is slowly losing control of not only his bear but the Hollow. All the trouble seems to be caused by Alana but that is not the case and it will take everyone to fight a greater evil. Bryce and Alana have a bad past that was caused by lack of communication on both their parts and anger gets in the way of common sense and those around them suffered greatly from it. The past is finally put to rest and we get an ending fitting this series. We also get a little peek into a future of all three couple.I received a copy of this book for a honest review.

  • Sandi Ramirez
    2019-01-27 16:08

    This is the 3rd book in the Marked Book series and finally we get Alana and Bryce Mitchell's story and what a story it is! Alana is the witch that cursed the Mitchells but Bryce is the only one that still has the curse on him. Everyone thinks she is creating problems with the Hollow BUT in reality she is trying to discover what is draining the Hollow's power.This is my favorite of the three books and I like how we finally got all our loose ends tied up, We know why Alana cursed Bryce, why Liz and Alana fought and are not best friends anymore. We get a peek into the future of these 3 bear families.Great book. If you have not read books 1 and 2 I would highly suggest it.

  • Rebecca
    2019-02-04 16:49

    Wow, book three was fantastic. Alana the black sheep, the one who cursed them broke Bryce's heart and hurt Liz more than words. But Alana was hurt to and the truth starts to come out and the bad decisions are starting to be seen for what they were self preservation.Alana has come home to make things right although she won't admit that to anyone. With something happening to the "Heart" in the hollow and it will take working together and some scarifies to make things right.By far my favourite in the series. I really liked Bryce and Alana. I'm excited to see what comes next from Christa.I received an ARC for my honest review

  • Ann
    2019-01-29 19:12

    This is book 3 in The Marked series and while you do not have to read any/all of the other books in the series to enjoy this one some of the references will make more sense with reading the series in order. Overall this was my favorite of the series I was happy to see Bryce and Alana finally get back together and save the hollow at the same time. I also was happy to see Liz and Alana make up and all misunderstandings were satisfactorily resolved in this final story in the tribology. I was also happy to learn that the author plans some other stories based off the other characters we are introduced to in this series. Happily looking forward to her next book!

  • Belinda
    2019-02-02 12:05

    This is the third in a series of books that I got the first one for free on a freebie site offering free Kindle books. I was hooked! The series is about 3 brothers who are cursed because of the actions of one brother who was previously involved with a witch.Eventually, through self sacrifice and love, theie curses are lifted but there is also a story arc that reaches across the last two books. I won't say more than that because the general summary tells you already who and what the books are about. If you love HEAs you should definitely read this mini series!

  • Dorothy Phillips
    2019-02-01 11:00

    Bryce Mitchell mate Alana who had tried to hurt his brothers mate and had cursed him and his 2 brother. Now she wants to help she has a lot of pride and does not want to look weak. Her heart is still beating fast for the sexy werebear, but she knows he will never believe she has changed. Can they all pull it together and put heir differences aside to save their home and magic? This is a hot exciting read. . Was thrilled to be given this ARC copy to review.

  • Natasha
    2019-02-20 18:53

    Bryce and his brothers were cursed by Alana because she was angry with Bryce. Everything is going wrong Bryce is having a hard time keeping his bear under control. His bear still wants their mate but Bryce knows that would not be a good move even if she's so close. Alana has trouble knocking on her door from her past and the magic at the hollow is weakling daily. If she doesn't figure how to stop it the Mitchell brothers are not going last much longer since the Hollow is connected to them.

  • Teresa Stirewalt
    2019-01-27 14:58

    I have fully enjoyed this entire series. The characters were well developed the plot was a delight to read and follow, even as it moved from one book to the next involving a different brother but with different situations though still the same. This book of the series does an excellent job of tieing up all the ends so there aren't any left dangling.

  • Michelle Sanders
    2019-01-27 12:53

    Best of the series!I'm a sucker for second chance love stories and this is definitely one of the best I've read in a very long time. Bryce and Arriana have the most dramatic but interesting and actually fun story line of all the couples... and make up sex is melt your kindle hot! I got this on kindle unlimited and liked it so much I bought it to keep.

  • Ann
    2019-01-21 11:49

    What a great ending to this series. I love how Ms Kelley wrapped everything up very nicely...including what happened with Bryce and Alana, the Hollow, and the curse the brothers were under. I recommend not only this book but the whole series'*I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest opinion.