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Wincest FanficTwo years ago Dean disappeared. Now John and Sam have gotten him back. But how will the three of them deal with the unexpected changes his trials in the time between have effected? And what does a goddess have to do with the whole thing?Word Count: 287,418 complete...

Title : do dandelions roar
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  • Julesmarie
    2019-02-09 23:46

    Parts of this were extraordinarily difficult to read. Parts were heartbreaking. Parts were horrifying. And it could have done with a couple thousand fewer words. But it was spectacularly original, and had me captivated in spite of the extreme discomfort it caused several times.Plot summary to remind myself when I look for this one again later:(view spoiler)[Sam's been at Stanford for 6 months when Dean saves him from a sea creature called the Melusine. Their dad spends the next 2 1/2 years searching for Dean, Sam chooses to stay at Stanford so they don't argue their way into never finding Dean.Sam gets a call from his dad one night that they'd found Dean... with some changes. Turns out the Melusine took Dean to "take his years" which somehow ended up with Dean de-ageing so he's now 14. Dean only spent a few months with the Melusine, he's been being held since then by men who've been selling him for sex.John, Sam and Bobby rescue Dean, who can't communicate and barely recognizes them. They take him to Missouri, the psychic, who helps heal Dean's mind enough that he can communicate now, but he's got a mark on his neck that they all realize is preventing him from returning to himself completely. Missouri encourages Sam to let Dean take comfort from him, which because of what Dean's been through means through touch.John takes off the day after Dean's able to speak again to try to find a way to get the strange mark off of his neck. They end up back in Oregon where they rescued Dean from the horrible humans, find out that it wasn't the Melusine that put the mark on Dean's neck, and end up in a fight with water goddesses.Dean stays physically 14 through the fic, which is potentially squicky. Sam keeps telling himself that mentally Dean's 25, and after the mark's gone he speaks like his 25-year-old self, but there were still times even I was squicked. (hide spoiler)]I'm delighted that this is just the first in a series, as I was left wanting to get to read more about the boys now.Some Favorite Quotes:But Jess was left behind him, his past and his future before him.He hadn't been erased; he was only lost. It was a good thing to that he remembered who Sammy was. Even though he was pretty sure that in his heart he had remembered all along, even when his head hadn't remembered.He might be younger now and broken, but he was an awesome big brother!"Trees and plants are boring. They just sit there and grow. Veeeeery slooooowly. Why would anyone pay to see that?"He'd never forget, but the past had no power to damage his presentWhether this was new or not, that didn't matter. That was the way it was now."Not when they're things that have no words."Together they were whole.