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WHO SAYS YOU CAN'T MIX BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE?As the CEO of a large tech company and a semi-reformed bad boy, Ethan Hill is used to calling the shots. But when he's sentenced to work two hundred hours of community service-for reckless driving, of all things-this chief executive needs to keep his real identity under wraps. Which gets increasingly difficult when he can't stoWHO SAYS YOU CAN'T MIX BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE?As the CEO of a large tech company and a semi-reformed bad boy, Ethan Hill is used to calling the shots. But when he's sentenced to work two hundred hours of community service-for reckless driving, of all things-this chief executive needs to keep his real identity under wraps. Which gets increasingly difficult when he can't stop thinking about his sexy new (temporary) boss. The moment Graciela Ramirez meets Ethan, she's tempted to throw all professionalism out the window. She can't afford to get emotionally involved, but after a steamy session behind office doors, a no-strings-attached fling might be exactly what they need. He'll protect his secret. She'll protect her heart. What could possibly go wrong?***The Suits Undone seriesBook 1 - Unbuttoning the CEO (Gracie and Ethan)Book 2 - One Night with the CEO (Karen and Mark)Book 3 - Getting Dirty with the CEO (Mimi and Daniel)...

Title : Unbuttoning the CEO
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ISBN : 9781455568413
Format Type : Paperback
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Unbuttoning the CEO Reviews

  • sraxe
    2019-04-07 19:10

    When I started this book, even though I had my issues with it, I really didn't want to rip it to shreds. Being the author's first release, I wanted to be a little more lenient. I tried to ignore early problems, but I just got more annoyed as they persisted. A third of the way in, I already knew I was going to be giving this book a two, but I still wanted to finish it. However, with the stupid decisions of the characters and the super irritating heroine, I couldn't bring myself to give this more than a one.Right off, I noticed the book's writing wasn't smooth. What I mean by that is that it's jarring when it comes to the flow of the plot. It's as if the author wrote down the major plot points, then simply went from one to the next. Days and weeks were skipped at a time, with no thought given to the events in between to give the story a more natural and organic flow.When Ethan contemplates where to complete his community service. Mark, his friend, immediately has a place in mind.[Mark's] eyes were bright. Too bright. “Give me a minute. I’ll be right back.” Before Ethan could stop him, Mark shot out of the chair and left the office....Mark returned and dropped a section of the day’s newspaper on his desk.(...)Ethan turned the page. The headline of the full-page article read, LEARN TO NET TEACHES STUDENTS AND SENIORS HOW TO SURF THE WEB.A photograph of a woman and two young boys accompanied the article. The boys sat in front of a computer and the woman stood behind them, her arms draped over their shoulders. Her dark, wavy hair fell against her cheeks, and her brown eyes gleamed with excitement. He scanned the first paragraph, searching for her name.Graciela Ramirez.A dozen images hit him at once. All of them involved Ms. Ramirez in a compromising position. With him. He looked up at Mark, who studied his reaction to the photograph.Immediately, I was confused. What's with Mark? What's with Ethan? My thoughts went to this maybe being a second chance story. Why else would Mark be so gleeful about Gracie? How else would Ethan's reaction to it be explained? Then, I thought maybe if it's not second chance, perhaps Ethan's previously shown an interest in her. All I felt was confusion at his sudden and inexplicable obsession with her.After they meet and I realized it's not a second chance. In fact, they're complete strangers. They're getting all hot for one another upon their first meeting, which is when the chapter ends. Then? The next chapter opens and they've been working together for a month! Whaaat? Part of the fun is the initial development stage of a relationship! The early pining is some of the best stuff! Buuuut, the author skipped it. It also left me confused when it came to the relationship because of how underdeveloped it was. At one point, Ethan thinks that he "liked the way [Gracie] looked at him now." HOW does she look at him?? I ain't got a damn clue because the author skipped all of it!As said earlier, it felt like the author wrote the story by going from one plot point to the next, disregarding in-between happenings. While most books are written like this, the issue here was the obviousness of it. Other authors at least make attempts subtly and blending, which may just be because they're experienced.Then, Ethan and Gracie go on a dinner date. They end up kissing, but he pushes her away, not wanting to get into a relationship under a cloud of deceit. Cool. I'm down with that...but it doesn't make sense. If had no intention of starting anything while hiding his identity, why did he even want to do his hours here? The earlier passage with Mark only makes sense if he'd intended on sex with her. But if he feels like crap for the secret identity bit and avoids her...why did he start working here?Anyway, a week passes, and then we're told that Gracie's sister, Karen, is visiting. I was wondering why the sudden visit...and then it became clear. At the stage play she takes her sister to, she sees Ethan with a woman. The next chapter opens with a week having passed and Gracie having kept Ethan at a distance, which then leads into a confrontation and them agreeing to an FWB relationship. So, like I said, plot point to plot point to plot point, with weeks simply mentioned to have elapsed in between.Her sister's visit was out of nowhere. It was such an obvious plot device. Those tickets to a stage play? Apparently the board members of LTN gave them to her. Uh...why? LTN is floundering financially...and they're just throwing out free tickets? Why her? And all of a sudden? None of it's explained. Next chapter, her sister is magically gone. It's not mentioned how long she stayed, when she went back, or why she even came in the first place. Her visit was obviously a means to trigger the the FWB relationship conversation. Again, plot point.And, because there's no buildup when it comes to the relationship, a lot of the conversations between Ethan and Gracie felt odd. After she confronts him about the stage play (which, btw, other than saying that “[he] went to that performance with her to fulfill an obligation” with that OW, there's no other mention of her. It's not explained who she was, nor do we meet her. She's never brought up again.), she feels relieved that he's single. And then she's spilling to him about her ex and how he cheated on her. What? Them having a sudden heart-to-heart was out-of-the-blue.This was another lacking aspect of the writing. I've read books in which there's little to no relationship buildup, yet, I've still rooted for them. Why? Because the author wrote with emotion. The emotional aspect of the writing here was completely missing. I spent time with these characters and knew things about them, but there was no connection. Their sadness? Reveals? Gracie's mention of her cheating ex? They were anticlimactic. I ended up shrugging because I didn't care about them; the writing of the book never got me to do so. It's probably a consequence of the author going from plot point to plot point, not bothering to develop an emotional connection to readers.Like the story jumps over large chunks of time, it does so during scenes. When Gracie and Ethan first agree to an FWB, Ethan plans bowling and dinner. We're given a glimpse of the bowling, then told they're in a cab thirty minutes later. This wasn't the first time it happened. During their first dinner, it also fast-forwarded. I guess they're included for flow, but they just left me annoyed. It was also a lost opportunity by the author to develop an emotional connection, dropped in favour of moving on with the plot.While I'm mentioning the bowling and dinner...uh, it can't just be me who finds it odd, right? Like, who plans a date, with bowling and dinner reservations, with their fuck buddy? Seriously. That's not damn casual sex, that's dating! I would've found it a lot more believable if they'd started sleeping together, and later started blurring the lines. I assume the author didn't want Ethan to look like a douche, being in a relationship with someone while lying, so she decided to make them date, but just called it FWB.However, he still ended up looking douchey at times. After they sleep together, he says that “when [he's] done, any man after [him] will pale in comparison” sex-wise. And:“Actually, now that I think about it, you look good in my kitchen.”Nic’s hands stilled, and the spatula hovered over the pan. “This is the extent of my skill in the kitchen. But don’t worry. One day you’ll find a man who’ll make you a three-course meal.”Gracie received the message: That man won’t be me, Gracie.He's so contrary. He says the above after showing up at her apartment unannounced. He got worried after she'd been absent from the office (because she got sick)...and then proceeds to say the above? Mixed signals, much?This was another situation where it's obvious that this was anything but casual. Although Gracie was just reminded—again—that their relationship was casual, she asks him his birthday, if he can take the day off, and then says she wants to spend it with him?? How is that keeping a distance and not forming an attachment?Then it's birthday-day. Aaaand? She's splashed bills and gotten him time on a racetrack. Because of course that's what you do for someone who you've been FWBs with for all of five minutes, right? Of course. And, of course, birthday surprises are what FWBs do, right? Of course.During this time, Gracie asks Ethan if he likes to speed “because it gives [him] a place where [his] mind shuts down.” did you come to this conclusion? If someone I knew was a speed demon, my mind wouldn't jump to them wanting to shut down their thoughts. And, with them, at least I KNOW them. She ain't know jack about Ethan, and she's all psychoanalyzing him? Didn't make any sense and was obviously another plot push.Anyway, next day, Gracie is thinking: "Somehow their no-strings affair had transformed into a connection that tethered her to him, that made her want more." And I'm like, well no shit, Sherlock. How the hell is it casual when y'all going on dates and shit and planning birthday surprises? And it wasn't like it evolved in time. They started off with a bowling and dinner date!At this point, Ethan pulls another sorta douchey move, but his kinda paled in comparison to hers. Ethan is adamant about keeping it casual (ha! Really? Should've thought about that before planning a fucking date.), so he felt bad she'd spent money on him while he's lying. So:As she walked to her desk, Gracie turned the envelope over and slipped her thumb through the flap. Expecting a note, she gasped when she saw five hundred-dollar bills. Then she saw the note tucked behind the cash. It read, The thought you put into the gift was enough. Thanks for an unforgettable experience. It was signed, Nic.Gracie licked the front of her teeth as she stuffed the note and the money back into the envelope. Then she dropped into her chair. She’d given him a gift, and he’d thrown it back in her face.As douchey as it was, I understood. Her response had me siding with him. She's so dumb, immature, and reactionary, and doesn't think things through. After this, she's like OH I gotta show him! She feels used because he's treating the no-strings a no-strings affair. An affair, mind you, that SHE'd suggested to begin with. So, she goes to a bar to meet Ethan, acts like they're strangers, flirts with some random guy, picks Ethan, takes him to her car, fucks him, and then leaves him there to catch a cab home. Because HA!! I'll show him no-strings attached!! Very fucking immature.She then decides to end things with him. Ethan then realizes he wants more, which he tells her. And? She rejects him, feeling that she let her relationship affect her career. So...he finally comes around and says he wants long-term, the lack of which was what upset her, and she says no? Nonsense.Then, several weeks pass, Ethan gives her a gift, then they get back together. What was the point of even breaking them up? It just felt whiplashy, going from them being together, breaking up, then together again a few pages later (because, although it weeks "several weeks," it's really only a couple of pages for the reader).Then, because the couple is back together, another plot point is needed. Suddenly Gracie is going to some awards gala thanks to Mimi. Conveniently, Mimi works for some foundation and was able to score tickets for Gracie. And y'all know what's going to happen, right? Especially because we needed more whiplash right after they got back together.Instead, she was scheduled to attend a charity awards dinner at Mimi’s request.(...)He pulled his phone out of his back pocket and stared at the screen. “It’s Mark. Work interferes again. Listen, I have a work event this evening, but I’d like to see you later tonight.”Predictably, she sees him before he can reveal who he is to her. The reveal itself was super anticlimactic. The writing lacked emotion, so his reveal didn't pack even the slightest punch. (The reveal doesn't happen until seven-tenths, btw.)After this, the OM, Daniel, is used. (Side note: There's an OM. Her father wanted them together, but he's a nonentity because she makes it clear she's not interested.) I was rolling my eyes because, OF COURSE this OM is conveniently there for some God damn reason. Anyway, like with the car sex, she acts immature, dumb, and reactionary. She says she's going to confront Ethan. Then she asks Daniel to dance to her favourite song (she told Ethan it was her favourite). She asks Daniel to pretend like they're together to make Ethan jealous, even allowing him to kiss her on the jaw and escort her out when Ethan confronts them. Why? Because she's immature as fuck.She kept referring to Ethan's secrecy as "betrayal." Well, what about what she did with Daniel? That was a betrayal, imo. If an H had done that with an OW (which plenty have), he'd be on my shitlist. So, this idiot is, too.She tells Ethan not to contact her, leave her alone, and to complete his hours, then runs off to New York. While she's there, because he doesn't contact her, she comes to the conclusion that, it "only confirmed how little she’d meant to him." omfg. Are you fucking serious? She told him to leave her the fuck alone and then ran off! I hate when characters do this shit. Shouldn't it be good that he respected her wishes of wanting to be left alone? Unbelievable.After moping around, she finally comes back and listens to Ethan's explanation. He tells her about his past, how he was a mess, and how he didn't want the tainting his present. He figured that if she knew both his past—in which he was a drinking, gambling, whoring mess—and of his CEO position, she wouldn't have given him the time of day, which she mentally acknowledges as truth. Then?What a mess. But it was his mess, not hers. “Thanks for the explanation,” she said as she stood. “I didn’t realize how much I needed this. Closure, I guess.”Ethan looked up at her and scrunched his face. “Closure?”Gracie steeled herself. “Yes, closure. Ethan, I appreciate the explanation, but that’s all it was. It doesn’t change the fact that you’re not the man I thought you were. It doesn’t change the fact that you lied to me. That you started a relationship with me, knowing that you weren’t being truthful about yourself.”He stood and paced. “Gracie, I understand why you’re angry, but I shared this with you because I want you to know everything, because I want to share a future with you. I told you everything that mattered.”Her heart tempted her to forgive him, but her pride rejected the idea out of hand. “You don’t get to decide what matters, Ethan. A relationship means you share the important parts of yourself.”He strode to her and placed his hands on her upper arms. “But that’s just it, Gracie. I did share the important parts of myself. My professional goals, my fears, stuff about my family. You can’t discount that so easily.”Yes, she could.I thought this was so stupid. All that he didn't tell her was that he went by Ethan, not Nic, and that he was a CEO. He didn't make up a name, and he was honest about everything else. She keeps saying "relationship," but all that it was supposed to be was casual sex. Babe...y'all didn't really have a relationship. Which, recall, was something SHE initiated after he tried to distance himself. He couldn't afford bad press as CEO, and he didn't know her enough to trust her. It was on HER suggestion that there was ever any entanglement, not his.Though I didn't like how long the secret was kept, holy fucking overreaction, Batman! She needs to fucking chill. All of this would've been different if he'd been at fault. I would've thought he was completely shit if he'd been the one to suggest a no-strings affair, let her spend money on him, and then walked away without telling her anything. Instead, it's Gracie who'd suggested a casual affair, despite his earlier attempts to dissuade her. It was Gracie who was surprising him and spending money on him, treating him like a boyfriend even though they were casual. However, it was Ethan who approached her for more. It was then Gracie who refused to listen and then ran off.He made one mistake, and he's the shithead in this book? Nah, son. It was Gracie. Yet everyone, including Ethan's bff, Mark, blames him. Gracie never apologized for treating him like a sex toy, which she admitted to herself was shit to do and felt bad. She never apologized for the gala scene. She never grovels for anything. It's all pushed on Ethan. And he feels like shit, he apologizes, begs, etc. I think her holding out was the author's attempt to make her a non-doormat h with a backbone, but I just found her annoying and undeserving of Ethan.After Ethan tells her about his past, she's still upset about his earlier caginess. At this time, she thinks he's "this year's version of Neal." Yes, because Ethan not being forthcoming about being a CEO and using his first name is the same thing as her cheating bf. Gracie was insufferable.Even by the end, she didn't redeem herself. I hated that she didn't come to forgiveness on her own. Instead, we get page after page of people contacting her and being all Yo, my homeboy Ethan over at Media Best? Yeah, he told me to contact you to help fund LTN. Isn't he fab?? Jason, a kid who uses computers at LTN, went on about Ethan's greatness. Gracie goes to a possible sponsor, and the woman sings Ethan's praises. Gracie capitulates at this point and is all Wow, Ethan sure is great, huh?? Then they get back together. Sex. End of story.As I mentioned before, the writing lacked emotion. I didn't care for these characters at all. I ended up skimming at times, which never bodes well for a book. The sex in this book came off very instructional. The author was just detailing that they did this, then this, and then this. Like the rest of the writing, it lacked emotion. I tried to read the first one, but I ended up skimming. In fact, I ended up skipping all of them because none had any emotion.There was also the mention of video game coding that bothered me. Teen-Ethan supposedly learned video game coding in first year high school programming. In the book, he's 32, meaning he was in HS between 1997-2001. He learned video game coding with 3D graphics then? His parents were shift workers at a factory, so he was in public school, not private or specialized. It bothered me because it was another thing on top of everything else. A student taking first year programming in public high school...and learning video game coding? With 3D graphics? When I took first year programming, I was doing Turing and other basic computer programming.And then there was this bit of Ethan giving advice to Jason.“Cool. Any advice on how to make myself the ideal candidate for a spot at a top school like MIT?”“Yeah. Work your ass off. Get good grades. Rock the SAT and your AP classes. Try to get an internship in the computer industry. And make sure your admission essay shows how much you love computer programming. Easy.”I swear to God, if someone game me shit advice like Ace your classes and you can make it!, I'd be tempted to sock 'em. What kind of shit and unhelpful advice is this?Then there was this casual ageism thrown in there, too. This older woman jokes about sex, and Ethan thinks the image is "eye-gouge worthy" because, of course, older people aren't allowed to have sex. And Ethan is supposed to be 32, not some immature teenage boy. Grow the fuck up.

  • Samantha
    2019-04-10 17:56

    3 just okay contemporary romance stars. The book was really hard to get into and I found that while it had a decent story line, it just didn't make me love it. I read it easy enough but I wasn't wowed or completely sucked in. Having said all of that, the story is quite cute in a way. Nicholas Ethan Hill has a speeding and ticket problem which leads him to be forced into community service. In order to hide his identity he uses his first rather than the name he is famous with. He doesn't expect to genuinely like and lust after Graciela, his community service hours boss, but that's exactly what happened.Graciela loves what she does and does it even against the wishes of her father. Her father is old school and believes she should be married with children and return to New York. When she meets Nicholas she can't seem to stop her body's reaction or her eyes from lingering. He's good looking, genuinely kind, and damn good at what he does.

  • Danielle
    2019-03-26 20:02

    CEO Ethan has a need for speed so after so many speeding tickets he is sentenced to doing 200 hours of community service. He decides to work with a non profit organization that helps seniors and kids use the computer. The only thing he wants to do is keep his identity under wraps until he finishes. The proves hard when he starts to fall for the Gracie who is running this organization. I liked that this wasn't the typical CEO / billionaire book. I enjoyed the journey that the author took Ethan on. Throughout the book you can see he isn't all that happy about being CEO and wants to go back to creating things. The progress of him growing and wanting to change was a big part of the story. The romance between Gracie and Ethan took its time since they were both attracted to one another but I liked that it started out as a fling while he was completing his community service and the fling would end when his time was up. But these two ended up falling in love. This was a great book to start off the series and I'm interested in seeing where the author will go from here. The next book his Ethan's friend and Gracie's sister. I can't wait to see what journey they will take.

  • Samantha
    2019-04-10 21:45

    Unbuttoning the CEO, the first book in Mia Sosa's Suits Undone series, was a nice, light, and steamy contemporary romance.I thoroughly enjoyed reading Gracie and Ethan's story. I spent an entire Friday night devouring their story. Both were great characters in their own right and together they were even better. Ethan was one of those contemporary romance heroes that you can't help but love. He has somewhat of a dark past but he has pretty much put it behind him for the most part. He does still have some hang-ups which caused him to keep things from the heroine but his reasons are understandable. With that said, the fact that he's lying is still wrong and I really liked the way that the author had Gracie deal with the situation once the truth of who Ethan was was revealed.Ethan's lying aside, the romance in this book was really on point. I could really believe that these two were falling in love as I read their story and as a result it made this romance all the more worthwhile. Also, I really liked that while the sex scenes in this book were steamy that they weren't too over the top. They were like the the Goldilocks of sex scenes.Overall, as I already stated, this was a really worthwhile romance. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend this book!

  • ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡
    2019-04-03 18:43

  • Heather andrews
    2019-04-11 23:48

    Despite everything going on Ethan is a sweet guy, "his nostrils flared. “ I know I didn’t have to. I wanted to.” He lifted his face to the ceiling and ran a hand through the back of his hair. “I just wanted you to know that you meant something to me. I thought you’d like this.” Ethan, he knows how to show his woman a good time: He pressed his body close to hers as they circled out the door. “Coffee. Lots of coffee. And condoms. Lots of condoms.”She raised her hand to hail a cab. “Spending the weekend in bed, are we?” “Yeah. In bed. On the couch. On the floor. In the shower. On the kitchen counter. You get the picture.”I liked this book.

  • Marlene
    2019-04-03 20:59

    When corporate CEO Ethan Hill turns his need to escape a job he hates into several too many speeding tickets, he is forced to perform 200 hours of community service without falling back on his money or his corporate philanthropy. The technology bigwig signs up at Learn to Net, a nonprofit that provides computers and training in parts of DC where residents need some help finding and affording an onramp to the information superhighway. But to keep his real identity under wraps, he signs up incognito. And that’s where the fun begins, as Ethan falls in love with Graciela Ramirez, the LTN director, and she falls in love with the man she thinks Ethan is. When the truth comes out, Ethan nearly loses the best thing he’s ever had. Not just because Graciela never wants to see his lying face again, but also because he’s discovered that the person he was pretending to be was much happier than the person he has been, and not just because of Graciela.Verdict: Readers may think that this is a typical “marrying the billionaire” story, but it is much better than that. Graciela and Ethan start out as friends with benefits, only to discover they are a lot more than friends. But what makes this romance sparkle is the way that Ethan discovers himself in the midst of being “undercover” and that Graciela makes peace with the family that loves her and smothers her in equal measure. They fall in love, and they also transform their lives.

  • JoDeen
    2019-04-13 22:03

    In Unbuttoning The CEO we follow Ethan Hill and Graciela Ramirez (Who is also know as Gracie ).Due to some reckless driving Ethan find him self doing community service . and Graciela just happens to the director of LTN (Learn to Net) branch he will be doing his community service at and that is really were the story takes off.Ethan and Gracie were such fun to read about . Both of them are wonderful characters it made me kinda sad when my time with them ended lol . watching there No strings attached fling play it self out was had me turning from page to page you could see that these two were perfect for each other, they just could not see it yet lol . by the time I got to the end of this book I was rooting for these too so hard to work out there differences and be together forever and ever and ever lol.Everything from the setting the characters , the drama ,the steamy swoon worthy and emotional moments came together to make this one wonderful book ! Unbuttoning the CEO was so good it was romantic , funny, and sexy and if you love all of these things in your books I suggest you pick up a copy

  • Rachel Lacey
    2019-04-20 16:47

    This was such a fun read! Ethan was a totally swoon-worthy hero, and I absolutely adored Gracie. Their chemistry was hot, and I loved watching them battle their feelings for each other as their no-strings agreement got out of hand :)I'm not always a fan of the wealthy CEO-type hero, but Ethan won me over right from the start. He was charming and hard-working and just a bit tortured over his troubled past and the fact that he's keeping his real identity under wraps while he completes community service hours at Gracie's non-profit.Unbuttoning the CEO was fast-moving, sexy, and funny, but also heartfelt. I can't wait for the rest of the series!

  • Shaila
    2019-03-26 17:44

    Adorable!! This is an easy read that totally surprised me. It's NOT your typical CEO romance where the hero is a douchebag that turns into a romantic stud. Lol! It's a beautiful story about two people finding love and learning to grow because of it.The premise was cute, the romance steamy, and several times I was surprised at the turns the story took. It was also refreshing to see a diverse set of characters (the heroine is Hispanic), and I can't wait for the next book in the series.

  • Hope
    2019-04-11 17:44

    this was a light, full of humor, sassy book.not time for bullshit heroin, a surprisingly cute and kind billionaire who isn't a total jerk and wants to be a normal guy.sweet and light read

  • Jennifer Schultheis
    2019-04-18 22:59

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  • Michelle ♥ The Romance Vault ♥
    2019-04-23 22:05

    I can't go any higher than this was an okay read, it lacked some oompf and decent characteristics.The often used missmash of misinterpreting things and the heroine was a tad immature. At some points I wondered at the age of the author and maybe the age divide between myself and the target audience was the issue, but I'm not sure.I stayed with it to the end and didn't hate it, but felt the time jumps and flitting from one scene to another without any real depth for me to get my teeth into was more than likely why I felt like an outsider to the story the whole way.I received this book via netgalley, I will try more books from this author to see how her writing journey is progressing but the bones are there for a good story, the deliverance of the plot will hopefully get better.

  • Mary Strunk
    2019-03-31 00:01

    CEO Ethan has a lead foot and ends up with too many speeding tickets and a judge sentences him to 6 months of community service. He doesn't want anyone to know who he really is as he is trying to protect his identity and the company he works for. He decides to pick a non profit organization called LTN and there he meets Graciela (Gracie). He doesn't expect to have an attraction to her but when he sees her, the instant attraction and connection is there. He now must face the challenges of his identity and attraction for Gracie. Should he come clean and tell her who he really is or continue to pretend his name is Nic and not a CEO? Along with keeping that secret, Ethan doesn't expect the feelings and emotions to come into play regarding Gracie and when something happens, he must now choose what is important and what he wants.Gracie worked her way up the ladder to get where she is. After moving from New York to D.C. to be come the Director at the non profit organization she didn't realize how bad LTN was. Now, she must try and work her magic to keep the non profit going along with a new employee. When Ethan (Nic) walks into her office, she can't help but feel the attraction and connection with him. She has never felt the feelings like she does with Nic before and not sure exactly what to do. After working with Nic for a month, Gracie decides to approach him with an arrangement that would benefit both of them, except she didn't expect to fall for Nic. When a secret is revealed, things change for Gracie and she breaks it off with Nic. Now if only her heart would understand why.The author didn't disappoint with this story and this is the first book I have read by the author. This is such a great story. You get pulled in from the beginning and hooked until the end. You get to learn about each character and feel the emotions that go through this book. The way the characters come together and work as a team along with helping each other, shows a good connection from the start. The connection and chemistry between the two is hot and the sex scenes are even hotter. Two characters come together and a love forms that either one of them expected. Now both of them must consider what is best for both of them. This is not your average billionaire love story - this is way different and good. Great job to the author, I highly recommend.Reviewed on behalf of Once Upon An Alpha

  • Truusje
    2019-03-28 19:05

    Sadly, I can only think of two positive things to say about this book: it has a Latina heroine and it’s not even 170 pages long. So I guess I can move straight on to all the negative things. It’s hard to decide where to start because the story, the characters and the writing are all poor. But let’s begin with the latter since it affects the first two. The writing is all about explaining and telling and not about showing, which makes it very hard to connect to the characters and their stories. We are told about the hero and heroines business accomplishments and their backstories, but we don’t see much of it. Ethan supposedly worked his way through the ranks to become CEO but the only time we see him at work is when he’s signing stuff. I don’t quite understand how he never realised before that he preferred working on technical side of the IT business. Until we get to the Big Reveal about Ethan’s past, that’s about all we know about him. I never got a feel for him. We know a bit more about Gracie, but nothing to make her more than a two-dimensional character.As for the romance it’s a case of severe instalust. They see (pictures of) each other and all they want to do is jump into bed. They just find each other so incredibly hot. It doesn’t take long for them to do the deed, even though Gracie isn’t someone for casual sex. There is some conflict because Ethan has been lying about his identity to Gracie and feels guilty. Other conflict stems from the questions whether they’re having a casual or serious relationship. For me it isn’t enough to make the romance even remotely interesting. What makes it worse, is that they don’t communicate. Gracie in particular sees/hears something and she draws conclusions immediately and decides on extreme acts, without ever talking to Ethan about it. It all just made me want to throw my e-reader against the wall. I didn’t of course. Instead I just sighed and rolled my eyes and complained to whomever who was unfortunate enough to be in the same room as me.

  • Janhvi
    2019-03-26 23:53

    Unbuttoning the CEO by Mia Sosa sounded cute from the blurb and the cover. I usually enjoy reading romances such as these where the hero has a chance to redeem himself and the heroine makes him want to be a better person. While Unbuttoning the CEO showed all the signs of being a good romance, it turned out to be just an okay one.Let's start with Ethan Hill. Ethan is the CEO of a large tech company. He is sentenced to do 200 hours of community service for reckless driving. This is where he meets Graciela. I found Ethan to be okay. He hides his identity from Graciela and that is the main conflict. Ethan likes the person he is with Gracie and he hates the pressure he feels because of his job. He just wants to do what he loves.Then we have Gracie. Gracie has recently become the head of a non profit. She needs to find funding and get things sorted but she cannot deny the attraction she feels towards Ethan whom she knows as Nic. I liked Gracie. I found her to be easy to relate to. She had her insecurities and vulnerabilities and she was a hard worker.Ethan and Gracie have a bit of insta love/lust thing going on. I am not totally against this trope in romances but I didn't see the reasons behind their instant connection. I also found their chemistry to be a bit lacking. I get that they were both struggling with their own issues and they were good for each other but the romance in this one wasn't anything special.I liked the remaining cast of characters. Gracie's family gave a nice dimension and I liked Ethan's friendship with Mark. I am not saying that Unbuttoning the CEO was a bad read by any means but there's just something that felt off which I can't put my finger on. This was an okay read for me.*Note: A copy of this book was provided by the Publishers via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.Find more of my reviews at The Readdicts-

  • Nelle
    2019-04-02 23:05

    If you got the chance to meet someone who doesn't immediately know your background, would you take the chance? Our Hero, Ethan Hill did. Ethan has a slightly bad past that was splashed all over the media, no his name's not out there for everyone but in his circle in the electronic world, it is. We don't find out exactly until the heroine, Gracie Ramerez does, and that's a little late for everyone's comfort.The romance was slow going as Gracie and Ethan both resisted each other. Both having had bad relationships in the past. I enjoyed Gracies' interactions with her father and that fact that she was determined to make a success of her charity on her own! Ethan made me proud in the end when he let her make her own mistakes and create her own success. What happens when the job you have isn't the job you need to be happy? Gracie shows Ethan what it means to be happy in your job.Loved this one!

  • Katherine DiLauro
    2019-04-01 17:06

    What a great story! Ethan has a need for speed. He ends up with too many speeding tickets and ends up having to serve 200 hours of community service. He chooses to LTN which is a non profit for people in need of Internet and computers. He hides his identity to avoid the press. He then meets Graciela Ramirez. She runs the non profit and loves what she does. She was handed the office in D.C. and hopes to keep the organization up and running. Ethan has become her expert in trying to secure funds for LTN. They have a very strong attraction to each other. Gracie decides that she wants to try having a no strings attached relationship with him. Ethan agrees. what neither of them realized is that they both fell in love with each other. Ethan had to explain why he lied about who he was and went through great lengths to explain. In the end Gracie can't stay away and realizes she wants him in her life and wants to love him. I was sucked into this story! Mia Sosa did an amazing job telling the story. The characters were fantastic and easy to connect with. I really enjoyed this book and had a hard time putting it down. I am excited to read the next installment in this series! * Reviewed on behalf of Once Upon An Alpha*

  • TeriLyn
    2019-04-09 15:52

    **Unbuttoning the CEO generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**2 "Say that again..."StarsThe start of this contemporary romance book holds an exciting premise. Hot, media & tech savvy CEO Ethan Hill finds himself in some trouble landing a 200 hour stint of community service. Now finding himself at the mercy of a tech non profit groups equally hot director, Graciela Ramirez. There's an instant attraction that simmers along the edges of their blossoming friendship. This story is on the shorter side and told in the third person point of view. Mia Sosa's third person writing flows easily however the story telling just didn't grab my full attention. There were times when I felt like for a CEO Ethan said and did things uncharacteristic of an alpha male that he was supposed to be. Similarly, I just never fully realized the connection between the two. There's some drawn out angst that didn't fit naturally and it ended a little abruptly. Some sweet moments kept me interested and the conflict had me wanting to see how Ethan and Gracie's story played out.

  • Nadeschda
    2019-04-05 18:45

    I wanted to read this book since one of my favourite authours rated this book with 5 stars. So I kinda might have had a higher expectation to it - which sadly couldn't be fulfilled.The blurb sounded really good and I wanted to give it a try since I haven't read many CEO-books yet.Ethan wasn't to bad but I couldn't connect with Gracie at all since she seemed so shallow, immature and simply inconsistent. The constantly switching between "no-strings-attached" and having a "relationship" was just awkward to read and I hoped all along "hopefully it's over soon".I love heartfelt written books where I can laugh or cry with the characters or even be angry with them. In this case I could only feel embarassed with them - which I didn't like at all.I'm going to give the 2nd book another chance since Mark made a better impression throughout the book and in hope that it might turn out better than the debut novel which still get's an "it was ok" from me.

  • Enjoy Reading AA
    2019-04-06 19:44

    Unbuttoning the CEO is a cute, super fun read. The novel's characters are richly developed, from both the main characters to the extended family. It is great to read a novel where not only is the man the successful businessman but the heroine is also super smart, career driven, and passionate. The plot is different from other romance novels I've read and the funny side stories had me smiling throughout. Mia Sosa skillfully brings two very different past experiences into one powerful, convincing love story. I found the novel thought provoking and captivating and very much recommend the read. ** Received free in exchange for an honest review **

  • Emma bramley
    2019-03-27 20:59

    this is the first book by this author that I've read and i absolutely loved it. this book has fab characters, hot steamy scenes and an interesting story. this book keep me reading till id finished the book in one setting. the chemistry between the characters was fab and really worked with the ]story. this is a fab new author for me and i definitely cant wait to read more from them in the future.highly recommended

  • Lynn Brooks
    2019-03-29 15:57

    Great chemistry!CEO Ethan Hill gets sentenced to community service for reckless driving and chooses to do his work at Learn to Net. His new, temporary, boss is Graciela Ramirez. The board of directors insists he keeps the info quiet, so he goes in incognito.Attraction flies between them and soon they decide to have a no strings affair while he is there working off his sentence.When Gracie finds out who he really is, will she be able to forgive his deceit? And will they decide to extend their "no strings" arrangement?** Received free in exchange for an honest review **

  • Anna Harrington
    2019-04-03 15:55

    I really liked this book. I thought the hero was dashing (and hot!), and I liked the heroine, too. Thought the plot was well paced. I normally don't like contemporary romances, but this one caught my eye because I loved the title (reminds me of that old record a Buttoned Up Mind :) ). Mia is definitely a writer to watch!

  • Joanna
    2019-03-28 18:56

    I really liked this book, Nic is a huge sweetie. I was pretty frustrated with Gracie though. The plot does jump around a lot. Like point A straight to point B, no real action in between. I was really hoping Mark would have his story and I am happy to see he is in the next book and hooking up with an awesome person from this one. Nice, pretty quick, read.

  • Tif
    2019-04-17 17:00

    A great start to a new series I intend to keep up with! Mia Sosa writes such a lovable heroine that I can completely see as a BFF. This was such a fast and flirty read that had me blushing! Can't wait to read more!

  • Gina
    2019-04-18 23:42

    This is one of my favorite contemporary romances this year. Funny, sexy, sweet, with great characters and use of culture. I read it via audio, and it was fun to listen to on the road. Definitely will be reading more Mia Sosa.

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-10 00:06

    Great debut novel. This story had all of things I love to read - great humor, intense emotion, real characters – especially a strong female with a backbone, and a satisfying ending. Very fast read that kept my interest from the opening scene. So excited to know this is a series.

  • Kelly
    2019-04-06 16:08

    This novel is equal parts fun, sexy, and heartwarming. I love great banter in a contemporary, and this one has it in spades. Can't wait to read the rest in the series.

  • Flchickie
    2019-03-30 17:53

    Review to come.