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Fourteen-year-old Marie Anne Lawson, youngest daughter of a prosperous Northumbrian family, had always run when she might have walked, and it was as she was running away from a sight she would rather not have witnessed that she stumbled and fell, injuring her ankle, to be discovered by a local man who, because of a disfigurement, was known thereabouts as 'the branded man'.Fourteen-year-old Marie Anne Lawson, youngest daughter of a prosperous Northumbrian family, had always run when she might have walked, and it was as she was running away from a sight she would rather not have witnessed that she stumbled and fell, injuring her ankle, to be discovered by a local man who, because of a disfigurement, was known thereabouts as 'the branded man'. Already fearful of him by reputatuion, his sudden appearance frightened her into unconsciousness. When she came to, she was back at The Manor and confined to bed for an indefinite period.Marie Anne's mother, with no love and little sympathy, awaited her recovery with impatience, for she had already planned to despatch her wayward daughter to London, where her Aunt Martha would supervise the development of her natural ability for the piano, the only talent Mrs Lawson believed her daughter possessed. As for Marie Anne, already resentful at the enforced exile, Aunt Martha's frosty reception caused her to wonder if one domination would now be replaced by another. Only the friendship of her aunt's companion, Sarah Foggerty, prevented her from plunging into despair--that and the encouragement she received from her music tutor on her dialy visits to the Academy. Why, then, did his sudden disappearance make it necessary for her to return to Northumberland, this time into the care of her beloved grandfather?As the years went by many twists and turns of fate awaited Marie Anne, one of them concerned with the very man who had struck fear in her all those years before. Sarah Foggerty too had a part to play in her destiny--but neither she nor Marie Anne could have foreseen the consequences of their timely friendship.Set at the turn of the century in the wilds of Northumberland and in the slums of the East End of London, The Branded Man is the gripping story of Marie Anne, Sarah Foggerty--and the mysterious man who was to influence both their lives. This, Catherine Cookson's eighty-fifth novel, in a career extending over more than forty-five years, is yet another example of her extraordinary talent. It will be enjoyed, as always, by her millions of readers all over the world....

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The Branded Man Reviews

  • Maryam
    2019-02-03 16:19

    I usually love Catherines books, but this one just strike with me. The story was kind of boring with nothing much happening and it kinda dragged on.

  • Jann
    2019-01-21 14:09

    How Did I Love This? Let me List the Ways... (with apologies to EBB) The book was set mainly in Northumberland, England which was close to the county where I was born and so, much of the flavour added with local accents was familiar to me. The time period is through the late and end of Queen Victoria's reign with writing that rings true to what I know of the period through other fiction and non-fiction works. It had a sense of the melodrama blended in with the very strong 'good' people as well as well defined 'nasty' ones with a plot which took the unloved heroine Marie Anne to the depths of anguish and despair and ending with the villain getting the comeuppance he deserved. As in a melodrama, good triumphs and Marie Anne finds happiness. The good characters were of a warm type I would have enjoyed knowing, whether the lord of the manor or the cheekiest servants. They were totally believable, even though some who at first seemed to be, if not evil, but cold and aloof, became quite affable when the true cause of their hauteur was removed.There are some very strong loyalties in the story, both between Marie Anne and her companion/servant Sara, as well as between Marie Anne and Patrick, an older brother, Sara and her sister, and Don, the 'Branded Man' and the Catholic brothers who had brought him up.I think The Branded Man will be appreciated by any whose preferred reading is in the genres of historical, romance and general fiction and I definitely will recommend it to all my Goodreads friends.

  • Mookie
    2019-02-17 14:14

    3.5. I really enjoyed this, but I'm not sure if I'll ever reread this. There were so many elements I enjoyed, and that felt totally new to me. The griminess of the tenement Court, for example. Paddy's Emporium. The piano bar. I loved Marie Anne's friendship with Sarah, and the life they began to build in East End London. They were happy, and they made do. The book declined for me once Marie Anne's grandfather fetched her back to get them home. Their lives got dull and so did the book. I believed it entirely too coincidental that the man who rescued her was the same man raised by monks in London. But I enjoyed their romance, and so if do reread this, it'll be a scan read.- For all their friendship, there is still a class boundary between Sarah and Marie Anne that I felt should have been properly disbanded. In London they were equals. At the manor house, one is unequivocally the Mistress, and the other, the servant. It felt like Sarah was the family dog.- Let's just admit that the piano teacher totally raped her.- I loved the scene where the (London) women hold each other and quietly laugh in the kitchen. Felt like a new family forged by unfortunate circumstances. It's too bad we don't get to follow up with the cook and the Welsh girl.- The turbulent relationship between daughter and mother/son was just too vitriolic. Didn't really add up. Vincent's attacks were so so contrived.- I want more for Sarah. She deserves more.

  • Ria
    2019-02-17 17:05

    When Marie Anne is born it sets in motion a train of events that will change her family's lives forever, she is wild, gypsy like and has a terrible temper but then having never been shown much love by either her parents or her siblings so when she is shipped off to London to live with a tyrannical distant aunt after a fight with her sister Evelyn it starts Marie Anne off on another dramatic turn in her life.After a disgrace where she becomes pregnant she is yet again shipped off to what her aunt thinks is a home for unmarried mothers but with the help of her aunt's servant with whom Marie Anne has struck up an unlikely friendship they set up house together and try to manage on a mere pittance until someone from Marie Anne's past who once helped her and is secretly in love with her finds her by accident and informs her beloved grandfather and the only brother she has any affection for and when they eventually persuade her and her friend Sarah to come home in her hour of need this is the last and ultimate straw for her family and everyone, including Marie Anne's lives are blown apart but after the turmoil and upheaval of her reappearance into the family fold can thing ever be put right and will Marie Anne ever find any happiness or will she miss out on the love of a good man who loves her from afar?Things are all brought to a head in a dramatic finale in true Catherine Cookson style.As usual a true classic of the genre and an all round great read.

  • Penny Kettlewell
    2019-02-13 11:29

    One of her bestI enjoy period novels & CC is gifted in her mixtures of plots, characters & history and her ability to blend them coherently draws a reader into the story itself. She knows the realities of most of her characters lives & unfolds them so the reader can nearly hear & smell the backdrop of her stories. I would highly recommend CC's books, and though some are naturally better than others, they are all worth the effort, time & money to both read & share.

  • Cassadie Bouchie
    2019-01-30 13:26

    I thought this was an absolutely amazing book, it was so mesmerizing. I am in love with the details in this book.

  • Shirley Revill
    2019-02-04 11:24

    Really enjoyed reading this book. Storytelling at it's best.

  • Cynthia Kauffmann
    2019-02-11 18:02

    Very predictable however, also very enjoyable.

  • Debi Lodge
    2019-02-06 11:11

    Really enjoyed this.

  • Bettie☯
    2019-02-06 15:04

    This read hits Max HeadroomRead By: Joyce Gibbs. Unabridged. Running Time: 16:40blurb - Fourteen-year-old Marie Anne Lawson, youngest daughter of a prosperous Northumbrian family, had always run when she might have walked, and it was as she was running away from a sight she would rather not have witnessed that she stumbled and fell, injuring her ankle, to be discovered by a local man who, because of a disfigurement, was known thereabouts as 'the branded man'.  3* - Colour Blind (1966)3* - Katie Mulholland (1967)4* - Feathers in the Fire (1972)3* - The Mallen Streak (1973)3* - Pure as the Lily (1973)2* - The Mallen Girl (1973)3* - The Mallen Litter (1974)3* - The Cinder Path (1978)4* - The Maltese Angel (1993)3* - The Branded Man (1997)3* - The Silent Woman (2001)

  • Jenni
    2019-01-26 13:04

    Took a while to get into then the story took off. About a girl, her family and a man who is afflicted with a mark on his face and neck.

  • maria
    2019-01-21 13:03

    Very Touching ReadThis book is written in a use of language easy to read and comprehend. (Many of her other books are difficult.) Marie Ann is born a misfit wild child. She is loved mainly by a Grandfather. She runs and runs as a sense of freedom. She meets an Irish woman and disfigured man Don who give her reason to live. There's a lot of family uprisings. Ms. Cook is a great author. I recommend

  • Lili
    2019-02-11 17:16

    I read all of Catherine Cookson's books some years ago and enjoyed them immensley. I recently re-read all of them and find that on a second look I found them all so very predictable, and was rather disappointed. However I'm sure that it is my tastes that have changed not the calibre of her story telling.

  • Flyss Williams
    2019-02-03 14:59

    Bittersweet tale of an unloved young girl, mistreated by her mother and sent away to live with her cold hearted aunt, misfortune seems to haunt her until she forms a friendship with her aunts fiesty irish housekeeper, who is willing to put the girls happiness first even if it is at the cost if her own.

  • Susan
    2019-01-26 11:14

    As in most of Cookson's books she writes with strong female characters overcoming some miserable circumstance or misfortune. I also love the English accents given her characters. If you like books set in old England and well developed characters, you will enjoy books by Catherine Cookson!

  • Emily Stone
    2019-02-10 16:09

    I don't understand how a mother can treat one of her children so differently to the other 3, how can she show no love or affection??A long story but well written and a very strong female character! As per most of Catherine cooksons novels. Lovely story and a happy ending

  • Miranda Starmz
    2019-01-28 13:07

    Simply amazing. Although it was tedious at times (although maybe my weariness was to blame for falling asleep several times during reading, and because it has grown to be a habit for me to do so?), I loved it.

  • Lynn Smith
    2019-02-01 15:13

    Loved this novel set in the beginning of the 20th century telling the story of an impressionable girl seduced by her tutor and abandoned by him and the sympathetic portrayal of epilepsy in another male character "the Branded man".

  • Janet Randon
    2019-02-11 16:11

    Another good read.

  • truegritt
    2019-02-02 13:20

    A good book, as are all from this author. Brenda

  • Joanna
    2019-02-11 16:26

    I like Catherine Cookson's novels but I wish she added more romance into the mix. The drama's always more forefront. The story was very good and I liked the characters.

  • Carmen
    2019-01-25 13:00

    DNF There is too much misery between these pages and none of it beautifully written.

  • Ariella
    2019-02-16 15:09

    One of her great ones! Cookson at her best!

  • Carmen
    2019-02-14 12:16

    One of my favorite authors with a great story and well developed characters.

  • Rowlie
    2019-01-21 14:26

    Loved this book. Couldn't put it down as it held my interest all the way through.

  • Louise
    2019-02-20 17:15

    I love Catherine Cookson books and this was great! I love a happy ending :)

  • Alexandra
    2019-01-25 14:27

    It was all right, but I don't think I'll be reading any more Catherine Cookson for a while...

  • Leanne Hunt
    2019-02-12 16:59

    As always, a riveting read from this author.

  • Cazann
    2019-01-27 13:04

    Been ages since i read a Cathrin Cookson... Still a grand read, I loved many of the charecters, places and seasons ..Thanks