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The mission resets abruptly, from objective: kill to objective: protect...

Title : this you protect
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this you protect Reviews

  • Dropspun
    2019-01-22 06:49

    I just finished reading a fanfic series set in the Marvel Universe by Owlet called "Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail"( their climactic fight on the helicarrier, the Winter Soldier's subconcious takes control and resets the mission parameter from "Kill Steven Grant Rogers" to the only thing the "Asset" could probably understand: "Protect and Surveil". Armed with all the self-confidence of an apex predator, Bucky dedicates himself wholeheartedly to his new calling -- from a distance, of course, as close-up protection would be both "inefficient" and "distracting". This isn't a sad-faced Bucky Barnes, daunted by a world he wasn't born into and crushed by guilt. This is a man who gradually learns to enjoy, first simple things (grilled cheese and white chocolate mochas, two perfect foods that the future people got right), then the continuity of his own memories (two whole weeks of them and I'm never going back into cryo, he decides) and then more complex things, such as people. From only being able to judge people by whether or not they contribute to his successful completion of his mission -- he tags them "mission-assists"-- he graduates to protecting a group of old people from their unsavory landlord, decides he's going to adopt a "no-kill" policy (whenever possible), leaves tied-up bundles of hydra agents on Steve's doorstep like a cat offering his favored human mice, learns to cook, finds he likes to read, picks out a name for himself (James Barnes sounds nice for some reason), and in doing so, reclaims his humanity. This James Barnes knows he's a broken man (his internal conversations with his subconcious are hilarious), and he endures what he calls "mission-downloads"; data dumps of memories from his past, but he persists snd grows. Oh, and his internal mutterings over the doings of one Steven Grant Rogers are truly the stuff of comedy. This is one of those heart-warming stories where Bucky seems to be adjusting to the 21st century at a faster rate than Steve, who he decides needs to eat more grilled cheese and drink more mochas. Steve, he remembers, can't be trusted to a) keep himself out of harm's way and b) still doesn't keep an eye to his vulnerable left-side, so Bucky does it for him, much to his ever-lasting chagrin; Bucky objects to anyone hugging Steve since it just gives people a chance to plant bugs or administer contact poisons.This is a novel-length story with all the usual ups and downs of a person recovering from trauma, and the bewilderment (and sometimes mistakes) of those who try to help him. But it's life-affirming, very well written, and has an underlayment of humor that can't be beat.Go. Read. Enjoy!

  • Sarah
    2019-02-07 04:52

    I adore this so so much. And I usually don't like tagging fanfic here, but given the fact that I reread this beautiful, beautiful series pretty much constantly, I want people to find it wherever possible. I've always had a particularly soft spot for good hurt/comfort fic. This is the best kind - where the hurt actually begins to comfort himself. I love this. I genuinely think there is not a single line in this work that is wrong or superfluous - a supremely rare feat for serialised fanfiction. If you are in any way interested in an alternate follow up to TWS, try this. If the first chapter is even remotely pleasing to you, continue. It is so worth it.

  • Asajii
    2019-02-15 09:54

    I love this fic so much.

  • kriszeth sthemphick
    2019-01-25 11:15

    awesome read, whatever you think you need to read, this is it

  • Eva
    2019-02-10 07:58

    Am I ever going to be over how much I love this series and how much I would die for Jimmy and the Olds? Probably not.

  • Tara Kyrios
    2019-02-09 13:03 well written. Grumpy Bucky is my fav. I loved this thing with all my heart.

  • Janinne Berlin
    2019-01-23 08:52

    This is wonderful - as is everything by owlet.