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Title : emilie
Author :
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ISBN : 29234395
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 300 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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emilie Reviews

  • Lori Leger
    2018-11-03 02:29

    Cherie Claire has written a beautifully crafted story centering on one family of Acadian exiles and the man who's been an extension of their family for over a decade.Premise: French families have left France for eastern Canada, a land called Acadia, and thrived as a community. They are happy there, free to practice their Catholic faith while working hard to develop the land through a complex system of dikes, into the most fertile farmland on the North American continent. Along come the English government, who decide they want the fertile lands for themselves. They call a meeting of all the men in the communities...fathers , husbands, and other leaders...locking them inside buildings until the English military see that they're shipped off along the eastern coastline of the Americas, mercilessly separating the women and children from the heads of households.Thirteen years later, Emile Gallant, along with her mother and two sisters, still wait for their father and husband's return. Emilie does the best she can as the oldest, and most headstrong of Joseph and Marianne Gallant's three daughters. Her best friend since childhood, Lorenz Dugas, has been a part of their family since losing all of his family during "le grand derangement". Emilie loves Lorenz as much as he loves her, but when he proposes marriage, she turns him down. She's terrified that his bitterness, anger, and impetuous ways will only bode ill for their relationship, and she doesn't want to spend half of her life pining away for a man if he's also exiled from them. Nevertheless, when Lorenz sets off, determined to find Joseph Gallant, the stubborn Emilie follows him, dressed as a boy. She's discovered quickly and the group of three travel to the last rumored location of her father, a place in the Louisiana territory called St. Gabriel. But will they find her father upon their arrival, or more disappointment?Emilie is the first in The Cajuns series, a beautifully crafted story by Cherie Claire, telling of the heartbreaking and triumphant journey of one of many Acadian families. A fabulous historical romance that will leave any reader wanting to pick up the rest of the series. Thoroughly enjoyable...Well done, Ms. Claire!

  • Carlene Cayenne
    2018-11-21 01:28

    I received this book as a free book from kobo. It's not normally the type of book I read but I really enjoyed the historical information. I'm only giving this book a three star because the story was pretty decent and I enjoyed the whimsical love story about Lorenz and Emelie. However there were too many typos and there were too many colloquialisms that should not have been in the book as they were not part of that era. I really don't like it when an author doesn't do their homework and then does not edit their story properly for content. I did enjoy the historical background of the story though I really thought that the author did weave that quite well. So I'm giving her three I don't think though that I would read anymore of her writing

  • Jen Girod
    2018-10-24 07:15

    Being from Louisiana, I was very interested in learning about the mass exodus of the Acadians from Canada. Loved the historical details.

  • Lois
    2018-11-10 03:20

    For a book about a different culture, it was good. Overall I just couldn't keep my personal focus. I felt the protagonist had too much angst. I just wanted to shake her myself.

  • Mmeguillotine
    2018-10-28 06:29

    3.5 Nearly 4. Lovely to read a truly original setting in historical romance. Definitely putting the remaining books in the series on my TBR list.

  • Kelly
    2018-10-26 03:30

    I really liked the Cajun setting!

  • Soli Nichiyo Davis
    2018-11-10 03:18

    Arcadian romance A wonderful mix of Arcadian/ American history and a coming of age romance. All of the characters come into their own during a difficult time of relocation from Nova Scotia to America, brave and live loving! It's a courageous, compelling and romantic tale that speaks to the power of love.

  • Ginger Hewitt
    2018-11-15 06:22

    BeautifulThis is a beautiful love story. A love story about a girl and a boy. A love story about a family. I feel that the characters became a part of my family. I read to be entertained. There is laughter and tears, touching moments and a few heart racing moments too. Will be getting book 2 Rose. I've got to see what happens next.

  • Sharon
    2018-11-09 05:10

    I only finished this book out of sheer stubbornness.The author takes the story of le grand derangement, the dispersal of Acadians from Nova Scotia by the English, and tries to bring it home via the tale of Emilie and Lorenz. They've been in love since childhood, but Emilie is freaking out about the idea of getting married without her father present (said father hasn't been seen in 13 years). I never really came to care about either of the main characters, or how they related to each other ... and that's unfortunate, because the historical backdrop of this book is fascinating.Homophone errors (e.g, "delegate" where "relegate" is meant), linguistic anachronisms (like Emilie referring to Lorenz as her buddy), and flat-out errors when it comes to historical costuming (women didn't wear button-front vests in the 18th C.) ripped me out of the story at every turn. And that's all aside from the author's crimes against the French language. We can assume that Acadians are speaking French; you don't need to litter the text with incorrectly conjugated phrases to get the point across.I've now tried this author's modern books and her historical ones, and I won't be trying any more.

  • Rebecca
    2018-11-03 05:14

    Emilie Gallant, her mother, and her two sisters have been separated from their father for thirteen long, hard years. The family lived a happy life in Nova Scotia until they and other Acadians living there were forced out by the British in 1755. Now the family has arrived in Louisiana, where Emilie hopes and prays to finally find her father again. On the boat to Louisiana, Emilie and her family were reunited with Lorenz Landry. Emilie and Lorenz had grown up together, the best of friends. Now their feelings have blossomed into live, but Emilie refuses Lorenz's proposal of marriage, fearing she will lose him, the way her mother lost her father. But as Emilie and Lorenz set off into the swampy wilderness in search of her father, Emilie realizes the depths of her feelings for Lorenz. I highly recommend this historical romance. I loved the unusual historical setting of 18th century Louisana which the author brought to life in wonderful detail.

  • Frau Ott
    2018-10-26 05:25

    This book was good. i enjoyed learning about the Acadians and some of the difficulties they had here in the colonies and in Louisiana. It was somewhat of a history lesson regarding the influence of the Spanish, British, and French in early America. I guess we are really all immigrants except for the Native Americans. I saw a comment yesterday that reminds me of this: Too bad we only want to 'rest in peace' we should be 'living in peace'!!!

  • Tracy
    2018-10-30 01:16

    Good plot line and storyWhile using history and geography to provide the antagonist, the author wraps both romance and family thru the story. It provides a glimpse of early louisiana life.

  • Amanda
    2018-11-06 05:27

    I found this to be a slow and slightly boring book. It did have some good parts, but I found myself annoyed with Emilie more times then I thought. I also found myself more intrigued with her sister Gabrielle and the French guy she liked then the two main characters in this book.

  • Bibliongirl
    2018-11-02 02:23

    I really enjoyed the history in the book and loved all the characters, the one I read had a new cover but it was the same.

  • Victoria
    2018-11-17 01:17

    It is a great book to read

  • Wonderfulwow
    2018-10-23 02:10

    Fun readThis was a fun read full of adventure, stubborn women, obstinate men all in a historical Louisiana landscape. Try it.