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Joe is a small-town Oregon guy. He's madly in love with Lynnie ... who has a huge crush on David Bowie. Joe will do almost anything to get Lynnie's attention, but there are always consequences....

Title : the rock star in the mirror or how david bowie ruined my life
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ISBN : 31432363
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the rock star in the mirror or how david bowie ruined my life Reviews

  • Sadie Forsythe
    2019-03-10 02:39

    I thought this was an interesting little story chronicling one young man's attempt to find himself, when he wasn't even originally aware that he was lost. An obsession with David Bowie, once removed, is just such a random way to go about it. I especially liked that the HEA isn't one that brings all the happy people together. Joe had to face the consequences of his actions, but was still happy with the end result. It did seem to wrap up unexpectedly quickly, but it's well-written and worth the time to read.

  • Maria
    2019-03-19 22:40

    This is such a great story! Being a fan of David Bowie, I was intrigued by the title. This is a fun read with a deeper meaning. It's all about how we see ourselves, and how sometimes people can be jealous or envious of others and because of this can cause problems for themselves. Joe likes Lynnie and she is obsessed with David Bowie. Joe thinks that if he was more like David Bowie, she would notice him. This little story follows Joe's attempts to woo Lynnie with his new image. But how long can Joe keep up the pretense of being someone he is not? This book sends out a great message about how important it is to believe in yourself and to be true to yourself. I liked the way the author weaves little 'messages' from Bowie into the tale. A very cool story from a talented author. It's a quick read and it kept me entertained.

  • Ricardo Moedano
    2019-03-20 00:39

    No wonder this book has been nominated in a contest. The story, set in a small town, concerns young people and their common affairs - yet, Joe's grand expectations and queer delusions make it a rather peculiar tale that, other than amuse us, which it does quite effectively, tackles a serious issue (that of assuming an identity that is not our own for the sake of another's acceptance) but in a clever, funny way. Joe is head over heels for Lynnie, who, in turn, has a serious crush on David Bowie; therefore, in order to woo her, Joe starts to imitate her idol. His plan works at first, alright, until... well, not to spoil anything here, suffice to say that Joe himself goes really crazy about David Bowie; eventually, however, he learns a big lesson. And we enjoy a trip through Bowie's old tunes! Fine deal, uh?

  • Jennifer Mosher
    2019-03-20 02:48

    Loved it.Such a nice change to read a story with real, relatable, from-the-heart conflict, rather than the exacerbated, hyped-up, let's get the reader in a lather type conflict which seems prevalent in so many stories these days.This tale moved along at a well-balanced pace, dialogue and storyline very enjoyable, and it was, simply, good fun to read! As every story should be.Oh, and it's sort of anchored around David Bowie in a very clever way, but that was just an added bonus for me :)I will actually re-read this in a few weeks time - which is something I very, very rarely do. So that tells you something.Get it. Read it. Go on - it will make you smile.

  • Stargazer
    2019-03-21 01:58

    Well this appealed to me as I've been a Bowie fan for 40 years and still have the Ziggy cut, plus my family and best friends call me Lynnie. Really enjoyed it, and it's also my first e-read (as a book addict I prefer to lie curled around a book in bed). The author is clearly a Bowie fan,I loved all the references to songs etc. My only complaint is it was too short!

  • Steph Bennion
    2019-03-06 21:44

    An entertaining little read. The premise was somewhat reminiscent of the Woody Allen film Play It Again, Sam. I expected the second half of the story to develop further than it did, but it provided a fun distraction during a particularly tedious train journey to Sheffield.

  • Jill
    2019-02-21 22:36

    Joe loves Lynnie and will do whatever it takes to win her over, even transforming himself into the spitting image of rock star David Bowie. The last quarter of the book seemed rushed.

  • Sharon
    2019-03-03 00:40