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First in the Sons of Destiny series-now in mass market. To avoid tempting destiny, four sets of twin mage-brothers are exiled to Nightfall Island, where females are forbidden. But when the youngest rescues a woman from another universe, their world is altered forever....

Title : The Sword
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The Sword Reviews

  • Christel
    2019-02-01 11:10

    The Eldest Son shall bear this weight:If ever true love he shall feelDisaster shall come at her heelAnd Katan will fail to aidWhen Sword in sheath is claimed by MaidThis is the opening of the Song of the Son's of Destiny. 8 sons born, 4 sets of twins, all with magical powers, have been exiled to the island of Nightfall. Saber and Wolf are the eldest, Dominor and Evanor are next, the third set is Trevan and Rydan, and the final set of twins are Koranen and Morganen. Morganen is the powerfullest of the 8, all trained mages.This is Saber's story, He is the warrior of the 8. The eldest and leader of the Sons of Destiny. Kelly Doyle was spotted by Morg thru a type of looking glass and brought from our world to the Brother's world. So this is to start the Destiny as foretold.I loved this book!! Just the interaction of all the brother's and Kelly is so funny in places. kelly is a redhead, well strawberry blond and has a temper to match. Saber is domineering and hardheaded to say the least. Just some of the things that are said and done really get you laughing, especially the way Kelly uses her training in Kung Fu over Dominor. It is well written and the characters are well developed. To me the author makes them feel "real". Can't wait till I can buy the next one in the series.

  • Kimberly Chapman
    2019-02-17 06:51

    This book was recommended to me as part of my quest to find solid, well-written, feminist romance. However, since it's probably unfair to place the expectations of a not-really-existent genre on an author, I'll try to base most of my review on reading it without that last criterion.Overall, I'd say it was okay, 3.5 stars. The world-building aspect is excellent, and the characters interesting enough to make me consider reading the sequels. There are some clever ways of working in various story elements and while a few came off as contrived, I'll give the author points for making them plot-relevant later.There were parts of the writing that didn't work well for me, most notably a few instances where poor editing should have caught repetitions. More than once, a sentence starts and ends with the same phrase along the lines of "As the storm settled, [some stuff happened], as the storm settled." Worse were the endless descriptive repetitions. Those are fair enough early on when the reader needs to sort out which brother is which, but when Kelly joins most of the brothers for breakfast and is introduced to them, that should have been the end of redefining and describing them every time they enter a scene. It got to the point that I dreaded Rydan's appearances because he'd once again be mentioned as the night-loving or daylight-shunning brother. We didn't need to read about Kelly's aquamarine eyes and strawberry hair constantly either: I'd have preferred those kept to when they were meaningful, such as the material for her dress. By overusing the word aquamarine, the impact of the silk for that dress was diminished.And while I can respect the choice to go with fairly modern colloquialisms in the dialogue, such as "gonna", I personally prefer a more formal dialogue style in this sort of setting. But it was at least consistent, so I'll give credit to the author for that.It's a nice story insofar as it wraps up on its own but still leaves some threads dangling to entice you into the sequels. I'd have liked more hint about who has been sending the monsters, but fair enough to put it off to a sequel.As for the feminist angle, I could see early on that the author was trying to present a strong heroine who demands respect, and I appreciated that. The first few pages having the hero throw her over his shoulder and spank her rankled, but when he realized that he was being a bully, I gleaned that the author was going somewhere in examining the gender roles so I was willing to put up with it.Then a whole Snow White trope came in: Kelly apparently loves cleaning and the men are all inept on their own. That made me sigh and roll my eyes. Fair enough that she's into sewing and SCA stuff: that part was very cool. But really, a woman taking over "womanly" duties to get the castle clean? Ugh.But again, the author adeptly wove that in as a useful plot device, so I grudgingly accepted it.What really bothered me, though, and what makes me give 3 stars instead of 4 (since I can't do 3.5), is the bit near the end where Kelly goes on a rant which starts out very cool amidst promise of sequels exploring gender roles in interesting ways, only to diminish it all by claiming that women are smarter than men and better able to handle diplomacy. No. That's not okay with me. My feminism isn't at the expense of men, and combined with the stereotype of a bunch of bachelors living in filth, unable to mend their own garments or clean their yard despite having magic spells that do these things for them, the whole thing made me wince. I can accept the baddies as hit-on-the-head-obvious misogynists and even the good guys needing to lose some of their own preconceived notions of gender, but I have a big problem with pseudo-elevating of women by diminishing men.I'll probably read the sequels at some point, but I feel the need to try some other books first.

  • Gwen (The Gwendolyn Reading Method)
    2019-01-24 10:07

    hmm, not as good as her sci fi. But not as bad as the first half of the book indicates. Overall, I'm mostly just highly amused that they end up saving the day with housework.

  • Dorine
    2019-02-16 08:43

    Review revisited - Reviewed for Romance Junkies in 2007...The superstitious people of Katan exile eight brothers on Nightfall Isle. Afraid that the brothers' predicted curse will bring disaster to them all, their hope is to contain the brothers so their prophecy never becomes reality. However, restraining four sets of twin brothers with magical talents may be impossible. The youngest of the eight has a plan to break the number one rule. No contact with women!His deed is noble, to save a woman from another realm who is about to be burned alive. Really, how much trouble can one woman possibly create?Kelly Doyle finds herself in more of a mess than she could possibly dream up on her own. Waking in a strange world after what she assumed was a nightmare, only to find out she had been about to die a cruel death like those suspected of witchcraft, is enough to make anyone's hair stand on end! Then to land in a world full of male mages who disdain independent women, is quite over the top for this quiet medieval hobbyist.Saber, the eldest of the brothers and the first brother prophesized, is horrified that his youngest brother broke the rules and tempted their fate. He's determined to find a way to put Kelly back where she belongs before she turns their castle inside out with her meddling. Can he resist the lure of the woman meant to be his destiny? He may not have a choice if magic and his libido have anything to do with it.THE SWORD kicks off a paranormal adventure series that will appeal to fantasy and historical fans, plus time travel lovers as well. Each of the brothers has a special talent and even as twins, you can sense their distinct differences. I picked my favorite and I'm salivating for his story. Talk about one hot, dark, dangerous and mysterious mage! As with any group of brothers, there are some very funny moments while they adjust to a spunky modern woman in their magical midst.Jean Johnson has created a mystical world of lessons taught, very much like the great folk tales we love to hear over and over. It's like 'Alice in Wonderland' meets the 'Knights of the Round Table' and you're never quite sure what's going to happen next. Delightful entertainment, THE SWORD left me wondering who's next and who will tame them! An enchanting tale with old world charm, THE SWORD will leave you dreaming of a sexy mage for yourself.Reviewed by Dorine, courtesy of Romance Junkies in 2007. Book provided by the publisher for an honest review.

  • Steph
    2019-02-09 12:07

    I'm not sure if what I mention in this review would be spoilers to some people, so I'll just hide the entire thing to be safe. Now, on to the review: Firstly, I did not like Kelly. Her ranting on feminism really bugged me; not because I don't support feminist ideals, but because she preaches them like a radical pastor preaches Jesus.The beginning was promising, in my opinion. Kelly was brash, but that was understandable considering her situation. Initially, I liked how she didn't roll over and play the distressed damsel. But as the book progressed (sometimes, verrrry slowly), her demeanor didn't change what-so-ever. She was still a bitch to Saber and many of his brothers, and her constant, talk of 'I'm a modern woman and can't live in such filth' and 'I'd love some women to speak to around here' (Which wouldn't have been so bad, if not for the way the author wrote this, making Kelly sound like the most arrogant cow I've ever encountered in a book thus far), made me feel that the sexism against females in this book (which, really, is not nearly as bad as some others I've read) was pretty much eclipsed by the discriminatory way in which Kelly treated men. I read this book a while ago, and my dislike of Kelly's character is the only thing that has really stuck with me. Saber was at first a somewhat alpha male (again, not as bad as some of the ones I've read about in the past), but was gradually beaten down by Kelly's pig-headedness. It soon became apparent that Kelly wore the pants in that relationship. I assume the author was trying to make it appear that Saber was beginning to respect Kelly as an equal, so I'll cut her some slack for trying. But I believe a good relationship doesn't just mean that the female's thoughts and wants are considered, but the male's, also. That is what makes them EQUALS, which is basically why feminism came about in the first place; not so women could turn around and do to men what they'd previously done to women, thus making them hypocrites. On a side note, wtf was with her taking charge and literally deciding that she will be the queen of the island? That arrogant, bossy, self-absorbed... GAHH, I really don't like her! Anyway. The book was slow in coming to the main conflict. At times, I didn't mind much because the dawdling wasn't painful. I have a feeling the author was in love with the world she'd created and wanted to incorporate as much of it as possible. Which is fine, because some of the world's aspects were fascinating (like those demonic spider things, and the water snakes, etc). However, it got to the point where I was annoyed at the lengthy descriptions and dialogue.An example of this that stands out in my mind was the scene where the Anti-female invaders (which were obviously added just so Kelly could once again rant about how abominably the men throughout history have treated women) were trying to convince Kelly and the brothers that magic was not needed for one to be powerful (or something like that) and that machinery used by the invaders required them to stimulate their minds as well as their bodies. He asks Kelly (apparently in a smug, you-can't-be-smart-because-you-are-a-woman tone, and I did rather hate the asshole for it, so the author did manage to do that right) how she would lift a heavy stone bench without the aid of magic. Kelly then goes on a long tirade of the different inventions she could create that would lift the bench, and though I was impressed at first at her cleverness, after the third or fourth one I'm thinking, 'Okay. You're smart. We fucking get it already.' I gave this book 3 stars because there were moments that I genuinely enjoyed. The spider invasion and Kelly's arrival to the magical world were two scenes I thought were very creative and fun to read. However, the overload of descriptions and the obnoxiousness that is Kelly among several other little things that I won't bother going into now, really distracted me from the positive aspects of this book.

  • Kathrynn
    2019-02-15 04:47

    The first of many books in the Sons of Destiny series, and I'm not sure if all of them are time-travel, but this one sure was. Found it to be mostly lighthearted, funny (at times), kinda silly most of the time. Probably a good idea to suspend all belief prior to reading. I didn't think the writing was all that great and felt the interaction between the main characters, Kelly Doyle and Saber of the Sword, was missing something. It was odd that the main characters went from one extreme to the other all of a sudden. I was surprised and because of the fast contrast, it just didn't jive. I thought Kelly's bullying of the brothers into cleaning and her using her Kung-fu on these BIG men was ridiculous. Her rules and how she laid them out was stupid.I did not get interested in the characters or story, but plugged along hoping I would. Didn't happen. I hovered just outside the story line and often found myself too tired to read anymore, so this book got put down a lot.One scene was fairly hot, but the other intimate scenes were glossed over, so not sure how to rate this. PG13 other than the one scene.

  • Laura the Highland Hussy
    2019-01-17 11:56

    I think the first 150 pages were great, but it got a bit boring, then picked up again. There were parts in here that had me laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face! For instance, when Kelly is giving the brothers her rules? I about died laughing! It was a silly, fun read, very girl have all these big tough males, and this little female (she calls herself their alpha female) pushes them around! It's great!Quick summary: Kelly is from Earth, Saber and his 7 brothers live on a different planet. They were nobility, but were exiled because it is a superstitious and magical planet. They were born in 4 sets of twins, and very powerful mages, thus fulfilling a prophecy that should they fall in love, disaster will be brought forth, yadda yadda. Their world is similar to our Middle Ages...but with magic. Kelly is ripped from a house fire where she would have died, and brought to Saber due to his very powerful match-making little brother Morganen. Morg figures you canNOT escape destiny, so might as well try to control it. He's been watching women for his brothers for 3 years now so he can fit each with his true love. What made this book a 3 rather than a 4 is that the lust between Saber and Kelly was real, very believable. But...the love? One day he's grunting and avoiding her, the next he's in love? I don't buy it. Plus, it felt a little too silly to feel too much emotion. it was cute, don't get me wrong, and I'll read the next book, because one of the brothers was taken in a sly tricksy move that I never saw coming. Plus, Kelly's one friend Hope seems to be Morg's destiny, and I like them.On the whole, a quick, easy read.

  • Missy Ann
    2019-02-05 12:01

    Bad book! Heroine? Ick. Every single character was a moron and/or asshole.Try this exercise, when the female character does something, imagine if it was a man doing the same thing. If it had been written that way it would *never* have been published. She is deeply unlikable, and for some bizarre reason I finished the entire book (secretly hoping she'd be killed?) and actually have the second in the series started (it's a book that stays in my car and I read when I don't even have a cereal box handy). My only defense is that I got them both VERY cheap from the bookstore bargain bin.

  • Aurian Booklover
    2019-01-19 09:58

    The books are about four sets of male twins, all mages, all with their own specific powers. A thousand years ago, the most powerful Seeer of them all, predicted their birth, and if they ever find their mates, a big disaster will befall Katan. So their fellow mages from the mage council have exiled them to Nightfall Isle. There is an enormous castle on the island, and an ancient water purifying plant, running on magic, so there is enough clean water for them. They do grow some of their own food, and hunt animals, but they also get provisions twice a month, in exchange for the magical objects they produce themselves. Of course, it is forbidden for any woman to go to Nightfall Island. Each brother has his own book, but the overall story arc continues, which is why I would recommend reading this series in order. The first book is about Saber, the Sword, the oldest brother. He is the leader and protector of his younger brothers. But it is the youngest brother, Morganen, who is also the most powerful amongst them, who got the job of matchmaker. Otherwise, his brothers would be content to live their lives in exile without any women around them, as they don’t want to be responsible of the Disaster that will follow. Imagine a realm where most things technical we know, is done by magic. Mage specific magic, and also objects someone without any magic can use. Morganen has been searching for a suitable wife for Saber, and he has found 5 potential women in all the worlds. But when he spots Kelly Doyle on the brink of being burned to death by bigoted Midwestern men, he rescues her by yanking her through the mirror Portal to his workroom. Badly burned and unconscious, the seventh brother, Koranen, heals her. Fire is his specific power. Kelly has had a miserable decade. After her parents died, she was alone in the world, and almost penniless. Then she got a great job offer, and had to leave her friends behind to move to the Midwest. When the company that hired her, went bankrupt, she had to find some other way to support herself, and at first it went fine. She has always loved sewing and embroidery and lace making, and likes to join the Medieval Society, re-enacting history. But some bigots in town think she is a witch, and they have been harassing her, driving away her customers. So she is on the brink of starvation, and the harassment is just getting worse and worse, and the sheriff will do nothing about it. And just when she thinks she will die in her own bedroom, when her house is set on fire with her inside of it, she is yanked out of it, and to this strange magical dimension. Filled with 8 gorgeous men. But she will not be treated as inferior, or a prisoner, she demands civility and a clean castle. Nor will she be a free loader, she will work for her food and lodgings, and so she starts repairing their clothes. Saber is very much against her presence on Nightfall Island, but when Morganen tells him it will take him 5 months before he can put Kelly safely back on her own planet, he just has to get used to her presence. And as he insists on being the one to take care of her, to prevent his brothers to fall in love with her, they are often together. And of course one thing leads to another.There is also the danger of regular invasions of deadly animals in the castle. The brothers have an unknown enemy who wants to kill them all, but so far they managed to stay alive and kill all the beasts. Still, Kelly has no magic to defend herself with, and one day both she and Saber get poisoned by water snakes, and need to spend a lot of hours immersed in a bath tub. And that means they have a lot of time to talk about themselves and get to know each other and their customs. Saber is fighting his falling in love with Kelly, but when she points out another explanation to his verse in the prophecy, it might not be all that bad …I liked Kelly, she is strong and capable, and thanks to her love for history and all things fabric related, she knows how to survive in something medieval, but with magic. Still, she comes across as very feministic, wanting to be the equal to the brothers, even taking the position of Queen of Nightfall, claiming their independence of Katan. I did enjoy how she made them clean the castle (by magic mostly), as it was really filthy, but men just don’t care much for cleaning. She was technically a virgin, but certainly not an innocent. And she wanted to act on her attraction to Saber. Saber was not pleased with a woman in his castle, and he wanted her gone as soon as possible. But he is also a gentleman enough to want to take care of her, make her eat more, and give her whatever she wants. His yelling and roaring was fun, as Kelly just outsmarted him by talking logically when necessary. She had a fresh look on things, and that was needed on Nightfall Island. The romance between them is believable and steamy.I also liked Morganen a lot, the youngest brother, called The Mage, as he is the strongest one. He is a meddler, and he knows and sees much more than he tells the others. The other brothers are also great secondary characters, all so very different from each other. I did enjoy all the kinds of magic and magical objects in this book, the characters you can easily fall for, well, except for Dominor perhaps, the third brother. There is humor and action, some danger and scary beasties, but also some hot love scenes. The Eldest Son shall bear this weight:If ever true love he should feelDisaster shall come at her heelAnd Katan will fail to aidWhen Sword in sheath is claimed by Maid9 stars.© 2013 Reviews by Aurian Full review on my blog,

  • Reacherfan
    2019-01-19 07:57

    This easy to read alternate magic world is a Regency Romance in disguise. Eight brothers, 4 sets of fraternal twins, fulfill a prophesy and, in fear, the people of Katan banish them to Nightfall Island. For 3 years now they've undergone magical attacks by someone who fears them greatly, and fears their finding their destined mates even more. The eldest brother, Saber, makes swords enchanted - that means he not a metalsmith and doesn't work the weapon, he just enchants the blade. Each brother have a specific talent and two are shifters, including Saber's twin, Wolver. It is the youngest son that is the most powerful mage, Morgannan.As you can tell from the character names, this 'world' is straightforward and uncomplicated. The characters are as familiar as any in romance. The feisty heroine from Earth who never fit in and was obsessed with Medieval re-enactments. She has no one left on Earth to go back to and the town she was living in thought she was a with and tried to burn her to death in her house. (That bit wasn't credible, but the old fashioned toilet was harder to believe.) The surly eldest son who is afraid of his destiny and what it will bring down on Katan. They fight. You know how it ends and then destiny does hit - in an historical redux. For those who don't want to work too hard at learning alternate worlds with complicated societies, this is a good, quick read. Those looking for dark, complex, compelling stories with and edge and original characters, look elsewhere.

  • Sarah
    2019-01-30 04:42

    I was disappointed that this book was just an okay read for me, especially since I've collected the first 5 in this series... My problem with this book is the same problem I have with a lot of paranormal romances. There's hardly any romance! The hero and heroine think eachother are hot, think lustful thoughts about eachother, and BAM - that somehow means they are in love! In this book the heroine spends the vast majority of her time with the hero's brothers during the first half of the book (the hero avoids her), hardly talks to the hero at all, but decides he's the one she wants with no good reason given to us by the author except for the fact that it is their "destiny." There's none of the relationship development that I like to read about when I read a ROMANCE novel. And then after the two get together the author creates her romantic tension by making the heroine not admit she loves the hero until the last pages of the book...her reason? Well, she loved him pretty much right away but wasn't in love with him. Then she wasn't sure it was true love. But by this point she had already married him...she just won't say "I love you" to him when he says it to her. Honestly, this just made me roll my eyes. This is why I prefer to read about the paranormal/supernatural in urban fantasy rather than in paranormal romance. Far less eye-rolling. Not to mention I've found that relationship development in urban fantasy to be far more interesting than in paranormal romance, usually. For some reason Lust = Love far too often in paranormal romance.

  • Coral
    2019-02-02 11:56

    Plot: 4/5Characterisation: 3/5Prose: 3.5/5How much I enjoyed it: 3/5Re-reading one of my favourite series. Although this book is certainly not one of my favourites, there's a lot of important backstory to the series in it.

  • Gardavson
    2019-02-14 07:10

    Really, really good book. This series definitely has promise. Not only did I like Saber, but his brothers also got a fair amount of coverage in the book as well. I liked Kelly a little better at the end than in the beginning. she did this bossy take-over thing with the brothers early on. It was major presumptuous and totally set me off of her. I think she could have gone about it better. She didn't make me hate her but I can understand those that did. The plot line is good and interesting. It was a bit confusing at first, as if I should have already known about the curse. Once I found the foretelling by the Seer in the back of the book it made a bit more sense. This series is of eight brothers, who happen to be 4 sets of twins, who had been foretold by a Seer to each have a specific Destiny involving meeting their future loves. They were exhiled to an island because the first son's destiny involves a disaster that the citizen's fear. So for 3 years the brothers live together, just the 8 of them on an island known as Nightfall, in hopes of avoiding their destined fates. Well, SOME of the brothers want to avoid destiny...Off to the next!

  • Nisha
    2019-02-13 07:58

    A great start to the series. This story is about Saber and Kelly. Saber, well, he's really not my type, but I love these books because there are so many other brothers to chose from. Kelly, slightly insane and demented, especially nearing the end with the pages of feminist dialogue. Definitely had to skip through that. Otherwise, I like the pacing and story premise. I am actually looking forward to read Dominor's story more that Wolfer's but I'm the type to read stuff in order, just for a cohesive plot. This is definitely a fun read. There is nothing serious here. It's a mix of YA fantasy with sex scenes. The humor has its highlights, though Kelly is a little demented sometimes and says the darndest things. I don't hate her, she's just kinda...weird. Like her character is part-bitch, part-quirky, part-genius. Considering her background, she's a little too much of an elixir of knowledge of modern technology and world cultures, another odd thing. Bra-making, Guns, cars, levers and physics. Mostly, its her demanding character that gets me. And that feminist triad. Saber is definitely not an Alpha, though he pretends to be.

  • Crazy4more
    2019-02-01 12:53

    "The Eldest Son shall bear this weight; If ever true love he should feel Disaster shall come at her heel And Katan will fail to aid When Sword in sheath is claimed by Maid" Eldest son, Saber, has been avoiding women due to the verses of his song. Kelly from earth is pulled into his realm as she was being burned to death by arsonists. There is no avoiding destiny and fate even when eight brothers were exiled by their kingdom to avoid disaterous songs predicted by a powerful Seer.This book was fun, hot and more on the lighthearted romance then the deep emotional, epic read. The honeymoon scene was so hot, I can't help but think...this is what I was hoping for for Edward and Bella, lol.I like Kelly, modern-kungfu-independent-medieval historian. For someone who never experienced love, soon she found herself protecting eight men and outsmarted bullies using her brain...and force when she needed too. I love the brothers and how Kelly's getting along them, not at first but she won their hearts, especially after enforced Dom the 'eat dirt' move.

  • Megan
    2019-02-03 11:50

    This was the first book to an 8 book series. We meet and learn all about this universe Ms. Johnson has created. If I may say so, wow! What a universe, I personally loved diving into Katani culture and learning about all the brothers. However because this is the first book, you may feel confused because there are so many brothers. 8 - get it? However if you reread you'll get them down in no times. Now Sabar is a true man's man. Mister Hey I'm in Charge. Too bad his lovley woman Kelly is the same way. And guess who wins that mind battle? The chick! My favorite parts of this book is when Kelly makes Dominor eat dirt, and the water snakes! I also enjoy the Kelly, who is from our perspective of reality, trying to learn to fit into Sabers world of Mage's, prophesies and oh so much more!Don't under estrimate this series. Its got it all, romance, mystery, travel, magic, destiny and prophecy!

  • Yogesh Jain
    2019-01-20 05:54

    A curse of Nightfall. As soon as I read the description of the book I knew I have to read this book. It falls into the category I usually like that is Fantasy romance. I enjoyed reading the entire book. There were few situation where I wished the author could have done better but still it was good. The curses of the foreign world was really very foreign and sometimes it just crepped me out. I usually don't hear curses in the fantasy world which is more or less like a medival period so reading them was a bit of odd. I would have liked it way better without them. The characters of the book were amazing. I liked every one of them. The blend of our world into the other world was very much interesting especially when Kelly tried to explain them to the others. I am looking forward to read the rest of the series.

  • Monique
    2019-02-14 04:58

    I've actually read almost all of the books in this series because I thought that they would be really good, but, I didn't love them...The background stories were good and the whole concept of each story telling the situation of a different brother per book...But, I don't know something just didn't make me say like oh yes! I love this series! It's cool and others who like a little magic and some steamy sex scenes may enjoy it, this is only my personal opinion...There's definately enough testoserone to go around with these brothers for sure....

  • Hbeebti
    2019-01-25 08:52

    I got such a kick out of this book. This is not a serious book at all. In fact I laughed through a large portion of it. I am so glad that I finally read it. I kept putting it off , what a dummy. I really need to get the next one. This kinda reminded me of L.O.U,By G.S. ... Remember I said kinda. They are mange. But they live in a castle alone. No women. Each have abilities and are unique. Each crack me up too. Oh and they aren't from here, they are in another demention (universe or whatever)... Kinda live old school. lol

  • Cherie Noel
    2019-01-23 06:53

    This book is a rollicking good read. Excitement, adventure, romance, and a thoroughly satisfying ending. If you like strong heroines, magic, exta-dimensional travel, and seeing justice prevail, this is a book I highly recommend. Chock full of wit, snappy repartee, and hunkalicious hotties, The Sword lives up to every bit of hype written about it while delivering a unabashedly enjoyable break from the hum-drum of the everyday. This is my...oh, sixth or seventh reading of this series, and each time I only enjoy the books more.

  • Carolyn F.
    2019-01-25 11:00

    Sweet book. Kelly Doyle is saved from an arsonist by being plucked into an alternate universe and then falls in love with the oldest brother. Sometimes she got on my nerves but overall this was a cute story. I'm planning on reading the second book.

  • Terri
    2019-02-01 10:59

    I really enjoyed this book. 8 exiled brothers and a prophecy. This is the story of the oldest brother and Kelly, a woman from another world. His Destiny. Her new life. Fast paced and fun paranormal

  • Jess
    2019-01-26 11:46

    1st Read: Mar 2011Reread: Dec 2016

  • Maida»-(¯`v´¯)-»
    2019-02-17 06:54

    RATING: DNF @45% :(

  • Cali
    2019-02-13 06:03

    Awesome characters!

  • Melissa
    2019-02-10 08:58

    3.5* just that the Heroine annoyed me with her authoritative actions..but I liked that she as also a clever and funny...

  • Zoë Ann
    2019-02-17 05:09

    3.5 magical little stars

  • Kathy
    2019-02-10 13:03

    Setting: castle and land of Nightfall Island – an alternate planeTheme: destiny – embracing it and making it work for you; falling in love; protecting one’s family and home;Characters:Kelly Doyle aka Lady Kelly of Doyle: in our world, her parents died; 3 years earlier she moved to an Oregon town; she always loved home crafts, and medieval history, and got involved with a medieval reenactment group – that anti witch haters are targeting… Morganen has by scrying, identifying Kelly as a potential mate… and when he sees her house burning, and her unable to get out of her bedroom and about to die – and Morganen teleports her out and onto their island; she knows kung fu, and uses it judiciously; she is prepared to live in this time because she has studied earth’s similar time (though no magic); when she thinks they have locked her in her room, (the door was just stuck), she climbs out the story, and to another window where she can get through the castle; she organizes (using a bit of kung fu on the biggest objector, Dominor, to convince him) the men to use their elbow grease and magic to thoroughly clean the castle;Saber: oldest; leader of the brothers, the exile Count; 1st one to meet his destiny; resists at first, but finally sees there is no way to avoid her and he doesn’t want to; once he adjusts to his Destiny, he is eager to marry (the 8 altars) her and gives her 2 weeks to get it together; General of the Armies and Lord Protector of Queen Kelly, as well as Consort;Wolfer: werewolf; Master of the Hunt and Captains of the Armies, Saber’s first officer;Jinga and Kata: their gods to swear by – especially use Jinga’s balls and Kata’s titsKoranen and Morganen: fire and all powerful mage; youngest set of twins; Lord Secretary and Court Mage; Dominor and Evanor: 2nd set of twins; aggressive/dominant and singer; Lord Chancellor and Master of Ceremonies (he does like clothes) and Lord Chamberlain; Trevan and Rydan: 3rd set of twins; shifter – particularly liking cats and vampire/night-loving; Lord Rogue and Lord of the Night; Hope: Kelly’s best friend; when she goes back to earth for a quick trip to protect her group and point out the ones who put fire to her house, they talk, and Hope is interested in joining her… she asks for a year to get her life together, and Kelly hurriedly tells her to take a midwife course, and gather books to bring – and to put up note on the refrigerator when she is ready.Summary:We learn about the world; they get together; and the day after getting married, a ship approaches on the east side (not where Katan merchants berth) – it is a ship from Mandare – who try to claim the island for their own… Mandare – a country of women hating, non-magical men who have developed guns who are trying to conquer their neighboring men hating, magical women nation. The brothers and Kelly come up with making the Mandarian ship believe they are a powerful, numerous (imaginary) people so as to leave them alone… and it works.They trick, drug, and kidnap Dominor – wanting his magical abilities; And Morganen dialogues with one who knew them when they were young, who is connected to one of them more closely, who is part of the process of sending magical, dangerous animals to them. Next bookMemorable scene:Saber: who is trying to avoid the disaster that would accompany him falling in love per the prophecy.“Lust might be just lust… but sometimes lust led to the dangers of love.” P 79When Saber determines that he perhaps his Destiny won’t be so catastrophic, he doesn’t know how to bridge things with Kelly, who is ignoring him (and vice versa); and Rydan, the most reclusive of them all, is the one to advise him – bring her flowers, notice what she likes, and add to it, and don’t talk too much… So Saber has made a few quick stops with gifts to Kelly – not sticking around to put his foot in his mouth… he brings her a bolt of cloth the color of her eyes, and then dragons attack - she stays with her, and then they are attacked by magical snakes, whose poison dehydrates one – and it can only be countered with water – in a bath of water, drinking water, for up to 48 hours; he is bitten, and she absorbs some through her skin (hands & feet); they battle together – and then end up in her bath – and over the next 2 days, they get to know one another – talking, some gentle touches, a deeper understanding;Bad guy from Katan (I think it ends up to be their uncle), is teleporting magical, deadly creatures to them… they have been fighting them off – but they realize that the teleporting requires a point of concrete visual – and with Kelly’s housecleaning and rearranging, pictures and tapestries from their parents time have been moved (cleaned, etc) and that is why they have only had one attack since she was there… so they develop a paint that paints as a moving mural – clouds, etc

  • Ashley F
    2019-02-04 06:56

    This is a story about eight super-hot brothers who are born in sets of twins. Okay well there is some sort of prophecy which in my opinion, is blown completely out of proportion. The funny think about the absurd "end of the world" prophecy is it takes a woman to go "Hmm, since it is kind of vague maybe it is not so end of the world like." Seriously give that chick a medal! The boys are absolute idiots when it comes to the stupid prophecy.‘The Eldest Son shall bear this weight:If ever true love he should feelDisaster shall come at her heelAnd Katan will fail to aidWhen Sword in sheath is claimed by MaidKelly Doyle is the first to poke holes in the concept of the prophecy by stating it wasn't very threatening. In fact it seemed pretty simple: some disaster will come once the eldest son and the country of Katan will not help them. She looks at the prophecy as a whole and basically says 'well it doesn't actually say apocalypse..."Of course the reader immediately figures the whole thing out as Saber "The Sword" goes all alpha male stupid on her. Of course Kelly makes some silly reference to being a virgin and the reader is like "Oh well that was easy to figure out". In a weird way though I powered on through the remaining 250 pages or so to see where the story was headed.I loved the fact Saber was so stupid and he fought the attraction to Kelly somewhat weakly. From the get-go he seemed to understand they were going to marry even though he attempted to stay away from her. He quickly tried to keep his brothers from her or at least keep them firmly in the brotherly category.Kelly on the other hand came out of some sort of anti-feminist with the occasional outburst of reasoning. Kelly loved all things medieval and seemed to relish in the idea of being the 'little woman'. Once she ventures into the castle she immediately gets into a cleaning and cooking frenzy. Because she is the woman and they are the men, she supervises their cleaning and proceeds to sew. As the book carries on she becomes more and more of stereotypical housewife. She sews, cooks, cleans, and makes ridiculous stereotypical statements about men and women.For example, after they get married and the disaster is imminent, she cooks up the plan to fool the visitors by making their island into an independent country. The men seem uncomfortable with declaring themselves kings so she declares herself queen with her husband as consort. That is all fine and good but she spends about sixty pages rhapsodizing over men always wanting to show off bigger guns and go to war while women prefer diplomacy and gentle conversation. Um what?!Basically I hit the last 100 pages and had to push myself to finish the book. I loved Saber and the brothers (especially the brothers) but Kelly bothered me. She started out as this strong, independent woman who didn't apologize for her hobbies but quickly became a stereotypical weak heroine. Sure she postured and made some proclamations but at the end of the day she cooked, cleaned, sewed, and made mention of how women were superior beings.I'm a woman but the entire argument seemed a bit one-sided. Some women are brutal and would most definitely support a war, bombs, etc. Some men would support diplomacy and conversation. Some men would sew and cook and clean while women might actually pick up a sword. It just drove me crazy of this divide presented in the book.On the other hand, I'll probably pick up the series again at some point since I really liked the brothers. I'm really interested the night-time brother who seemed really stand-offish.3.5 StarsPublished by Berkeley TradeMarch 2, 2010 (reprint)384 pagesProvided by--The Library

  • The Window Seat
    2019-01-30 11:01

    Check out my reviews at Since there are eight brothers, there are eight books. The first book in the series is The Sword. The title comes from the nickname of the Eldest of the eight brothers. Each of the eight brothers have been given a nickname based on their skills and their role in the Prophecy of Eight. The thing about the prophecy is that it states that each brother will find his woman and fulfill his lines of the prophecy. Saber, the eldest, is one of the few for whom the prophecy is a true curse. For when he falls in love, it is said that his country, Katan, will come to serious harm. So Saber is determined at all costs to put off any fulfillment of the prophecy.But the youngest of the brothers, Morganen, is prophesied to be the matchmaker of the group and so he sets out to find a perfect match for his brother. He just has to look in his magic mirror at all the women in all the worlds to see if he can find someone to match his brother's strength of will. He finds a woman from a strange land called Earth, Kelly, and he rescues her from a fire and brings her to their home.Predictably, Saber wants his brother to send the woman back right away. But Morganen knows his duty and he knows that he can't find his woman until he first matches up all his brothers. He arranges things so that Saber and Kelly are forced to spend time together and allow their attraction to each other to build. Which it does. In fact, I think the best part of this book is the scene where the two lead characters have been bitten by a poisonous snake and are forced to endure a painless, but annoying, remedy which forces them to be alone together for a day or so. As that scene develops, you can see that the attraction develop and grow as they talk and learn things about each other. That is when the two go from being merely attracted to each other's looks to being attracted to the person inside.As far as the fantasy world building goes, I liked this world. It is made clear early on what magic can and can't do in this world and the uses of magic are varied and fun. The author does a great job outlining the personalities of the eight brothers and making them unique while still making them all equally appealing. Each brother has a knack for something - music, shape shifting, controlling weather, or managing fire, and each skill is clearly present in the development of the story and the prophecy without seeming contrived.My biggest complaint about this book is the way that the lead, Kelly, interacts with the brothers. Although she is not annoying when interacting with her hero, if I was one of the brothers, I would've thrown her off the island! I would like to say that this is a harmless annoyance, but as the series continues, the interactions of Kelly and the brothers increases, rather than decreases, and it is the downfall of the series. I am a big fan of series. I like when characters that we come to know and love resurface and rejoin the action. Kelly of Nightfall is not one of those characters. Without her and her personality dominating far too often in the series, this would've been a much better series overall.Putting aside the character of Kelly, this is a fun series. This first book is one of the better books in the series and is well worth the read. One of two things will happen. Either you will hate Kelly enough to not read any more of the books, but still walk away from this one reasonably content with how you spent your time, or you will love the brothers enough to suffer through Kelly's nonsense occasionally so that you can you can find out how these intriguing men find their mates. I know that is what happened to me!