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Drummer As President of the Satan’s Devils MC I can have every and any woman I choose, and do. That’s how I got my name. But I’m happy with the variety, I know I’d never find a woman my equal to be my old lady. Then I meet her, on the road to my compound, standing beside a goddamn Vincent Black Shadow, one of the most iconic bikes of all time. When she tells me she’s ViperDrummer As President of the Satan’s Devils MC I can have every and any woman I choose, and do. That’s how I got my name. But I’m happy with the variety, I know I’d never find a woman my equal to be my old lady. Then I meet her, on the road to my compound, standing beside a goddamn Vincent Black Shadow, one of the most iconic bikes of all time. When she tells me she’s Viper’s daughter, I know she has to be lying. There’s no way he’s fathered a child, not one of her age, it’s just not possible. I can’t deny an attraction to her, but if she’s who she says, she’s the one woman I’m unable to have. I can’t go against a brother. Sam Trouble, I’ve found, comes in many forms. Trouble in the shape of the surly president of this MC who just wants me gone. Trouble in that my father denies our relationship, and the trouble that’s followed me the fifteen hundred miles I’ve ridden to come to find my surviving parent. And when my past catches up with me, I need the protection of the MC to keep me safe. I’ve never been a girly girl and not particularly interested in finding a man. But Drummer’s something else, and denying my attraction to him might be my biggest battle of all. ...

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drummer s beat Reviews

  • Carmen Baldwin
    2019-03-08 14:51

    LOVED it!I love MC Bikers romances, this is a new author for me and will be reading her again. This story starts out with a woman breaking down with her motorcycle and the president of the Satan Devils MC helping her out, she had a secret that she needed to go to the Satan Devils club, her name is Sam or Wench and Drummer is the president. Sam tells Drummer that one of his brothers is her father that she has never met and just wants to meet him so he lets her come to the Club, it's not a great first meeting and her bike needs a part, what I love about is that Sam in mechanic that grew up working on bikes and cars and she is so good that if the brothers are impressed, Drummer is a hard and tough president does not know what hit him with Sam, they are attractive to each other but Drummer fight it and she is to leave too,but things start happening that is good to Sam and bad for her and the Club. There is a lot of great characters that I want a story on. Hot sex scenes and there is great action as well, awesome read i will be looking at her other books, will be recommend this book to all romance readers.💗

  • Ceeri Jay
    2019-03-02 12:06

    Can't beat this Racy, raging hot read!So. Tucson. That place literally gets flooded with the Satans Devils MC. This is the first book I have read from Manda Mellett, courtesy of an ARC, and I'm glad I let this one jump the queue. So. OK.Hunky tattooed biker MC? Check.Secret baby phenomenon? Check ( yes. Check. Just read the book)BDSM Master/ slave dynamic explored? Check.Virgin territory for H and h? Check. (yes. CHECK. Just READ the book)Darkish read without getting too dark for the weak spirited and highly strung? CheckMachine guns, mayhem, murder, mommies and military? Check.Check.Check. Just keep checking...What's not to lurve here???This is a great mix - like a peanut butter cup...or a salted caramel sundae...a lil bit sweet, a lot sharp, tied together as a gritty book, the second in the Satans Devils MC series (btw..who else's Devils would they be? Just sayn...)Can be read as a standalone, with only a few niggling throwbacks to the escapades of Book #1 which can be easily ignored by the thunderous pace of this gem.Manda has Drum/Drummer's male PoV of the H down pat, as unapologetic and frustratedly confused as any good MC Prez should be with the feelings he is having to handle. It's a joy to follow the unfolding of this relationship in spite of the backdrop of guns, murder, torture, BEER, bikes and bikers.But the kicker for me is Sam/Samantha, the strong, sexy, intelligent h of this tale. Just loved her sass and grit.Great plot, some brilliant cringeworthy scenes ( I seriously read a few peeking out from between my fingers in horror/ embarrassment...)This is a solid 4 star read The only problem for Manda is the risk that with all the tropes and genres woven into this book, there may be nothing left to give in any future books to this series!Which would be a pity as I've added Ms Mellett to my extremely small list of 1-click buy authors!Woman, pull up a shelf and park your sweet butt (oops )...and the smexy scenes? All I can say is "strike a light! Good on yer, girl" - welcome to her library of congress...!!

  • Brandy Roberts
    2019-03-24 16:55

    I'm such a huge fan of Manda Mellet she has written some amazing reads Turning Wheels has to be one of my top MC reads and I was so happy to see that Drummers beat was going to be next wasn't disappointed , the characters were awesome and was really good to see how Sophie and Wraith are doing . This author really knows how to write heroines that are super wonderful , strong ,and the total opposite of a doormat , her heroes are strong faithful sexy alphas that will get your motor running and shiver in the right places . Sam was just a remarkable heroine shes so awesome knows how to be one of the guys but also be a girl and really smart . Drummer was so droll worthy I wouldn't mind being on the back of his bike . Can't wait to see who will be next the Satans devils is full of HOT bikers who will meet their match . The story kept me interested and my heart drooped a couple of times didn't when certain things happen . Another reason I love this series it's set in Arizona and I live there she has a lot of things so accurate the weather being one of the main things . copy provided for honest review ****************************************hero = 10 heroine = 10 secondary characters = 10Chemistry = 10 steam = 9 romance = 6 humor = 4darkness level = 5 enjoyment = 10 angst = 3action = 10 story line = 10 mystery = 3character development = 10 pacing = 10 POV= dualPlot = 10 ending = HEA cover = stars = 5 author = 10would I recommend this book = yeswould I re read this book = yeswould I read future books by this author = yes

  • Colleen Mc (The Book Lover)
    2019-02-25 16:49

    Drummer's Beat was an awesome story! I think I love Drummer even more than Wraith!! The plot was engaging, and I was drawn in from the beginning.The characters and their relationships were well developed and believable. Sam was the type of heroine I really enjoy, strong and brave. I felt the chemistry between Drummer and Sam and I loved how their relationship grew throughout. Even though Drummer would keep saying he wasn’t a man who wanted one woman for life, you knew that Sam was slowly changing his mind. Drummer's Beat was steamy, romantic and action packed. It was fun returning to the world of the Satan's Devils MC and I can't wait to read more of the brothers' stories!

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    2019-03-04 18:07

    I didn't know the work of this author and I enjoyed the reading.The story was good and the characters were very interesting.The heroine captivated me by her personality and the fact that she have a nice bike and work as a mechanic.Although reluctant our hero got attracted to heroin and didn't look more to other women.Follows the pattern of the stories about motorcycle clubs with scenes of action and danger, club whores causing problems and our heroine trying to fit in their world.I enjoyed and recommend.

  • Heather Emery
    2019-03-24 18:57

    I am really enjoying this series. The characters are well done. I seem to enjoy the secondary characters almost more then the main, which seems to work with the plot well. Drummer and Sam are perfect for one another. They are both strong and I was able to see the connection from the start. For some reason the background on the main male characters is still lacking for me. Can't wait for the next book.

  • Jay Eats Books
    2019-03-27 17:55

    If you have reader's OCD bewareI'm a huge advocate of research. If you're writing a book set in the US with American characters, have an American editor revise your work, so that it sounds like something Americans would realistically do and say. As is, it's difficult to believe and immerse myself into the setting. Another rounds of edits and a republished version of the book would definitely raise this book to a 3.5 star instead of a 2.5 star!

  • Stephanie Beasley
    2019-02-24 18:05

    Drummer's Beat Satans Devil's #2I wondered about Drummer in book 1. I'm glad to have read his & Sam's story. I'm sure we will have problems with the sweet butts in the future books. Love that Sam can work a wrench as good if not better than the guys. Can't wait to see what happens next in the storyline. I recommend this Author & her books. But read them in order.

  • Belinda Visser
    2019-03-08 14:04

    WOW! I was absolutely blown away with this book. I have read all Manda's books and have loved everyone but Drummer's Beat is definitely my favourite. I love Drummer and Sam's story. Their story will keep you on edge until the last page of the book. I recommend reading reading Manda Mellett books cause you won't be disappointed.

  • Danena Freeman
    2019-03-07 17:06

    It was a great read. It has great characters and a story line that will keep you reading till the wee hours of the morning. Loved the h in this story. Loving this series. I can't wait for more books in this series. Going to check out her other series too since I like this one so much. Rated very good

  • April Howard
    2019-03-23 15:01

    McI loved the book.. I just thought it was to long .the plot just took to long..they do make a great couple

  • Beth DiLoreto
    2019-02-26 12:49

    AmazingBest book in the Satan's Devils! Love Drummer and Sam. A girl looking for her father who falls in love with the Pres of an MC

  • Linda Chase
    2019-02-25 14:48

    WowI cannot tell readers how much I love these books.iv just read this one in one day and can't wait for number 3

  • Liz
    2019-03-20 19:58

    Loved it!! I really like the way she brings in the secondary characters, gives the story more depth.