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Librarian's note: This is an Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN: B01662UT0G.The fourth book in the Age of Dawn series continues in The Shadow realm, where our heroes are pushed to their breaking and their limits tested. The realm of Zoria lays between a great precipice at its rear and demons at its front. The demon god Asebor's chains cut deeper through the heart of the realLibrarian's note: This is an Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN: B01662UT0G.The fourth book in the Age of Dawn series continues in The Shadow realm, where our heroes are pushed to their breaking and their limits tested. The realm of Zoria lays between a great precipice at its rear and demons at its front. The demon god Asebor's chains cut deeper through the heart of the realm, but our heroes fight back. Walter must battle his way through a world of unimaginable horrors. Nyset, the new Arch Wizard of the Tower, faces the trials of leadership in a world raging with chaos. Grimbald wants to see his Pa', but is loyal to the bitter end. Juzo does his best to be a good person, but is it good enough? Find out in The Shadow Realm....

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  • Israel Leon
    2019-01-31 18:55

    Thanks to author, Everet Martins for giving me a Kindle Advanced Reader copy of The Shadow Realm to read and review. I loved this book and it was very, very bloody and I'm not okay with the ending of a certain character. Can't wait to see how it all comes to an end.Spoilers........We are introduced to Senka and Sinred Graves, a father and daughter who live in The Nether a place most outside people of Zoria think is unhabitated. Senka and her father are Scorpion assassins that have an allegiance with The Silver Tower and are to protect the Black Furnaces or Dragon Forges from evil. Dressna, one of the remaining Wretched and a group of Death Spawn slaughter the entire village including Sinred. Senka escapes leaving The Nether and heads toward Helm's Reach. Asebor and Alena have a very uncomfortable and unnerving sex scene while rummaging the remains of The Tower, and Asebor has a chat with the Shadow God, who gave him his powers and he sees as his 'mother'.Nyset along with Vesla's help have been trying to recruit people from Helm's Reach who have the powers of the Dragon and Phoenix to join with her, Grimbald, Juzo and the rest of the survivors to fight Asebor and his forces. Grimbald with Juzo's help builds a home that they burrowed from two beggars for them to stay in. Nyset has been strong after Walter's death as the New Arch Wizard and she asks Cazius for him and his friends to build a secure wall to fortify the town.In The Shadow Realm, Walter runs away from the six-eyed beast and he kills it as he was injured. Walter ends up in a pool of blood, skulls and dead bodies and starts to see wierd bloodily hallucinations. Juzo has been making new surrogates or new vampires and feeding them dead Cerumal for they can be part of the growing army to face Asebor. Nyset meets Claw, a man with the power of the Phoenix and Senka, a Scorpion assassin who protected the Black Furnaces from Asebor till the ambush. Claw seems like an okay character but I'm still not sure whether or not to trust him. Senka is a sweet and a sure fighter. Senka and Claw kill two Skin Flayers that wanted to kill Nyset alarming her.Walter encounters Baylan, Lillian and his mother, Isabelle and see the gruesome demons ripping his mother apart to his horror. Walter meets the Shadow God, who tells him that the Death Spawn are created by the dead and that the Shadow Realm isn't a place of peace but the exact opposite which Walter begins to question. Walter sees Asebor and the Shadow God's daughter who has a similar appearance to Nyset. Walter had to cut his arm when one of the demons had their teeth on his arm, and he lost of his arms. Walter fights Asebor using the power of the Dragon and Phoenix and he injured him some what and Asebor retreated. Walter creates a Portal and he escapes the Shadow Realm.Nyset visits Walter's grave and the ground underneath begins to shake and she see Walt's hand come out and helps him out of his grave with the help of Isa a soldier from the Tower, who was only one left who survived the attack in Breden, and she is both relieved and shocked to see him came back to the living. Nyset and Isa take Walter to the surgeons to heal his severe injuries. Walter wakes up bandaged and healed but still missing one his arms and one of his eyes and he believes it payment for what happened to Juzo and Baylan. Walter meets Scab and his two right hand men, Hook and Wart at The Devil's Axe tavern. Walter negotiates with Scab to join the Silver Tower's cause to defeat Asebor and he and his men accept.Nyset handles a dispute between a Dragon wizard and Phoenix wizard and gives them a speech about how they should be working together instead of fighting each other. Walter arrives and he and Nyset have a talk about The Shadow Realm. Walter tells her that the place is terrifying and horrible place filled with blood and Nyset is worried about Walter's state of mind. Walter and his friends have a talk about the slaughter of Breden as Juzo and Nyset are worried about their parents as is Grimbald about his father. Juzo tells them about his vampire surrogates and he assures them that they will do what he tells them to and obey his command. Walter, Juzo and Grimbald along with Scab and his men decide to get reinforcements from Midgaard from King Ezra, check of loved ones in Breden and Shipton and then head toward The Great Retreat much to Nyset's dismay since she doesn't trust Scab and his men as they are all criminals and only doing it for a profit. Nyset and Walter get into an argument with Nyset walking away from him.Walter, Grimbald, Juzo and Scab and his men set off on their journey. Juzo notices the eight shaped Mark on Walter's neck while on the road. Walter kills one of Juzo's surrogates and the seven other men that the surrogate turned. Right when Walter kills them all, Juzo shows up and is horrified and angered by Walter's actions. Juzo watched as Walter sentai the dead bodies on fire. Juzo and the rest of his vampires leave. I think that Mark on Walter's neck is causing the Shadow God to control him and is causing the Phoenix power to decrease whereas the Dragon power increases with boiling rage. On their way to Midgaard, Hook kills Wart after questioning Scab after Hook accused Walter of killing seven of their men. Walter, Grimbald and the group arrive at Midgaard to speak to the King and Walter sees his former home, The Lair.After refusing to help a farmer and his children, King Ezra orders the farmer away. King Ezra speak to Walter and Grimbald about the attacks and try to get him to assist them by providing his army to face against the Death Spawn but he refuses to help them. Ezra's barber tries to kill him but Black Guard member, Lajoy kills him and Lajoy is actually a Metamorphose and it tried to kill the King but Walter kills it instead. The King demands for them to leave his presence.At Shipton, Charles, Grimbald's father is killed by Juzo is his blind anger and he and his vampires has been creating new vampires out of the townsfolk for The Silver's cause. Walter, Grimbald, Scab and his men arrive outside of Shipton. Scab and his men stay behind while Walter and Grimbald head on to Shipton to see Grimbald's Pa. They find him dead and they are attacked by Juzo's vampires and they fight them off. Walter using the Dragon power creates a portal which decapitates them limb by limb. Juzo is restrained by Grim and he begs Walter to not kill his surrogates. Walt ends up killing his best friend in his rage for what Juzo did and grieves. Walt and Grim bury Juzo and Grim's father and the other dead residents of Shipton as Scab rudely comments that he was glad Juzo was dead. I don't like Scab one bit at all he's a rude jackass and I hope he gets killed in the final book. Lastly, Nyset, Senka, Isa and Claw see a horde of Death Spawn outside the gates of Helm's Reach ending the novel.I felt that Senka had a minor role which was a bit sad since I thought she was going to have a bigger role in the book. I really, really hope that Juzo comes back to life and I'm upset at Walter for accidentally killing him. Is Malek still alive? Nyset and the other need to find a way to remove that Mark from Walter's neck? Dressna, Shadow God and Asebor need to die?That's the end of the review of The Shadow Realm, 5/5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Everet Martins
    2019-02-04 14:53

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  • Andy Schmidt
    2019-01-30 10:49

    The darkness before the dawn.Another good story in the continuing adventure. We get to meet some interesting new characters, get knee deep in some gore, get a good comeback and the demise of another friend. *Spoilers Ahead Well, some of our characters have survived the war and begin to regroup and move on with their lives. They have taken on new leadership roles and begin the hard preparations for another war. I enjoyed the intro of Senka, who despite her profession, is someone I find myself rooting for. I wish some more explanation was given into what the furnaces are and why they're so important. I also hope to see more of Senka in the story ahead. I think she could be a great spin off into books with her adventures following the completion of this series.The gore level in this book is definitely up a few notches and, through the quality descriptions by the author, tend to create quite the visual imagery in your mind. Several reminders throughout the book recall those images, so I would stress caution to the young readers out there.We have the return of one friend, which I hoped was where the story would begin to brighten. Their relationship though, is having a rough time and we see them depart on not so friendly terms. A development that I am not happy about at all.The loss of another friend has brought me to my breaking point. The author has created a world that I am now personally involved in and I take the loss of my friends, and their problems, personally.I am being facetious, I do like these books a lot and the author does a very good job bringing these worlds to life. I look forward to book five and hope better things are to come in the very near future.

  • Margaret
    2019-01-29 19:09

    Darkness, UnendingThis book is terribly dark, and frankly difficult to bear reading. And yet, it is compelling and must be followed. I pray for a satisfying ending somewhere in this series. Martins has quite skillfully described the indescribable building mounting tension throughout.