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Title : A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr.
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A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr. Reviews

  • Mariah
    2019-03-14 12:44

    My students really enjoyed this book! It lead to some amazing conversations about Martin Luther King Jr. This book went through his whole life.

  • Hye Won
    2019-03-02 17:53

    The biography of Martin Luther King, Jr is one of the stories that people need to read and know at least once in their life. He is a great civil rights activist, and the reason I want my students read this book and the similar story which is about Rosa Parks is because the two people are related during the era of segregation of the black and the white. I see the relationship between Martin Luther King, Jr and Rosa Parks in the book because it shows lots of common places, words, racism and historical events. This book is also helpful for young age readers and beginning readers as the book includes lots of pictures that support readers' comprehension skills to fully understand the texts. It is a nonfiction book, so it can be used as an informational text which can support the knowledge from fictional books with the common topic.

  • Candice
    2019-03-03 12:09

    the third grade students I taught today loved this biography of MLK JR. I liked how it had a combination of information on him and the civil rights movement.

  • Natalie
    2019-03-20 19:53

    BiographyThis is a great children's book version of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's life and some of his major works. This book has engaging illustrations and is presented in a way that is simple for young children to understand and captures their attention. This is a staple in my repetoire from preschool- 4th grade.

  • Sawyer Dombrowski
    2019-03-26 11:55

    This was a children's picture book about Martin Luther King Junior. It took us on his life journey from when he was a kid, all the way until he was an adult. It spoke about his schooling, his wife, his kids, people protesting against him, Rosa Parks, winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and more. The pictures looked like they were paintings. They were very visually appealing and seemed realistic to what the people looked like in real life (according to pictures on the internet). As for the non-fiction portion, this was definitely a history based non-fiction book. Children are able to get a glimpse people, places, and events of the past and better understand factors that shaped the past according to the book. The illustrations help enrich the text and work well to make the passages more meaningful. I think this is a good example of factual non-fiction and interpretive non-fiction. There are a lot of straight-forward facts throughout the book that teach us about MLK Jr. But, it also takes us on a journey and helps us experience what he's going through.

  • Ch_hayley Medsker
    2019-03-25 19:46

    This is a brief, illustrated, biography of the Baptist minister and Civil Rights leader by David Adler. This is one of many in Adler's series to inform and enlighten young readers in a direct and easy-to-read manner. I have this book on cd and multiple copies, as to support a reading group or supplement content learning. MLK Jr's philosophy and practice of nonviolence and civil obedience helped American black win the struggle for equality during the mid 1900’s. This biography and story of a notebale man's life will interest and intrigue early readers, with the assistance of well illustrated pictures. Connections can be made from many students with MLK Jr. and his inspiring words. Many young readers will identify with the themes in these books and enjoys the powerful messages. This book supplements the social studies curriculum, or when studying people who made a difference in the United States and the world. The vocabulary might offer a challenge, but it's a great informative text to teach raw facts, new concepts, and have rich discussions about a very influential man.

  • Kali Guest
    2019-02-27 16:12

    This books covers the life of Martin Luther King Jr. This story shows his early childhood, and encompassed the idea of being a civil rights leader, and how he was discriminated against as a child. I like the way this story included the telling of how African Americans had come to the United States and how they were freed from slavery. It continued on with the stories of his peaceful leadership and protest of white only facilities. This story shares nonfiction features such as factual information of his life, this book is also falls into the category of factual nonfiction. The structure of the story is laid out in an appealing and accessible way with watercolor images on each page, engaging the reader. In this particular story, the images play a large role in depicting the story. The realistic images of Martin Luther King Jr. allow children to witness firsthand what scenes in that day and age looked like, and further deepen their understanding for the movement of peaceful protesting.

  • Kayla Reents
    2019-03-08 14:55

    A picture book of Martin Luther King Jr is simply what it sounds like. It tells of the life of Martin Luther King Jr and his journey to become the famous person he is today. It begins with his childhood; telling of Martin's likes, dislikes, and habits. Showing his childhood makes it easier for children to find commonalities in it. This story is similar to a bibliography. The visuals seem to be watercolor paintings and bring the story to life. The text is more factual than a storyline. It does not include index, glossary, or reference page, but appears more like a typical picture book. The information in dead on authentic and accurate and displays the information of such a hard time in America beautifully without going into too much detail on the tragedies that some people had to undergo.

  • Ashley Lopez
    2019-03-24 15:47

    A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr is an introduction into what MLK did for equal rights. The story first went to discuss how Martin grew up in a community of segregated whites and blacks where he soon fought to obtain equal rights. The book discussed up until his greatest accomplishments of leading the biggest march in Washington DC and receiving the Noble Peace Prize.The book informed children about of their history. Although the book did not discuss MLK's journey all the way to his death it described all his accomplishments. The book contained a part of his speech which is very powerful and moving. It also discussed how important the Noble Peace Prize is, it was emphasized "one of the greatest honors any person can win". The book is successful in teaching history.

  • Lucas
    2019-03-21 15:04

    This historic picture book goes over the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr. Along with historic facts of Martin Luther King Jr. there are also illustrations of actual pictures from those historic times. The book explains how things were for African Americans back in those times and all of the oppression they had to overcome. The book then leads to how much progress we have made a nation thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. I highly recommend this picture book for teachers to read to their students, it is important for younger generations to understand what has happened in our nations past and appreciate what type of society we live in today.

  • Sarah Jane
    2019-03-12 15:47

    This book introduces the reader Martin Luther King Jr. It follows his early days as a child and discusses Martin’s first encounter with segregation and racism. The story also provides details about Martin Luther King Jr.’s education, work, and life. Martin Luther King Jr.’s importance in history is portrayed through this book. This short picture book biography covers some of the crucial events in Martin Luther King Jr’s life. It introduces the reader to some of the important historical issues and challenges he faced. The watercolor illustrations provide a good representation of Martin showing him as the leader he was and the inspiration he continues to be today.

  • Ciara
    2019-03-16 12:07

    David A. Adler, the author of this book shows all the achievements Martin Luther King Jr. has made throughout his life. The story tells a lot about Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and his accomplishments. This book contains a truthful story line and even included Rosa Parks, which makes it into the nonfiction genre. The book was also very good at helping young children understand the culture of being a black person during this time, and the discrimination they went through, and showed King's achievements of overcoming it.

  • Jessie Angle
    2019-03-01 14:55

    This books is wonderfully written as a children's non-fiction picture book. The facts are very straight forward, focuses on the largest parts of MLK's life and is a great book for kids in my opinion. A child can learn important facts needed to know and approbate and well worded for their age. I could easily see a book report and/or summary paper that can be done in an 4th grade classroom. The pictures were beautifully done with great watercolor and really showed the issues that were faced by MLK in his day and how different America was back then.

  • Matthew Ciccarone
    2019-03-23 11:52

    This story reads as a factual nonfiction account of Martin Luther King Jr., and is a sequential tale of his life from childhood to adulthood. It contains some interpretive elements about his reactions to adversity throughout his life. There aren’t any additional organizational support tool such as an index, but a book of this short length and clarity don’t really need it. The illustrations have a very engaging and stylistic feel to them which deepens interest.

  • Melissa Brown
    2019-03-20 19:09

    This story of Martin Luther King Jr includes information about his life such as his childhood and schooling. This book also includes historical events that happened during his lifetime. This story quotes his famous "I have a dream" speech. The illustrations in this book are colorful paintings that add to the story.

  • Brittany
    2019-02-25 13:06

    This book is a summary of the life of Martin Luther King Jr. It is very informative and appropriate for children and the pictures are very engaging and colorful. While as an adult I know there is more to his life, I think this book does a good job of portraying the true life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a way that kids can learn about his life and the changes he helped to set in to motion.

  • Karen
    2019-03-27 19:02

    Good introduction book for younger kids to learn about who Martin Luther King, Jr was..krb 1/18/16

  • Justine Vasquez
    2019-02-25 15:51

    "A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr." is an informational illustrated book by David A. Adler. The book starts out with Martins understanding of what racism was and how it affected him. The book follows him through his education, mentioning powerful African American figures at the time accompanied by Robert Casilla's wonderful water colored illustrations of the events happening and his life that followed after including his marriage and work as a pastor. It explains how Martin had white friends growing up, who he was no longer allowed to play with. The author also touches on important historical events, like the Rosa Parks Bus arrest in Montgomery, Alabama, and Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous speech, "I had A Dream" at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. It truly shows the personal and emotional trials he went through as a child and especially as an adult. The pictures were directly connected the words to the words making it a great biography for children.This book is nonfiction because it has a topic of facts and history. While this book does take you on a journey, the facts are straightforward. For that reason, this book is a factual nonfiction. This non-fiction picture book has a topic of facts of history, and it tells of a historic event of the past through its drawings. The lines are harsh and bold to emphasize the importance of each situation, like his house being vandalized and the "white only" signs. The illustrations are demonstrated with water color media. The illustrator kept the pictures of the faces of the protester's dark with little detail; likely to portray the anger the racial inequality imposed on African Americans. Many of the shapes have angular edges to show tension. His use of the color red during important parts of the story show anger, passion, and energy. This non-fiction book is a good way to engage students in learning about such an important person in our history. This book describes Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and his journey from childhood to adulthood, and the use of the illustrations simplicity makes it easy for children to comprehend. The picture book does a great job at showing the hardship and bravery that was executed during this era, but puts a much more pleasant vibe to the pictures and wording in order for all ages to enjoy it. This is a wonderful book, and can be a great learning tool for children.

  • Courtney
    2019-03-21 19:55

    A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr. was written by David A. Adler and illustrated by Robert Casilla. This storybook-style picture book is a nonfiction biography of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The story begins with information about Dr. King as a young child growing up in Atlanta, Georgia. The biography shares that he loved going to school and reading. He also loved singing at church, playing sports and bike riding with his friends. However, during Dr. King’s childhood, Atlanta, Georgia was a segregated city and as he got older, some of his white friends no longer wanted to play with him. Dr. King was bewildered why their friendship would end and his mother explained to him the history of slavery and segregation in the United States. The tale continues on as Dr. King grows older and shares information about his postsecondary education and activism. The biography informs readers about Dr. King’s leadership of the Montgomery, Alabama Bus Boycott following Rosa Park’s courageous refusal to give up her seat, his role in ending segregation, and concludes with his reception of the Nobel Peace Prize.A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr. is a brief, but wonderful introduction to the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Although this book falls into the category of factual nonfiction, Adler’s narrative writing style makes the biography read like a story. In addition, Casilla’s water color drawings are realistic and closely resemble real photographs of historical events such as Dr. King’s deliverance of the ‘I Have A Dream Speech’. Combined, the dialogue and illustrations give the readers the sense that they can easily relate to Dr. King. In addition, the language and drawings do a great job of representing what segregation was like through pictures of “Whites Only” signs and background information about racism. However, both the drawings and the text steer clear of violence (including Dr. King's arrests and murder) and derogatory language (such as racial slurs) which may be too aggressive for young children.I highly recommend this book for early elementary school-aged children. It’s an excellent introduction to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and handles the serious issues of discrimination and segregation in a manner that is appropriate for young children to comprehend. Five stars!

  • Camryn Evangelista
    2019-03-08 16:56

    'A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr.' by David A. Adler is a non-fiction picture book of the life of the civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. Although it is a short story it gives the basic facts one would need to know get the general idea of what Martin Luther King Jr. accomplished in his lifetime. Starts off with his childhood and his first experience with racial prejudice, and how that was the kickstart to his long life goal of gaining equality between ever race. It shows the ups and the downs of went down during the civil rights movement. Ups from the wins of no more segregations in school, to the downs of hardships one would go through if they were a minority. This is a great book for a child to read to get their first taste on the subject of Martin Luther King Jr. but also the bigger picture of the civil rights movement. This book is a good stepping stone to kickstart the readers interest in learning more about this topic.This book to me meets the criteria that is needed when evaluating a nonfiction information. The first criteria being that the book is accurate and authentic when conveying the facts of King's life. Then the information of the book is well organized, it goes in a chronological order that allows the reader to follow along the timeline of King's life. Thirdly, the format and design of the book is appealing to the children because the illustrations are portrayed accurately but are also very thought out correctly from the color to the details in the images. Then lastly the writing style the author chose is very straight forward and clear that it allows the reader to understand exactly what is going on that doesn't leave them to guess what is going on. The illustrations would be considered realism because of the images being representation of true events of King's life. Then the water color design on top of everything was a great choice to use because it still keeps the drawings very interesting that I think it really would intrigue and keep a young readers attention.

  • Elizabeth Jackson
    2019-03-12 18:45

    This non-fiction picture book is about one of America's greatest leaders: Martin Luther King Jr. It starts out discussing his early life by describing his family and favorite pastimes. His first real experience with racism and oppression was when he was not allowed to play baseball with his friend, who was white. It goes into more detail about his life growing up and being inspired by black leaders. After graduating college, he married his wife Coretta King Scott. As an adult, he wanted to do something to stop oppression. He lead peaceful protests against "white only" areas and also lead many marches, including the March on Washington where he gave his "I have a dream" speech. He eventually won the Nobel Peace Prize and laws against blacks started to change.Adler did a great job writing this narrative-style biography that included very realistic and vivid illustrations. The pastel watercolor images of MLK Jr. as well as other historical figures mentioned in the book look just like the pictures children see in history books and documentaries. They work directly with the text to create meaning. For example, when Adler discusses how there were “white only” signs everywhere MLK Jr. went, we see an illustration of the silhouettes of children playing with a “white only” sign as the main focus. The book’s narrative style allows readers to see MLK Jr.’s life as a story rather than just a bunch of information and they can learn about the affects of racism during the civil rights movement. Adler uses simplistic language in a matter-of-fact tone to describe the sequential journey of MLK Jr.’s achievements such as “At college, Martin decided to become a minister.” MLK Jr.’s “character” is developed through Adler’s descriptions of the challenges he was faced with and how he grew from them.

  • Mackenzie DuVall
    2019-02-26 19:47

    I absolutely loved this novel! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was and is a very influential part of our society. He is someone that is still studied and learned about in schools. This book is basically a life story of Martin Luther King. It begins with telling about Martin's birth and hometown. When Martin is a little older, he wants to play with a group of boys, but is turned down. They say they cannot play with him because of the color of his skin. Martin doesn't understand why his being black makes any difference in who he associates with. His entire town became a whites vs. black town, where there was segregation everywhere. Rules were different for those that we African American and they were treated very poorly. Martin grew up in this type of town, but knew that he wanted to make a change. As he got older, Martin got into politics and became a very influential public speaker. He once gave his famous, "I Have a Dream" speech that is still discussed today. After giving this speech and trying to make changes, Martin Luther King was assassinated. Although he is no longer with us, Dr. King made a huge impact in history and started the process towards equal rights for all.I think this book is a great way to teach younger children about a very important person in history. The book starts off by discussing Martin Luther King Jr.'s background, which is very interesting. The book is just like watching a documentary about this amazing man. It is all true and factual, but the author turned it into a novel that tells more of a story. Teaching today's children about the past opens up a lot of opportunities for learning. The plot of this story was different than a lot of others because it was based upon a true story. All of the characters were actually real and everything actually did happen. Overall, this novel was amazing and I would definitely recommend it to others!

  • Cynthia
    2019-03-01 18:47

    This is the real life story of Martin Luther King Junior. It addresses facts from his childhood all the way through adulthood. It covers his hobbies, marriage, family, protests, speeches, and an array of categories that allows the reader to know him better. This book falls into the category of factual nonfiction, since most of the things mentioned don’t fall into interpretive formats. It seems to be written in a narrative style with careful pacing. It’s appealing to the reader since it’s not too short and not too long and has a good pace and good information. I would say the style of it is picture-related. The author uses large pictures and colorful, descriptive ones to draw the reader in. This is a biography book, in which the children learn how Martin Luther King Junior helped shape our world today.The paintings are watercolor and cut paper illustrations. The character in the picture does look like Martin Luther King Jr, which is an important aspect of biographies, to display reality as much as possible. Another aspect of biographies is to include a variety of elements that describe the person such as personality, acts, words they have said and family life. The settings seem familiar and realistic such as park, houses, buses and people. It has realistic elements to it, making the reader feel as if we are there and the facial expressions convey the emotion of the circumstance in the book. The lines are semi bold and the shade is heavy, emphasizing the pictures and the scene. The shading is heavier on sad scenes such as the one of young Martin Luther King Junior crying on his mom’s shoulder because he doesn’t understand why people treat others differently based on their skin color. The darker shading draws attention to the facial expressions and indicates gloominess.

  • Robin Abrams
    2019-03-12 12:03

    A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. by David A. Adler and illustrated by Robert Casilla is a fantastic book to give children an insight of what it was like to be a colored person back in the day. This book, in my opinion, would be better read by an older child, so they can understand that this is history and so that they know who Martin Luther King, Jr. is and what all he did to change what was going on between blacks and whites. The “white only” signs that were posted and another iconic heroine, Rosa Parks, was thrown off the bus because all of the seats in the back of the bus for the colored people were taken. So she sat in the back of the white only section and they made her get up and get off the bus. Although all of the seats in the back for the colored were taken, and there were some seats open in the front where the whites sit, there was no room on the bus for her. She told them “no” when they told her to get up and they ended up throwing her off the bus. Children should know what the colored people went through to get where we all are today. Segregation was a huge part of history as well as some fight it still happens today. This is a tough subject to touch on, but I do believe that children should still be educated on the history that surrounds it. As well as the history of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The visual elements that Robert Casilla add to this book show how serious the subject of Martin Luther King Jr was back then, and still is today. The darker colors and elegant lines used when drawing these realistic looking people are beautifully conveyed. The illustrations are absolutely realism in the way that it makes you feel like you are there when you are not only reading this book, but looking at the pictures. It also points to realism for me because this is a realist story on the history that everyone went through during segregation.

  • Melissa Bray
    2019-03-03 16:49

    This book gives a great background on Martin Luther King Jr.’s journey from childhood to his greatest victory, the March on Washington. It explains how Martin had white friends growing up, who he was no longer allowed to play with. He cried, and that moment started his revolution and passion for equality. Martin then went to college, became a minister, married his wife, had four children, and did great things amongst his community and for the entire nation. The non-fiction organizational pattern of this story was somewhat of a cause and effect structure. This pattern shows how events, facts, or ideas occur as a result of other events, facts, or concepts. Visuals take many forms, including photographs, paintings, drawings, charts, diagrams, graphs, maps, and copies of documents, as well as the captions that may accompany these features. These visuals play such an important role in informational books that they must be as carefully researched as text. They can help to clarify abstract concepts; they can convey specific facts and clarify specialized vocabulary, or they can present a realistic rendering of a concept. They can also help to provide the background knowledge necessary for readers’ understanding (Temple, 2015). This story contains beautiful, realistic images that add immense detail to the book. Temple, C. A. (2015). Children's Books in Children's Hands, 5th Edition. [BryteWave]. Retrieved from

  • Pamela Sager
    2019-03-07 13:45

    This story talks about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. It starts from when he was a boy and talks about his journey into adulthood. There are many different elements that are covered during the story including college and meeting his wife. The timeline of this book is over the course of one man’s life. Each element that is added is from the factual perspective since they are all based off of the history of Martin Luther King Jr. The story is told in narrative fashion that explains his history in an interesting way while explaining the different parts of his life that made him what he became. It is told in a sequential order giving the reader an opportunity to look into his life and understand what made him such an amazing man. This story is done in an impressionistic way by drawing real images that are based off of someone else’s impression. Each image that is used is done with watercolor giving them a translucent look with washes of color. The images are allowed to take over much of the value of space on the page so that they are primarily telling the story. These elements along with the color utilization gives the story a happy, joyous feeling that is able to bring the reader into the story with more accuracy.

  • Fabian Salazar
    2019-03-20 14:50

    This nonfiction story breaks down Martin Luther King Jr.'s life in 20 scenes with pictures. It starts with a couple scenes from his childhood, then his first experience with racism, then his education, then his marriage, then 9 scenes showing the choices he made to advance civil rights by using nonviolent civil disobedience. The cover of the book invites the reader in by showing Martin as an early gradeschooler which is the intended audience of the book. Most children may only know about the holiday in his honor, that he was important black leader, and/or the beginning of his "I have a dream" speech. By showing the reader, Martin on a bike, smiling, in front of a modest home, this makes his story immediately approachable. This series also makes it a point to state that this is a picture book of the historical figure at hand. Some children might find that historical figures are usually introduced with a lot of details and text about parts of their life that is too informational. This series lets the reader know that this figure's life will be told visually.The first two title pages further draw the reader in by not showing Martin and instead choosing to show a long string of faceless people walking on a rural road. Children may immediately want to know where are these people going and who are they? The second of these images offers a double spread with more clearly defined details such as American flags waving and the men in front being well dressed with suits and ties. They all appear to be black. They seem like they would be able to afford other means of transportation. They all look proud with their heads held high. The angle has changed so that the road has disappeared making the image less focused on the road itself and more about the people framed between the blues sky above and the green grass below.The illustrations are drawn with watercolors with blues and greens being the primary colors. Blue is considered the color of the mind and is essentially soothing. The protesters and Martin are typically drawn in blue. Green is used in abundance during the scenes of hatred such as the White Only park and when Martin's house is shown when a bomb had been thrown in. By showing the marchers between these two colors on the title page it seems like they are trying to form a bridge between the two worlds.Persepective is used to great effect as Martin is almost always shown from the waist up. This gives the reader the sense of his powerful presence and how most of the world would see him since he was typically behind a podium speaking to audiences. The author also breaks the 4th wall when Martin's biography starts with him being around 10 in front of his house with his siblings, he is shown looking directly at the reader. This shows the reader that he seemingly knows that he is destined for great things and that a book is being read about his life. The second time this is used is when he is shown to be a minister as a teen. He looks at the reader with an amount of confidence that belies his age and the fact that he is speaking in front of a congregation of adults. The adults themselves seem moved and happy with him. When Martin is introduced in the book he is shown as an adult speaking powerfully in front of a podium. Typically the image would show the audience that he is speaking to but the illustration chooses to highlight the people who stand with him on stage. They are mostly men from different backgrounds and faith and some children as well. The audience is represented with a single fist in the corner of the image that seems to indicate that the audience stands united and is inspired and moved by Martin's words.By starting off the book with the marchers and Martin speaking on stage the reader is shown two of the things that Martin was known for: getting others to nonviolently protest, unite and march together and inspiring others by his speeches for civil rights. One moment that stands out in his life it the first time Martin experienced racism. One day his friends no longer want to play with him because he was black. The illustration depicted with this scene is in direct contrast to the text since it shows Martin huddling closely with his friends. This shows what a radical shit it was for him to learn about racism and how it hurt him personally. The following scene is filled with blue as his mother comforts him. They are both shown crying which may cause the reader to wonder why his mother was crying as well. This raises the idea of empathy and how racist comments make people feel.The following image shows how pervasive racism has become by showing a park with a WHITE ONLY sign shown up close in the foreground. The image shows white children playing on the teeter totters watching two black children playing on the swings. This shows how racist laws were affecting children everywhere directly. These laws further reinforced the idea in white children that they were better since they had access to the park and black children didn't.When Dr. King leads the biggest march of all the crowd is so large that they are represented by dots of the paint brush. The reader is shown a close up of Dr. King with the crowd in the background which further emphasizes how large of a crowd is in attendance.The last scene shows his funeral procession with the numerous crowd being depicted in shades of white. With the previous scenes being so filled with color, this absence of color makes the scene feel very solemn, quiet and respectful. Dr. King is surrounded with a hue of purple which is associated with royalty. Purple has also been known to evoke nobility, wisdom and dignity, which is fitting to honor Dr. King's life.Good nonfiction makes readers want to read and keep reading to learn more about their world. By highlighting specific moments in Dr. King's life the reader is able to briefly understand how he became the man that he was. This book is effective in helping animate Dr. King's life and creating a vivid and believable world. Hopefully the reader will learn the struggles that have come before and try to treat others as they would like to be treated.

  • Olivia Dettner
    2019-03-24 15:54

    This book is about Martin Luther King Jr's life and takes us throughout the journey of his life. It tells about how as a child his white friends were no longer aloud to play with him, how certain places did not allow black people, Rosa Parks, winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and other accomplishments. It shares his famous I Have A Dream speech and how his house was vandalized and his followers wanted to fight back, but he told them this must remain peaceful. He changed the world and this book does a beautiful job through its words and illustrations telling his story. This non-fiction picture book is a history story so it tells of a historic event of the past through its drawings. The lines are harsh and bold to emphasize the importance of each situation, like his house being vandalized and the "white only" signs. Many of the shapes have angular edges to show tension. His use of the color red during important parts of the story show anger,passion, and energy. This non--fiction book is a good way to engage students in learning about such an important person in our history while keeping them engaged from he artwork.

  • Alexa Esposito
    2019-03-12 12:55

    A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. explains the quest of the famous Dr. King in language all children will understand. The biography details the early life of Martin Luther King Jr. and follows him through his esteemed life as a preacher and equal rights activist. The story illustrates for children that famous people were normal kids, facing ordinary and very real issues; the very same issues some children still face today. The book is sure to provide very real insight to a young reader that is learning about the Civil Rights Movement and will certainly help them to relate to Martin Luther King Jr. beyond his national namesake holiday. The illustrations in this narrated nonfiction are very realistic and full of expression. The colors are subdued and engaging. The watercolor paintings depicting King and his family enhance the text and help to portray the personality and modesty of King. This is an excellent addition to the school library and is geared to more advanced readers.

  • Gina
    2019-03-18 20:07

    Any book about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is wonderful. This book is no exception. I even discovered some facts that I didn't know prior to reading. One fact is that young Martin finished high school and entered college at the age of 15! That's an impressive feat for a student of any color in today's age, but for a black young man in 1944, that's incredibly impressive! I love the fact that this book capitalizes on the fact that Dr. King was a peaceful man, and encouraged his followers to live peaceful lives, not lives of violence.I loved this book! The content is great, and the illustrations are beautiful. I plan to collect all of the picture book biographies by David Adler.This book would be good to read aloud to 2nd graders on up in a history class. It could also be used in a higher grade art class to show the wonderful watercolor art that is on each page of this beautiful book.