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Princess Emeralda a.ka. Emma isn't exactly an ideal princess. Her laugh is more like a donkey's bray than tinkling bells, she trips over her own feet and she does not like Prince Jorge, whom her mother hopes she will marry. But if Emma ever thought to escape her troubles, she never expected it to happen by turning into a frog! When convinced to kiss a frog so he might retuPrincess Emeralda a.ka. Emma isn't exactly an ideal princess. Her laugh is more like a donkey's bray than tinkling bells, she trips over her own feet and she does not like Prince Jorge, whom her mother hopes she will marry. But if Emma ever thought to escape her troubles, she never expected it to happen by turning into a frog! When convinced to kiss a frog so he might return to being a prince, somehow the spell is reversed and Emma turns into a frog herself! Thus begins their adventure--a quest to return to human form.Fascinating and hilarious characters ranging from a self-conscious but friendly bat to a surprisingly loyal snake and a wise green witch confirm that readers won't soon forget this madcap story. A fantastic debut from the talented E.D. Baker....

Title : The Frog Princess
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The Frog Princess Reviews

  • Kinga
    2019-04-18 18:07

    I like children's books and I am not even going to invent an excuse for reading this one. I read it because I wanted to. There.I read it because I wanted to read a story about a princess who kisses a frog. Things went slighlty wrong and the frog prince didn't turn into a human prince, instead the princess turn into a frog.And then they have a lot of adventures and epiphanies.I liked how the frog prince was bent on saving and protecting the princess but somehow was always either asleep or not around when the danger struck, and the princess had to take care of herself (Bella, you look and learn). There was a lot of humour in the book (a pretend witch was called Vannabe) and no one was exceptionally pretty, people were short, had big noses, etc. And definitely no one sparkled in the sun.On the other hand, there was a lot of bestiality in this book. I mean, human on frog action, then human and otter, there was also a hint of frog on snake thing. Apart from that, there was a prince who liked wearing women's shoes and apparently had really small feet (wink, wink). My, oh, my, just what exactly are we teaching our children?(Don't get me started on the naked nymph).

    2019-04-04 15:31


  • Sam :)
    2019-03-29 18:10

    Rating:(late review)The Frog Princess is one of those books that I read at the library just because I found it, loved, and then picked up every other book by the author. High recommendation for middle/elementary schoolers who love witty fantasy books! :)

  • Addie
    2019-04-12 21:22

    Princess Emerelda is not an ordinary princess at all. Her lagh is more like a croak, she is clumbsy, and dislikes being a princess. Her role model is her Aunt Grassina who is currently THE GREEN WITCH so she is also a witch in training.On one of her walks to the river she comes across a talking otter who is supposibly a prince of cource you know how it goes she gives him a kiss to turn him back into a prince, but what you don't know is that instead of turning the frog into a prince she turns into a frog! So the venture to find the witch who cast the spell on him in the first place meeting dragons, hungry birds ( who like eating frogs,) and bats? (Fantastic!)

  • Nikki
    2019-04-15 16:24

    The Frog Princess is one of my sister’s favourite comfort-reads, so it was the first thing she thought to recommend when I had a reading challenge prompt to read something recommended by a family member. It takes a generic medieval-ish setting (castles, royalty, witches), and the usual Frog Prince story, and gives it a little twist to complicate it. If you’ve seen Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, you know the basic twist — apparently, the film was somewhat based on this book, though my sister disagrees about the whole idea. (Setting is different, characters different, etc, etc.)It’s fun enough, though because it’s aimed at — well, I’m not good at judging: middle grade, perhaps? Whatever that means in British terms… — anyway, say middle grade, it’s pretty slight. It has a fairly clever and strong-minded heroine, who is not the perfect sort of princess — a princess who laughs in entirely the wrong way, and is clumsy about everything she does. That’s an okay role model for kids, even if the whole story basically rushes her towards adulthood and romance, whether she likes it or not.The main male character is mostly insufferable. Randomly demanding kisses, acting as entitled as they come, boastful… The romance itself, though it has some cute moments, fails to enchant me.In terms of other characters, there’s some interesting and funny stuff going on in the background, like the character of the snake and the bat. All in all, cute enough, though it’s not something I’ll come back to the way my sister does — wrong point in my life entirely for it to become charmingly nostalgic.Originally posted here.

  • Dani
    2019-04-03 20:16

    Ages: 12-100+Princess Emma would do nearly anything to get out of meeting with the pompous Prince Jorge. So when he comes for a visit, she hides out in the swamp and meets a frog that promises he's really a prince. Emma eventually agrees to kiss him so that he can regain his true form. Neither of them were prepared for her to turn into a frog instead. Emma soon learns that a frog's life, while it has its own rewards, is one fraught with danger. Outsmarting a witch that wants their toes and tongues, the castle dogs, a hungry otter, and a cantankerous swamp fairy, Emma does what it takes to return to her human size. Along the way she meets new friends and learns about the power of a kiss.I loved how this book took fairy tale conventions and turned them on their heads. It's a fun read, and Emma is an engaging character. I also liked learning what it would be like to be a frog. i never knew they swallowed by blinking before. :D E.D. Baker isn't afraid to torture her characters, which makes for some great reading.The only thing I would change about this is the tone. Sometimes it felt a little too modern for me. I like my fantasy to feel like it's from far away and long ago, but not archaic.I give this 5 stars

  • Jessica
    2019-03-29 18:37

    Would it surprise you if I told you that I read this just because I felt like it? No? Good. That means you know my reading style well! I love Middle Grade, I love fairy tales, and I can't resist anything that has a princess involved, so this book was something perfect for a quick read.I loved the fact that Princess Emeralda was a "I can do it myself" kind of girl, and that situations allowed her to do just that. I also very much appreciated the adorable twist that E.D. Baker put on the whole frog prince story, while still staying true to the feeling of the original. This was a sweet, quick read that was a lot of fun to listen to. It was just exciting enough, without being too scary, and actually really well paced. It helps, of course, that Katherine Kellgren narrates this audio book. I adore her voice, and this was no exception.To the surprise of no one, I didn't really love the prince. He was whiny, mostly self-centered, and rough to like. I suppose it was good that he was though, because his inability to really be front and center during any big moments made Emeralda shine! Still, that meant the romance didn't really work out for me, even though I knew it was the whole point of this fairy tale. I know this is Middle Grade, but I still maintain that a princess has every right to be picky! No one wants a whiny prince. *wink*Overall, this was a cute read with a lot of fun parts in it. This would be excellent for a bedtime read between parents and their kids!

  • Truly
    2019-04-23 19:10

    "Bersediakah kau mendapat kehormatan untuk menciumku?""Maaf, aku tidak tertarik mencium katak! "Lahir sebagai seorang putri tidak secara otomatis menjadikan Putri Emeralda seorang gadis yang anggun dan penuh percaya diri. Ia begitu kikuk di situasi-situasi sosial serta takut berbicara di depan umum. Sementara Pangeran Jorge begitu anggun, tampan dan egois. Wajar jika Emeralda merasa heran mengetahui mereka dijodohkan, tidak ada persamaan diantara mereka. Agar bisa menghindari perjodohan, Putri Emeralda pergi ke rawa-rawa.Putri Emeralda memang sering mengunjungi rawa-rawa. Siapa yang mengira kunjungannya saat itu malah membuatnya celaka. Alih-alih menghindar dari perjodohan dengan Pangeran Jorge, Putri Emeralda malah berubah menjadi seekor katak!Semula ia hanya ingin berbaik hati mencium seorang ups…. seekor katak jantan yang mengaku sebagai Pangeran Eadric. Seperti yang diyakini banyak orang, peyihir berhati jahat mengubah seorang pangeran tampan menjadi seekor katak. Untuk bsia kembali menjadi manusia, hanya butuh ciuman tulus seorang putri. Demikan juga dengan sang pangeran. Kebetulan putri yang ditemuinya adalah Puteri Emeralda.Mencium seekor katak memang tidak terlalu buruk bagi Putri Emeralda. Bibir si katak terasa dingin dan halus menekan bibirnya. Sensaninya tidak terlalu buruk. Namun yang terjadi sesudah itu yang membuat Putri Emeralda sangat terkejut.Sang putri merasa pening dan tidak bisa memfokuskan pengliatannya. Walau lambat laun bias, namun yang segalanya tampak berbeda. Warna-warna lebih indah dan bervariasi! Lubang hidungnya mengembang saat mencium bau sayuran busuk. Kakinya melekat pada tubuh yang gempal, pendek serta memiliki kulit burik berwarna hijau. Putri Emeralda berubah menjadi seekor katak!Bukan main kesalnya hati sang putri! Alih-alih menolong, malah ia celaka. Berubah menjadi katak juga. Sepasang pangeran dan putri yang menjadi katak bersatu bahu membahu mencari cara untuk menjadi manusia kembali. Namun jangan mengira, perjalanan mereka penuh dengan aneka adegan romantis dan sendu ! Walau mereka akrab karena merasa senasib, namun tetap saja tidak membuat mereka rukun. Baca saja adegan saat sang putri belajar menangkap lalat untuk pertama kali. (hal 53). Sang putri kesilitan menarik dan menggulung lidahnya yang keluar untuk menyambar lalat! Bukannya memberikan petujuk, Pangeran Eadric malah mentertawakannya. Atau bagaimaan kesalnya sang putri karena pangeran selalu merayu untuk mendapakan ciuman lagi, siapa tahu malah berubah menjadi manusia.Bagaimana saya tidak mau tertawa keras, melupakan sopan-santun! Membaca bagaimana Emeralda membersihkan kaki lalat kering yang tersangkut di bibir Eadrick sebelum menciumanya. Bayangkan bagaimana eskpersi wajah sang putri menahan jijik melihat Eadrick dengan santainya melalap lalat yang berterbangan, ih……..! Atau saat Eadrick dengan rakusnya memakan semua cacing yang diberikan oleh perempuan jahat. Kocak habis......!Namun seiring waktu, mereka mulai menjadi sahabat karib.Hari-hari menjadi katak telah mengajari Putri Emeralda banyak hal. Rawa-rawa sungguh tempat ajaib dimana kehidupan yang tua dapat berakhir dan kehidupan baru dapat mengalami berbagai ekjadian tak terduga, dimana teman dan pahlawan dapat muncul dalam berbagai wujud, di mana hidup bisa begitu indah, bahkan bagi seorang putri yang kikuk!Untung ada Bibi Grassina, bibi Putri Emeralda yang menjadi penyihir. dengan bantuannya, serta Fang juga Li'l mereke bisa mengatasi masalah yang ada. Sebentar.........,Siapa Li'l dan Fang?Apa hubungannya dengan berang-berang?Sudah... baca saja sendirinya...!============================Beberapa buku yang saya baca menceritakan bagaimana seorang penyihir jahat menyihir seorang panegran tampan menajdi katak. Di salah satu buku, malah katak itu hidup dari tahun 1900 sekian dan baru akibat keisengan seorang gadis, di tahun 2000 ia kembali menjadi manusia. Buku ini jelas sangat berbeda dengan yang lainnya.Buku ini membuat saya tertawa lepas! Saat menunggu waktu upacara dimulai di Depok, saya kembali membaca untuk menuntaskan buku ini. Bisa dibayangkan apa yang terjadi! Melihat saya tertawa lepas tida perduli orang sekitar, bebarapa rekan kerja tertarik untuk mengintip apa yang saya baca. Kami jadi tertawa bersama-sama. Hingga upaca berlangsung, beberapa rekan masih tertawa-tawa kecil mengingat hal lucu yang dibaca dalam buku ini. Kebetulan hal-hal yang saya anggap perlu dijadikan point dalam repiu saya beri tanda. Sehingga kami hanya perlu mencari halaman yang sudah diberi tanda dan tertawa lepas bersama-sama.Selesai upacara, gagal rencana saya untuk segera meluncur ke toko buku favorit saya. Rekan-rekan yang tadi mengintip buku saya kembali meminta saya menceritakan satu atau dua hal kocak yang ada dalam buku ini. Adu………..h! Seharusnya mereka membeli supaya bisa tertawa seperti saya!Saya percaya segala sesuatu memang sudah ada waktunya. Misalnya, saat saya merasa kesal kehujanan, lalu basah kuyup, kedinginan maka pasti sebuah paket dari Bapak dan Ibu Peri buku sudah ada sebagai obat pelipur lara. Hari Jumat yang lalu, sudah kehujanan, kedinginan, dua kali diturunkan dari angkot karena sepi penumpang, lalu sampai rumah mendapat kejutan yang tidak menyenangkan dari jagoan. Saat hendak menuju ke kamar mandi, di meja rias tergeletak 2 paket! Bayangkan 2 buah paket dari Bapak dan Ibu Peri! Sepertinya segala kesusahan terbayar sudah ^_^ Saya sungguh "Membeci" Trio kwek-kwek yang membuat buku ini sampai ke tangan saya …..!Jia, M Endah & Ida *kiss & hug*Thx …. Buku ini bener2 menghibur!

  • Linda
    2019-03-25 21:13

    Listened to this expanded fairy tale in the car on a road trip with the grandkids (girl and boy aged 9 & 11), and it was enjoyed by all. First of a series, 5 1/2 hrs long in audio form.

  • cookiemonger
    2019-03-28 17:23

    This book has a great idea behind it. It's a shame that the writing is so clumsy, and that its characters range from blah to toxically unlikeable. This, I'd have to blame on the stilted, impressively awful dialogue.I find it mystifying that some people have said that the vocabulary seems "above" or "beyond" the target audience. Maybe I'm a genius of vocabulary or something, but I thought that it was below the level of other books such as Redwall or even Fablehaven. Nothing against those people who did feel this way, it just strikes me as odd.Perhaps my biggest problem with this book was that it didn't seem dedicated to its own setting. Descriptive asides were out of place and clearly meant to dazzle without contributing much else. The main character didn't act like even a castle pet, let alone a princess. Her first person narrative just sounded like an obnoxious brat from a contemporary setting. I would not have been surprised if she had mentioned Justin Bieber or Twilight. A good deal of behaviours and reactions struck against my logic shield and fried, such as her early insistence that an unseen character is totally icky when we only ever have her word for it.In fact, her voice was so pervasive throughout that it rendered some characters female or genderless to me, as they merely sounded like her.I had had this book recommended to me from a reliable source. Maybe I just demand too much after reading The Enchanted Forest Chronicles fifty times. This book, and likely this series, does not compare.

  • Meg McGregor
    2019-03-28 18:16

    The Frog Princess is the first in a series of eight books! I have read this at least three times and just finished the fourth read!You know, it was better than all the other times I have read this book!In this story, Princess Emma goes into the swamp by her castle because she loves to explore it! The day the story begins, she is there as a way of avoiding her suitor, Prince Jorge (whom she absolutely deplores)! Little does she know that she will meet the love, I mean... the frog .... of her dreams!Prince Eadric was transformed into a frog because he said some rather unflattering comments to a witch. Not exactly the smartest thing to do as he finds out. He has been searching high and low for a princess to kiss him. And it is his lucky day because, after some very witty and humorous dialogue, he gets Emma to kiss him!But, Emma is wearing a bracelet that repels magic, given to her by her Aunt Grassina, the powerful and kind Green Witch! Instead of turning Eadric back to a prince, Emma becomes a frog!How they finally get back to their original selves is at times perilous, heartfelt, and very funny!I am already reading the next book in the series!

  • Megan Reilly
    2019-04-06 16:08

    A few days ago,I finshed reading an incredible story called, The Frog Princess. The book by E.D. Baker takes place in an enchanted kingdom. Emma, the main character, kisses a frog who claims he is a prince, his name was Eadric. There were many bumps along the way for Emma and Eadric. For example, Emma kissed Eadric and turned herself into a frog! In order to turn the both of them back they needed to find the witch who put the spell on Eadric. They also met many new friends like Li'l Stinker, a bat, and Fang, a snake. I loved the book. It makes you fell like you are in the medievil times! I also found myself wanting my own prince charming!!! This book is a great story for children. It will sweep them off there feet! I give the book a 100% A+!!

  • emma
    2019-03-26 15:07

    3.8/5this was my favorite series in late elementary school, so when the new editions were put on book outlet i couldn't pass up. i'm so glad that i genuinely enjoyed this book the second time around, instead of being irritated/bored/embarrassed i ever liked it. this book is cute and smart and fun, and such a unique and more girl-powery twist on a traditional fairytale. i'm very glad i read these books in elementary school, though i'm not sure if i want to reread the rest of the series. (it is still for nine year olds after all, and that can reflect!)

  • Abigail
    2019-04-13 22:30

    Princess Emma believes she is the worst princess and witch in all of Greater Greensward, and when she is told she has to marry a shellfish prince she runs of into a swamp only to find a frog who claims he is a prince and a kiss from her would turn him human again. But after a kiss from the prince she turns into a frog. So they go off on an adventure to turn human again!They make Eadric look like a pig in some parts yet in other parts he's sweet as can be. I recommend this book to girls who are into fantasy and don't mind Frogs.

  • Sonja P.
    2019-03-29 16:17

    This would be perfect for a younger reader. Its a fun take on a traditional fairy tale, and Baker has a fun sense of humor. It would definitely be great for 8 years up and older, as the tone is pretty innocent. I would also recommend it to people who are fans of Ella Enchanted, where the fairy tale is turned on its head in a way that makes the girl more active in the story.I think I hit this one a little late, which is why its three stars for me, but I would definitely give it to a younger reader, or someone who really loves reinvented fairy tales.

  • Gabi Benevides
    2019-04-01 23:21

    I love this book since I was little so I can't give it less than five stars, even with the little things that annoy me. I'm guessing this is E. D. Baker's first book (or one of the first ones) because of the speed of the plot. Hm, not sure about how to explain this. But the rhythm of the story is really quick, without a big development or explanations. It reminds me of my first stories. Nothing wrong with that, just pointing out my thoughts about it. It's always a pleasure to read it again.

  • Stella☢FAYZ☢ Chen
    2019-04-10 15:26

    This was such a cute read and it brought me back to days where romance was actually readable. Love stories doesn't have to involve the guy leaving you because he fears for you, nor the fact that you are a loser that gets swept off your feet by your handsome, "mysterious" lover. That's cheesy.When everything use to be simple and sweet, I actually enjoy the adventure-love stories, foe example this one.

  • Kimberly
    2019-04-05 15:15

    This book was about Emma, a princess who's told to marry Prince Jorge which which she doesn't want to, so she runs away and kisses a frog who says he's Prince Eadric and Emma turns into a frog too. Both Emma and Eadric go through lots of stuff together and in the end everything goes alright. It made me feel happy that because everything went alright. I learned that u can do lots of stuff if you work together. I would recommend this book to everybody cause it's a fun book.

  • Isabel
    2019-04-21 18:16

    I adored this series when I was very little -- around 2nd and 3rd grade. ;)

  • Haley S
    2019-04-17 20:35

    Very good series for all girls! I LOVED it!

  • Katy Noyes
    2019-04-17 17:12

    Great example of a fresh fairy tale, funny and charming charactersI haven't tried any E. D. Baker before, though I've seen lots of these books in the library. I finally tried this on audiobook and thoroughly enjoyed the easy listen. It's not one I think my son (aged 6) will enjoy, being, not only about a princess, but about (eurgh!) kissing, getting married, and boy-girl relationships. Emerelda (Emma) is the princess of the title, who does NOT want to get married as her mother expects, or become a witch as her aunt (a witch herself) wishes. And she CERTAINLY doesn't want to kiss the frog she finds in the swamp, as he requests. But when she gives in and tries to turn him back into human form, it goes wrong and Emma becomes a frog herself. She and Eadric go on an adventure to attempt to turn them back back into their true selves. Eadric is annoying, eats flies, and won't stop talking about kissing. Can they work together and find a happy ending?While this is a primary/lower secondary school read, it's very entertaining and is aimed well at the target market, with talking animals, lots of escapes and thrills, light romance, some good discussions about women and their roles.A fairly short read, with particular appeal to girls aged 10-13. Plays with the usual conventions of fairy tales and makes the princess so much more rounded, with an atypical prince to root for as well.

  • Seraphina
    2019-04-16 15:26

    The last Time I read this I must have been 12 or 13...jeez that's a decade ago, I'm so old ^.^ I had bought one of the books in the series and then realized it was number 3 instead of this one, I read it anyway and loved it so I went to the library and toke out the whole series and loved it. The Frog Princess is about an awkward princess who meets a frog prince, she kisses him and turns into a frog herself. This is definitely one of my favorite retellings of the Frog Prince, its original, cute and has talking animals. What more could a girl want? oh yeah, romance. it's not in your face all the time, but Emma and Eadric really have that spark, it just made me smile all the time.This was a good coming of age story too, Emma is everything a princess is not. She's clumsy, got a laugh like a donkey, and she's a witch who screws up most of the time. She really finds herself as she travels and gets through the many obstacles of returning to a human. Eadric was just adorable, he would brag only to blush, he made the most of being a frog, and since he was one for a long time it really showed off his mental strength. Overall this was a really cute story that I'd read to my kids, it just goes to show that sometimes the simple "happily ever after " stories are the best.

  • Rebecca Ray
    2019-03-24 21:08

    My ten year old daughter loves the books in this series and suggested that I read them, so I began reading the first one. . . My thoughts for the first 100 pages were mostly that I was getting too old to enjoy this kind of fiction. Then, the story improved and I ended up enjoying it. Emalee has already asked me to read the next one so we "can talk about it." :-)

  • Loretta Marchize
    2019-04-14 17:20

    I read this series at the library a few years back and I LOVED it! The Frog Princess is an amazing book. You fall right in love with the main characters, Emma and Eadric. The book left me wanting more- and there is more! I would defiantly recommend this book- in fact, if you are reading this you probably are considering this book or are my friend- so read it!

  • Liahona
    2019-04-08 19:36

    I liked the book more than the movie :)

  • Drew Graham
    2019-04-12 19:13

    (Probably 3.5, if I'm being completely honest, but it was pretty fun and overall painless so I bumped it up a bit.)Emeralda is a princess, but being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be. Faced with the unpleasant prospect of being forced to marry the self-absorbed (and ladies' shoe-obsessed) Prince Jorge, she finds an unlikely confidante in a frog in the nearby swamp who claims to be an enchanted prince himself. Emma decides to finally give into his relentless requests to kiss him, but for some the charm backfires in a way neither of them could have expected. Emma and Eadric now must travel to find the witch who cursed the prince in the first place, in a desperate attempt to get them both back to normal (though this frog thing does have its unexpected perks...).In my research for The Frog Prince for my Disney source material read-through I discovered that Disney's The Princess and the Frog was actually largely based on THIS story, and not just the original fairy tale (which, after reading, I can definitely see), and they even go so far as to credit this book and author in the end titles of the movie. I thought this was a pretty fun retelling of a familiar fairy tale. It took the key elements and kept the message and basic plot points intact, but turned them a little on their head to keep it fresh and interesting. Emma and Eadric are both pretty likeable, and do something that a LOT of books these days just can't seem to do -- make their characters bicker but not be too unpleasant. Too many books push the banter too far and it just gets annoying (not to mention that the hate/love story comes off as unrealistic), but these two seem like they're frustrated and occasionally vexed with each other, but are still fairly pleasant people not-too-deep down. The story was a simple and fairly predictable, but it was a fun journey, and the side characters that gather around throughout keep things interesting, and even provide a couple of little twists that you don't even realize were twists. It wasn't deep or life-changing or anything, but it was fun fairy tale fluff, harmless and literary enough for young readers. I did think that the sort of contemporary vibe seemed not to work so well sometimes, and took me a little out of the setting, but eh, I was willing to go along with it considering the style and genre. I thought the green thing throughout the kingdom was pretty clever, and the writing was readable and not weighed down with too many details or overlong traveling. And considering that the main characters spend most of the book as fairly realistically-presented amphibians (and considering my lifelong phobia of frogs -- I know, it's ridiculous, but hey, with some people it's snakes or spiders, with me it's frogs), they were pretty charming.As an adaptation, I think Disney did as good a job as they usually do (which is to say, pretty good). They took the basic story and added their own brand of magic, as well as setting and time period and take on the "princess," and voila, it's a masterpiece. Part of me thought a more faithful retelling of the book might be fun to see animated or filmed, but the other part thinks that the changes they made were pretty great, so I'll gladly take it. It's also likely that my love of the Disney movie had something to do with my enjoyment of this book (though I have read the source material for other beloved films that I just didn't care for, so maybe not). It could be that Disney's take doesn't seem as original when you know it's based on this one, but they still definitely made it their own.Apparently Disney's (fantastic) The Princess and the Frog is based more on this (not quite as fantastic) book than on the original fairy tale, which makes sense when you know the premise. As a book this wasn't the most incredible thing ever, but for a fairy tale retelling it was fun and fluffy and just right in a lot of ways (length, number of characters, interaction between the heroine and hero). Apparently this is the first in a series, and I actually wouldn't mind reading more of it one day, particularly the prequel. Cheers to a book that somehow made me care about frogs.

  • Maggie (Raindrop Reads)
    2019-04-05 17:33

    I picked this one up on Monday when I was bored out of my mind. I couldn't go to the book store that morning, and I had this book just sitting in my closet. I remembered how much I had adored this series when I was a little kid, so I picked up the book and began to read. Princess Emeralda (Emma for short) is the princess, and sole heir, of her kingdom, Greater Greensward. Emma is no normal princess, and she would much rather spend time in the swamp that's right next to her castle than doting on dresses and hairstyles. Her mother often tries to primp her and create a perfect princess, so Emma spends far more time with her Aunt Grassina than her mother. Her Aunt Grassina is the Green Witch, the most powerful and kindest witch in the kingdom. Grassina loves to spend time with Emma, always encouraging Emma to use her magic, though Emma isn't very good, so she doesn't practice very often.Always trying to make her daughter into a "proper princess," she invites Prince Jorge of East Aridia to visit the castle for a day to give Emma some royal company. Emma heads to the swamp to avoid the awkward encounter. Upon entering the swamp, Emma encounters a talking frog who claims to be Prince Eadric of Upper Montevista. He tells her that a witch turned him into a frog and that the only way to return to his princely state is to receive a kiss from a princess. After constant badgering, she finally agrees, and kisses Eadric. But rather than Eadric becoming Human, when Emma opens her eyes, she has become a frog.From there, Emma and Eadric must figure out how to return to their human forms, making a few animal friends along the way.I found Emma to be a very annoying main character in this book. She was fairly whiny, though not the whole time (thank goodness). She could have been a lot more agitating, but she also could have been a LOT better. Oh well. However annoying the main character was, it still wasn't a bad children's story. One of the best things about reading children's fiction is that there's no cursing, so it was very clean in addition to the fact that the story line wasn't bad. It was a little cliche with the whole "frog princess" thing, but it still had an original plot and it wasn't a bad read.Either way, it wasn't bad for nostalgia purpose (a fun re-surfacing of my childhood), and it also had a story line that was interesting enough to make me read the sequels.

  • Becky
    2019-04-22 15:17

    This is another book that has been on my TBR pile for a very long time. I finished Princess Diaries part 3 whilst in my lunch break at work and had left book 4 at home, so I grabbed this from my tray and sat down with it. I was halfway after 40 minutes so decided to bring it home with me to finish.Princess Emeralda or Emma as she likes to be called is a real princess, although she doesn't act like one, her laugh is loud and invasive, she is clumsy and ungraceful. And she doesn't want to marry the man her mother has chosen for her. Her aunt is a Green Witch who is quite powerful, but Emma seems to make a mess of any spells she casts.When out hiding from her suitor, Emma walks to the swamp, whilst there she runs into a frog. Shocked when it speaks to her she runs away. But the next day she is curious and goes back. The frog asks her for a kiss explaining he is a Prince under a witches curse. At first she doesn't believe him but then her mother announces that she is organizing Emma's wedding to stuck up Jorge, so Emma figures there isn't much to lose and so kisses the frog. This doesn't work out as planned either - instead of turning the Prince back, Emma ends up as a frog. Together they set out to find a way to break the spell.I've only read one book by E.D Baker before and didn't really like it, but in this one I really liked her writing style and voice and felt myself pulled into the story. I knew a bit about the story before hand but not a lot, so I went in with an open mind.I liked Emma, she was someone that I felt you could relate too. Not sure of herself or what she is meant to be. Always feeling like she is letting others down but with an inner strength. The Prince is quite full of himself at first but shows a deeper side and starts to soften towards Emma, and becomes really caring. Their adventures are quite exciting and there are many twists and turns. A very easy read, children would love the magic and adventure and those slightly older would appreciate the love story. A great read. I am going to read the rest of the series now. I am hooked.

  • Eustacia Tan
    2019-04-07 19:10

    The Frog Princess is a re-telling of yes, you've guessed it, The Frog Prince. In case you don't know the story (after all, the Disney Movie Version is new, and is also a retelling), here's how it goes:A princess loses her golden ball (which means she's probably a child), a frog promises to get her golden ball back for her if she'll take him in, let him eat from her dish and kiss him. She agrees, breaks her promise, but the frog finds her anyway (scary). And her dad makes her carry out her promise. By the end of the story, the frog turns into a handsome prince and everyone's happy (he must have taken a long time to find her, since she was probably a child when she met him).In this retelling, the princess (Emma) turns into a frog as well (This is kinda like the Disney version, but in the Disney version, the princess isn't a royal by birth. And voodoo is involved - Oh wait, Wikipedia just told me that the Disney version is based on this book. Oops.). The two of them have to work together to find a way to get back to normal.Personally, I loved the characters in this series. Emma is a good first-person narrator - she's engaging and brings you over to her side almost right away. Prince Eadric is an interesting character - he's annoying at first (well, we do see the book through Emma's eyes), but as Emma warms up to him, so do we.This book is actually the first in a series of books. I think I read them a few years back (when Aunty Florence lent them to me), so I'm really interesting in finding the rest of them and re-reading them again!Note: This book was read for the Fairy-Tales Retold reading challenge.This review was first posted to

  • Lucy A. March
    2019-04-22 19:37

    The best word I can use to describe this book is simply CUTE.It succeeds at being a cute series opener and a charming little "royalty turned into frogs/talking animals" magicy adventure, but adds little else. Emma was a likable main character and I was interested in her and her family curse (which we don't learn about until near the end -- an issue I will get into in the next paragraph) enough to want to read the rest of this series. My biggest problem with this book is its pacing. Like, for plot-related reasons, I can understand why some of it happened the way it did, but the pacing still didn't feel RIGHT. It sped up and slogged so much I felt like I was in a car with a bad driver who kept stopping short then speeding up to 100 mph at random moments. Maybe if this were a longer book it wouldn't have been so jarring but something this short really shouldn't be paced that way. Also, even though I GET why the author did it that way, I don't like that something as important to the series as the family curse doesn't come in until near the end of the book. I GET it, and honestly I don't KNOW how I would have changed it if it were MY writing, but I just don't LIKE it that way.That said, I'm REALLY sad this book got made into a movie as lame as "The Princess and the Frog" having nothing whatsoever to do with the original plot or characters. This book would have made a WONDERFUL animated film (it had a lot of fun imagery well suited to Disney film styles), instead we get a story about some girl who wants a restaurant and the worse, most frightening musical number in Disney history. Forget bold mountain! Friends on the other side makes my skin crawl! Kind of recommended, I guess.