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aka "Household Tales of the Brothers Grimm"This text includes ALL Grimm's fairy tales and children's legends. Margaret Hunt's translation is very true to the German original....

Title : grimm s fairy tales the complete collection
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ISBN : 6521970
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grimm s fairy tales the complete collection Reviews

  • Kyla E.
    2019-02-11 05:56

    This book is about original fairy tales like Cinderella, The Fox and The Cat, The Hare and the Hedgehog, Rapunzel, The Twelve Brothers, and all the other original stories. This book is good if you have a few minutes to spare because of how short, but simple, the stories are. The longest story in the book was about 4-5 pages. I really like how each original story is short and simple, but each one is also different. This book kept me guessing at what really happened to disney characters such as Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Snow White. I liked how they punished the evil guys in different creative ways. (even though it can be gruesome) I also liked how each of the stories ended. I also favor all the other original stories that I haven't heard about yet. (maybe disney can put their own twist on some of them) I sometimes disliked some of the words because I didn't understand them. Because most the stories are so short, I sometimes had to re-read the longer, 3-4 pages stories. I was so used to reading through the 2 paged stories that I rushed through the 3-4 paged ones. I wasted a bit more time than expected, but when I had to stop in the middle of the story because I rushed through it, it made me wanna restart the story again. Overall, if you have a few minutes in your day, this book is good to read. There are many good, original stories.

  • Nerdish Mum
    2019-01-31 03:58

    There are 1744 pages in this book. I have been slowly reading a few pages every day or so since September 2014, so this has been a labour of love reading through all the old stories. Though many story were just retellings of the same moral, it was good to see the different variations. I enjoyed my journey and I recommend anyone to do this at some point

  • Connor Ashcraft
    2019-02-16 00:02

    Cinderella:A young girl by the name of Cinderella is forced to live with her evil step mom and step sisters due to her father’s passing, leaving her being treated like a servant. On the night of the ball she asks her step mother if she could attend and was told no because she had nothing to wear and was hideous. After being distraught about the answer her fairy god mother appears and grants her all she needs to go, so she does. There she catches the eye of the prince and they have a lovely time together. But the magic spell from the godmother wore off at midnight, which left Cinderella having to end her night before she could tell the prince anymore about her life. Only leaving a glass slipper in memory of that night for the prince. So in wanting to find her again he sets out for all the girls in the kingdom and has them try the slipper on to see if it fits, because only then will he find the maiden again. After a long journey he makes his way to Cinderella’s home where her sisters attempted to try on the slipper, only leaving there feet bloody from it not fitting. Once Cinderella tries and it fits the prince asks for her hand in marriage. At the wedding, Cinderella’s two sisters get their eyes plucked out in return for the cruel behavior she showed her their whole lives.

  • Karen
    2019-02-14 06:01

    While I enjoyed going back to reading fairy tales, their is a reason we read them as children .However that being said, I was intrigued with the original telling of these tales versus our Disney versions. I believe the originals taught us morals that were whitewashed inour updated versions.

  • Jameelah L
    2019-02-18 23:00

    an excellent mysteriose thing.

  • Erica
    2019-02-02 07:04

    Excellent unable to put it down

  • Amanda
    2019-01-20 23:04

    Quite different from what we know today as fairy tails