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Sometimes Dean is too hard-headed for his own good, and his brother, Neil, warns that he's about to make a huge mistake. But when Dean refuses to back out of a Mediterranean vacation with the ex, he finds his stubborn ass stranded on a desert island. Hopefully the gorgeous, naked guy he discovers on the beach knows what Dean needs to get over the ex once and for all.Neil hSometimes Dean is too hard-headed for his own good, and his brother, Neil, warns that he's about to make a huge mistake. But when Dean refuses to back out of a Mediterranean vacation with the ex, he finds his stubborn ass stranded on a desert island. Hopefully the gorgeous, naked guy he discovers on the beach knows what Dean needs to get over the ex once and for all.Neil has his own issues. Destiny, the cosmos, and God-knows-what-else seem to have it in for him when it comes to romance. He's too scared to a take a chance until the klutzy stripper at his birthday party reminds him how sweet love can be. The one catch? His new honey is named Jinx for a reason...Things aren't much easier for their friends. Nathan has the hots for his tragically hetero roommate, and the two designers working for Neil's magazine are so caught up in professional rivalry they don't notice the sexual tension getting ready to go Pompeii between them!With eight quirky, beautiful boys and four chances for romance in this collection of interlocking stories about love, sex, and polyester rabbit's feet, it's going to be a hot summer.Publisher's Note: This book is a re-edited, revised compilation of several short stories previously released by another publisher and includes one new story. It also contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices....

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Beautiful Boys Reviews

  • Breann
    2019-03-30 11:17

    I don't really have much to say about this book. It wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't good. Each chapter focused on a new couple (all couples were somehow loosely related to another) so by the time I was somewhat invested it was a new chapter and new-ish characters. Meh.

  • Kassa
    2019-04-05 17:33

    This book is actually a series of four short stories with connecting characters. Mostly erotica with a hint of romance and set up thrown into each one, the language is explicit and includes a plethora of synonyms for cock. That creative imagery aside, these short stories have some potential but they are too short to deliver a solid romantic connection and the erotica overwhelms the book. If you’re looking for something short, fun, sexy, and easy to read without much depth (other than the obvious) ~ this is the perfect summer read for that.The four-chapter book is divided into one chapter per couple. The first story is about Dean and his anonymous lover whom he meets on a deserted island. As Dean is struggling not to give in and have sex with his selfish ex, he meets a gorgeous naked islander that entices Dean into a mid-day romp. Once finished, the islander runs off (literally) and although Dean chases him, he’s left returning to the island in hopes of finding his perfect lover again. This short, fun story is filled with explicit erotica. There is a short setup to the characters and scene but the majority of time is spent on the sex itself. The language used is very subjective for some as the numerous references to pole, meat, knob, and so on may or may not be sexy to readers. There is a belated happy ending in the epilogue of the book so romance fans don’t worry; there is a HEA even if it’s incredibly weak and presented later.The second chapter focuses on the characters a bit more as Neil, Dean’s brother, meets his dream man at Neil’s 30th birthday party. Jinx is attempting an Officer Nasty stripper routine when predictably an accident happens and Neil breaks an expensive mirror, promising seven years of bad luck. Neil’s superstitious personality blends with Jinx’s clumsy demeanor as the two struggle to finally get together. Both men must overcome their individual fears and difficulties, ultimately simplifying their lives in happy order. These two are cute together and whimsical, even introducing a fake rabbit’s foot for good luck. There is less erotica in this offering and more of the characters, which helps, but there is still some hot, fun sexing between these two.The third quick chapter focuses on Jinx’s ex-boyfriend, Nathan, and Nathan’s long time love interest and roommate, Gabe. Gabe of course is presumed to be straight and Nathan has a bit of an odd fetish about wearing Gabe’s dirty underwear. The fetish and secret desire come out during a late night attempt to help Gabe’s calculus grade to happy results. The dirty underwear fetish was unattractive, especially since Nathan admits he jerked off and soiled the pair of bikinis even more before re-wearing, but overall the two have explosive, hot sex on an old leather couch. This quick, dirty and fun tale is short enough to tantalize and has enough sex not to leave you wanting.The final chapter focuses on Andy and Luke, interns at Neil’s place of work. These two fiery personalities can’t seem to work together and their egos butt heads even as their libidos want to be butting something else. When their angry fights take on an erotic tone, the two decide to fight their battles in the bedroom instead of the boardroom. The hot, intense, rough and rowdy sex is sure to get your blood pumping just as it did for Andy and Luke. Their relationship has spark and fire, which is likely to never mellow, but create some interesting benefits to working together.All couples are given happy endings with a brief epilogue showing all eight men in love and bliss. The writing is decent but mostly meant to entice and the focus is clearly on the sex in these short stories. They’re fun, entertaining, and varying levels of sexy and erotic depending on reader enjoyment but for a light summer read, this delivers on that aspect. There is not much to any of the men beyond superficial personalities and brief sketching and more time is spent on the description of various cocks, huge members, large poles, shining glans, and throbbing knobs. So if you’re looking for that, pick this up and you get the stunning cover art as well.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-04-21 13:14

    Beautiful Boys is exactly what the title promises, a collection of short stories on young and cute beautiful boys whose main trouble in life is find someone to have a fling with, and obviously hot and naughty sex. Even better if after the sex there is also the romance, and a forever love story, it is always nice to see the pretty boys being happy together.The first story is about Dean, just dumped by his lover, who stubbornly decides to go with the ex on the previously planned holiday in Greece; more than an broken heart, Dean is nursing a frustrating lack of sex, and when he finds on a desert island an handsome, young and naked boy, there is only time enough to ask him the name and they start to have sex right away.At home, Dean's brother, Neil, has a chronically fear of fate and destiny, and for this reason he doesn't like birthday parties: having someone wish you the best is like calling bad luck. But his co-workers have other idea, and during an impromptu party at Neil's house, they hire a quite clumsy stripper, Jinx, who, accident after accident, causes Neil to break a mirror: seven years of bad luck! but if Jinx is near him to help spending the time, and if they manage to not kill each other with stupid accident, well maybe Neil has found is better luck with the worst lucky man ever.Jinx's childhood friend and former boyfriend Nathan is happy for his friend, but he is also a bit envious: also him would like to find his dream man, or better he would like for his dream man to realize he is there. Nathan has a crush on his roommate Gage, but the man is straight... or not?And in the end, Nathan's friend and also Neil's coworker, Andy, is still daily fighting with his colleague Luke: they are both young and talented, and obviously attracted to each other, but instead of steaming off the desire through sex, they feed it with job's competitiveness. They have only to find the right occasion out of a job contest to realize that it's better to use that fire during sex instead.Dean and Neil's stories are the two with a bit of plot, even if I wouldn't have minded to read something more on Dean and Nico after their first encounter, while I have some info on Dean and his past, Nico seems really to come out from nowhere, he has no past history and I had the feeling he was like a some magical creature born from the sea foam (but don't get me wrong, there is nothing paranormal in the story). Neil's story main focus instead is the bad luck of Neil and the even badder luck of Jink, like a mathematical theory, two negative give a positive and so maybe the two together are perfect. Both Dean and Neil are around thirty years old, and their lover barely twenty, so there is also a bit of may / december feelings in their stories.The other two couples, Nathan and Gage, and Andy and Luke, are nothing more than a nice sex scene. All four couples together work just fine to give an idea of a bunch of beautiful boys with very few trouble in life, a supporting and happy family environment, where they can continue to live like in a forever beach party.

  • Shana
    2019-04-03 11:33

    Beautiful Boys is actually four related stories; each chapter is dedicated to a separate couple, after a short prologue to introduce the characters.Getaway: Dean planned a spectacular getaway to Greece with his boyfriend, Stephen. Plans probably should have changed when Dean found Stephen in bed with another man but, though they broke up, it's the principle of the thing: Dean is taking that vacation. Things go awry when Stephen strands Dean on a deserted island, which isn't so deserted after all.Jinx: Neil just wants his birthday on Thursday, the unluckiest day of the week, to be over. Discovering that his coworkers have arranged a surprise party--complete with stripper--at Neil's apartment does not help. Things go from bad to worse when a stripping mishap results in seven years of bad luck for Neil. Or is it good luck after all?Calculus and Condoms: Nathan and Gage have been college roommates for years. All that time, Nathan has been harboring an unrequited crush on Gage. It takes the threat of Gage failing Calculus to propel Nathan into action--even if the action is breaking into the professor's office to steal the answer key. Little does Nathan know that he'll be finding answers to more than Calculus questions.Designing Love: Andy and Luke are both design interns at a magazine, and they're constantly at each others' throats--they can't even agree to disagree. When Luke makes a change to one of Andy's projects without consulting him, it's more than Andy can take. Finding that he can't even escape Luke at the neighborhood bar, Andy may just have to face a few hard truths.Of the four, my favorite is probably Jinx, for all that I find Jinx's bad luck a wee bit contrived. I like the build-up, the fact that there's quite a bit of story before they fall into bed together. I like cranky!superstitious!Neil despite myself, and the easy chemistry between him and Jinx is charming. Not that the other stories aren't appealing--they've got conflict, they've got reparation, they've got sweet, sweet mansex. What more could you need?My few quibbles are more in the author's style than anything. Some of the euphemisms make me snicker (I don't know why, but 'knob' amuses me endlessly.) and there are an awful lot of gaping holes. Some of the descriptors are not to my taste enough that they actually threw me out of the story to wonder over their choice. Overall, though, while my immersion wasn't complete, it was still a great distraction.Although I usually prefer longer stories, these were still a joy, with a good blend of story and sex. There are definitely worse ways to pass time.

  • Bookivore
    2019-04-21 14:35

    I actually rated this book 3 and 1/2 stars but rounded it up to 4.It was an entertaining read, nothing more and nothing less. It's not the kind of book that remains memorable even several years after. But it's enjoyable nonetheless. I liked the characters and the concept of 4 mini stories entwined with each other. I especially liked Neil and Jinx, they were so sweet. The characters had chemistry and their relationships were well developed. Except for Dean and Nico. Their story was written more like a PWP. There's nothing wrong with that, but it seemed odd in comparison to the others.

  • Kendra T
    2019-04-16 13:26

    This was really 4 mini-stories of guys that connect in some way, but they are so short that it really doesn't give enough insight into any of them to make me fall in love with them. After the first chapter/story, I felt I was just left hanging, waiting to find out more and felt that the connection at the end of the book for all of them fell flat.

  • pbj
    2019-04-01 18:14

    Anne Cain writes well, so it feels like there is more to the stories than there actually is. They are sweet, lightly connecting and end with a sappy, happy kumbaya. I especially enjoyed Neil and Jinx - a lot said with an economy of words.And, oh that cover... Yum.

  • Eyre
    2019-04-06 15:23

    This short collection of vignettes makes a nice read when you need something light and fast.