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BAMF Nightcrawler's back, but for how long?As a badly injured Kurt lies on the brink of death, moments of his life flash before his eyes. Unfortunately, these memories are not how he remembered. Is his past a lie? Could the sins of his murderous brother be paid for by Nightcrawler? Or is Kurt actually responsible for atrocities even he finds unspeakable?Collecting: NightcrBAMF Nightcrawler's back, but for how long?As a badly injured Kurt lies on the brink of death, moments of his life flash before his eyes. Unfortunately, these memories are not how he remembered. Is his past a lie? Could the sins of his murderous brother be paid for by Nightcrawler? Or is Kurt actually responsible for atrocities even he finds unspeakable?Collecting: Nightcrawler 7-12...

Title : Astonishing X-Men: Nightcrawler, Volume 2: The Winding Way
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ISBN : 9780785118183
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 144 Pages
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Astonishing X-Men: Nightcrawler, Volume 2: The Winding Way Reviews

  • Traci
    2019-03-16 05:29

    I'm reading reviews of this and the previous volume... "the nurse isn't realistic enough/there's too much fantasy/it's too unbelievable" seems to continually pop up. I'm sorry, but if you're looking for realism, you should probably AVOID the books with the fuzzy blue teleporter on the cover.

  • Artur Coelho
    2019-03-19 06:29

    Na continuação da sua série em nome individual, Nightcrawler irá debater-se com a sua história pessoal, revisitando a sua infância e adolescência, os tempos antes de se tornar um X-Man, e a história das ligações ao oculto da sua família adoptiva. A maga cigana que o adotou, vidente num circo bávaro, e a sua filha, irmã adotiva e também ex-namorada de Nightcrawler, estão ligados a forças sobrenaturais perigosas para uma humanidade da qual se tornam guardiãs. E o herói guarda dentro de si, sem o saber, um artefacto determinante para o triunfo das forças do mal. Torna-se por isso alvo dos mais violentos ataques de criaturas sobrenaturais, que culminará num violento combate nos pântanos da Flórida em que até Man-Thing participará, e onde Wolverine será dominado por demónios. Aguirre-Sacasa toma a opção inteligente de interligar os acontecimentos das aventuras interiores nesta linha narrativa, num final onde o demoníaco vilão Mephisto se revela como mais um agente das forças ocultas que irão usar a Terra como campo de batalha terminal do mal contra o bem. Sem ser extraordinária, é uma leitura divertida em que o género super-heróis é coberto pelo horror sobrenatural. Aguirre-Sacasa faz belíssimos argumentos de terror dentro dos comics tradicionais, e lêem-se aqui algumas das sementes que germinaram posteriormente nas suas impensáveis séries para a Archie Comics, Afterlife With Archie e Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, que reconstroem a iconografia do comic de humor com teenagers dentro das tropes do horror e sobrenatural com toques lovecraftianos. Só um pormenor, que me deixou surpreendido. Se Nightcrawler foi, como sabemos desde sempre, uma atracção de circo na Baviera, como é que os visitantes do circo pagavam dólares para o ver?

  • Andre
    2019-03-04 03:24

    Here is once again a problem I have with how Nightcrawler is written:As he apparently doesn't remember... "stuff" (it is pretty inconsistent) Prof. X and Mystique appear before his mental eye and she tells him about his teleportation. Why? Why her? I can understand Prof. X, but shouldn't Kurt's actual mother Margali be the one standing there and reminding him? Well of course not, because they share no genes, so why should she be important right? Why indeed?And if this wasn't enough, we got the same "Bavarian" mob again, and not only do they have torches again, but their clothes... some of them wear cowboy hats, one has a hat that looks like no hat I ever saw from German history. And if this weren't enough, Germany is "the dark country" for him. Thanks Marvel, why don't you just write "Germany sucks" into the comic?Plus the picture shows no buildings so calling it "Winzeldorf" is pretty misleading. And apparently "Stephan" (not "Stefan" anymore apparently) is there, but again, not Kurt's mother.And what is with that black horse? Do they want to hint towards his "gypsy status" that way? Wouldn't surprise me, considered those completely inaccurate clothes that Stephan has.And when they finally feature Margali, it is with her stereotypical gypsy attire. And not to mention that the caravan behind her has a wheel out of wood and metal.... Apparently the artists did not bother to update that, something that was already out of date when Kurt was first introduced. And why? No idea, since they had rewritten his background several times already. At least they show her as someone who actually loves Kurt. However, nonetheless, the writer and thereby Kurt, refers to his mother simply as "the gypsy sorceress Margali Szardos" and they say the circus he grew up in, which is in Winzeldorf (Bavaria), is in the Black Forest, even though the Black Forest is in Baden-Württemberg and not Bavaria.And after they changed his brother's name already, they now call him "Stephen" instead of "Stephan." One time I asked myself what is more ridiculous. The stereotypical gypsy attire, the fact that all three gypsies have magic in their blood? How this claims Kurt knew of his powers even before Jimaine's fall (unlike what the 1997 story claimed)? Or "Stephen's" draw to the dark? Hard to choose. I still didn't make a choice.And according to this story, Kurt knew before that he could not just go outside? Or does all of this happen after the cinema episode of the 1997 comic? However if that is true, than the original scene with baby Kurt where his mother planned to make him a trapezier would make no sense. So was the rewritten story of how Kurt first saved Jimaine all a dream? Then again this "dream" was pretty close to what previous issues said.And why did these three have to walk towards the circus through dense forest? If the circus could get their caravans and that Ferris wheel there, you can bet that there is a road towards it. Heck you can see some towers (that tower over the trees?) in the background!!!And you know, considered that according to cannon all members of Kurt's Circus have superpowers, I really ask how on earth they could have been slaughtered. Well, another rewriting apparently.And why would "Feur" (nice spelling error) ask whether Kurt remembered him when they had actually met "recently"? And why is he back at the circus to begin with? Last time he lived alone high in the mountains. Well this part of the story was pretty boring and pointless. And could these comics finally make up their mind as to whether they refer to Margali as Kurt's mother, foster-mother or step-mother?And according to this, Stefan did not see monsters like the 1980s series claimed, he was possessed, and he did not kill all these children out there in the woods, but in the big place in Winzeldorf. Also they even changed his name to Stephen instead of Stefan (or "Stephan" as was used in an earlier issue), but they kept his stereotypical gypsy dress?It is a special form of incompetence when they cannot spell "Gott im Himmel" here when they managed to do so before. Here they say "Gott in Heimel", which makes no sense whatsoever.Plus this death of Stefan is even more ridiculous than his suicide in the 1980s. Here Kurt grabs his neck to pull him backwards and that breaks his neck.... yeah… no comment.Furthermore, I seriously doubt this "lines are drawn for the end-times battle" ever came to fruition so far, neither does Mephisto and others. Not that it matters much, since this story is only ok if you ask me.

  • Patrick
    2019-03-12 11:18

    It adds to Kurt's back story and has Amanda Sefton, the soulsword, Kurt not getting the girl again, and even a little swashbuckling. The only disappointing part was that the angry peasant mob was armed with pitchforks instead of high-powered laser rifles.

  • Leila Anani
    2019-03-15 08:19

    2nd Nightcrawler graphic collecting together Nightcrawler #7-12This is Marvel at its finest. I's everything you could possibly want from a Nightcrawler story - Bitten by Vermin Kurt goes into a coma which enables us to have flashbacks into his past with a torch wielding mob, gypsies and the Bavarian circus. There's a mysterious chest that he's prevented from opening by the timely arrival of Emma Frost.Once he's healed, Nightcrawler, Wolverine and his not quite girl-friend Christine Palmer head to Germany to revisit Kurt's old circus. They find a massacre and undead hoards. One of the survivors is possessed by an insect demon called The Hive which infects Wolverine causing a Nightcrawler Wolverine face off.The demons are after a magic sword which unbeknownst to Nightcrawler is actually hidden within him. It seems that Mephisto and some of the other demons want the sword, but more importantly, Nightcrawler himself to join their side in the forthcoming final battle (Armageddon).This features so many things I love.Epic storyDemonsThreats of the Biblical ArmageddonEvil InsectsBrother against brotherAdopted sister romanceVictorian circusNightcrawler/Wolverine interactionMagic swordTarot card artTemptation to evilIt also doesn't treat the reader like they're dumb. The story unfolds slowly and not entirely in a linear fashion. Things are hinted at but never fully explored. It links back to the previous volume and we begin to see manipulations at play.There's some fun cameo appearances such as Man Thing and Nightmare who bears more than a striking resemblance to Gaiman's sandman. Epic marvel and definitely one of my personal favourites. I think I slightly preferred the artwork in The Devil Inside (but that could just be for the shirtless scenes lol) however the story in this one is much better. Recommended.

  • J.
    2019-03-16 04:36

    This volume was much better than the first. There are some nice reveals here about Nightcrawler's past, but the pacing is all wonky, as if the writer tried to do something very nice and complicated, but didn't *quite* pull it off. Also, as in the first volume, a lot of out-of-character moments, further exacerbated in this volume by Wolverine tagging along (groan). I am a big Nightcrawler fan, but this didn't really satisfy my yearnings. So, it's not particularly bad, but it isn't particularly good, either--a middle-of-the-road x-book.

  • Donald Armfield
    2019-03-08 06:30

    nightcrawler is one of my favorite Marvels. read the second installment first by Roberto Sacasa and fellow artist Darick Robertson who is also guilty for the vivid detail work for Warren Ellis's Spider Jerusalem. Can't wait to read the first in this series enjoyable read.

  • Patrick
    2019-03-19 05:26

    I definitely enjoyed the second volume of this Nightcrawler series more than I did the first. Both the writer and artist seemed to develop a better feeling and sense of direction in the "Winding Way" arc than they did in the previous stories. Good...but not great.

  • Justin
    2019-03-09 10:32